14 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs for High Commissions

The real estate industry is worth over $100 trillion in the United States alone. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder so many affiliate marketers are drawn to promoting real estate offers.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best real estate affiliate programs that pay high commissions and are known for converting their leads. 

Whether you’re an established affiliate looking to diversify or just getting started, these programs can help you monetize your audience interested in real estate.

Why Promote Real Estate Affiliate Programs?

Here are a few of the key benefits to promoting real estate affiliate programs:

  • Huge industry. As mentioned, real estate is a massive industry with no signs of slowing down. There will always be demand for real estate products and services.
  • High ticket items. Many real estate programs promote big ticket items like home designs, courses, and loans. The commissions on these can be substantial.
  • Recurring revenue. Some real estate programs pay ongoing commissions as long as the referral remains a customer. This recurring revenue can add up over time.
  • Diverse verticals. Real estate encompasses many verticals like financing, investing, rentals, supplies, and more. You can choose a niche that fits your audience.
  • Tangential markets. You can also promote complementary offers related to real estate like legal services and home design software.

Now let’s take a look at some of the top real estate affiliate programs available today.

1. Nolo

Nolo provides legal help for consumers and small businesses. This includes legal forms, advice, and DIY solutions for common legal issues.

For real estate affiliate marketing, Nolo is a great option because home buyers and sellers need legal help with contracts, disclosures, and more. As an affiliate, you earn 15-25% commissions promoting Nolo’s legal resources.

The high commission rate and 4 month cookie duration make this program very lucrative. Nolo also provides banners, text links, coupons, and other promo materials to help drive conversions. Their legal expertise and strong brand reputation also help convert visitors into paying customers.

Overall, if your audience needs legal help related to real estate transactions, Nolo is a terrific affiliate program to promote. The combination of high payouts, long cookies, and strong brand recognition make it hugely appealing.

2. Real Estate Express (Now Called Colibri Real Estate)

Real Estate Express or Colibri provides online training courses to help people earn their real estate license. The pre-licensing packages start at $199.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 20% commission, or about $40 per course sale. The 45 day cookie gives you a nice window to convert your real estate niche traffic.

In addition to the upfront course commissions, you can potentially monetize repeat sales as trainees renew and further their education. They offer comprehensive training meeting state requirements for licensing.

If you want to help readers start a career in real estate, Colibri provides accredited courses handled online. The 20% lifetime commissions give you a revenue stream beyond initial sales.

Colibri sells marketing supplies for real estate agents and brokers. This includes signs, flyers, business cards, promotional products, and more.

I think this could even be one of the best real estate affiliate marketing programs for real estate professionals that are looking for a new way to monetize their business. 

3. Architectural Designs

Architectural Designs sells home plans to consumers looking to build their dream home. With over 30,000 designs available, they have options for all needs and budgets.

As an affiliate, you earn 5% commissions when someone purchases one of their home plans. With plans costing $1,000+, this can work out to $50+ per conversion.

Architectural Designs provides a 120 day cookie, giving you plenty of time to earn commissions from your referrals. If you have an audience interested in home design and construction, this program is a perfect fit. Their huge selection of designs and ability to get quotes makes this provider stand out.

For those wanting to build their own home, Architectural Designs has the plans and tools to make it happen. I think this is a solid program for a variety of industries including home improvement, building, and real estate. 

4. Buildium

Buildium offers property management software for real estate investors, landlords, and property managers. Their tools help with financials, maintenance requests, rent collection, and more.

The affiliate program pays at least 25% commissions, with the possibility of higher rates for top performers. With subscription plans starting at $50/month, you stand to earn good recurring income here.

Buildium provides a library of resources, promo tools, and dedicated affiliate support. If your audience consists of real estate investors, Buildium is a great program to have in your stack. 

Their property management software helps optimize and automate rental property businesses.

For real estate investors looking to scale their rental portfolios, Buildium provides an end-to-end solution. The recurring commissions provide lasting value from each referral.

5. Land Century

Land Century is a marketplace for purchasing vacant land, foreclosures, and other distressed properties. Their platform lets investors scout out discounted real estate deals.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 15% commission from every sale. The leads convert at a high rate, so you have a good chance of optimizing your earnings.

With the lower barrier to entry, Land Century is ideal for beginner affiliates wanting to get into the real estate vertical. Their internal platform makes it easy to track and monitor your campaigns as well. The wide range of cheap land and property deals also appeals to first-time investors.

For real estate investors on a budget, Land Century connects them with deals not always found on mainstream listings sites and the 15% commission is pretty solid for this industry. 

6. LendingTree

LendingTree matches borrowers with lenders offering the most competitive rates. This includes mortgages, home equity loans, refinancing, and more.

As an affiliate, you earn up to $70 for each lead you refer to LendingTree. While the cookie duration is short at 14 days, mortgages are a high consideration purchase with repeat customer potential.

LendingTree is a trusted brand in lending, so you can confidently promote their services to your audience. Focusing on high intent keywords will ensure you get the most from this program. With over $50 billion in loan originations, they have established expertise and leverage with lenders.

For audiences needing real estate loans or refinancing, LendingTree can connect them with ideal lending options quickly. The platform is set up to convert the leads you send so if you’re pre-qualifying them with the proper measures, you should have no problem bringing in solid commissions of at least $30-40 per lead pretty quick. 

7. Foreclosure.com

Foreclosure.com provides foreclosure listings across all 50 states. For real estate investors, this makes it easy to find discounted or distressed properties.

The Foreclosure.com affiliate program pays 25% commissions on all sales generated. With their strong brand recognition, conversion rates tend to be good with this program.

Foreclosure.com also provides a long 180 day cookie duration. This gives you plenty of time to earn commissions from your audience of real estate investors. Their extensive database of foreclosure listings saves investors time in their property search.

If your audience wants access to foreclosure real estate deals, Foreclosure.com provides comprehensive listings across every state. I could see real estate professionals as well as investing and finance websites utilizing this program. 

8. Vrbo

Vrbo connects vacation rental owners with travelers looking for accommodations. Listings include condos, beach houses, cabins, and other short-term rentals.

As a Vrbo affiliate, you earn 6% commissions on any completed vacation rental bookings from your referrals. The booking window is 7 days to allow for travel research and planning.

In addition to rental commissions, you can earn $20 for each new property owner you refer to list on Vrbo. This incentive helps you monetize both sides of their marketplace. With over 2 million properties globally, they have unmatched vacation rental inventory.

One thing I like about the Vrbo affiliate program is that you gain access to other options when you sign up because it’s owned by Expedia. When you sign up for the Vrbo affiliate program, you can promote other travel-related offers as well which can be great for a travel website. 

For anyone needing short-term vacation accommodation, Vrbo has a huge selection of rental listings across the world. You have multiple ways to earn here as an affiliate.

9. Property MOB

Property MOB offers real estate investing courses for those interested in house flipping, wholesaling, and rental properties. The training programs range from $97 to $497 in price.

As an affiliate, you can earn 20% commissions promoting their educational products. With the high ticket prices, a single conversion can earn you almost $100.

Property MOB focuses mainly on digital courses, so you don’t have to worry about physical fulfillment. With strong conversions in the real estate investing space, the earning potential here is substantial. 

Their training products are created by an experienced investor who has flipped over 1,000 homes herself. If real estate is your thing, you may even benefit from learning more about this business, taking some courses yourself, and then promoting it using your own success stories. 

10. Real Estate Affiliates

Real Estate Affiliates specializes in real estate crowdfunding and investments. Their platform connects investors with pre-vetted real estate projects and opportunities.

The affiliate program pays 25% on all investments you refer. Real Estate Affiliates drives over $10 million in transactions per month, so there is big money moving through this platform.

With a 60 day cookie window, you have ample opportunity to earn from high ticket investments. 

Real Estate Affiliates also offers turnkey creatives, promo tools, and affiliate management support. For investors, they provide unprecedented access to institutional-grade real estate deals.

Real Estate Affiliates opens the door for investors to add crowdfunded real estate to their portfolios. 15 day payouts and an intuitive platform that looks leagues above the rest make this a desirable option for new real estate affiliates. 

11. Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad offers real estate coaching programs and bootcamps for active investors. His training products help people buy, fix, rent, and flip investment properties.

As an affiliate, you can earn 50% commissions promoting Lex’s high ticket coaching offers. With prices up to $1,000, each conversion translates to a $500 commission.

Lex provides a long 180 day cookie duration on approved affiliates. This gives you plenty of time to earn from his wildly popular real estate programs. His programs leverage his experience in over 1,000 successful real estate deals.

For those serious about building real estate investing expertise, Lex Levinrad provides in-depth training and education. The high ticket nature means big affiliate earnings per conversion.

12. BoldLeads

BoldLeads helps real estate agents and brokers generate buyer and seller leads at scale. Their software automates lead generation, nurturing, and follow-ups.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of misinformation on the internet. Bold Leads no longer pays recurring commissions for members that sign up for a subscription. You get a flat rate $20 per lead that signs up. It’s not recurring month over month. 

I was unable to find a lot of information regarding the cookie duration but some of the other reviews online state that it’s lifetime. Since this is a subscription-based model, a lifetime offer would still only benefit you once. 

For real estate professionals needing more leads, BoldLeads automates the entire process from acquisition to closing. This is a somewhat popular brand and option for generating and monetizing leads in the real estate industry. 

13. All Things Real Estate

As an affiliate, you earn 20% commissions on all sales. While the payout is on the lower side, order values can be high with real estate supplies. The affiliates program provides all the links and creatives you need.

The short 30 day cookie window means you need to focus on conversions from direct referrals. But the targeted nature of this offer makes it a great complement to content around real estate agent tips. Their wide selection of marketing products is tailored specifically to real estate professionals.

For those looking to equip their real estate business with branded supplies, All Things Real Estate can open the door. I think this could also be a great opportunity fo real estate professionals to capitalize on what they already know and do. 

14. Corporate Housing by Owner

Corporate Housing by Owner matches furnished rental owners with traveling business professionals looking for short term housing.

The affiliate program pays 15% commissions on all bookings generated from your links. For longer term rentals, this can work out to big earnings.

In addition to business travel, you can also target military personnel and traveling nurses with this program. Corporate Housing by Owner provides all the links and creatives you need as an affiliate. With over 55,000 properties, they have the largest inventory in this niche.

Corporate Housing by Owner gives business travelers an alternative to bland corporate lodging. The 15% commission gives you a nice incentive for promoting them as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zillow have an affiliate program?

No, Zillow does not currently have an affiliate program. They previously had one but it was discontinued.

Does Realtor.com have an affiliate program?

Yes, Realtor.com does offer an affiliate program that pays $5 per lead. However, it is not as lucrative as some of the best real estate affiliate programs I’ve recommended. As a result, I decided to exclude it. 

Does Airbnb have an affiliate program?

Airbnb had an associates program that ended in 2021. This program no longer exists so you can’t earn affiliate marketing commissions from Airbnb properties.  

Final Thoughts

Real estate affiliate marketing holds huge potential for earning big commissions. As you can see from this list, there are a diverse range of verticals and models to take advantage of.

It’s important to understand the basics of affiliate marketing before signing up for any of these programs. 

From home plans to crowdfunding, you can choose a niche that aligns with your audience’s interests. With high ticket items, subscriptions, and recurring commissions on the table, it’s easy to optimize your monetization.

Choosing the best real estate affiliate marketing program is important because there is quite a mixed bag of options. Look for the highest commissions possible, strong cookie durations, and quality support. 

Also, keep in mind that importance of site optimization and lead conversion. This is actually something that I would consider first. You can send all the leads you want to site but if they don’t convert into paying customers, you may not get paid as much as you would hope. 

With the right offers matched to targeted audience interests, real estate affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize your site or find a new revenue stream for existing real estate professionals.

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