12 Best Christian Affiliate Programs For Higher Earnings

The Christian affiliate niche has exploded in recent years as more believers have taken their messages online. Given the sheer size of the target demographic, combined with their propensity to purchase faith-based products, this niche offers immense affiliate potential. 

With over 2 billion Christians worldwide and a niche audience that is actively seeking faith-based products, Christian affiliates have a significant opportunity to capitalize on targeted traffic and loyal customers.

However, with so many Christian affiliate programs available, it can be tricky to identify the best options that will convert traffic and maximize earnings.

To make things easy, we have researched and compiled a list of the 13 best Christian affiliate programs perfect for monetizing your following and spreading the word deeper into people’s hearts. 

Our selections are based on factors like high commission rates, reputable brands, quality products, and high conversion potential.

In this  guide, we provide key details on each program, including:

  • Commission Rate
  • Cookie Duration
  • Types of products/services
  • Ease of use

We also offer tips on how to select the best Christian affiliate programs for your needs at the end.

Let’s get started!

1. DaySpring

DaySpring is one of the most reputable and well-known names in Christian retail. As the largest publisher of Christian greeting cards in North America, DaySpring offers an extensive collection of faith-based cards for every occasion.

In addition, they also provide Christian gifts, home decor items, jewelry, devotionals, and more. With over 7,500 unique products, DaySpring appeals to a wide swath of Christian consumers seeking inspirational retail items.

  • Commission Rate – 13%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

As one of the most established brands catering to Christian shoppers, DaySpring makes an excellent addition to any affiliate’s portfolio. The 13% commission rate across all products is highly competitive, providing ample opportunity to earn high payouts, especially around holidays like Christmas and Easter when greeting card sales spike.

And with a 30-day cookie duration, you’ll earn commissions from any customer purchases within 30 days of clicking your link—even if they don’t buy right away.

2. Church Source

Church Source is an online Christian bookstore providing Bibles, books, church supplies, DVD studies, gifts, and more at discounted pricing for pastors, ministers, and everyday Christians. Their extensive inventory is perfect for serving the product needs of Christian audiences.

  • Commission Rate – 10%
  • Cookie Duration – 60 days

Boasting over 20 years of experience providing resources to church leaders and followers of Christ, Church Source has established itself as a go-to hub for all things faith-based. Everything they sell is handpicked by ministry experts and comes satisfaction guaranteed.

As an affiliate, you can offer discounts up to 60% through exclusive deals, making their products even more enticing to promote. The generous 60-day cookie duration gives you plenty of time to earn your 10% commission per sale.

3. Nest Learning

Nest Learning stands out as a leading provider of Christian educational materials and homeschool curriculum. With over 30,000 products catering to Christian families and learners of all ages, Nest Learning carries one of the largest inventories of faith-based educational products online.

  • Commission Rate – 12%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

Specifically designed for promoting to Christian homeschoolers and private schools, Nest Learning allows you to cater to a niche audience while also appealing to broader educational markets outside of solely religious buyers.

Some of their best-selling products include Bible-focused science and history curriculum for elementary aged students by publishers like Bob Jones University Press and Alpha Omega. Their 12% commission rate even applies to these bigger ticket curriculum packages, allowing for high earnings potential.

4. eHarmony

Though not exclusively a Christian affiliate program, eHarmony makes the list because of its immensely popular faith-based dating community. eHarmony is the #1 trusted dating site nationwide with millions of subscribers, including a very active user base of Christian singles.

  • Commission Rate – Up to 40-50% of subscription fees
  • Cookie Duration – 45 days

As an affiliate, you can take advantage of eHarmony’s brand-name recognition and pre-qualified traffic by promoting their Christian dating community specifically. Many Christian affiliates find great success in targeting ads to single Christians and driving them to eHarmony’s faith-based dating profiles.

With their leading matching algorithm and huge network of compatible Christian singles, promotions convert extremely well. You can earn between 40-50% commission on subscription fees thanks to their tiered commission structure based on subscription length.

5. Faithbox

Faithbox delivers some of the most creative and inspiring Christian products that can be personalized for women, men, teens, and children. Boxes arrive with 4-6 handpicked Christian products like apparel, books, décor for the home, gifts, and accessory items with uplifting messages.

  • Commission Rate – 10%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

Offering monthly Christian subscription boxes full of goodness makes Faithbox a truly unique product to promote. The appeal comes from providing curated, inspirational products that delight Christian audiences each month. And with new themes introduced quarterly, the products stay fresh and engaging.

As a Faithbox affiliate, you earn 10% monthly from any subscription purchases generated through your promo codes and links, thanks to their recurring commission structure. Expect excellent conversion rates and earnings with this niche subscription box service!

6. Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis caters to a Christian audience with a specific interest in Apologetics and Creation science. They create homeschool curriculum, resources, and materials designed to help Christians defend their faith and worldview using science and evidence.

  • Commission Rate – 12%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

This affiliate program appeals more to a niche subset of Christians focused on scientific apologetics. However, their niche status also means less competition from other affiliates. So if you have an audience interested in Creation science, Answers in Genesis offers a lucrative way to monetize that traffic.

Some of their best-selling homeschool products like Elementary Explorations in Literature provide Bible-based education infused with apologetics principles across subject areas like science and history. The 12% commission rate applies to all products, allowing you to maximize your earnings potential with this niche program.

7. Mozaico

Mozaico stands out as the premier provider of Italian mosaic tiles designed to help Christians add sacred art and beauty into their homes and churches in the form of religious mosaic décor. Each piece is handmade from marble and glass for ornate backsplashes, shower surrounds, murals, and accent walls.

  • Commission Rate – 15%
  • Cookie Duration – 90 days

With pricing ranging from $100 to over $70,000 for installed mosaic artwork, Mozaico makes it possible to appeal to all Christian buyers from every income bracket. Their custom design services also allow customers to transform personal inspiration into stunning religious art for the home.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 15% per order with no limit to your earning potential, even on higher priced custom jobs. With a 90-day cookie, you’ll have plenty of time to capture commissions from Christian shoppers looking to beautify their homes with inspirational mosaic tile pieces.

8. Pure Flix

Pure Flix is essentially the Christian alternative to Netflix and other streaming platforms, offering wholesome entertainment from a biblical perspective. This includes TV shows, movies, documentaries, educational programming, and more—all focused on Christian, family-friendly content.

  • Commission Rate – $2 per free trial signup, $8 per monthly signup, $15 per annual plan signup
  • Cookie Duration – 45 days

With mainstream streaming services like Netflix actively promoting content inconsistent with traditional Christian values, Pure Flix delivers much needed wholesome entertainment that resonates with believers. Families also gravitate toward their kid friendly shows and movies.

Commissions kick in at multiple levels, starting with $2 for promoting free trial signups. If free trial users convert to paid, you also earn the commission associated with the subscription plan they select. So a single convert can earn you up to $17 in one transaction!

9. Bein Harim Tours

Bein Harim Tours facilitates Christian tourism and pilgrimage to the Holy Land by organizing group trips and private custom tours focused on hitting locations of religious significance. This includes major sites like Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, and more.

  • Commission Rate – 15%
  • Cookie Duration – 90 days

Not only does Bein Harim arrange valuable ministry opportunities for pastors and church groups traveling to Israel, they also appeal to lay Christians making once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimages to experience biblical history firsthand. Educational family tours also make up a key segment of their business.

With custom private tours ranging upwards of $5,000 per person, a 15% commission gives you tremendous earning potential from just one or two referral sign-ups. Their 90-day cookie duration provides a great window of opportunity to capture repeat purchases.

10. Ivy Robes

Ivy Robes creates and supplies clergy robes and vestments to Christian ministers and ministries across denominations. Choir robes, judge robes, graduation gowns, and Christian t-shirts also make up part of their product line serving faith-based apparel needs.

  • Commission Rate – 7%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

Focusing on a narrow niche, Ivy Robes has established itself as a reputable provider of religious garments since 2003. As an affiliate, you can carve out your own niche by specifically targeting leaders from various denominations who purchase profession-specific apparel for their staff regularly.

Despite a lower 7% flat commission rate, the lifetime value of church and ministry buyers likely to make repeat vestment purchases for new staff makes this affiliate opportunity nothing to sneeze at. Especially since intricate embroidery and custom tailoring pushes average order values into the hundreds.

12. Judaica Web Store

Judaica Web Store offers a wide array of Israeli and Jewish specialty products including jewelry, prayer shawls, menorahs, books, art, home goods, kosher wines, and Sabbath candlesticks. Though not Christian specific, many items hold crossover appeal for messianic believers.

  • Commission Rate – 10%
  • Cookie Duration – 30 days

For Christians with an interest in Old Testament history or Jewish cultural traditions, Judaica Web Store provides a unique array of goods related to Israeli culture. Popular products include authentic prayer shawls, mezuzahs for home doorposts, beautifully illustrated haggadahs, and even the iconic Star of David made in Israel.

The expansive product catalog spanning everything from fine art to kitchenware makes this program a versatile option even beyond solely faith-based buyers. Expect a base 10% commission on all referred orders with a 30-day tracking cookie to help you maximize long term profits.

13. S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide is an arts, crafts, and educational toy supplier catering to churches, schools, organizations, families, and individuals seeking fun faith-based products. In addition to vacation bible school materials, they also offer curriculum resources for Christian schools.

  • Commission Rate – 7%
  • Cookie Duration – 14 days

Besides arts and crafts items, S&S also provides PE gear, games, hygiene products, teaching materials, and incentives like stickers and wristbands—all geared toward Christian groups and congregations. Inventory spans 10,000+ products approved for all ages.

The relatively short 14-day cookie duration certainly limits profit potential. However, repeat sales year over year to churches and schools helps offset this limitation when you factor membership renewal and enrollment when school years turn over.

Choosing the Best Christian Affiliate Programs

With many options for monetizing websites in the Christian space, focusing on selecting the right programs for your goals and audience is key to succeeding long-term. Assess programs across these factors:

Commission Rate

Look for respectable rates between 8-15%, keeping a eye out for added incentives like bonuses or tiered payouts that increase your earnings. Programs paying between 20-50% tend to involve lead generation

That said it’s important to pay attention to the conversion rate of the site as well. If you can drive a lot of traffic back to the website and it has a high conversion rate over 5%, you can make money on low profit, low commission items. 

Cookie Duration

30 days is fairly standard across affiliates, but durations reaching 60, 90, or 365 days are ideal for capturing repeat business long term.

I wouldn’t stress cookie duration too much because a lot of these items aren’t going to be a huge decision making process. We can compare it to investing affiliate programs for example. 

When someone is deciding to invest in something, they’re going to take hours, days, and even weeks to decide if it’s the right choice for them and their family. 

A parent purchasing a book or a clergyman buying a robe doesn’t require quite as much thought and could be more impulse buy focused. 

Niche Alignment

Consider niche overlap between your target audience and each program’s product selection to determine best fit. Prioritize relevance over solely earnings potential.

Keep in mind what your audience wants as well. If you’re used to simply providing spiritual informaiton and guidance to them, it may turn them off if you randomly start spamming affiliate offers. 

This is why it’s important to always keep your affiliate niche in mind and make sure what you’re promoting makes sense and further improves your content. 

Final Thoughts

As you explore leveraging your Christian influence and follower base through affiliate marketing, we encourage staying true to your values and voice by promoting offerings that align with your community’s needs and interests.

Vet brands thoroughly and test products when possible, moving forward only with those you’d personally recommend without hesitation. By pairing relevance with authenticity, finding affiliate success in the Christian sphere becomes much more attainable. 

You never know, this might be the niche you need to truly break into affiliate marketing as a beginner. If you have experience, this could be another way for you to supplement your current success.

Focus on nurturing relationships with your visitors rather than solely revenue. Provide service through helpful recommendations, transparency around why you select certain affiliates, and consistently over delivering value.

We hope this list of 13 hand-picked best Christian affiliate programs empowers you to both enrich your community and sustain your work in ministry—whether in full-time ministry service or simply seeking to resource other believers for their spiritual walks.

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