25 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing: Expert Breakdown

If you want to get into affiliate marketing, one of the most important decisions you will make is what niche to choose. There’s really no end when it comes to niches because everything has some form of interest whether it’s big or small. 

In this guide, the goal is to cover the most popular and profitable affiliate marketing niches based on a set of criteria I’ve learned over the years. 

As someone who has spent over eight years in the affiliate marketing world, built multiple successful sites, and helped dozens of people grow their affiliate sites to six figures plus, these are the niches I would go after in the current landscape. 

By the way, not interested in reading about the criteria for choosing a niche? Skip past the first section. 

Criteria for Choosing the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

Before we get into the specific niches I want you to understand why I’ve chosen them. I didn’t choose these 25 affiliate marketing niches just because they’re the ones that everyone else is choosing. 

I chose these because of: 

Volume and Scalability

Choosing the best affiliate marketing niche is often a balancing act between volume and competition. You want a niche that has enough search volume to bring long-term results but you need something that isn’t super competitive upfront so you can get traffic and sales early on. 

For example, you may be super passionate about anime but that doesn’t always translate into an affiliate marketing niche.  affiliate marketing niche

If you wanted to have a website that reviews, promotes, and writes about anime knives, you might have success early on because there isn’t a lot of competition, but you might hit a roadblock when it comes to scaling and growing the site to a full-time income. 

The key is to go niche without going too niche. 

Anime itself is niche enough and can cover a wide range of topics while capitalizing on these little pockets of low-competition keywords like anime knives for example. 


As I mentioned in the previous example, competition is a huge criteria. The niche you choose should have enough volume to sustain a nice income but not be too broad that you can’t break into it due to the competition. 

The way I like to gauge the competition of a niche is by looking at the DR of the sites on page one. 

research in ahrefs

If you have a golf affiliate website, “best golf shoes” might be a topic you want to write about. As you can see, the domain ratings of the websites on page one are pretty high with the lowest being 43. 

This would be a hard topic to write about and rank if you were a new site just starting out. This is where long-tail keywords come into play. 

long tail keywords

Here are the SERPs for “best slip on golf shoes” – same topic but a little more specific. It doesn’t get as much volume but when you’re just starting out, you need opportunities to break through. 

Here you have DRs in the 20s all over page one. This would be an easier keyword to go after early on. 

The point is, that you need a niche where there is competition but opportunities to find long-tail keywords to get early wins while you chase long-term high-competition keywords. 

Profitability and ROI

This is a criteria that a lot of “experts” won’t talk about but I think it’s incredibly important. One of my first successful affiliate websites was a fishing site. I wrote a ton of fishing lure articles and they all generated thousands of visits per month. 

The problem was, that I was promoting five-dollar fishing lures on Amazon and only getting 4% per sale. I made 20 cents for every lure I sold so even if I sold 50 per day I was only making $10 a day. 

Do you see the point here?

The niche you choose needs to have products that can generate enough commission so you don’t need to sell a ton of them to make a profit. 

If the products you’re selling aren’t expensive enough, you won’t have a high enough ROI which won’t create scalability potential for you to hire writers and expand over time. 

For this reason, I like high-ticket items. You won’t get as much traffic and sell as many but you only need a few each week to make some decent money. 

Think of home saunas and spas, for example, this is becoming a popular niche because people are taking wellness into their own hands. 

First of all, if someone wants to buy a home sauna, they likely have disposable income, right? 

Secondly, a home sauna is expensive so if you’re making 5% on a sale of $10,000, you’re making $500 for each one you sell. One sale a week will provide you with a decent side income. 

Now I get that not everyone can find super high-ticket items like this. Just make sure that the niche you choose has a variety of low-cost and high-cost items so you aren’t stuck with low commissions. 

Even though I was promoting a lot of fishing lures, I was able to increase my sales with reels, rods, fish finders, and other higher-ticket items as well.  

Niche Expertise

Niche expertise is pivotal when selecting an affiliate marketing niche as it positions you as a credible authority. In-depth knowledge enables you to understand your audience’s pain points, tailor content effectively, and recommend products with genuine insight. 

This trust-building expertise enhances your ability to create compelling content, answer questions, and establish a loyal following. Additionally, it empowers you to identify high-converting affiliate programs and unique angles within the niche, maximizing your revenue potential.

what google says about niche expertise

At one time, this may not have been an issue. Today, Google expects you to actually understand what you’re writing about. 

The image above is taken directly from the Helpful Content Update . Google wants you to have niche expertise and write your content in a way that comes from a place of first-hand experience.  

General Interest

While not a requirement, I think you should try to find something you’re interested in. It’ll make it easier for you to grow and turn your affiliate site into a job you enjoy. 

I’ve played on both sides of the net with this and it’s always helpful to love something you write about. 

Also, I think having an interest in the affiliate marketing niche is just as important as having niche expertise. If it’s something you’re maybe interested in but not that knowledgeable about, you’ll be more willing to spend the hours necessary to research and learn about it. 

25 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

Here are the 25 best niches for affiliate marketing based on trial and error and years of experience. 

1. Health and Wellness

health and wellness

It’s no surprise that health and wellness tops the list with an expected growth of up to $5,319.44 billion in 2023. The market for health and wellness products is massive because people are always looking for ways to improve their health. 

This substantial market size offers a vast pool of potential customers seeking solutions for various health-related concerns, from weight management and fitness to mental well-being and alternative therapies.

A big part of what makes this such a great niche is the depth of it. It resonates with people of all ages, there are many interpretations of what health is, and there is an abundance of products and services that cater to people looking to improve their health. 

Affiliate marketers with a genuine passion and expertise in health and wellness can provide valuable insights, recommend products confidently, and build trust with their audience. 

2. Fitness and Weight Loss

Fitness and Weight Loss is an excellent affiliate marketing niche due to its immense popularity and the persistent demand for solutions in this space.

The weight loss market is expected to hit $532.5 billion by the end of 2032. One key factor that makes this niche compelling is the universal desire for a healthier lifestyle. People of all ages and backgrounds consistently seek ways to improve their fitness levels and manage their weight. This broad appeal ensures a wide and engaged target audience.

Furthermore, the fitness and weight loss niche offers a diverse array of sub-niches, including workout equipment, dietary supplements, fitness apparel, online coaching programs, and more.

There are countless affiliate programs on CJ and Clickbank that you can promote. You can even promote fitness and weight loss courses that you like and earn a commission from all the customers you send to the owner of the program. 

Keep in mind that the competition in fitness, health, and wellness is fierce. You’ll need to find pockets of low-hanging fruit keywords to break into it and make a name for yourself. 

3. Personal Finance

Data from Bankrate.com shows that roughly 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What are they looking for? Personal…finance…advice. 

If you have an interest in managing money or you have experience through a job or education, this might be a great niche for you. 

First, it addresses a universal and enduring need. People from all walks of life are continually seeking ways to manage their finances, reduce debt, save for the future, and make wise investment decisions. This widespread interest ensures a broad and engaged audience base.

There are also numerous products and services that you can promote. Sites like “The Points Guy” have been killing it in this niche for years.

personal finance niche

You can promote credit cards, investment platforms, financial planning software, budgeting tools, and educational resources. 

Keep in mind that this is definitely one of those niches where expertise and authority matter. No one is going to take your financial advice if you don’t have the credentials to back it up. 

If you do, this is a lucrative affiliate marketing niche with a lot of potential and you should have no problem finding low-competition keywords to run with early on. 

4. AI and Home Automation

We all know that AI is taking over so this presents a great opportunity for you to tap in before it becomes too saturated. 

In this niche, you can promote various products, including smart home devices such as thermostats, security cameras, voice-controlled assistants, lighting systems, and appliances. These products offer convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security, making them attractive to homeowners and tech enthusiasts alike.

Keep in mind that there are less competitive options as well like automation software, virtual assistants, dictation tools, and other cutting-edge technology. It’s important to stay up to date so you can dive in and create content around topics as they hit the market. 

AI and Home Automation cater to both tech-savvy consumers and those looking to simplify their daily routines. The growing demand for smart solutions and the continuous development of AI technology ensure a long-term and profitable niche for affiliate marketers. 

Affiliates with a passion for technology and a knack for explaining its benefits can excel in this dynamic and evolving field.

5. Automotive and Car Accessories

Out of all the niches we’ve discussed so far, we haven’t talked much about passionate niches. Automotive is one of these. Some niches are a great choice because they have a dedicated audience who is willing to spend their last dime on something. 

Car enthusiasts invest heavily in their vehicles, making it a lucrative space for affiliates. Passionate car owners often view their vehicles as an extension of their identity and are willing to spend generously on upgrades, maintenance, and accessories to enhance performance, aesthetics, or functionality. 

automotive niche research in ahrefs

In recent months, I’ve been looking at tires as a great niche as well. While it’s not a “passion” of a lot of people, it’s a low-competition topic with a lot of sites like Tirerack that offer affiliate programs. (consider this a gift 😎)

You’ve got sites like rockauto.com that offer relatively high commissions and you have a near endless supply of products to write about and promote. 

Again, this is another niche in my opinion that requires you to actually understand the topic. If you’re explaining how an automotive upgrade will improve someone’s vehicle, you better know what you’re talking about or this passionate audience will likely rip into you like a sheet of paper. 

6. Home Improvement

Americans are spending almost $500 billion per year on home improvements and this covers everything from fixtures to flooring to landscaping. Do you have knowledge, experience, or a passion for home improvement? 

Again, this niche is timeless. From DIY projects and renovations to interior design and home décor, it offers a wide range of products and services to promote. Homeowners and renters alike invest in making their homes more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. 

This niche’s evergreen appeal ensures a consistent audience, while affiliate marketers who provide valuable guidance, product recommendations, and how-to content can build trust and drive conversions.

7. Travel and Tourism

We know that most people love to travel and they’re always looking for new places to go, ways to save money, and tips on how to get there. 

If this sounds interesting to you, travel and tourism might be the right affiliate marketing niche. There are endless topics to discuss from tips, to destinations, money saving hacks, airlines, accessories, food and drink, resorts, travel packages, and more. 

travel niche

Take this site for example, the Thrifty Traveler reviews flights and airlines to provide you with information to help you choose an airline. 

Does this mean you need to book a flight everytime you want to write an article? Of course not. You can start small by writing tips, beginner’s guides, and destination guides based on research. If you’re looking to break into the world of full-time travel, this would be a great way to do it. 

8. Food and Cooking

We’re all aware that food blogs are huge and like many of the other examples, the opportunities are endless. One thing I see as a powerful option for this affiliate marketing niche is taking your efforts outside the blog. 

Food reviews, kitchen gadget videos, and how-to videos could be a useful tool in your arsenal. If you’re not afraid to pull back the curtain and get active on social media and YouTube, you may be able to differentiate yourself. 

One thing I see a lot of food bloggers do is drop affiliate links everywhere in their content. As you’re explaining how to make something, include links everywhere you can because tracking cookies will retarget the user and you’ll be able to earn commissions for all the money that user spends on a site like Amazon. 

Telling the reader to whisk something? Recommend a whisk. Telling them to use a cutting board? Recommend a cutting board. So on and so forth.

You can review meal kits, meal services, and provide promo codes for different things as well to make more money. 

By maintaining trust and authenticity in their recommendations, a food blog can effectively monetize its content while providing valuable resources to its audience.

9. Prepping and Survival

More than 68 million Americans are prepping for imminent disasters. This is a loyal and growing audience. With increasing concerns around global events, climate change, natural disasters, and government instability, the need has never been stronger for people willing to review, test, and promote prepping items. 

prepping and survival niche

I spent years working with a client who was a big prepper and we covered topics ranging from bug out guides, to the best states for homesteading, to portable generator reviews. 

You can promote products from Amazon and numerous other sites as well as informational guides and courses from CJ and ClickBank. 

This is another niche where video content can really come in handy for how-to guides and informational content. Competition is still somewhat low in this niche too. 

10. Pets and Pet Care

If you plan to dive into the pet and pet care niche, you’ll need to have a unique avenue because it is incredibly saturated. 

The reason I’m still including it in this guide is because it’s so deep, so loyal, and a lot of affiliate sites do not have the knowledge and authority to stop you if you know what you’re doing. 

Think about trends. AI in pet care. Gentle obedience training. Dog communication devices. These are three examples of topics that are popular this year and you may be able to create content on them and rank rather quickly. 

If you expect to jump in and review dog food, good luck. Here’s your competition: 

pet care niche

This site has owned the space forever but keep in mind, everyone starts somewhere. Find a unique road to take and pave your own way. 

11. Alternative Living

RV ownership has increased by 62% over the last 20 years and more and more people are trading their mortgages and bills for a simpler lifestyle. Whether it’s in an RV, camper van, or the back of a truck, it’s a passionate community of people looking for ways to improve their lifestyle while saving money. 

This audience is deeply engaged and enthusiastic, making it easier for affiliates to connect and build trust. These individuals often invest in specialized equipment, vehicles, and gear, creating opportunities for high-value product recommendations and affiliate commissions.

Think about all the accessories and equipment that goes into RV living. 

There’s also a great opportunity for informational content around solar power, boondocking, destinations, RV campgrounds, and more. 

12. Gaming and Gaming Accessories

Is “Fortnite Battle Pass” a part of your regular vocabulary? If so, you’re likely into the world of online gaming which has seen exponential growth over the past decade

People are gaming like never before and they’re spending like never before. Gaming has gone from being something you do in your free time to an entire culture. 

The gaming industry generates billions in revenue annually, attracting a massive and engaged audience. Gamers frequently invest in hardware, software, peripherals, and in-game items, making it an ideal niche for affiliates to promote a wide range of products.

Gamers also seek recommendations and reviews for games, gear, and equipment they can use to improve their gaming experience. 

Like some of the other niches, this will be a competitive one so you’ll need to find a unique way to break in and do something dynamic that others aren’t. 

13. Self-Improvement and Personal Development

I’m a big personal development nerd so I’m always looking for the next big thing to take my mental health and performance to the next level. 

This is a unique niche that can cover quite a bit of topics ranging from books, to courses, productivity tools, apps, and more. 

Remember that affiliate marketing doesn’t always have to deal with physical products. You’ll find that networks like ClickBank have a ton of really interesting self-improvement programs that are useful for people who are looking to better themselves. 


While this might be a bit off the radar, have you ever heard of numerology? I can remember a time where this was a huge topic on ClickBank and something that a lot of affiliates were promoting. 

You’ll find all kinds of unique topics and courses in meditation, yoga, astrology, and more. These topics all have engaged audiences that rely heavily on the information they find online to guide their lives. 

14. Digital Marketing and SEO

Did you ever think that affiliate marketing could be an affiliate marketing niche? Well… it is. 

Besides that you have the full realm of digital marketing and a lot of experts do exactly this. They have clients and their own websites and from that they expand and build their own personal blog where they promote digital marketing and SEO products and services. 

Think about things that digital marketers use everyday. 

SEO professionals may need keyword research tools, WordPress plugins, SEO tools, and metadata tools. 

Chances are, there are ways to become affiliates for all of these things. By reviewing them, writing about them, or creating video content on them; you’re finding ways to earn a commission by talking about the things you do everyday. 

15. Parenting, Family, and Babies

Babies are one of my favorite niches because it’s not super competitive and new parents are always looking for authoritative information on what they should and shouldn’t buy for their baby. 

parenting niche

Affiliates can generate revenue by promoting a wide range of baby-related products, such as strollers, car seats, baby gear, clothing, and educational toys, earning commissions on sales. Additionally, they can recommend parenting books, courses, and childcare services. Content within this niche can focus on expert advice, product reviews, and parenting tips. 

Building trust and providing valuable insights are crucial for success, as parents rely on reliable sources to make informed decisions for their children. The enduring nature of parenting ensures a stable and profitable affiliate marketing niche.

16. Dating and Relationships

Some affiliate marketing niches need to appeal to people’s pain and suffering. While it might sound grim, it’s true. If someone is struggling to find dates or they’re dealing with relationship issues, divorce, etc; they need help from passionate and empathetic people who can provide them with the information and resources they need. 

People from all walks of life seek guidance on finding love, improving their relationships, or enhancing their dating lives. Affiliates can promote dating apps, relationship advice courses, relationship counseling services, or self-help books, earning commissions on sign-ups or sales.

This is another niche that I don’t find to be overly competitive but one that will only get stronger as more and more people flee traditional ways of meeting people in exchange for digital methods. 

17. Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a compelling topic and a unique affiliate marketing niche that I’ve dabbled with a bit myself. 

45% of all new electric capacity has come from solar and the total share of electricity in the U.S has grown from 0.1% in 2010 to over 5% today.

Homeowners are becoming more educated on solar and its benefits for saving money and promoting an eco-friendly existence. 

You have numerous options in this low-competition niche as well. You don’t have to just promote solar panels and installers but you can actually generate leads for solar installers and sell the leads to the companies. 

The niche aligns with global efforts to combat climate change, making it not only financially appealing but also socially responsible, attracting environmentally conscious audiences eager to make a positive impact through their choices.

18. Lawn Care

Lawn care is a great niche that I think earns its own section separate from home improvement. This is another passionate affiliate marketing niche where people are willing to spend a ton of money to get the beautiful green lawn they’ve always dreamt of. 

You have a ton of options here as well from promoting lawn care services to products, equipment, and more. 

lawn care niche

While you might expect it to be incredibly saturated, I don’t think the lawn care niche is overly competitive because there aren’t a lot of sites that truly understand the subject matter and SEO. This creates a unique opportunity for you to dive in. 

19. DIY and Crafts

DIY and Crafts thrive as an affiliate marketing niche due to its broad and passionate audience. Creative individuals seek inspiration, tutorials, and supplies for various projects. Affiliates can monetize this interest by promoting crafting materials, tools, and instructional resources, earning commissions on sales. 

Content ideas can range from DIY project guides to product reviews and crafting tips. I think getting active on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram could benefit you here. Be sure you’re great at taking photos and include plenty of media in your content. 

20. Education and Online Learning

E-learning is projected to hit record highs in the next decade as more and more people are switching from traditional classroom learning environments. Whether it’s for the safety of their children or the convenience of their lifestyle, the potential is there. 

Affiliates can promote online courses, e-learning platforms, tutoring services, or educational materials, earning commissions on enrollments or sales. This niche’s appeal lies in its versatility, catering to learners of all ages and interests, from K-12 students to professionals seeking career advancement.

Also, think of less traditional learning as well. Think about learning a new language with platforms like Babbel or learning sign language with the ASL app. 

You can take many of these programs for a free test drive, write content about them, and earn commissions for each person who signs up. 

21. Personal Security and Safety

Have you ever felt unsafe walking around outside at night? Do you have a long commute home from work and you worry about your safety? 

Even if neither of these apply to you, there’s a market for personal protection and safety whether it’s at your home or when you’re out and about. 

personal defense niche

Products such as whistles, mace, tasers, self-defense pens, knives, and umbrellas are all options available for personal protection for both women and men. 

This is a somewhat shallow market but you can expand with other topics such as surveillance, home security, safes, and other items as well. 

22. E-commerce and Online Shopping

E-commerce is a popular affiliate marketing niche because there are a vast assortment of products and services you can promote and monetize. There are so many I can’t even begin to list them. 

Second, there’s a continuous growth in online shopping that won’t likely ever stop. 

I also love the fact that you can combine e-commerce affiliate marketing with actual e-commerce if you want. Start out with an affiliate website and then use everything you’ve learned to start your own e-commerce site. 

You can make money by promoting e-commerce platforms, apps, plugins, and tools to help people grow their e-commerce store. 

23. Beekeeping and Apiary Supplies

You mean beekeeping isn’t an affiliate marketing niche you thought about? All jokes aside, sometimes narrowing down to a more specialized audience can bring better results. Less competition and a more dedicated audience can make it easier when you’re just starting out. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need to really understand this topic because the people reading about it and buying products will expect you to know what you’re talking about. 

People who are into beekeeping are regularly buying equipment, gear, honey extractors, and courses to improve their skills. 

You can monetize all of these products as well as create videos and social media content putting the products to the test. 

24. Fishing and Hunting

Outdoor enthusiasts all over the country are looking to pull out their wallet and pay for gear that will help them land the catch of a lifetime. I’ve experienced the fishing niche firsthand and it’s a knowledgeable and dedicated audience that is always trying to find a way to perfect its craft. 

Product options are numerous too with fish finders, reels, rods, accessories as well as hunting ammunition, firearms, and firearm accessories. 

hunting and fishing niche

It’s important to mention that there are quite a few strict rules for promoting firearms so you can’t use PPC or other paid methods and you also need to be careful on social media. 

Other than that, the fishing niche is a great way to go and it’s still low competition but the competition is definitely growing as more and more anglers become knowledgeable of SEO and digital marketing.  

25. Homebrewing 

Homebrewing is an appealing affiliate marketing niche due to its passionate and steadily growing community of beer enthusiasts. Homebrewers seek a wide range of products, from brewing equipment and ingredients to recipe guides and accessories. 

Affiliates can earn commissions by promoting these items, leveraging the niche’s dedicated audience. Homebrewing offers the opportunity to create engaging content such as brewing tutorials, beer reviews, and tips, which can foster trust and drive conversions.

There has been tremendous growth in micro-breweries as well and while overall beer sales have seen a decline, craft and small batch beer sales have increased.  

Go Niche or Go Broad?

Powered by the 25 niches you just read about, you might have one big question on your mind. Should I go big or go small? 

There’s a big difference between comparing something like beekeeping to weight loss. Millions of people will admit to wanting to lose weight or eat healthier but you don’t encounter quite as many people who have the desire to start keeping their own bees on their property. 

So, how do you choose? 

I think it circles back to the original criteria I talked about at the beginning. Start checking off the boxes. 

Beekeeping does have enough volume, it’s low competition, and if you’re interested in it then why not go for it? 

Take a look at some of these primary competitive niches and narrow audience breakdown examples: 

Main Niche Gardening / Narrow Niche Urban Gardening: City dwellers need to know how to grow plants on balconies and rooftops. Help them do so with informational guides, vertical planters, and small tools. 

Main Niche Alternative Living / Narrow Niche Tiny Homes: Appealing to individuals interested in downsizing and minimalist living. Promote tiny home plans, space-saving furniture, and off-grid living essentials. 

Main Niche Music / Narrow Niche Vintage Vinyl: Vinyl is making a comeback and people are looking for rare records, stores, turntables, and cleaning kits. 

Main Niche Photography / Narrow Niche Drone Photography: Focusing on photographers and videographers interested in aerial photography and videography. Promote high-quality drones, camera attachments, and drone photography courses.

Main Niche Pet Care / Narrow Niche Aquariums: Hobbyists who love their aquariums will spend tons of money on supplies, rare species, and greenery to enhance their aquatic ecosystem. 

The moral of the story is unless your niche is ridiculous or something only you are interested in, you’re likely to find a group of dedicated people who will read your content and shop your recommendations. 

Find niches that are both narrow and expansive like many of the options recommended in this guide.

You can start by writing about narrow topics with less volume and expand as your site grows and becomes more authoritative. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide on the best niches for affiliate marketing is helpful for you. Keep in mind that it’s in no way an exhaustive list. 

As you consider the different niches based on your interests, compare them to the examples in this guide. Make sure you keep that criteria in mind as you go. 

The niche you choose should have enough volume to sustain an income, be competitive enough to have interest but not too competitive that you can’t break through, and you should have some type of knowledge or experience on the topic. 

Check as many of those boxes as you can and you’ll be well on your way to affiliate marketing success

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