Cash in on the 9 Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs

With consumer debt at an all-time high, debt settlement services are more in demand than ever before. This presents a money-making affiliate marketing opportunity for those looking to profit from this growing industry.

I’ve put together this definitive list of the nine highest-paying, most reputable debt settlement affiliate programs available. These programs offer great commission rates along with high-quality services that actually help people get out of debt.

By joining one or more of these programs and promoting them to your audience, you can earn excellent recurring passive income each month. Keep reading for details on each program and find out which ones are best suited for your affiliate marketing niche.

1. National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief, which is one of the largest and most well-known debt settlement companies, makes an excellent program to promote. Not only do they pay $27.50 for each lead you refer, but they also offer backend commissions if that lead goes on to become a paying client.

National Debt Relief provides a debt settlement program that allows people to settle their credit card, medical, and other unsecured debts for a fraction of what they owe. This program can save people thousands of dollars and free them from debt much faster than alternatives.

When you partner with National Debt Relief, you’ll earn great upfront income for each lead. And you’ll have recurring passive earnings for as long as your referrals remain enrolled in the debt settlement program.

Commission Rate: $27.50 per lead + backend commissions

2. Upstart

Upstart is a loan provider that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to give affordable loan rates to borrowers, even those with not the best credit. Their loans help consumers pay off credit cards, consolidate debt, and more.

As an Upstart affiliate, you can earn $120 for every funded loan you refer. So, if you refer someone for a $10,000 loan, you’ll earn $120 when they’re approved and receive the loan funds. Upstart loans range from $1,000 up to $50,000.

While also providing excellent commission rates, Upstart also provides an excellent conversion rate on their landing pages, making it easier to earn consistent income. Promoting Upstart loans to your audience is a great way to provide helpful financial services while earning at the same time.

Commission Rate: $120 per funded loan

3. Guardian Debt Relief

Guardian Debt Relief provides debt settlement services to consumers struggling with $7,500 or more in credit card debt. They have resolved over $250 million in client debt, providing a trusted solution.

As an affiliate, you can earn $325 for each client you refer who enrolls into their debt settlement program. Guardian Debt Relief helps consumers consolidate their debt and negotiate settlements with creditors to resolve debts for less than owed, which saves clients thousands of dollars on average.

With Guardian Debt Relief’s strong brand reputation and high-dollar commission rate, promoting their services can be quite lucrative, especially if you have an audience struggling financially.

Commission Rate: $325 per client

4. SOFI (Social Finance)

SoFi (short for Social Finance) has become a leader in providing innovative loan solutions. They offer student loan refinancing, mortgages, personal loans, and more.

As a SoFi affiliate, you’ll earn between $100 – $150 for every loan you refer that gets successfully funded. With loans ranging from $5,000 up to $100,000, there’s excellent earning potential here.

SoFi also provides an excellent 30-day cookie duration, giving you enough time to earn the commission if visitors don’t apply right away.

With SoFi’s competitive loan products, generous commission structure, and relatively high conversion rates, they deserve a spot amongst the best debt settlement affiliate programs.

Commission Rate: $100 to $150 per funded loan

5. CuraDebt

CuraDebt is a legitimate debt relief company that’s been helping consumers get out of debt for over 20 years. As an affiliate, you can get paid between $30 – $600 for each customer you refer.

They provide tax debt relief, credit card debt relief, medical bill reductions and more. With over 85% of their customers debt-free within 4 years, they deliver results.

CuraDebt offers average savings of 40% off a client’s total debt when they complete the program. This program can save individuals tens of thousands of dollars.

As one of the longest-running debt relief services, CuraDebt is a company consumers can trust. Their strong reputation and high affiliate earnings make this a worthwhile program.

Commission Rate: $30 per lead to $600 per sale commissions

6. Group One Freedom Platinum

The Group One Freedom Platinum card is an affiliate offer focusing specifically on bad credit repair. This can pair nicely with a debt relief offer, giving your referral the tools to both eliminate debt while also improving their credit.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn $9.50 every time you refer someone who submits an application for this card. It doesn’t require a credit check or security deposit, making approval easy. This is a simple way to earn commissions while helping improve your audience’s credit, making it a good affiliate program for beginners.

Commission Rate: $9.50 per lead

7. Experian

You’re likely already familiar with Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. Experian provides credit scores, reports, and identity theft monitoring to millions of clients.

Their affiliate program allows you to earn up to $100 per sale by promoting services like credit monitoring, identity theft protection, credit reports and scores, and more.

Given their ubiquitous brand name and the fact that everyone needs to monitor their credit, this can convert well while also providing help to your audience. If someone has debt issues, monitoring their credit should be top priority.

Commission Rate: Up to $100 per sale

8. Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief is a well-known debt settlement company focused primarily on reducing and eliminating credit card debt. They have over 20 years of experience and have settled over $1 billion in consumer debt so far.

Their debt settlement program helps consumers consolidate multiple credit cards into one monthly payment, letting Accredited Debt Relief negotiate with creditors. This allows clients to pay off debt much faster and for less than originally owed.

As an affiliate, you can earn $170 for each customer you refer who enrolls into their debt settlement program. Given the level of experience, their strong brand name, and healthy commissions, Accredited Debt Relief is a solid recommendation for debt assistance.

Commission Rate: $170 per enrollment

9. Lending Tree

LendingTree is a lending marketplace known for connecting consumers to competitive offers for various lending products. In addition to loans, LendingTree also provides debt consolidation and debt settlement services.

So if you refer someone for a debt consolidation loan, personal loan, or one of their debt programs, you can earn $1 – $70 per lead. The exact payout depends on the product and other qualifying factors.

Given LendingTree’s widespread popularity and high conversion rates, promoting their debt assistance programs can earn you substantial income. It’s a versatile affiliate program, allowing you to meet more financial needs for your audience.

Commission Rate: $1 – $70 per lead

How We Chose The Best Debt Settlement Affiliate Programs

When selecting the top debt settlement affiliate programs to promote, we implemented a rigorous screening process to identify the most reputable companies that would provide the greatest value to consumers. We understand the sensitive nature of these financial services, so ensuring quality and reliability were paramount.

Our evaluation consisted of over 20 unique data points around four core criteria – commission rates, company stability & trustworthiness, consumer value, and affiliate program management. Companies had to score highly across all areas to qualify for our list.

Commission Rate 

Naturally, the commission rate and long-term earning potential of each affiliate program played a pivotal role in which options made our list. The debt relief space is ripe for lucrative recurring payouts month after month.

Not only are customers paying down large debt amounts over multi-year periods – the lifetime value of referrals can also include additional backend products. For example, a client entering a debt management program may also need tools to repair their credit or monitor for fraud during the program.

We optimized our selections based on total commission potential during a customer’s complete lifecycle. All the programs above compensate affiliates very well for referrals and conversions, paying commissions competitive and exceeding industry averages.

Several options also emphasized performance-based bonuses or tiered commission increases based on volume. This gives our highest-referring affiliates the ability to earn even higher effective payouts.

Cookie Duration 

We checked each program’s listed cookie duration as part of our review. Longer cookies give affiliates more flexibility to earn commissions even if a referral doesn’t convert immediately. Some of our selected options provide cookie lengths of 1 year+ – letting you collect earnings long after first referring a customer.

With the debt relief space involving large financial decisions, cookies beyond the standard 30 days are beneficial to capture more eventual program enrollments.

Site Conversion Rate 

Higher conversion rates equal higher potential earnings for affiliates, so we analyzed each program’s on-site conversion performance. Every program featured here meets benchmarks for conversion rates in the financial services and debt relief space.

Average Order Value 

We looked for programs here with higher average order values (AOVs). This means higher-value loans, more expensive debt relief enrollments, and more – culminating in higher earning potential.

Success and Reputation of the Program 

Our first level of inspection surrounds the history, credentials, and public reputation of each affiliate partner:

  • Years (or decades) specifically providing debt relief services – This indicates sufficient industry experience assisting consumers in debt elimination. New companies didn’t make our list given the unproven longevity.
  • Total dollars of debt resolved – Part of our analysis includes evaluating how many billions of dollars in consumer debt a provider has settled over their operative years. This gauges their depth of experience.
  • Leadership experience – We researched the leadership team and top executives at each company, verifying they have specialized background in financial services, lending, credit processes, and compliance. This expertise strengthens their capabilities serving customers.
  • Accreditations – Every program on our list maintains accreditation from certification bodies like the American Fair Credit Council. This verifies adherence to ethical business practices when handling consumer debt accounts. Lacking accreditation was a non-starter.
  • Public reputation – Our partners showcase largely positive reputations based on consumer sensation across rating platforms, articles, and more. A longstanding history coupled with modern-day sentiment paints the full picture and creates a successful affiliate marketing website.

Vetting program history, achievements, credentials, oversight, and reputation provides immense insight before endorsement.

Brand Authority & Trust

We analyzed the brand reputation and longevity of each debt settlement service under consideration. Companies demonstrating continued market leadership, longevity, and widespread name recognition ranked higher during our selection process.

Many of our listed picks such as National Debt Relief, Accredited Debt Relief, and CuraDebt have over 20+ years of experience. The trust and authority amassed during their history gives added credibility that converts more referrals.

For relatively younger companies, we checked for other assurances such as guarantees, satisfaction promises, certifications, compliance attestations, and security frameworks that helped establish legitimacy. Upstart, for example, utilizes advanced AI technology to qualify borrowers based on more holistic metrics beyond just credit scores.

Legal Compliance

Adhering to laws and regulations was also integral to our assessment, especially considering frequent consumer protection policy changes around debt relief services. We confirmed each company follows ethical and consistent enrollment processes approved by oversight organizations.

The companies hold accreditation from entities such as the American Fair Credit Council , the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, and the US Organizations for Bankruptcy Alternatives.

Maintaining credentials from these bodies requires ongoing education, testing, and monitoring to align with industry best practices.

By partnering with compliant market leaders, affiliates mitigate potential issues from promoting questionable or illegal services down the line.

Customer Service & Support

Based on our research into consumer reviews and complaints, we prioritized debt settlement providers with robust customer support and timely issue resolution. Settling large debts while improving credit can involve many questions and complex cases.

We optimized debt settlement affiliate programs with multiple channels for customers to receive assistance such as phone, email, chat support teams, and self-service knowledge bases. This helps maximize customer retention and completion rates.

The top services we selected have specialized teams and customized technology to simplify the process for clients. For example, National Debt Relief breaks down personalized Dashboards showing real-time progress towards settlement goals. Guardian Debt uses Debt Analyzer software identifying the optimal repayment strategy per individual.

Pricing Transparency

We also evaluated each company’s upfront communication around service pricing given debt solutions often incur monthly fees and settlement charges. The limited fine print and hidden costs we found at some second-tier debt agencies posed unacceptable risks for consumers.

Our top picks clearly outline projected fees tailored to a client’s unique debts across all enrollment documentation and calculator tools. For example, CuraDebt provides a customizable Savings Estimate Calculator. And Accredited Debt Relief allows you to enter debt totals to see pricing specific to your situation.

This transparency allows consumers to model potential costs against expected savings to determine if a program aligns with budget needs. We will only endorse services giving customers all the data necessary to make informed financial decisions.

Affiliate Program Perks

In addition to examining factors most impacting debt settlement consumers, we also assessed the tools, resources, and performance tracking provided within each debt settlement affiliate program.

The highest-rated debt settlement affiliate programs offer intuitive reporting dashboards to monitor your referral activity and commission payments in real-time. Many back this with specialized affiliate account managers providing optimization suggestions to boost conversions.

Other perks we found valuable include free educational materials to share with your audience that position you as a thought leader. For example, National Debt Relief supplies eBooks, debt payoff tools, financial calculators, and more to help capture more leads.

Several providers also highlighted opportunities to co-brand or white label debt solutions as your own private service. Alternatively, you can request custom landing pages highlighting aspects most relevant to your visitors.

The SEO affiliate programs accepting the most affiliate registrations tended to support the widest variety of promotional tactics like email, social, search ads, content marketing, and more. This marketing flexibility gave another advantage to top picks like LendingTree, National Debt Relief, and Upstart.

Final Thoughts

Rising consumer debt opens the doors to major affiliate marketing opportunities. As you learned above, you have plenty of options when it comes to debt settlement affiliate programs.

Every program on our list delivers value in some way to those struggling with debt while also letting you as the affiliate earn excellent commissions.

We aimed to showcase a diverse selection of programs catering to different debt relief solutions. This includes debt settlement, debt consolidation loans, credit repair cards, lead generation offers, and more – all with great commission potential.

The best part is that these earnings can compound month after month when past referrals stay enrolled and paying down their debt or loans over time.

So take your pick from one or multiple debt settlement affiliate programs above to match with your audience and content. Then start referring paydays for yourself.

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