The 17 Best Cooking Affiliate Programs for Chefing Up Higher Earnings

If you love food and cooking, monetizing a website in the cooking niche can be incredibly rewarding. Not only do you get to share recipes, kitchen tips, and cooking inspiration with others, but you also have the potential to earn an income.

However, choosing the right cooking affiliate programs to promote is key to your success. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to identify the best programs that will appeal to your audience and maximize your earnings.

That’s where this guide comes in! I’ve handpicked 17 of the absolute best cooking affiliate programs across various categories like cookware, ingredients, meal delivery services, and more.

For each affiliate marketing program, you’ll find key details on commission rates and cookie duration. But more importantly, I’ll summarize what makes the program so great and how it can help your readers. My goal is that by the end, you’ll have a clear picture of which programs suit your website and audience needs best.

1. Home Chef

Home Chef is one of the most popular meal kit delivery services, shipping pre-portioned fresh ingredients and easy recipes right to your door. Readers who don’t have a lot of time for meal planning will love the convenience of having ingredients and recipes delivered.

The $10 commission per new customer is generous, and the unlimited commission potential in the first 30 days sweetens the deal even more for high performers. Promoting quality recipes and meal solutions from a trusted brand with outstanding reviews makes this an excellent addition for food blogs.

With Home Chef, your readers get delicious, stress-free home cooking without the hassle of grocery runs or menu planning. As the leading meal kit provider, Home Chef offers tailored plans for nearly any diet or preference like low carb, vegetarian, family-sized and more. This customization keeps customers coming back week after week.

Their oven-ready and easy 15-30 minute meal kits remove any difficulty for busy families to put healthy dinners on the table affordably. The unlimited potential earnings will have affiliates loving Home Chef too!

Commission Rate: 10% per sale

2. Snake River Farms

For meat lovers and grillmasters, Snake River Farms is hands-down one of the best affiliate programs available. As an artisanal meat supplier, they sell premium cuts of 100% grass-fed beef and pork directly from small family farms, meaning your readers get the absolute highest quality.

With an average order value over $200 thanks to premium cuts and bundles, that 10% commission rate leads to $15+ earnings per sale. 

The tasty selection of American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork, lauded as some of the best available, will have your carnivorous readers coming back for more. Snake River Farms meets extremely high standards, from sustainable practices to humane treatment.

Commission Rate: 10%

3. Outdoor Cooking

Help your outdoor chef readers level up their cooking game under the open skies with Outdoor Cooking. Ranging from rugged cast iron essentials to full outdoor kitchen setups, they truly have everything one would need to become a master camp chef or grillmaster at home.

The simple 5% commission may seem small, but this program does big numbers – you’ll easily clear over $100 EPC promoting their expansive inventory loved by over 1M customers. 

With 20 years of industry expertise under their belt focused specifically on outdoor cooking, they have both the knowledge and flagship products to enable your readers to take their skills to the next level.

Commission Rate: 5%

4. Ketoconnect

For blogs focused on the increasingly popular keto, paleo and low-carb lifestyles, Ketoconnect offers immense value. Their eBooks, custom meal plans, recipes and coaching services provide personalized guidance to help readers succeed on their healthy living journey.

The generous 40% commission per sale is way above industry averages. Combined with the 90-day cookie duration, affiliates have ample opportunity over months to get credit for their efforts. 

Plus, the Ketoconnect affiliate managers are very responsive in providing creatives and promoting top content. For keto-aligned blogs, this program is invaluable.

Commission Rate: 40%

5. Rachael Ray

Likely no introduction is needed for famous chef Rachael Ray. Her curated collection of stylish cookware, dinnerware, bakeware and pantry items is beloved by home cooks everywhere thanks to beautiful, quality designs perfected for real world use based on her roots cooking professionally in restaurants then on Food Network shows.

Though the 5% commission rate is on the lower end, the massively popular Rachael Ray brand leads to rocksteady sales and regular promotions. Your cooking-focused readers will appreciate being able to outfit their kitchen with products designed by one of America’s favorite celebrity chefs known for her accessibility, charm and ability to simplify techniques for the everyday person.

Commission Rate: 5%

6. Brandless

With its direct-to-consumer pricing model eliminating middlemen, rapidly growing Brandless makes 500+ organic, non-GMO pantry items, snacks, and home goods affordable for everyone. Their $3 price point across quality products resonates big time with budget-focused buyers.

Happy customers mean even happier affiliates – the 15% commission rate blows away the category standard. Readers struggling with rising food costs will appreciate this program, helping them save 25-50% on organic kitchen items they’d buy anyway without sacrificing health.

Commission Rate: 15%

7. Preferred

Summer barbecuing wouldn’t be possible without BBQGuys! As America’s top online supplier of grills, smokers, accessories and outdoor appliances, this program gives your readers everything they need to become backyard pitmasters.

With the 4% commission, this program brings in an impressive $66 EPC. Pair that with their unmatched selection representing all the big brands like Weber, Traeger and Big Green Egg, and you’ve got a recipe for mouthwatering affiliate earnings by meeting intense demand from grill-obsessed readers.

With over 2000 grilling products in stock from 300 brands, BBQGuys caters to every budget and cooking need imaginable. Readers can even finance their dream outdoor kitchen setup over time. This makes the offer accessible for any home cook ready to finally ditch their lackluster grill and embrace wood pellet smoking at its finest.

For outdoor chef websites or content creators already speaking to an engaged audience passionate about leveling up their DIY barbecue capabilities, promoting industry leader BBQGuys is a no-brainer way to capitalize on that existing interest with targeted recommendations.

Commission Rate: 4%

8. HelloFresh

HelloFresh needs little introduction as the world’s most popular meal kit company. Offering pre-portioned recipes and farm-fresh ingredients for fast, easy dinners, they make home cooking a cinch for millions of busy people in 20+ countries.

While earnings vary slightly by each geo-targeted program, HelloFresh affiliates consistently report stellar conversion rates thanks to dialed-in sales funnels fine-tuned over delivering 100 million meals globally.

With growing demand as more families value escaping grocery store hassles but crave variety and nutrition, HelloFresh retention stays strong. Their diverse menus keep palates intrigued week-to-week. Affiliates simply need to spark that initial trial order, and revenues compound over time.

For food and cooking blogs, promoting these convenient, stress-free meal solutions is an easy win readers will undoubtedly love trying.

Commission Rate: $8 per sale

9. Skinny Food Company

Catering to the growing consumer demand for lower-calorie food alternatives, Skinny Food Company produces “fakeaway” sauces, syrups and more so your favorite foods can stay guilt-free without sacrificing taste.

From ketchups to stir fry sauces, their entire range of products skip added sugars and unwanted fillers so home cooks can replicate takeout flavors with a fraction of the calories. This keeps overall meal nutrition on point.

Hailing originally from the UK but with global ambitions, their affiliate program’s 10% commission rate handily outpaces expectations. For health-focused food blogs, this is a smart solution that proves healthy cooking doesn’t have to mean boring plates or bland flavors when you have the right supporting condiments.

Commission Rate: 10%

10. Dinnerly

Dinnerly brings effortless, affordable meal kits from Australia straight to home cooks everywhere down under. Each insulated box contains farm-fresh Aussie ingredients to prepare tasty recipes in just 5 easy steps. At around $5 AUD per generous single serving, it’s a fantastic value readers will love.

The $10 per sale commission provides excellent incentive for this geo-targeted program with unlimited earning potential. Supporting local Australian food suppliers is a win-win as well. For food bloggers in Australia and NZ, promoting Dinnerly is a delicious choice.

Commission Rate: $10 per sale

11. Zwilling

When it comes to coveted kitchenware brands, few compare to Zwilling. Offering an endless selection of forged knives, cookware, gadgets and more, this program lets your readers equip their kitchen like a pro home chef.

As the world’s preeminent knife maker since 1731, Zwilling knives, pans and tools meet even the highest demands of both professional chefs and discerning home cooks alike.

The 6% baseline commission leaves ample room for increased rates for top-tier affiliates driving big numbers. Given Zwilling’s premium products often cost hundreds per item, that commission adds up quickly. For culinary and cooking blogs, this is a must-have staple program.

Commission Rate: 6%

12. Stonewall Kitchen

Started small at a local Maine farmers market, family-owned Stonewall Kitchen now offers award-winning jams, sauces, mixes and more in over 6,000 stores internationally after gaining a fanatic following. Their improbable small business success story is one budding food entrepreneurs will admire and find inspiration from.

Pushing an 8% commission baseline, earnings can ramp up quickly considering their incredibly diverse product selection featuring hundreds of items that lend to basket building. Niche bloggers focused specifically on jams, preserves or baking absolutely should view this program as a no-brainer addition.

Commission Rate: 8%

13. YesChef

Advancing from just recipes alone, YesChef offers readers full-length online cooking classes taught by world-class chefs like Dominique Ansel and Gabriel Kreuther. Their courses unlock success by teaching the methods, fundamentals and basics behind exceptional cooking to build confidence.

At a $180 annual subscription price point paired with a generous 25% commission rate, this program holds serious earnings potential. Affiliate creatives highlight how readers can (finally) gain cooking skills and expertise from the best in the business without leaving their kitchen.

Commission Rate: 25% per sale

14. Piquant Post

Offering monthly shipments of hard-to-find spices from around the globe, Piquant Post lets home cooks affordably add exotic new flavors to their go-to dishes. Every themed box pairs the spices with gourmet recipes to unlock their maximum flavor potential.

At over $30 per monthly box depending on plan selected, the 10% commission provides excellent potential, especially given nearly 50% of customers opt for 6-12 month pre-paid subscriptions leading to nice upfront commission bumps. This is a smart choice for niche food and recipe blogs seeking differentiated offerings.

Commission Rate: 10%

15. Traeger Grills

With summer grilling season coming up, Traeger’s industry-leading wood pellet grills and smokers let your readers take their barbecue (and affiliate earnings) to the next level. Once hooked on the pure hardwood flavors, customers become passionate lifelong loyalists.

While their grills sit at the higher end of the price spectrum, the 6% commission makes room for big-time earnings – especially if you can land an exclusive promo code. This program is ripe for smoker success thanks to Traeger’s insanely dedicated community evangelizing their superior flavor.

Commission Rate: 6%

16. Circulon

Circulon pioneered premium nonstick technology uniquely engineered for easy cleanup and long-lasting performance over years of daily use. Showing off elegantly styled exteriors, their cookware outfits home kitchens with both serious cooking functionality and attractive display appeal.

Though their baseline commission details aren’t publicized, the 8% starting point hints at increased potential for more based on performance. Promoting beautiful, high-performing products already loved by millions of home cooks is an absolute joy as an affiliate.

Commission Rate: 8%

17. MasterClass

Last but certainly not least, MasterClass helps readers massively improve their cooking skills directly from the giants of food themselves – Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, Dominique Ansel and more. With no prior experience needed, it unlocks potential.

Boasting a baseline 20% commission tied to a stellar $180 annual all-access subscription price point, earnings add up fast here. Your readers gain unlimited access to 100+ classes spanning cooking and beyond to enjoy repeatedly at their own pace whenever inspiration strikes. For cooking blogs, highlighting celebrity chef wisdom via MasterClass is an invaluable asset.

Commission Rate: 20% per sale

Choosing the Best Cooking Affiliate Programs

Finding the most profitable cooking affiliate programs for your website involves much more than sorting by the highest commission rates alone. The reality is top programs artfully blend multiple monetary and audience components that work synergistically together behind the scenes to drive results.

This section will explore these core evaluation criteria in depth, including illuminated breakdowns of commission rates, cookie duration, average order values, niche suitability and real word examples of top programs crushing it. The goal is equipping you to keenly assess program potential based on website fit.

When selecting cooking affiliate programs for your website or blog, there are a few key factors to evaluate:

Commission Rate 

The baseline commission rate offered is an important starting point in assessing any affiliate program. For cooking, you ideally want to identify programs offering payout rates of at least 5%, but 10% or higher is much preferable.

However, just remember that solely a high percentage commission doesn’t necessarily guarantee great earnings on its own. What ultimately determines your success is consistently driving targeted, high-intent website traffic that readily converts into sales.

So while aiming for cooking affiliate programs offering the most generous commission rates possible, make sure the rest of the program also aligns to support driving conversions too. Carefully weigh factors like branding, average order values, cookie duration and creative assets as well.

For example, a program compensating 12% commissions but only selling lower-cost products with a 14 day cookie provides far less profit potential than a 6% rate tied to big ticket purchases with 90 day attribution. Always take a holistic view when comparing program opportunities.

Some of the highest commission niches in affiliate marketing are:

Cookie Duration 

Speaking of cookies, affiliate cookies are an often misunderstood component many overlook when assessing potential earnings. These small tracking cookies are what allow you to keep earning payable commissions when a referred visitor comes back to the merchant site to make additional purchases down the road.

This happens very frequently in cooking given the repeat nature of ordering meal kits, restocking spices or replacing worn out bakeware. So locking in sufficient cookie windows is critical for revenue staying power.

Generally for cooking affiliate programs, you’ll want to find offers granting at least 15 days cookie duration, and preferably 30, 60 or even 90+ day windows when available. This time frame gives your website plenty of runway to continue collecting commissions from same-customer reorders over months.

Contrast this to the numerous programs only providing 7 to 14 day cookies. While short cookies seem enticing upfront, they can massively hinder your long term profitability when previously referred users return directly to make future purchases you no longer get attribution and payout for. Always evaluate based on earning potential over the total length of your relationship with each visitor.

Average Order Value 

When determining profitability from any niche affiliate program, you must consider factors beyond straight commission rates alone. Specifically, investigate the average order value of referred sales tied to each offer you promote.

Because your affiliate earnings are ultimately a commission percentage of the total transaction size, the bigger the customer basket, the bigger your corresponding cut. Even seemingly low commission rates can prove quite profitable when tied to expensive one-off purchases or recurring subscriptions versus limited upside on smaller cart totals.

For example, a meal delivery service compensating just a 3% ongoing rate but driving $400+ in average weekly customer spend frequently over years will likely convert to substantially bigger lifetime affiliate earnings than a 12% commission on a $20 cookbook sale with no repeat business.

This is why promotions for services, big ticket cookware sets, large ingredient bundles, subscriptions and so on hold such profit potential for affiliates. You earn a percentage cut of those larger order totals month after month from satisfied repeat shoppers.

Niche Alignment 

Finally, you want to ensure any cooking affiliate program thoroughly aligns with your blog’s distinct readership and their associated interests. Choosing a niche guarantees your recommendations and promotions resonate in a relevant way that best spurs conversion.

For instance, if your food website mainly caters toward busy parents simply trying to feed their family quick healthy meals, suggesting elaborate $200 wagyu steaks or ornamental $500 distressed copper cookware likely misses the mark for them despite high order values.

Similarly, blogs focused specifically on vegan recipes have an audience seeking very different affiliate product alignments than a website covering competitive barbeque techniques. Outdoor cooking gear performs much differently than exotic global spice subscriptions too in terms of buyer appeal and average order size.

That’s why niche alignment should inform your program evaluation process. Consistently promote affiliate recommendations specifically tailored to each cooking sub-vertical for best monetization results based on reader demographics.

Strategizing niche suitability factors in your program selection is critical to earning the maximum commissions possible from your existing audience month after month. Remember, relevance rules when making affiliate sales!

By diligently factoring all these monetary and audience elements into your program screening process, you’ll be far better equipped to strategically identify and confidently promote the very best cooking affiliate programs for your successful affiliate marketing website.

The result is maximized relevance for readers in tandem with amplified affiliate revenue potential over the long haul. It becomes a recipe engineered to convert and built to continually satisfy with delicious lifetime value.

Final Thoughts

Cooking remains one of the most popular website niches for good reason – we all have to eat, after all! Monetizing your site by promoting relevant affiliate programs lets you earn income while already creating content you love.

I hope this handpicked list of 17 awesome cooking affiliate programs provides a helpful starting point to maximize your earnings. With so many strong options available focusing on cookware, meal plans, specialty foods and more, the possibilities are truly endless.

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