11 Best Book Affiliate Programs for Maximum Earning Potential

Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As an avid reader myself, I understand the joy of getting lost in a captivating story or gaining new knowledge from an informative book. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the world of book affiliate programs – they allow me to share my passion while earning commissions!

In this article, I will provide an in-depth review of 11 phenomenal book affiliate programs perfect for affiliates looking to maximize their earning potential. We’ll explore popular online bookstores, audiobook services, textbook rental sites and more. 

For each affiliate marketing program, I highlight the commission rate, value to your audience, and reasons why it’s a worthwhile partner. Let’s dive in!

1. Barnes & Noble

As the largest bookstore chain in the US, Barnes & Noble needs no introduction. They offer over 1 million book titles covering every genre imaginable.

While the commission rate is on the lower end, Barnes & Noble makes up for it in average order value. Thanks to their vast selection, customers typically purchase more than one item per order. Extra value comes from promotions like free shipping on orders over $35.

With instant name recognition and high consumer trust, Barnes & Noble converts extremely well. Their strong branding entices readers to buy even without promotion. As an affiliate, you can be certain referrals will convert to sales.

Commission Rate: 2% per sale

2. Audible Affiliates

Owned by Amazon, Audible dominates the audiobook market and is a great book affiliate program. Their library contains over 200,000 audiobook titles including bestsellers, motivational books and more.

Scoring $5 for every person that signs up for an Audible trial is an absolute win in my book! Audiobook lovers are extremely loyal with many subscribing for years. You’ll earn every time your referral converts to a paid membership.

Audible also provides excellent promotional materials including banners, text links and audiobook samples. The high-quality creatives match perfectly with book and audio content. Utilize them to boost conversions.

Commission Rate: $5 per trial signup

3. Bigger Books

Catering to budget-conscious students, Bigger Books specializes in textbook rentals and purchases. They also buy used textbooks for cash.

Textbook and eBook sales earn an above-average 6.5% commission with Bigger Books. As a former struggling student myself, I love how they make education more affordable. Their reasonable prices and cash payouts for used books resonate extremely well with students drowning in debt.

Bigger Books nurtures affiliates through every step, providing useful links, promo tools and personal support. Their high Power Rank proves affiliates earn well – make the most of their helpfulness!

Commission Rate: Up to 6.5% per sale

4. Apple

You likely know Apple primarily for iPhones and Macbooks, but did you know they also sell ebooks, audiobooks and more?

Boasting insane earning potential, Apple’s commission rate varies based on category from 7% to an unheard of 400%! The average is around 10%, still extremely profitable.

Even better, their cookie lasts a full 30 days. You’ll earn commissions from repeat shoppers even if they don’t buy right away. Utilize Apple’s brand power by informing readers of lesser known entertainment options beyond devices.

Commission Rate: 7% to 400% per sale

5. Indigo Books & Music

Indigo operates over 80 superstores across Canada along with a popular website. They specialize in books, toys, tech and even have an in-house cafe!

While commission varies per product category, Indigo’s average order value is sky-high at $60 CAD. Canadian shoppers take advantage of their huge selection to buy multiple items in one shot. Even at the lower end, you’ll earn over a dollar per referral.

Indigo does an amazing job incentivizing online purchases through free shipping and an incredibly user-friendly interface. Converting window shoppers into buyers with your affiliate link is effortless.

Commission Rate: 2% to 7% per sale

6. Vital Source

Vital Source partners with 900+ academic publishers to offer university students discounts up to 80% on required textbooks. Their eTextbooks provide additional savings.

Helping cash-strapped students save money is an absolute win in my book! Vital Source’s discounts empower learners to obtain vital educational resources they couldn’t otherwise afford. As an affiliate, you play a role in making education accessible.

Though commission is lower, average order value is $100 to $400+ thanks to expensive textbooks. The earnings quickly add up, especially since academic publishers typically forbid discounts. You’ll have captive, grateful buyers!

Commission Rate: 3% per sale

7. Thrift Books

As a long-time thrift store shopper, I’m thrilled to discover Thrift Books bringing secondhand books into the digital age! They offer over 18 million new and used titles with prices starting at just $3.59.

Thrift Books incentivizes top performers by boosting commission to 8% once hitting $10,000+ in monthly referral sales. Affiliates also earn 5% on repeat purchases thanks to their 7-day cookie duration.

Readers appreciate Thrift Books’ unbeatable prices on rare and out-of-print books unavailable elsewhere. Devoted bibliophiles purchase in droves and return frequently to uncover hidden gems.

Commission Rate: 5% per sale (8% for over $10K monthly sales)

8. Second Sale Book

With a stock of over 10 million used books, Second Sale Book lives up to its name by giving pre-owned books a second life. They specialize in quality used books at discounted prices with free shipping.

Second Sale manages an astronomical 30%+ conversion rate – nearly every 3 out of 10 visitors purchase on their antiquated site! Their excellent prices and inventory clearly resonate with enthusiasts searching specifically for them.

As an affiliate, you can bank on interested shoppers following your links to buy. Take advantage of Second Sale’s dominance despite their dated design – your referrals will convert!

Commission Rate: 6% per sale

9. Calendar Club

Despite the name, Calendar Club sells far more than calendars in the UK! They specialize in kids entertainment including books, puzzles, toys and games based on popular characters.

Doubling down on seasonal fun, Calendar Club boosts commission for any calendars bought through affiliate links. Time your promotions right and you could earn 10% referring holiday or yearly planners!

Calendar Club possesses masterful cross-promotion, tempting parents browsing children’s books to also grab engaging puzzles. This leads to a high average order value – generate more commissions per referral.

Commission Rate: 5% per book sale, 10% per calendar sale

10. National Geographic

Known for groundbreaking photography and journalism, National Geographic expands their expertise into the children’s genre with kids books focused on wildlife, geography and more.

National Geographic sets themselves apart by tailoring affiliate resources for every program. Their creative assets relate directly to kids products, speaking to parents surfing for educational gifts.

Young minds spark endless curiosity about animals, science and the world we inhabit. National Geographic quenches this thirst for knowledge through mesmerizing photos and facts kids adore. Recommend their books to curious families for helpful commissions!

Commission Rate: 2% per sale

11. Premiere Collectibles

Premiere Collectibles carries an enormous selection of rare and antique books many readers have never known existed. Featured items include autographed first editions, manuscripts and more!

Selling a single rare book nets a $50+ commission – an absolute steal in the affiliate world! Though Premiere Collectibles appeals to a niche audience, book collectors obsessively seek hidden gems and are willing to pay premium prices.

With a 60-day cookie, there’s ample opportunity to earn from shoppers mulling over splurging. Capture devoted book lovers by highlighting Premiere Collectibles’ exceptional specialty inventory and exceptional commissions!

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

Choosing the Best Book Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is legit and can help you earn a profitable commission rate. When selecting the ideal book affiliate programs for your website or audience, carefully weigh these elements:

Commission Rate 

Look for the highest possible percentage to maximize earnings from each referral. Programs like Premiere Collectibles (15%) and Audible (100% of $5 trial bonus) offer tremendous potential. However, commission rate should not be evaluated in isolation.

Consider it alongside other variables like cookie duration, average order value and niche fit. A program with a lower commission rate may ultimately drive higher revenue if it converts better or incentivizes bigger purchases.

Before dismissing a program solely for a lower commission rate, calculate projected earnings based on reasonable conversion estimates. For example, a vendor paying 8% commission but converting at a 10% rate likely proves more profitable than 12% commissions at a 3% conversion rate. Crunch the numbers rather than relying on perceptions.

Pay close attention to commission structures increasing payouts based on higher sales volume or thresholds. Thrift Books lifts rates from 5% to 8% once an affiliate tops $10,000 in monthly referrals. This incentivizes driving more traffic to maximize your rate over time. Consider periodic promotions to intentionally hit the next tier.

Always confirm businesses report accurately across devices, channels and special codes. Cookie structures varying on desktop vs. mobile can complicate tracking. Ensure no blindspots exist undercounting your conversions then negotiate a fair rate reflecting true contribution.

Cookie Duration 

Longer cookies let you earn commissions from returning visitors across more extended periods. 30 to 90-day cookies from heavy-hitters like Apple and Second Sale Book enable secondary payouts if a visitor doesn’t initially purchase then comes back later to complete checkout.

Short 1 to 7-day cookies still work perfectly for impulse book buys or direct affiliate promotions. Evaluate your audience and typical browsing habits to determine if longer cookies provide an advantage.

Before assuming longer is inherently better, consider purchase delays specific to books. Avid readers often add titles to an ongoing wishlist for future buying. This favors extended cookies capturing delayed sales. Casual readers tend to purchase soon after clicking your link when a book currently piques interest, requiring no lengthy duration.

Test cookie lengths to identify the optimal timeframe connecting referrals to conversions. For example, promote a 60-day cookie brand side-by-side with a 7-day cookie company. If earnings are consistent over two months regardless of cookie expiration, shorter windows likely suffice thanks to immediate book-buying behavior.

Keep the user experience in mind with cookies to encourage conversions both promptly and down the road. Ongoing exposure to a brand through ads or recommendations keeps reminding visitors until ready to buy. Cookies then capture the payout. Retarget occasionally without oversaturating to maximize this effect.

Average Order Value 

Even lower commission rates pay dividends if brands persuade shoppers to spend more per order. Barnes & Noble’s enormous book selection and Indigo’s multi-category offerings drive bigger purchases and bigger affiliate checks.

Before joining a program, research the average cart total to estimate potential earnings. Niche book products like rare collectibles earn fewer sales but command higher prices and commissions. Meanwhile mass market retailers rely on volume. Find the best fit for your goals.

When examining average order value, also consider typical frequency of purchase. For example, academic textbooks often get bought only at the start of each semester. But fiction fans purchase new reads perpetually all year long. Infrequent big-ticket items must earn enough commission to sustain periods without sales.

If promoting pricey goods risking lower order volume, ensure your website provides extensive background educating visitors on the products. The more informed they are on valuations and appreciation, the more confident they’ll feel investing. Dedicate resources to cultivate and nurture this audience for maximum ROI.

For book types bought habitually like mainstream novels or kids’ bedtime stories, focus less on individual order value. These loyal buyers consistently return allowing you to capitalize on quantity over time provided conversion rates stay strong.


Ensure affiliate programs align closely with your website’s theme and audience interests by deciding on a niche. Target college students with Bigger Book’s textbook rentals or new parents through Calendar Club’s kids media. No need to limit yourself to a single niche if you serve multiple interests, however. 

For example, a general reading site could promote Audible for audiobook fans along with premier Collectibles rarities auctioning at high values. Alignment allows personalized recommendations, increasing relevance and conversion odds.

Expanding upon niche, investigate the specific products and offer each program features beyond merely books. For example:

  • Barnes & Noble sells unique gifts like custom literary tea blends appealing to bookworms.
  • Indigo’s lifestyle selection including book-themed home decor taps design-focused readers.
  • Calendar Club’s interactive kids puzzles engage parents seeking screen-free entertainment.

Promote products speaking to what makes your audience unique. Customize your approach for their preferences, not just the fact they enjoy reading.

Final Thoughts

Book affiliate programs unlock an exciting opportunity to earn commissions sharing your literary passion. As the adage goes – do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!

Maximize affiliate success by selecting programs catering to your niche that offer high commission rates and lasting cookies for repeat payouts. Provide authentic value guiding readers toward money-saving textbook rentals or enlightening kids books.

Most importantly, remember the world’s love for reading when promoting any of these stellar programs. Whether escaping into a fantasy saga or gaining real-world skills, books change lives everyday across the globe. That’s truly something special to share as an affiliate marketer. 

Happy reading and may your future be filled with profitable pages!

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