16 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 

One of the more lucrative affiliate niches you can get into is web hosting. You can get affiliated with a web hosting provider if your blog is in the business, marketing or tech niche: you don’t necessarily need to specialize in hosting per se. In fact, you can promote a hosting service no matter what niche your website is in. 

If you want to get started with affiliate marketing in the web hosting niche, here’s what you need to know. 

What You Need To Know About Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 

Web hosting affiliate programs work just like they do in other niches. When you refer a customer to the brand you are affiliated with, you will get a commission. 

The one thing to note is that some web hosting affiliate programs offer one-time payments (i.e. when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, no matter what they have bought), while others offer monthly payments for the duration of the subscription. For example, if someone signs up for a 24-month web hosting package, you will get paid a commission every month. 

Here are the 16 best web hosting affiliate programs to consider becoming a part of: 

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

WP Engine 

WP Engine offers WordPress and WooCommerce hosting solutions. Their servers are reliable and powerful, they have great loading times and a very high level of security. 

The WP Engine affiliate program offers two ways to earn. You can get a commission when you promote both WP Engine itself, as well as their Genesis Pro. 

They also offer rewards and bonus commissions when you send multiple monthly referrals their way. They make tracking sales very easy, and the best thing about the program is that you have a 180-day window to earn. This is how long their cookie stays on visitors’ devices. 

wp engine affiliate program details


SiteGround is another reliable and popular web hosting company you can choose to partner up with. They provide web and cloud hosting services, as well as WooCommerce and WordPress hosting, so they appeal to quite a wide audience. 

The SiteGround affiliate program promises flexible payment options and there is no minimum payout requirement. They have a tiered payment system, where you will get paid $50 per sale if you make 1-5 sales per month, and as much as $100 if you make over 11 sales per month. They also have a custom commission rate for affiliates who refer more than 21 customers per month.

They don’t tell you anything about the duration of their cookie, so you may want to inquire about that before you sign up to their affiliate program. 


Dreamhost offers shared, VPS and managed WordPress hosting. They also have dedicated servers and cloud hosting, so they will appeal to a large portion of your audience, as they cater to websites of all sizes. 

The Dreamhost affiliate program can be quite lucrative, as some of their top earners make as much as $9000 a month. Earnings start at $15 for a referral if customers choose a monthly plan, and can go up to $200. If a customer signs up for a yearly plan, you can earn from $50 to $200 per referral. 

Since DreamHost has a very long refund period, you will need to wait 97 days for your commission to be paid out, provided that your referred customer does not cancel or miss a payment in that period.

They also don’t tell you how long their cookies last, so something to check before signing up.

dreamhost affiliate program details


GreenGeeks is one of the world’s leading eco-friendly web hosting providers. If you want to cut down on the carbon footprint of your hosting needs, they are a good choice.

They offer the usual VPS, WordPress and Woocommerce hosting services, and they also have a good offer for hosting resellers. 

The Green Geeks affiliate program offers up to $100 per sale, when you make 6 or more sales per month. One sale a month will earn you $50. They offer monthly payouts via PayPal. 

Cookie duration is not listed on their website. 

Scala Hosting 

Scala Hosting is an affordable hosting option, so you can get many referrals by promoting them. They have been voted the best VPS host in 2023 by both Forbes and HostingAdvice.com. 

You can earn anywhere from $50 to $200 per sale by signing up to the Scala Hosting affiliate program, depending on the kind of hosting package your referred customer chooses. They also have a referral program, in case you don’t have a website but still want to earn some money from recommending them. 

Their cookies stick for 60 days, so you have a decent chance of earning lots of commissions. 

scala hosting affiliate program details


Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting. They have been voted the best SMB hosting provider by G2, and they have a great 24/7 expert support system.

The Cloudways affiliate program lets you choose how you want to get paid. Slab payments offer up to $125 per sale. They are available to you instantly. The Hybrid model earns you $30 per sale, plus a 7% lifetime commission. This can be a great choice if your referrals stick with their hosting for a long time.

Payments are once a month when you hit $250 in approved commissions. Cookies last for 90 days, so you are able to capture a lot of sales. 


WPX offers WordPress and Woocommerce web hosting. They have good customer service and good uptime, and they are one of the fastest hosting options available. 

The WPX affiliate program offers $70 per sale until you reach your 26th sale. After that, you’ll earn $85 per sale until you hit 100 sales total (not per month). After that, you’ll get $100 for every sale. 

If your referred customers purchase a monthly plan, you are eligible for a commission after the 4th consecutive month of their subscription. When a referral purchases an annual plan, the commission is available after 30 days.

Their cookies last for 60 days. 


Kinsta offers a wide variety of hosting services, from application and database hosting to WordPress and Woocomerce hosting. They claim to have only a 2% churn rate, which means you can potentially earn a lot of money by referring customers to them. 

The Kinsta affiliate program offers one-time commissions between $50 and $500, plus 10% recurring monthly commissions for referring managed WordPress hosting customers. Referring application hosting and database hosting customers will earn you a 5% recurring monthly commission. 

Payments are made monthly after you hit $50 in approved commissions. The duration of Kinsta’s cookies is 60 days. 

kinsta affiliate program details


Domain.com sells both domain names and hosting services. They are quite popular, so promoting them can earn you a decent commission. 

You will get access to both affiliate links and banners when you sign up for the Domain.com affiliate program. Payments are 30% for any domain or domain privacy sale, $100 for WebsiteBuilder accounts, and up to $110 for web hosting accounts. 

Payments are monthly, and will be processed in roughly 30 days after the original sale was made. They don’t provide information about cookie duration. 

Accu Web 

Accu Web has been in business for over 20 years, and they pride themselves in offering cheap premium hosting services. Alongside the usual WordPress and VPS hosting options, they also have a Forex hosting package.

The Accu Web affiliate program offers a flat rate per commission, starting at $20 and going up to $200 per sale. They pay via PayPal. Sale approval takes 90 days, i.e. a referred customer needs to be with them for 3 months before you can earn a commission. 

Their cookies last for 90 days. 


Hostinger is another oldie but goodie in the web hosting space. They are one of the highest reviewed hosting providers out there, and they offer web, cloud and VPS hosting solutions. 

The Hostinger affiliate program is somewhat unclear about the precise commissions you will be earning. They do however promise at least 60% commission from every sale. Note that this only refers to first-time hosting purchases, and does not involve upgrades or renewals.

You’ll have to amass $100 and at least 3 referrals to be eligible for payment. They provide payment via PayPal. Their cookies last for 30 days. 


ChemiCloud offers shared, WordPress, cloud VPS and reseller hosting. They also claim to have the highest-paying web hosting affiliate program. 

Commissions with the ChemiCloud affiliate program start at $50 per sale. If you manage to sell over 21 hosting packages, you’ll earn $200 per sale. The brand claims to have a 3% churn rate, so you can expect to get to that number quickly enough. 

They pay commissions via PayPal, after a customer has stayed with them for at least 45 days. You also need to have earned at least $100 to get paid. 

They provide no information about cookie duration. 

chemicloud affiliate program details


InMotion is a trusted and reputable web hosting provider, and they offer the usual shared, VPS and dedicated hosting options. They also provide two types of WordPress hosting (self-managed or managed).

The InMotion affiliate program promises up to $800 per sale. Both 1-month and 24-month plans will pay anywhere between $50 and $500 per sale, while you can earn up to $800 per sale promoting the 12-month package for Platform Inmotion.

Their cookies last for 90 days.


Namecheap sells hosting, domains, as well as a variety of marketing and security tools. They have been in business for quite a long time, so they are quite a recognizable brand. 

The Namecheap affiliate program provides 20% commissions for domains, 35% for hosting packages and SSL certificates, and 20% for private emails. 

They provide no information about cookie duration. 


GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain name providers, and they also provide a variety of web hosting and other related services. 

The GoDaddy affiliate program is rather vague, but you do get to use both text ads and banner ads. They say nothing about the commissions they provide or the duration of their cookies, but since they are such a popular and widely-known brand, joining their affiliate program can be worth your while. 


HostGator is an old hand in the hosting business. They offer dedicated, VPS, shared and WordPress hosting, and have reseller hosting available too. 

They have a somewhat lengthy and wordy affiliate agreement you will need to read, and they don’t state how much you can earn or how long their cookies last. However, signing up to their program is simple and free, and you’ll have access to all relevant information from your Affiliate Dashboard.

Wrapping Up

Which web hosting affiliate program do you like the sound of? You can start by promoting the one your website is already hosted on, or you can branch out and partner up with another web hosting provider whose terms you like more. 

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