Earn 30% commissions for the initial payment and any recurring annual subscriptions as they renew each year. Link Whisper offers a 30 day cookie.

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Affiliate Earnings Reports

Once you start sending referrals to Link Whisper, you can visually see how you are doing with lots of affiliate reporting; including graphs showing pending and paid commissions.

Quickly Review Referrals In One Location

Quickly view all the affiliate activity that you have generated through your links. Easily view all the amount, status, and date of all your referrals is one location.

Set Custom Affiliate URLs

Quickly grab your unique affiliate link going to the default sales page. Or create a custom affiliate URL going to any page on *Note: Do not use discount codes you find online, these could be tied to another affiliates account. Meaning if your audience uses someone else's discount code, they will get the commission. You can reach out for your own custom code.

  • I’ve had my site for over a decade. So it’s important to me to ensure my content remains relevant and that I include links not only in new content to older content but vice versa. Link Whisper has been a godsend in that manner. I can easily add links based on suggestions whenever I update my posts, but I can also quickly use the dashboard to identify opportunities in older posts that lack relevant links – where I once had no relevant content but now do. It’s helping to increase my pages viewed per visit and decrease my bounce rate, both of which are major wins.

    Michelle Price
  • Link Whisper is hands down the best internal linking tool I’ve found for my blog. It does an excellent job of finding linking opportunities and the reports cut the time it takes to build strong internal linking down to a fraction. For the price, you really can’t beat it, or beat it at all for that matter. I’ve used enterprise-sized tools to the more affordable options and nothing helps check the internal linking box quite like this tool. Great work!

    Daniel Wallace
  • When I am deciding whether to buy a new plugin, I ask two questions. First, is it going to save me time? Second, is it going to make me more money? Link Whisper checks both boxes for me. I’ve created hundreds of internal links with Link Whisper that have helped me outrank my competition and pad my bank account!

    Jon Backer
  • I’ve used link whisper now for a couple of months and it has saved me a lot of time. Not only can I see new opportunities for internal linking, it also helps me to quickly find pages with no internal links. I use it for all my sites now! Also the support is great. I’m a happy user!

    Patrick Heijmans
  • Link Whisper is the easiest way to build internal links. What used to take me several minutes I can now do in seconds. I’ve had the plugin since the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. Link Whisper is one of my must have plugins.

    Anthony Stancato
  • I have been using Link Whisper for about 6 months now. When I first got it I saw a spike in traffic within a few days. However, it gets better. When the Auto-Linking was introduced I set out to go through all of my 4 sites. My major site has almost 300 articles. I went through the articles within 2 days. Once again I saw daily spikes of traffic almost immediately and I put this down to the extra links that were added. Well pleased and it is so easy to use.

    Mike Grover

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