12 Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs 

If you want to start earning money from affiliate marketing, you have probably already considered most affiliate programs specific to your niche. Have you considered those that pay per lead though? 

Here is how these affiliate programs work, as well as 12 of the best ones you should consider joining. 

How Do Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Work?

As opposed to other types of affiliate programs, pay per lead affiliate programs pay commissions for every qualified lead you send their way. 

This means that your referrals don’t need to completely convert and make a purchase. Depending on the program, they may need to sign up for a free trial, or a newsletter. 

Here are some interesting pay per lead affiliate programs to check out:


ClickFunnels lets you create marketing funnels easily and without any need to become an expert in marketing or conversion optimization. 

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is thus a great choice if you are blogging in the business or marketing space, but it can also work for blogs in practically every niche. 

The pay per lead portion of their program offers a 40% commission for all of their front end offers, which includes their books. 

They also give a 20% commission to new affiliates for all new ClickFunnels subscriptions. The commission is recurring, so you get paid for as long as your referral keeps using the tool. 

Commissions go up to 30% and 40%, the more referrals you send their way. 


SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO suite that can be very useful for anyone who wants to improve the search performance of their website. 

You can become a part of the SEMRush affiliate program if you blog in the SEO or digital marketing space. It can be a good recommendation to all website and business owners though, so you can work with them in whatever niche you blog in. 

They pay $0.01 for every new signup, which is not much, but since they do have a free trial, it’s a good way to capitalize on every conversion. They also pay $10 for every new lead. You’ll get $200 for every new subscription as well. 


FreshBooks is an invoicing and accounting software. It’s used by both business owners and accountants, and it’s incredibly popular, so joining their affiliate program can be quite lucrative.

Definitely consider them if you blog about finances or anything business-related.

The FreshBooks affiliate program pays $10 for every free trial signup, as well as up to $200 for every new paid subscription. Their cookie lasts for 120 days, so there is plenty of time for your referrals to convert. 


RankPay provides all kinds of digital marketing services, from SEO to PPC and website design. They also provide white-label services and work with numerous digital agencies. 

You can recommend them to businesses of all shapes and sizes, so their affiliate program is a good choice no matter what niche you are writing in.

The RankPay affiliate program pays a 10% recurring commission to begin with. Once you’ve referred 10 customers, you’ll climb up to a 15% commission. 20 or more referrals will get you a 20% commission. 

They pay commissions monthly for as long as your referred customer stays with them. 


Grammarly is a tool that helps you improve your writing. It can be used to write better emails, blog posts, proposals, anything you can think of. 

You can become their partner whatever niche you blog in, as long as you can find a way to recommend a writing tool. 

The Grammarly affiliate program pays $0.20 for every free trial signup, and $20 for every premium plan purchase. They also provide a 90-day cookie.


Skillshare is an online learning platform, where you can take classes from people who are very good at something. They offer courses on anything from pottery to SEO, so their affiliate program can work for bloggers in most niches. 

The platform offers over 25.000 courses, so you can certainly find something you would want to learn yourself, and a course you can recommend to your readers.

The Skillshare affiliate program pays a 40% commission for every customer who starts a paid program. Their cookie lasts for 30 days.  

Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides tools for email and social media marketing. You can use their solutions to automate a lot of your marketing tasks, and save yourself a lot of manual labor.  

You can recommend them to your customers in practically all niches, as long as you cover topics about growing a business or a blog. 

The Constant Contact affiliate program pays a $105 commission whenever your referral pays for a new account. 

National Debt Relief 

National Debt Relief helps people get out of debt. They offer a free consultation, then come up with a personalized affordable plan which will help their clients get rid of any debt they are currently struggling with. 

They are a great affiliate program to join, especially if you are blogging in the financial, family or business niches. 

The National Debt Relief affiliate program pays $27.50 per qualified free quote request. They also provide training and valuable resources that can help you increase conversion rates. 

Creative Live

Creative Live is an online course platform. It provides access to over 2000 classes in the creative space. They can help you improve your videography, photography design skills, among others. 

They are a great program to join if you blog about anything creative. 

The Creative Live affiliate program pays between $10 and $50 for referrals, depending on whether it’s an individual class or a subscription sale. 

Leaf Filter

Leaf Filter is a roofing company. They help you handle any roofing damage, as well as basement flooding or foundation damage. They will clean your gutters for you and help them stay clean. 

They are a great program to join if you blog in the home improvement space. 

The Leaf Filter affiliate program does not specify how much you can earn per commission. This is due to the fact that they can’t predict how much they will charge a customer before they speak to them. However, they do claim to offer generous payouts. 


TouchBistro is a POS and restaurant management system. It’s a great tool for improving customer experiences and increasing sales. 

If your target readership consists of restaurateurs, it’s a good program to join.

The TouchBistro affiliate program is quite generous. They pay $100 per demo, and $1000 per sale, so you can earn quite a decent commission by recommending them to your readers. 


Pluralsight can teach you all kinds of tech skills, from coding to development and security. They are a great choice for both individuals and enterprise teams. 

They can be a good partner if you blog about tech and entrepreneurship, or coding and IT. 

The Pluralsight affiliate program pays $5 for every free trial subscription. You will also get a 50% commission for the first month of every paid monthly subscription. You will get a 15% commission for every annual subscription. 

Wrapping Up 

Which of these pay per lead affiliate programs has caught your eye? Are you already partnered up with any of them, or are you planning to fill out a form later today? 

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