13 Best Dog Affiliate Programs for Savvy Pet Parents

Our furry canine companions hold a special place in our hearts. As pet parents, we want to give them the very best care, nutrition, toys, and accessories. This is why the pet industry continues to grow year after year. In 2022 alone, Americans spent over $123 billion on their pets!

With this increased spending comes increased opportunities for affiliate marketers. Promoting high-quality dog products can be an extremely lucrative endeavor.

But with so many potential programs to choose from, how do you identify the top opportunities?

I’ve combed through numerous dog affiliate programs to find the 13 best options for beginners and experienced affiliates alike!  

I’ll share key details like commission rates, cookie duration, and more to help you find the perfect partners.

Let’s dive in!

Perks of the Best Dog Affiliate Programs

The affiliate programs showcased below represent some of the most reputable and highest-converting options in the dog niche.

Here are some of the key benefits they offer:

  • High commissions – You’ll earn generous payouts ranging from 10% to 75% per sale. Many programs also offer tiered commissions based on monthly sales volume.
  • Long cookie durations – Cookies last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. This gives you plenty of time to earn multiple commissions from the same visitor.
  • Popular brands – Household names like Chewy and BarkBox make ideal partners thanks to their established authority and trust.
  • High-demand products – From durable toys to training courses to personalized food, these affiliates promote goods pet parents get excited about.
  • Targeted niches – Programs focus on specific needs like health supplements, dental care, anxiety relief, and more.

Let’s explore the details of each program!

1. Chewy

As one of the largest online pet retailers, Chewy needs no introduction. They carry over 2,000 top brands and ship over 3 million packages per week to happy pet parents across the country.

With Chewy’s affiliate program, you can promote practically any pet product imaginable and earn a 4% commission. The average order value is $85, so each sale translates to around $3.40 in earnings.

The two-week cookie duration is on the shorter side. However, Chewy’s immense brand authority and diverse product selection more than makeup for this.

2. Fi Smart Dog Collar

Has your dog ever slipped out the door or gate and gone wandering? The anxiety is real!

Fi Smart Collar offers pet parents peace of mind with live GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and more.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 10% for every sale you refer. With an average order value of $150, that’s $15 per transaction.

The 45-day cookie gives you plenty of time to land multiple sales from the same prospect. Given Fi’s stellar solution for a common problem, expect great conversion rates.

3. Embark Vet

For pet parents who want to learn more about their pup’s background, Embark Vet provides breed, ancestry, and health screening info through simple DNA tests.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 10% for every testing kit sold. With prices ranging from $99 to $199, commissions typically fall between $10-$20 per order.

Embark appeals to a specific audience interested in their dog’s genetics and potential health risks. But the 30-day cookie gives you a nice window to nurture leads and earn multiple sales.

4. BarkBox

What pet parent doesn’t love treating their pooch to fun new toys and all-natural treats every month? BarkBox makes it easy with customized subscription boxes.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn $20 for every first-time subscription you refer. On top of this, you’ll receive 10% commissions for any food purchases from your subscribers.

BarkBox has a number of ways to earn which provides you with options to earn upfront and recurring commissions. 

With engaging themes like “Treatsgiving” and “Dogtoberfest,” BarkBox wins pups and parents month after month. The recurring nature of the program leads to excellent residual income potential.

5. Dog Med Laser

Does your audience include pet parents with aging or injured dogs suffering from pain and inflammation? The Dog Med Laser provides safe, drug-free relief. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a $50 flat rate commission on all sales of Dog Med Laser kits. 

The company provides 30 days for prospects to convert after clicking your link. Given the high price point, multiple exposures may be required before buyers are ready to purchase.

6. Brain Training For Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs is a popular online training course that teaches pet parents how to fix common behavioral issues using mental stimulation.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a whopping 75% commission on all course sales you generate. With the standard pricing set at $47, you’ll earn about $35 per transaction.

The 60-day cookie gives you ample time to get website visitors to return and complete purchases. Given the high commission rate, even a small number of sales can quickly add up.

7. Best Bully Sticks

Best Bully Sticks offers high-protein, all-natural dog treats made from free-range cattle. Pet parents love the digestibility and durability.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive an 8% cut of all sales generated. With the average order value around $75, each transaction earns you roughly $6.

The 30-day cookie provides a decent window to get website visitors to return and convert to customers. Given the consumable nature of the treats, repeat business is common.

8. Pet Plate

Pet Plate takes the guesswork out of meal planning for pet parents. Customized plans and pre-portioned meals cater to each dog’s unique nutritional needs.

For every new subscription you generate, Pet Plate will pay you $25. On an ongoing basis, you’ll earn $10 for each subsequent delivery box.

The set commission values provide reliable earnings projections. Coupled with the 30-day cookie, Pet Plate is a smart choice for recurring revenue.

9. Furbo

Does your audience include pet parents suffering from separation anxiety when away from their dogs? Furbo helps ease worries.

The interactive camera allows monitoring, two-way communication, and even remote treat tossing!

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 5% on all Furbo sales. With an average order value of $140, each transaction pays out around $7.

Furbo appeals to a specific niche of dog owners needing specialized monitoring and interaction. While the commission is lower, the high ticket price compensates nicely.

10. Ollie Dog

Much like Pet Plate, Ollie Dog provides customized, freshly cooked dog food tailored to your pup’s needs. Portioned meal plans take the hassle out of shopping and preparing home-cooked meals every night.

For every new 4-week subscription you generate, Ollie Dog will pay you $50-$60 depending on plan type. You’ll also earn $20 for any add-on food purchases made by your subscribers.

The recurring subscription model leads to excellent residual earnings. Coupled with the 30-day cookie, Ollie Dog is a smart choice for ongoing passive income.

11. Bark Potty

Potty training a new puppy can try any pet parent’s patience. Bark Potty provides a handy indoor option made from real grass.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 10% on all Bark Potty sales you generate. The average order value is $99, so each transaction pays out about $10.

The 30-day cookie gives you a decent window to get prospects to return and complete a purchase. Because this product appeals to a specific need, targeted marketing is key.

12. King Kanine

Has your audience shown interest in CBD oil and other hemp-derived products? King Kanine offers pet-friendly options including oils, balms, and treats.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 15% on all sales made through your unique tracking links. With an average order value of $60, each transaction typically pays out $9.

In addition to the 30-day cookie duration, King Kanine offers customized landing pages and other helpful resources for its partners.

13. This Dog’s Life

Is your audience interested in pampering their pooches with only the finest toys, apparel, and accessories? This Dog’s Life offers luxury products fit for royalty.

As an affiliate, you can earn 8-10% on all purchases driven through your custom links. The average order value is $50, so each sale will typically pay between $4-$5.

While the percentage may seem small, the high ticket prices result in very attractive payouts from this niche merchant.

How to Choose the Best Dog Affiliate Programs

With so many options, how do you determine the ideal dog affiliate programs to promote? Here are some important factors to evaluate:

Commission Rate

The percentage of each sale you earn is key. Programs paying 10-20% are common in this space. Anything above that is generous.

Of course, the payout needs to be weighed against the average order value. A 20% commission on a $20 product pays the same as 10% on a $40 product.

When comparing multiple programs, look at your expected earnings per sale to identify the most lucrative offers.

This doesn’t mean I recommend ruling out flat-rate fees for sales either. There are a lot of companies in this affiliate niche that like to pay based on each sale. It’s important to have a nice variety of each. 

Cookie Duration

The cookie period determines how long you’ll earn credit for each new customer referred. 30 days is standard, with some brands extending to 60 or 90 days.

Longer cookies give you more time to convert visitors and earn multiple commissions. Affiliates favor extended durations when possible.


Conversions represent the percentage of referred visitors who complete a purchase. A 5% conversion rate means 5 out of 100 referrals buy.

Naturally, you want to partner with brands demonstrating the highest conversion rates in their niche. This directly translates to more sales for your efforts.

It doesn’t matter what quality of traffic you send to the retailer if they’re not able to convert the traffic. A lot of affiliate programs will have their conversion rate information available to the public while some won’t. This is just something you’ll want to keep in mind! 

Qualification Requirements

Some affiliate programs have minimum requirements for approval, such as website traffic, audience size, or past performance.

Look for dog offers with low barriers to entry for quicker access to their high-converting products and generous commissions.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, promoting dog products through affiliate marketing represents an extremely lucrative opportunity right now. With spending at all-time highs, the potential to tap into this passionate audience has never been greater.

Hopefully, this guide provided you with some helpful insights into the benefits, earning potential, and key details of the top dog affiliate programs available today.

Each brand showcased here demonstrates proven success combined with attractive incentives for their partners. Some of my other favorite affiliate niches are:

Now it’s time to start digging in and researching affiliate programs that best match your audience interests, website niche, and revenue goals. Partnering with any of these leading pet retailers is sure to drive results and income growth. Happy affiliate marketing!

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