Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer: The Ultimate Internal Link Plugin Guide

With internal linking being one of the most important pieces of the on-page SEO puzzle, you want to ensure you’re tearing down barriers and making the process as easy as possible. 

To do this, many SEOs deploy different internal linking tools to help them speed up the process and identify more internal linking opportunities on their site. 

In this guide, we’re comparing Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer as two of the most powerful automatic internal linking tools on the market. 

These WordPress plugins provide high-quality internal link suggestions and ways to filter your results to ensure you are only linking to the most contextually relevant pages. 

I’ve used both of these plugins exhaustively over the years so I want to help you decide which is the better option on your site. 

Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer: At a Glance

Let’s take a look at some of the standout features of both of these plugins:

LInk Whisper

If you take a quick look at these tools, they’re pretty similar in objective but different in strategy. Link Whisper is an internal linking plugin for WordPress that uses AI to suggest internal links with various anchor text and filtering options. 

As you’re writing an article, you can receive internal linking suggestions for the article you’re writing. The plugin scans your website based on your writing text and finds other articles worth linking to. 

In addition, you can use the Links Report page to filter out all the orphaned pages and then automatically add internal links to them based on relevance to other topics. It even highlights the suggested anchor text for you as well. 

Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer allows you to do something very similar by associating keywords with posts. You can choose keywords you use in a post and would like to add internal links to. 

You can also create keyword gaps to ensure variety in the anchor text, and you’re not just linking from the same keywords repeatedly.

Internal Link Juicer will add internal links to your page for you as you write. 

At a glance, Internal Link Juicer looks relatively limited compared to Link Whisper because you can only add outbound internal links from posts you’re currently writing. You can’t find internal link opportunities pointing to the page you’re writing, only from it. 

Link Whisper Features 

Now, let’s dive deeper into what stand out Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer. 

link whisper automatic linking

Automatic Linking

The most remarkable feature of Link Whisper is the ability to use the Links Report dashboard and find internal linking opportunities pointing to articles and insert those links automatically. 

The plugin analyzes your website’s content and suggests internal links relevant to your pages and posts. This feature saves time and effort, making it an excellent option for website owners without enough time to manually create and manage their internal links.

automatic linking with link whisper

Link Suggestions When Writing

While you’re writing new content, Link Whisper is putting together suggestions at the bottom of your WordPress page using AI. 

When you save the post as a draft, all you need to do is scroll down and Link Whisper will highlight relevant anchor text and provide suggestions for outbound internal links. 

This eliminates the need for scanning the content automatically. Even if you’re not a fan of the AI’s chosen anchor text, you can easily change it, adjust it, or add entirely new content using Link Whisper to ensure the internal link doesn’t feel stuffed or out of place. 

Reporting Dashboard 

Link Whisper features an intuitive dashboard that’s easy to use and displays useful data about the number of internal links on your site. The thing I think is most valuable is being able to filter out pages that do not have any internal links. 

Orphaned content can be bad for your SEO and can impact your rankings. The dashboard makes it simple to find this content and fix it quickly, even if you don’t have a lot of SEO or WordPress knowledge. 

internal link audit with link whisper

Internal Link Audit 

One of the most challenging things for even experienced SEOs is performing content and internal link audits. Link Whisper makes this incredibly simple with a built-in internal link audit feature. 

Using the audit tool, you can identify broken internal links and fix them quickly and easily. You can also use it to find pages without links and then use the plugin to add them. It doesn’t require any unique skills or previous experience – the plugin makes it possible for anyone to handle internal linking on their website. 

Internal Link Juicer Features 

Next up, Internal Link Juicer. I’ve spent a lot of time testing and reviewing several internal linking tools, and this one caught my eye the most. It offers some interesting features that are different from the rest. Let’s talk about them. 

how internal link juicer works

Associate Keywords with Posts

Using the plugin, you add keywords on the WordPress sidebar that you’d like to associate with your internal linking within the article. 

For example, if you’re writing an article on internal linking tips, you might have a list of five keywords such as:

…and so on

Once you add these to the sidebar, Internal Link Juicer will scan the content as you write and find relevant anchor text to add internal links to other pages on your site. 

internal link juicer variables

Set Rules for Internal Links 

The most interesting feature of this plugin is the ability to insert gaps between keywords. This ensures that you’re not using the same anchor text repeatedly. 

You’ll set a minimum, exact, and maximum gap for each keyword in the sidebar. Let me try to break this down in a simple way. 

Minimum means that there must be at least this number of words between the words in your keyword phrase. 

So, if your keyword was internal linking and you had a “minimum” two-word gap, an example anchor text would be: “internal linking in WordPress” 

Remember that the added words don’t always have to be between the keyword. 

Custom Linking

Beyond the links associated with your chosen keywords, there is also a custom linking area within the plugin. You can add any URL that you want to provide a link to, add the keywords like we talked about, and let her rip. 

Once you do that, Internal Link Juicer will scan the content and add several internal links based on the information you provide. 

Link Whisper Pricing Details

link whisper pricing

Link Whisper offers three annual pricing options based on the number of sites you plan to use the plugin on. 

Single Site License: $77/year – includes all features of the plugin for one site

Three Site License: $117/year – includes all features of the plugin for three sites

10 Site License: $167/year – includes all features of the plugin for up to ten sites

Link Whisper also has a free WordPress plugin so you can try it before you buy it! 

Internal Link Juicer Pricing 

internal link juicer pricing

Internal Link Juicer offers a free and premium package for their plugin. The free plugin allows you to build internal links on your posts and pages, but you cannot use the custom link feature I discussed above. 

You also lose many filtering options, like linking to posts within the same category and omitting articles you’ve already linked to. 

The pro plan is $69.99 annually for one site or $14.99 monthly.

Final Thoughts 

Stacking Link Whisper vs Internal Link Juicer makes me realize a great internal linking tool’s power. Link Whisper offers you something that no other tool can provide. 

That’s the ability to find orphaned pages and automatically create links to that page through the plugin dashboard. There is no need to go into the content or do anything manually. The plugin does all the work for you. 

I believe there is no competition between these two plugins, and Internal Link Juicer falls short of the features offered by Link Whisper.

Internal linking is important and not something you want to neglect. Link Whisper will help make it simpler and faster for you. Get Link Whisper today

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