20 Best Outdoor Affiliate Programs

The great outdoors not only offers opportunities for adventure, but ways for you to make money as well. If you have a passion for hiking, camping, fishing, hunting or any other outdoor pursuit, you might want to monetize your website with one of the best outdoor affiliate programs. 

These affiliate programs focus on products and services that relate to an audience of outdoor adventure lovers. You’ll find major retailers that you’re familiar with as well as smaller affiliate programs from niche providers as well. 

Joining these affiliates provides an easy way to earn commissions while enhancing your content with relevant recommendations your readers will love. With this guide, you’ll discover the ideal partners to enrich your website and reward your audience.

1. REI

REI stands as one of the most trusted brands in outdoor gear and apparel. I have firsthand experience with this affiliate program and their site converts, plus they offer great incentives like no minimum payout and a 5% commission percentage which beats more popular options like Amazon. 

The company has a huge selection of quality camping, hiking, paddling, and other outdoor products.

REI’s affiliate programs runs through AvantLink so you can leverage the interface and use all the advertisements and copy you want through that platform. You can sign up for REI’s affiliate program here

2. Bass Pro Shops

If you consider yourself an outdoorsman, you know about Bass Pro Shops. It’s the premier destination for anyone looking for outdoor gear, fishing tackle, camping equipment, hunting gear, apparel, and more. 

This program is a non-negotiable if you run an outdoor site because of the name alone. People are familiar with Bass Pro so when they click through to the Bass Pro site, they trust it. They’re not afraid to buy something from it, especially when you recommend the product. 

outdoor affiliate program

One standout feature is the commission rate, which can reach up to 5% on sales generated through your affiliate links. This tiered system rewards high-performing affiliates, offering substantial earning potential. Bass Pro Shops’ strong brand reputation, regular promotions, and seasonal discounts further bolster affiliate success.

Adding these affiliate links to your informational content is one fool-proof way to get a better ROI on your content marketing efforts. 

Factor in the 14-day cookie duration and you have yourself one of the best outdoor affiliate programs out there. Click here to sign up for Bass Pro Shops affiliate program

3. Backcountry.com

If fishing and hunting isn’t quite your think, Backcountry has a number of options for climbing, hiking, camping, and general outdoors. 

As an affiliate, you get access to promote over 100 top outdoor brands with a catalog of over half a million products spanning clothing, gear, and accessories.

One thing I absolutely love about Backcountry’s program is that they increase the commission percentage based on the amount of volume you send them. So, if you have a large site and you’re getting hundreds of click throughs per day, you can earn a commission as high as 12%. 

The program also offers a 30-day cookie duration which means that someone can click on your link and then come back to the site 25 days later and purchase something. If that happens, you still get the commission. 

You get a dedicated program manager to help you along the way and these industry-leading incentives are more than enough reason in my eyes to join. Click here to join Backcountry’s affiliate program


I love the Patagonia brand and what it stands for and you have a chance to promote their products and support the cause. This company takes a strong stand on environmentally-conscious outdoor gear and appareal. 

As an affiliate, you’ll be promoting a number of sustainable high-quality outdoor products including clothing, gear, and accessories for those who understand the importance of protecting the environment. 

Patagonia’s reputation as an environmentally responsible brand aligns well with affiliates who prioritize ethical and eco-friendly products. The commission rates may vary, but Patagonia offers competitive compensation for affiliate sales, usually ranging from 6-8% on qualified purchases.

I’d love to see more actual gear and accessories for outdoor lifestyles. Instead, you’ll be mostly promoting clothing and apparel which isn’t always easy to do with an affiliate site. 

That said, a 60-day cookie duration doesn’t hurt and all the links are managed through AvantLink so you’ll get access to banners, graphics, and images that are tested and proven to convert. 

Sign up for Patagonia’s affiliate program here. 

5. The North Face

If you’re really looking for a brand that outdoorsy people love, what better option than North Face? 

As one of the most iconic outdoor brands, The North Face affiliate program gives you access to promote premium apparel, equipment, and gear. Signing up is easy through FlexOffers, letting you earn commission through banner ads, text links, and product feeds ranging from 4-6% per sale.

The North Face has a great inventory of gear for skiing, snowboarding, backpacking, camping, and more. There are numerous seasonal discounts as well that drive people to search North Face related queries so if you can rank content for SEO keywords, you’ll have a great chance of getting commissions based on these discounts. 

Click here to sign up for The North Face affiliate program. 

6. Cabela’s

If you like Bass Pro Shops affiliate program, I have good news. When you sign up for Bass Pro, you’re automatically enrolled with Cabela’s as well. What I’ve discovered through years of experience promoting outdoor affiliate products is that these two brands are a little location-sensitive. 

Bass Pro Shops is more popular in the South while Cabela’s is more popular in the North. So, you can use this to guide your decisions on which site to promote. 

You’ll likely find almost exact similarities between the two in terms of product inventory, pricing, and commissions. Click here to sign up for Cabela’s affiliate program

7. Moosejaw

Does your website cover a wide range of topics? Do you not fall into one specific outdoor category? If so, Moosejaw is a great outdoor affiliate program because it covers almost any outdoor topic you could have on your site. 

outdoor affiliate program moosejaw

Climbing, hiking, hunting, running, skiing, apparel, and more are all available through this affiliate program. Plus, they offer commission percentages ranging from 1-10% depending on volume so the amount of money you make will only increase as your traffic increases. 

Click here to sign up for the Moosejaw affiliate program

8. RVShare

Maybe your site isn’t about hiking, camping, and fishing at all. Maybe you’re more into travel and RVing. If so, RVShare has a really cool affiliate program. 

The point of this site is for people to find RV renting opportunities. Think about AirBnb but for RVs. 

So, how do you make money as an affiliate? 

You’re more a lead generator than an affiliate with this program. RVShare pays you 4% for every completed booking and $7.00 for every new RV listed through your website. There’s a 30-day cookie duration and plenty of creative elements that you can use on your site. 

If you can find the right long-tail keywords to rank for these RV searches, you can make a lot of money with this program. 

I think this is a dynamite affiliate program with a ton of potential for sites that have high volume and if you’re in the RVing niche, you need to sign up here for RVShares affiliate program

9. Sierra

Sierra’s affiliate program is a great opportunity for those in the outdoor and adventure space. Sierra offers a diverse array of outdoor gear, apparel, and home goods, making it an appealing choice for affiliates catering to budget-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.

The program offers 4-7% commission rates and with  regularly updated product offerings and a user-friendly interface, Sierra’s affiliate program is a valuable option for those seeking to monetize their outdoor and adventure-focused content.

Nothing truly unique stands out about this affiliate program but if you intend on promoting this brand in any way, you should sign up for their affiliate program here

10. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is an exclusively online retailer known for its socially conscious approach and sustainable outdoor gear, Cotopaxi offers affiliates the chance to promote unique, ethically-made products that resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers.

What makes Cotopaxi stand out is its commission rate, often ranging from 10-14% making it one of the highest commission rates we’ve seen so far. 

Affiliates can promote a wide range of products, including backpacks, jackets, and outdoor accessories, appealing to an audience passionate about both adventure and social responsibility.

Cotopaxi offers a 30-day cookie window, increased commission incentives, large selection of creative media, and free shipping over $99 so the products convert and sell themselves in a lot ways. Click here to sign up for the Cotopaxi affiliate program

11. Columbia Sportswear

Most people have heard of Columbia clothing before but now you have a chance to make money from promoting their gear. 

The site offers up to 10% commissions, 21-day cookies, and a vast selection of products and creatives to help you make sales. 

Click here to sign up for the Columbia affiliate program. 

12. Marmot

Marmot, a renowned outdoor clothing and gear brand, offers affiliates the chance to promote their high-quality products designed for adventure seekers. The program boasts competitive commission rates, giving affiliates a lucrative incentive, and provides access to marketing materials, tracking tools, and excellent customer support. 

Marmot’s strong reputation in the outdoor industry further enhances its appeal, making it an attractive choice for affiliate marketers seeking to monetize their outdoor-focused content.

With a flat 8% commission rate it’s simple and easy to earn and they provide a lot of resources to help you if you’re just starting out as well. Sign up for the Marmot affiliate program here

13. Camping World

I have been an affiliate of Camping World for years now and have earned a lot of money using their program. Camping World offers you the unique opportunity to promote a variety of products and services including concierge services, RV campgrounds, rentals, RVs, and more. 

The commission percentages vary dramatically based on the types of products you’re promoting but you can earn very high commissions on things like RV purchases and rentals. 

Their program is available through FlexOffers so consider signing up here today

14. Big Agnes

For outdoor sites focused on camping, backpacking, and hiking, the Big Agnes affiliate program is a great option. As a top manufacturer of tents, sleeping bags, and camping gear, Big Agnes products cater perfectly to the adventure crowd. 

outdoor affiliate programs

The program managed through AvantLink gives you access to promote their full catalog of innovative, high-quality equipment through banners, text links, product feeds, and deeper integration. Big Agnes offers a competitive 8% commission rate on sales, with additional incentives for top performers. 

For sites driving campers and backpackers to quality gear, promoting Big Agnes’ cutting-edge products will provide relevant value to readers while earning fair commissions. Sign up here for the Big Agnes affiliate program

15. OutdoorMaster

Still looking for more ways to expand your inventory? OutdoorMaster is a great option because in addition to the typical hiking and camping stuff you find everywhere else you get SUP boards, biking, golfing, skating, beach gear, snowboarding, skiing, and more. 

OutdoorMaster is definitely more of your extreme sports affiliate program. The benefits they offer include 8-13% commission rates, 180-day cookie duration, worldwide shipping, and a premium product line which will only make your commissions even higher. 

Click here to sign up for OutdoorMaster’s affiliate program today

16. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a unique recreational outdoor clothing brand with a heavy-focus on women. They offer a lot of gear that one would wear or bring to a yoga class, spin class, or something similar to that. 

Regardless, they offer 12% commission rates on a variety of premium products and everything in their line is pretty expensive so you can expect to earn well if the site converts. 

That’s one of the concerns I have with some of the lesser known brands such as this. Since people aren’t familiar with it, the chances of it converting compared to North Face or Columbia is likely lower. 

If you want to give it a try, click here to sign up through SkimLinks

17. Osprey

Osprey is one of the best outdoor affiliate programs for premium backpacks, hiking gear, and climbing equipment. 

Affiliates can promote an extensive range of products designed for adventure seekers, from technical backpacks to hydration packs and luggage.

Affiliates in the Osprey program can typically earn a competitive commission rate, often ranging from 5% to 8% on qualified sales. This presents a significant earning potential, particularly for those with an engaged audience interested in outdoor and travel gear.

The program operates by providing affiliates with unique tracking links and marketing materials. Affiliates incorporate these links into their content, such as blogs, websites, or social media, and earn commissions for each sale generated through their links. 

Osprey’s strong brand reputation for quality and innovation makes it easier for affiliates to convert their audience into customers.

If you’re looking for specific hardcore hiking and climbing products and want to be an affiliate, click here to sign up

18. Tentsile

I’m a huge fan of this affiliate program because I think the products are cool and unique. Tentsile sells tree tents, hammocks, and other items you would need to climb trees so this caters to a truly niche audience which can sometimes be the ultimate key to success. 

I’ve learned over the years that a lot of niche affiliate sites make the most money because people are willing to spend their money on something that they’re passionate about. 

One thing I also love is that you have the option with this affiliate program to take a 10% commission or a 5% commission and offer your audience a 5% discount. You could split test these options and see what converts better. 

Signing up and getting started is easy so if you think you want to start promoting these unique products, sign up today!

19. YETI

We all know this one. YETI’s brand is synonymous with rugged, durable drinkware and coolers built for the outdoors. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions promoting their best-selling products like the YETI Hopper soft cooler and Rambler bottles.

You can sign up for their affiliate program through Impact and get 30-day cookies and commissions ranging from 5-8% which is standard for products in this price range. 

Keep in mind how expensive some of these items are as well. In fact, I think signing up for the YETI program is a no-brainer because you’re bound to talk about coolers or ramblers at some point in your outdoor content and the YETI site converts well enough and offers a higher commission that Amazon so you should just send people here. 

For websites focusing on fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor pursuits, YETI’s stellar reputation makes their products a perfect recommendation. Sign up today

20. Scheels

If you’ve never heard of Scheels you might be a southerner. Either way, doesn’t mean you can’t promote some of the great products available on this site. Scheels is a lot like Bass Pro and Cabela’s and I find that their winter gear performs the best. 

You won’t find a ton of ice fishing or fly fishing equipment on Bass Pro so this is where Scheels comes in. If you’re reviewing ice fishing gear, this is a great brand. They offer competitive commissions as high as 10% and industry-standard 30-day cookie durations. 

Click here to sign up for the Scheels affiliate program now. 

Final Thoughts

Did you find some of these best outdoor affiliate programs useful? How many do you think you’re going to sign up for? 

Keep in mind that signing up for these is free so you can sign up for as many as you want and use them as you need to. There are endless opportunities to promote affiliate products and it’s as simple as getting someone to click. 

They’re on your site reading your content because they’re interested in something, becoming an affiliate is just one additional to monetize your audience. 

Make sure you’re connecting all of your pages with proper internal linking with Link Whisper. This WordPress plugin makes it super simple to connect all your pages to only enhance your ability to generate more revenue with affiliate sales. Check it out here! 

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