Drop Carbs and Gain Commissions with the 15 Best Keto Affiliate Programs

You may know this already, the keto diet is one of the most Googled diet plans in the United States. Admittedly, some skeptics express concerns over the long-term effects of keto. However, many doctors and researchers are promoting the positive effects of a low-carb, high-fat diet.

While further studies are being conducted, the keto product market is booming. It is expected to touch 12 billion USD by 2028 . This makes keto affiliate programs one of the most rewarding options for affiliates.

That brings us to the question of selecting the right brands that promote the keto lifestyle. Choosing the right company for your audience is not an easy task, but narrowing down the options helps.

To help you make the right choice, we have listed 16 options that offer excellent earning potential.

So let’s begin.

1. KetoGeek

California-based brand KetoGeek makes keto products from the best-quality ingredients and each product is backed by in-depth food research. The nutrient profile in their energy pods makes them ideal for athletes and anyone looking for a healthy diet.

With research-backed products, KetoGeek has earned a solid reputation in the market. The products are low-carb friendly, naturally sweetened, and shelf-stable. Plus, the rich flavor of chocolate energy pods and the Coco spreads make them a yummy delight. 

You can promote the products through a keto blog or social media channels. Unlike many other brands, the KetoGeek site is a rich source of information that will help you market the products.

While the commission rate is not mind-blowing, the longer cookie duration is a plus. 

With quality being assured at all steps, this is a brand that is good for newbies as well as veteran affiliates.

2. Green Chef Keto Meals

  • URL: https://www.viglink.com/merchants/113249/green-chef-affiliate-program
  • Commission Rate – $15 per sale
  • Cookie Duration – 7 days

Green Chef is a trusted name for those leading the keto lifestyle and offers a customizable menu. Being a USDA-certified organic company the recipes are great for a keto, gluten-free, vegan, or paleo diet. 

The main ingredients include organic vegetables, healthy fats, and lean meats, and cut down on empty carbs. For anyone looking for interesting ingredient blends, Green Chef is one of the best meal kit options.

And they will deliver it right at your doorstep. That said, a few customers have mentioned being overwhelmed by the gourmet twists that they add to their meals.

Green Chef provides a flat commission rate of $15 for each purchase through your affiliate links. However, it is not a recurring plan and the cookie duration is too short. The price per serving is reasonable too. Overall, the Green Chef affiliate plan can be a good option if your audience is not strictly vegan.

3. Built Bar affiliate program

  • URL: https://brandambassadorapp.net/forms/register/builtbar
  • Commission Rate – 10% on all orders
  • Cookie Duration – Varies

Looking for a brand that has a solid fan base among fitness enthusiasts? In that case, Built Bar is the right choice. These protein bars come in a variety of flavors with bars and puffs being the two main varieties. Chances are, you will not like all the flavors, but most are delicious.

Each bar has a low-sugar and high-fiber combo and you can pick a few limited-edition flavors too. The good thing is, the amount of protein in each bar is clearly mentioned. The products can be shipped to US and Canadian addresses.

Apart from a commission rate of 10%, affiliates will also get a 10% discount from the brand. The cookie duration is not listed, but it seems to be on the lesser side. The official name of the program is the Built Ambassador Program. You will have access to a ton of promotional material as well.

4. Real Ketones

Real Ketones uses the D-BHB ketone technology to help your body maintain a ketogenic state. After extensive studies, the brand has patented the D-BHB formula and mentions that it plays an important role in maintaining overall health. You can pick keto-friendly nutrition powders, meal bars, and supplements from their store and even get keto advice from their app.

With clinically tested ingredients, the brand is a reliable choice for those trying to follow the keto diet. The excellent product variety makes it a great brand to promote to a wide range of audiences. Note that Real Ketones products are priced higher than average. So. make sure that you have a customer base that is ready to pay more.

The commission rates are respectable and the cookie duration is on the longer side. Since the conversion rates of the brand are on the higher end the right type of promotion will help you earn a steady income. 

5. Konscious Keto

Konscious Keto offers a wide range of keto supplements and keto meal plans by combining AI diet technology with carefully curated ingredients. You get non-GMO and gluten-free products along with delicious keto shakes and special meal plans. 

While the technology used sounds impressive, the brand does not provide any research-based data on its AI-driven meal plan generation technology. If you ask me, the term “AI diet technology” seems to be more of a buzzword used for marketing purposes.

That said, Konscious Keto has earned positive reviews from a large number of users and has built a solid reputation. Plus, it offers a 90-day money refund plan which is great. But, keep in mind that the products are not cheap.

If you are looking for a Keto affiliate program with a high commission rate, this Jersey-based brand is not it. But considering the high product quality and the rising popularity of their products, this is a brand you can promote as a secondary option.

6. Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto’s supplements are formulated with natural ingredients that optimize fat burning. The brand has a strong commitment to ensuring product quality and follows a no-gluten and no-artificial ingredients policy. In addition, the ingredients are well-formulated and also “glycemically friendly”.

The brand is also transparent about ingredients and nutrition facts. The wide range of their products makes it easier to include them in any keto diet. The Perfect Keto website contains a ton of rich information and has a solid 30-day refund policy. I would count Perfect Keto among the premium nutrition brands, but considering the quality the higher price is justified.

All in all, the Perfect Keto affiliate program is one of the best options if you are promoting a ketogenic lifestyle. The strong brand value will help you increase conversions too. And considering the 15% commission rate, you can raise our earnings significantly by promoting it right.

7. Custom Keto Diet

Creating your personal keto diet plan based on your food preferences sounds like a great idea. The Custom Kito Diet plan helps you to do just that after taking into account multiple aspects. These include your age, weight lifestyle, exercise frequency, and weight loss goals.

For anyone not sure about figuring out the calorie numbers and macronutrient content in a keto diet, this sounds perfect. With a custom meal plan service and step-by-step guidance, the program offers a personalized experience for customers. Also, the plan is super affordable and the meals are easy to prepare.

Custom Keto mentions that the majority of their customers are women. This makes the program a great option for niche websites related to women’s health and wellness. The commission of 75% on all digital products is one of the best you will find in this list of keto affiliate programs. 

The program also allows you to earn commissions from three upsells after the initial purchase. That helps to drive up the average commission amount per sale. Beyond that, you can earn 40% on the sale of every physical product of the brand.

8. ButcherBox affiliate program

Honestly, it is hard to find 100% grass-fed and grass-finished meat at the local grocery store or a super. 

But ButcherBox delivers high-quality meat sourced from family farms and cooperatives to your doorstep. Most customers have found the meat to be flavorful and were left impressed by the smooth delivery system.

Based on a subscription-based model, the brand has touched annual sales numbers of more than $600 million, which is staggering. 

Without a doubt, its influencer strategy plays a big role in driving conversions. Besides, customers have appreciated the focus of the brand on sustainability- the delivery boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. 

Even though the commission rates are modest, this is a strong brand with excellent growth potential. In fact, the company is looking to expand into the raw pet food business to widen its customer base. If you have a niche that focuses on healthy diets, including keto, the ButcherBox affiliate program is worth a closer look.

9. Lumen Metabolism Tracker

The Lumen Metabolism Tacker helps individuals track their metabolism rates daily and create personalized diet plans. At its core, this is a flow meter device with carbon dioxide sensors and works like a breathalyzer. 

In other words, it measures metabolic efficiency through the Respiratory Exchange Ratio. Lumen mentions that the product is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research and has posted the details on their website.

While all that may sound complex, the device looks sleek and is easy to use along with the app. The thing is, this is a measurement tool that should be used along with a proper diet plan for shedding weight. That means customers will have to get support from a lifestyle medicine coach to make use of the Lumen data.

It is also an expensive device and may not be the best choice for all customers. However, the commission rates per sale are on the higher side. Choose this affiliate program if you promote premium healthcare products to customers who are ready to make significant investments.

10. Magic Spoon

The idea of a high-protein, keto-friendly, no-sugar cereal may sound appealing to cereal lovers looking to lose weight. Magic Spoon cereals and treats come in multiple flavors, a few of which have emerged as customer favorites.

While the price is more than a regular box of sugary cereal, you cannot deny the health benefits of Magic Spoon. Magic Spon uses allulose which is a sweetener approved by the FDA. 

Unlike common sugars, allulose does not raise insulin or blood glucose levels when consumed. That said, the lack of vitamins and minerals in the product can be a concern for some customers.

The affiliate program is managed through the  Impact Radius platform. Now, the commission rates are competitive, but you will have to meet the monthly sales quotas. The numbers are 10 cases of product or around $400 in sales. That makes this program best for websites with an established customer base.

11. Kiss My Keto

Started in 2016, Kiss My Keto focuses on delivering the right macronutrient profile for a ketogenic lifestyle in their products. The combination of low-carb, high-fat, and moderate protein products with great taste has made the brand a popular choice. The products include snack bars, gummies, breads, supplements, and more.

Customers have mentioned that the keto gummies of the brand are as enjoyable as regular candies but more healthy. All products are free of artificial ingredients or preservatives. 

The brand gives importance to delivering the best user experience and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. In addition, customers can access Ketoacademy on its website, which provides a wealth of information.

Even though it is a relatively new brand, Kiss My Keto has earned a positive reputation. So, you can expect good conversion rates. The commission rates are unexceptional and considering the product prices, the average earnings are between $2 to $5 per sale.

12. Keto Resource

What makes Keto Resource different is that it does not offer food products but provides recipes and information to keto diet followers. Customers can also claim a free Keto cookbook that contains 200 easy-to-cook keto recipes.

The brand also offers a 28-Day Keto Challenge program that helps beginners plan their first month while starting a keto diet. All the meal plans are based on the fact that there is no single diet plan that works for every person. That allows practitioners to pick and choose from a wide variety of recipes based on their food preferences.

The commission rates are excellent, but the number of products you can promote from the brand is limited. However, the books can only be of interest to customers of specific age groups, interested in diet foods, and healthy living. In our opinion, this keto affiliate program will work best as a supplementary program for your website.

13. Keto-Mojo

Keto-Mojo was started by a husband and wife team in 2017, to make the ketogenic lifestyle more accessible to practitioners. Their products include FDA-approved testing meters and strips that accurately indicate the blood ketone and glucose levels. 

The products are affordably priced and backed by top-notch customer service. While meters are not as accurate as lab tests, they help in taking out the guesswork from diet plans.

Also, innovation is a big strength of the brand. Their GK+ meter has Bluetooth connectivity that allows practitioners to share the data with a healthcare provider through a smartphone app. The brand has developed a good reputation and also planning to expand to new markets.

The commission rates are not the best and start from 5%. However, the long cookie lifetime will work in your favor. Since the rates are variable, the exact commission will depend on the monthly sales volume. So, make sure to check the commission calculation process before you sign up.

14. KetoBars

In theory, the idea of homemade keto bars made from quality ingredients sounds great. Keto Bars started its journey from a small kitchen to deliver on this idea. 

Today, it has grown to deliver peanut and almond-flavored keto bars with all-natural ingredients and super low carb content. Besides, bars like dark chocolate with coconut and almonds are scrumptious.

To join the program, you can sign up directly from the website, without having to go via a third-party network. 

Since the keto bars market has a high growth rate, collaborating with KetoBars is a good option. Note that the bars have a high fat content but relatively low protein levels. Some customers may have reservations about that. 

Keto Bars also offer affiliate toolkits that contain a variety of promotional materials like images, videos, and banners. If you have a customer base that prefers keto-friendly snacks, then this is a good keto affiliate program to pick.

15. Ketogenic Girl

Ketogenic Girl was founded by Vanessa Spina, a sports nutrition specialist and author, in 2015. She developed a range of Tone devices that are breath ketone analyzers. Research suggests that screening for ketones can be helpful not just for individuals on a keto diet, but also for those affected by type I diabetes.

Another exciting range of products from the brand is the red light wellness devices that use light therapy or photobiomodulation. These devices help in reducing pain and inflammation and assist in tissue repair. Beyond that there are keto meal plans including a 28-day accelerated meal plan.

The non-invasive technology used in the products makes them more user-friendly. And the product range helps you to appeal to a broad range of customers. The commission rates are good and you can earn up to 25% from the sale of ketogenic meal programs. 

If you have a marketing platform that endorses health and well-being, then this is a program worth joining.

16. KetoKrate

Following a long-term keto diet plan can get pretty boring. KetKarte helps to get rid of this diet boredom by delivering a new variety of keto snacks to your doorstep, each month. Each serving contains 5g or less carbs and only approved alternative sweeteners are used. 

Even though customers have found a few repeats in the monthly packs, they are a great way to try new keto-friendly items. The products are also perfect for anyone looking for a quick snack without the high sugar content. Most customers have praised the flavor and quality of the products.

Note that the products are not vegan or dairy-free. KetoKrate mentions that it avoids using products containing gluten, but the items are not certified gluten-free. These may reduce the product appeal for some customers.

The subscriptions start at $49.99 per month and affiliates can earn a handsome percentage from each sale they make. Considering that not many supermarkets offer high-quality keto-friendly food items KetoKrate can be a good choice for a wide range of audiences.

Choosing the Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Even though affiliate marketing is a legit way to earn money online, there are a few fundamentals you need to check before joining a program. In reality, selecting affiliate programs is a complex process, and it may take you time to find the right partner with a similar set of goals.

Commission Rate 

Keto affiliate programs come under the weight loss category which is among the best niches for affiliate marketing you can pick. With the global wellness economy expected to touch $8.5 trillion in 2027, earning high commissions from brands is very much possible.

Brands may offer a percentage-based commission or a flat rate. The average percentage of commissions can be between 5% and 30%. Unfortunately, recurring commissions are hard to find in most keto affiliate programs. Make sure to check if the brand has a minimum threshold amount for releasing payments.

If you look at the complete picture, higher commission rates do not represent higher monthly revenues at all times. In some cases, a brand desperate for sales may offer high commissions. But chances are, it will burn out in a few months.

You need to do the math by considering the average product price and the number of sales you can generate in a month. In some cases, a low commission rate on more expensive items can be a better choice.

Cookie Duration 

Cookie duration is a factor that you need to analyze and find what works best for you. In general, keto brands with subscription-based services have an average cookie duration of 30 days. Anything between 30-60 days should be a good cookie lifetime for keto programs. 

Shorter durations of around 7 days may not be long enough for customers to make an informed decision. With longer cookie durations you can earn even weeks after the initial clock on a link. 

But, if you prefer to associate with brands that focus on high-performing marketing campaigns, then short cookie durations can work well.

Average Order Value 

The money an average customer spends at a time is the average order value (AOV). This is an important metric for tracking the performance of an affiliate program and also for improving your marketing strategy.

AOV will be directly related to the pricing strategy of a keto brand. With higher AOVs, you can expect better returns from an affiliate program. If you are sending your audience in the right direction and partnering with a brand that has a high reputation, you can expect high order values.

Site Conversion Rate 

Conversion rates can vary a lot depending on the brand. For most affiliate marketing programs, the average conversion rates are between 0.5% and 3%. Anything more than that indicates a program that is doing well. 

Since most brands use a ‍Cost per sale (CPS) pricing model for affiliate partners, higher conversion rates indicate more revenue. The good news is, there are multiple ways to improve the conversation rates for your website. The trick is to sell actively, and not to overwhelm the visitors with multiple choices.

This makes it important to choose a program that offers tracking tools for tracking sales. Tracking the rise and dip in conversion rates will help you to modify your marketing campaigns and improve performance.

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the best keto affiliate programs that give you the chance to promote a varied range of products. Not every option will match your situation, but there are enough interesting choices that can put money in your pocket. Even if the keto diet is your primary focus, you can promote tangential products related to it.

We recommend starting with brands whose products you have personally used. That way, you will be able to ensure full transparency and deliver high-quality content for your online audience.

And, most importantly, ensure niche compatibility while choosing a keto affiliate program. Once you know how to plan your ad campaigns and optimize your website to rank higher on Google, there are abundant growth opportunities in promoting keto products.

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