Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs To Cash In

Of all the different types of finance-related affiliate and referral programs there are out there, credit card affiliate programs are surprisingly hard to come by. We’ve vetted several to narrow our list down to the top 8 best credit card affiliate program and referral program options that are active and that you can link directly to — instead of jumping through hoops on affiliate program aggregator sites that never seem to direct you to an actual signup page.

Note that to be eligible for most of these, you need to have an active account and/or credit card with the provider.

American Express

Landing page for the best credit card affiliate program from AMEX.

American Express has a large selection of credit cards, including business cards, travel cards, cash-back cards and more. Through the referral program , you can earn rewards every time someone gets a new card through your link. Bonuses are awarded no matter which card is issued.

Bankrate Credit Cards

The Bankrate Credit Cards program for affiliate marketers provides members with credit card offers from leading issuers. According to the landing page, payouts are reliable and fast.

Affiliates can also speak with account representatives if they need help or have questions. There are also technology solutions, including the following:

  • Co-Branding: Add interactive credit card tools to your website.
  • Data Feeds: Add credit card content and rate data to your website, customized to match your design.
  • In-Site Tools: Put banners, credit card search engines, rate charts and text links on your website and in your content.

Affiliates receive commission payouts monthly, and there’s a tracking and reporting feature to stay on top of performance.

Capital One

The landing page for the best credit card affiliate program from Capital One.

Capital One is a U.S.-based bank that specializes in checking and savings accounts, auto loans, and credit cards. Its Refer a Friend program awards bonuses when new people sign up and get approved as a Capital One cardholder.

To get started, you’ll get your referral link from your Capital One account. You need to be an existing cardholder with an account in good standing to qualify for this program.

Referral bonuses are based on the specific Capital One product you have and will promote. Capital One credit cards offer a $100 bonus for each friend who’s approved, and you can earn up to $500 per year. The dashboard shows you how much you’ve earned and can still earn for the calendar year.

There’s also a referral program for business credit card holders. The Capital One Business referral program works similarly — you can refer others, and if they get a new Capital One Business credit card, you’ll receive a reward.


Chase is known for offering credit cards with great rewards, like generous sign-up bonuses. It also has a number of co-branded airline, hotel and store cards.

The Refer a Friend program from Chase has a few different rewards types you can earn, like the following:

  • Each time a referral gets a qualifying Chase Freedom credit card, you’ll get $50. You can earn up to $500 per year.
  • When a referral opens a Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you’ll get 15,000 points, with a max earnings potential of 75,000 per year.
  • If a referral opens a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you’ll get 10,000 bonus points, and you can earn a max of 50,000 per year.

All of the reward options can be found on the Refer a Friend page.

Credit Builder Card

The landing page for the best credit card affiliate program for building your credit.

Credit Builder Card offers a safe, secure credit card that reports to all three bureaus and doesn’t require a credit check. After applying and making a $200 deposit to secure the credit card, people who need to build their credit can get a credit card to make purchases with and improve their score.

The Credit Builder Card affiliate program lets you earn commission every time a referral gets a credit card through the program.


Discover offers a number of credit cards, including cash-back cards, student cards, secured cards, travel rewards cards and more. With the Discover credit card referral program, you can share a personal link via email, text or social media.

If a referral applies for a Discover card using the link, gets approved, and makes their first purchase within three months, both you and the referral will earn a statement credit. Credits range from $50 to $100, and you can earn up to $500 per year.

It can take up to two billing cycles to see the credit in your account.


The landing page for the best credit card affiliate program from SoFi.

The SoFi financing company helps people pay for a home, get out of debt, save for retirement and more. There are all sorts of services offered, like career planning and financial planning. They also offer credit cards, along with financial options like student loans.

Through the SoFi referral program, you can get $100 for each person you refer who opens a new credit card. The SoFi app lets you manage your account and referrals, and you’ll get a unique referral link to send to people who may be interested.

SumUp Credit Card Reader

The SumUp credit card reader makes the checkout process easier for you and your customers. The company has an affiliate program as well that pays a commission whenever someone uses your link to buy a card reader. Marketers can use their referral link on any platform, whether that’s a website, newsletter or social media account.

Final Thoughts About the Best Credit Card Affiliate Program Options

While actual affiliate programs are difficult to find when it comes to credit cards, most card companies offer referral bonuses. How much you can earn per referral and per year will vary, but it pays to check out the fine print on any cards you already use. It’s also common to see the referred person getting some type of reward, too, which can make promoting these cards easier for marketers.

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