15 Best YouTube Affiliate Programs For Peak Monetization

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms for content creators to build audiences and make money through influencer marketing. With over 2 billion active users every month, it presents a major opportunity for affiliate marketing. 

By promoting products in your videos and descriptions that are relevant to your audience, you can earn commissions from YouTube affiliate programs tailored to your niche. 

However, with so many YouTube affiliate programs to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out the best options for your channel. 

In this article, we break down 15 of the top affiliate programs for YouTubers across different niches so you can determine if affiliate marketing is worth it for you and start earning money from your videos.

1. Amazon Associates

As one of the biggest online retailers, Amazon offers associate marketers access to millions of products to promote across categories like books, electronics, kitchen, home & garden, health & personal care, toys & games, and more.

With over 300 million products available, Amazon has something for every niche for affiliate marketing. While the commissions are on the lower side, ranging from 1% to 10%, and the cookie duration is only 24 hours, the sheer scale of Amazon’s catalog makes it one of the best “catch-all” affiliate programs out there.

So whether you’re doing product reviews, recommendations, unboxings, or simply need an easy affiliate link for your viewers to grab common household items, the Amazon Associates program can be a great addition to any YouTuber’s monetization strategy.

Commission Rate: 1-10% per sale

2. eBay Partner Network

As another marketplace giant, eBay also provides extensive product selection through its eBay Partner Network affiliate program. 

Although not as big as other successful affiliate marketing websites like Amazon, eBay still offers around 1.9 billion listings spanning various categories like fashion, electronics, motors, collectibles, and more.

Similar to Amazon, the downsides are low commission rates ranging from 1% to 4% and a short 24-hour cookie window.

However, eBay enjoys strong brand recognition and trust, especially for buying and selling used, vintage, and rare items. So affiliate marketing with eBay can work well for YouTubers focused on unboxings, reviews, or recommendations in specialty niches.

Commission Rate: 1-4% per sale

3. Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy is an ideal affiliate program for YouTubers focused on crafts, DIY, art, vintage items, handmade products, and other creations from independent sellers. As a leading online marketplace for unique and creative goods, Etsy provides extensive options to showcase through your videos.

The flat 4% commission rate is low but expected given the lower average order value and the 30-day cookie duration provides more flexibility than Amazon and eBay. 

Overall, if your videos highlight specialty crafting, art projects, DIY builds, interior design, gift ideas, and related topics, joining Etsy’s affiliate program is a no-brainer.

Commission Rate: 4% per sale

4. Commission Junction (CJ)

Commission Junction (also known as CJ Affiliate) is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks, making it another flexible option for YouTubers. 

It provides access to YouTube affiliate programs for over 3,000 top retailers and brands across industries like retail, travel, fashion, business services, finance and more.

Average commission rates range around 8%, but can vary substantially depending on the advertiser. Some notable brands include Walmart, Booking.com, DoorDash, and Chegg. 

The key advantage with a network like CJ is exposure to many different affiliate programs without needing to apply separately to each one. You can pick and choose the ones best aligned to your YouTube channel.

Commission Rate: Around 8% per sale but can vary

5. Booking.com

For any YouTuber focused on travel content, whether it’s planning dream vacations, reviewing destinations, or showcasing epic adventures, Booking.com is a must-have affiliate partner. 

As one of the world’s largest accommodation booking platforms, Booking offers YouTuber partners at least 25% commission on gross hotel bookings referred through your links.

With access to over 28 million listings across hotels, homes, and other lodgings worldwide, the earning potential is substantial given the high average order value. 

The bookings also drive recurring revenue as viewers return to your videos for their next travel planning and bookings. Just keep in mind that the cookie window is very short at a single-user session.

You can find more of our recommended travel affiliate programs by checking out our guide!

Commission Rate: At least 25% on gross hotel bookings referred through your links

6. Shopify

For YouTubers creating content on entrepreneurship, ecommerce, side hustles, online business, and related topics, Shopify’s affiliate program should be high on your list.

As the world’s leading platform for building online stores, Shopify continues to equip entrepreneurs worldwide with the tools to start and scale their businesses. 

Given the platform’s popularity and high perceived value, you can earn up to $598 for every user you refer to paid Shopify plans. For enterprise referrals it goes up to a $2000 bounty!

With proper aim towards our entrepreneurial audience, Shopify’s coveted platform and generous bounty payout make it a very lucrative affiliate option for monetizing YouTube channels in this sphere.

Commission Rate: Up to $598 per referral

7. Clickbank

ClickBank is a leading affiliate network for digital information products. So it can work quite well if you create YouTube videos reviewing online courses, software, ebooks, membership sites and related digital offerings.

ClickBank provides extensive options with over 6 million digital products spanning niches like business & investing, health & fitness,languages, corporate training and more. Commissions vary substantially but can reach upwards of 75% per sale.

For YouTubers focused specifically on online education, software demos, and digital product reviews, ClickBank should be strongly considered thanks to its focus on these high-value products. Just be sure to read reviews carefully before promoting to provide authentic recommendations.

Commission Rate: Up to 75% per sale

8. ShopStyle

ShopStyle Collective by ShopStyle specifically targets social media influencers across Instagram, YouTube, blogs and other platforms. Its focus is fashion, beauty and other lifestyle niches. 

So it naturally works very well for YouTubers reviewing makeup products, unboxing monthly beauty subscription boxes, providing fashion tips, and related content genres.

Composed of over 4500 fashion and retail partners, ShopStyle gives influencers a wide spectrum of affiliate deals and sales to feature in videos. 

The program comes in two tiers based on audience size and platform establishment, with the higher tier earning commissions while the other is pay per click. If your viewers look to you for the latest beauty, apparel and lifestyle recommendations, ShopStyle Collective is a fashionable choice.

Commission Rate: Varies, pay per click or commissions

9. ShareASale

ShareASale is another major affiliate network covering over 2000 merchants across popular categories like fashion, home & garden, health & fitness, financial services, and more. The extensive brand portfolio features well known names like Disney, TurboTax, HP and 1-800-Flowers.

Similar to Commission Junction, ShareASale provides extensive affiliate program options so YouTubers can identify the best fits based on video niche and audience interests. Average commission rates typically range from 5% to 30% but can reach up to 50% or more for certain brands.

Overall ShareASale opens up excellent monetization potential through its vast merchant portfolio and category coverage. It also offers a longer 90 day cookie window than Amazon and eBay which helps drive more conversions.

Commission Rate: 5-30% on average per sale

10. Tripadvisor

For travel-focused YouTubers, Tripadvisor naturally offers tremendous money-making potential thanks to commissions on bookings, hotel price comparison widgets, and other tools to integrate into your videos.

As a leading travel guidance and booking platform, Tripadvisor drives tons of bookings that you can tap into by prepping viewers’ travel plans with useful destination overviews, must-see attraction highlights, hotel & restaurant recommendations, and any other inspiring ideas to help inform their booking decisions.

With over 934 million reviews along with 8.6 million bookable listings worldwide, Tripadvisor puts the ideal toolbox in travel content creators’ hands. Meanwhile, earning at least 50% commission on referred bookings fuels the affiliate revenue engine.

Commission Rate: 50% or more on referred bookings

11. Quickbooks

Quickbooks from Intuit targets small business owners and entrepreneurs with its market-leading accounting, invoicing, payroll and other financial software tools. 

The Quickbooks affiliate program allows partners to earn 10% commissions on sales.

So if your YouTube channel covers topics like starting an online business, side hustles, investing, budgets & money management, taxes, and related content, you can monetize those videos by referring to Quickbooks as the go-to small business financial platform.

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize accounting needs when getting started. By highlighting Quickbooks early on, you provide tremendous value. In turn you earn handsome commissions while establishing your channel as a trusted business advisor early on.

Commission Rate: 10% per sale

12. Fiverr

Fiverr’s affiliate program opens up promotions across the platform’s extensive digital freelancing services for graphics & design, writing & translation, video & animation, advertising & marketing, programming & tech, affiliate marketing tools and more.

Many YouTubers already leverage Fiverr for channel artwork, video editing, translations, closed captioning, and other tasks. The affiliate program lets you now monetize Fiverr’s ecosystem through your referrals. You can match viewers looking to order similar services and highlight the most relevant Fiverr gigs for their needs.

Commissions vary based on type of services ordered but can reach up to $150 per referral. So if your viewers are interested in hiring freelancers or if you currently use Fiverr in your video workflow, joining its affiliate program is an easy win.

Commission Rate: Up to $150 per referral 

13. RewardStyle

RewardStyle (also called LTK) is an influencer marketing platform focused heavily on style, fashion and shopping content. So it naturally suits YouTubers in these spheres focused on makeup & cosmetics, outfit ideas, subscription box unboxings, product hauls, and related genres.

RewardStyle provides a robust service matching creators with relevant brands and products to feature while optimizing the affiliate commissions earned. Top partners even receive complimentary products to showcase in videos. Considering most viewers tune in for recommendations, affiliates profit with relevant rewards for their referrals.

For YouTube fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers, RewardStyle streamlines partner relations and fosters video ideation while increasing monetization through qualified conversions. It directly caters to this community making it a choice program for monetization.

Commission Rate: Undisclosed rate varies

14. Target

For broader lifestyle products from toys to groceries to home goods and everything in between, Target’s affiliate program opens up promotions across its extensive catalog. 

As a beloved big-box retailer approaching nearly 2,000 stores, Target carries recognizable mainstream brands suiting a wide range of viewers.

The Target Partner Program pays up to 8% commissions, along with bonuses, contests, sweepstakes and exclusive deals for large affiliate partners. You also gain access to banner creatives, text links, product feeds, coupons and discounts to feature in your YouTube videos and better optimize conversions.

Considering the scale of Target’s operations and its strong brand affinity amongst suburban consumers, the retailer offers reliable monetization for YouTube channels discussing everyday products relevant to moms, families, college kids and related demographics. Signing up takes just minutes, so it’s worth testing out.

Commission Rate: Up to 8% per sale

15. Thinkific

For YouTube educators publishing online courses alongside their free video content, Thinkific allows you to self-host your premium content while earning from affiliate promotions too. Their high-value offerings makes it ideal for niche experts seeking to graduate viewers into paying students.

Known for its ample course creator features, Thinkific’s 30% lifetime revenue share on monthly and annual plans also makes it the choice platform to promote. Courses span growing fields like photography, design, marketing, business, and self-improvement.

So if you offer practical tutorials around skilled hobbies, leveraging your expertise into an online program is a smart next step while affiliating Thinkific subscriptions. 

With the opportunity to earn recurring affiliate commissions, it certainly incentivizes the pivot while keeping audiences engaged on original content.

Commission Rate: 30% revenue share

Choosing the Best YouTube Affiliate Program

With many great affiliate programs available, focus on a few key factors when deciding on the right partners for your YouTube channel:

Niche Alignment

The most important criteria is choosing YouTube affiliate programs selling products or services relevant to your YouTube channel’s core topics and audience interests. 

You could join a program with the highest paying commissions that sells products completely unrelated to your videos, but that likely won’t convert well, resulting in little income.

When viewers feel you authentically care about serving their interests, they more readily trust your recommendations. So whether you’re reviewing software, testing beauty products, giving golf lessons, breaking down crypto trades or teaching photography techniques, keep affiliate promotions tightly aligned with existing content themes.

Approach affiliate partnerships as extensions of your core video content rather than disjointed advertisements. Frame product pitches, discount codes and referral links in context of solving current viewer problems and enhancing existing discussions organically.

Commission Rate 

You obviously want to maximize affiliate commission percentages, either through fixed-rate payouts or variable tiers based on monthly volumes. However, make sure the commission thresholds align appropriately with your current audience size and video view volumes.

A lower 10% commission rate on a widely useful cloud storage platform converting at higher percentages will likely earn greater revenues than a 50% commission niche course barely converting despite its richer payout.

Factor conversion potential based on topic demand and video integration viability when comparing commission rates across YouTube affiliate programs. Higher commissions don’t directly translate to higher earnings.

When examining base commission rates, inquire if additional performance bonuses are available for driving exceptionally high volumes or hitting monthly milestones. 

For example, some YouTube affiliate programs offer volume tier hikes providing 40% commissions at 50+ sales or 55% commissions at 100+ sales monthly.

Cookie Duration

Longer affiliate cookie tracking windows give viewers more time to click your YouTube video link and complete the promoted offer before the visit tracking expires. This allows for more flexibility across their purchase journey, resulting in more conversions being credited to you.

If the cookie window is only 24 hours, the viewer must essentially complete the purchase almost immediately after clicking your affiliate link to count. 

So pay close attention to cookie duration clauses and favor longer windows of at least 30 days when possible. 90 days is ideal for high-ticket products and services requiring longer sales cycles.

When evaluating cookie duration, consider the typical sales cycle for the affiliate product or service. For example, a SaaS tool like a project management platform may require more research before a buyer commits to an annual contract. Or perhaps it takes time to properly demo the software across their workflows first.

Average Order Value 

Higher ticket products or services allow your YouTube channel to hit monthly affiliate income goals faster. Even a 5% commission on a $2,000 online course earns you $100 per referral sale. Compare that to a 30% commission on a $10 eBook only paying $3 per transaction.

So combine baseline commission rates with average order value ranges for the best indicator of actual income potential. Services like SaaS platforms, vacations and luxury items pay much more than discount consumables priced below $50. 

If your niche appeals best to high-income viewers, don’t leave big commissions on the table.

When assessing the average order value, also check if affiliates earn on any recurring billings or continuing purchases post initial referral. For example, a subscription box company charges monthly for curated shipments. If your cookie tracks successfully beyond the first month, subsequent monthly vouchers also credit you earnings on repeat business.

Final Thoughts

In closing, YouTube presents a tremendous opportunity for content creators to monetize influence through affiliate partnerships. Video leverages engaging visual storytelling that builds viewer relations and referrals.

Hopefully this breakdown of 15 top YouTube affiliate programs across essential niches gives all YouTubers a headstart on monetizing original video content while also providing authentic value to your audience. 

Just stay focused on your channel’s core topics, promote relevant affiliate products naturally, and continue nurturing that coveted viewer’s trust.

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