22 Best Music Affiliate Programs to Consider Joining

In the popular and dynamic online music world, you’ll find digital music download sites, e-commerce shops that sell instruments and targeted online businesses that cater to specific niches. Music affiliate programs give influencers and marketers in the creative arts realm the opportunity to promote excellent products and services while earning for their efforts. These 22 music affiliate programs range from broad to specific, and they all provide additional income streams for music content creators.

Ahuja Art Projects

Landing page for one of the music affiliate programs.

The Ahuja Art Projects website has more than 1,000 high-quality acapella tracks for sale that buyers can remix, and it caters to DJs, producers and remixers who need music to work with. It’s also a platform for rappers, singers and vocalists to sell their work. Additionally, the affiliate program is available for music influencers.

By selling Ahuja Art Projects acapellas, affiliates can earn from $22 to $387 per sale — which is 80% of the net selling price. The program also offers lifetime cookies that never expire.

In addition to earning from sales driven through your referral links, if you encourage another affiliate to join the program, you’ll get a 10% commission on their earnings for life.

Through the affiliate dashboard, you can see your commissions, payouts, sales and visitors, and you can also track your earnings and see which products sell the most. Plus, affiliates can get paid whenever they want through bank transfer, PayPal, Revolut or Stripe.

Ahuja Art Projects provides affiliates with marketing collateral and text, including banners, blog posts and emails, all with the referral link embedded.

Another perk is that you don’t have to wait to be accepted to this program. After filling out a form, you’ll be automatically approved to join the affiliate program.

Amazon Associates

The Amazon affiliate marketing program, called Amazon Associates, lets affiliates market all sorts of products, including all kinds of music-related items for sale on the platform. You can earn up to a 10% commission on sales, though commission rates vary by category.

Earnings are paid about 60 days after the month ends. For example, what you make by the last day of January will be paid around the end of March.


Andertons Music Co. is a family-owned retailer of musical instruments. While the company is based in the United Kingdom, it serves customers abroad, too. The site sells amps, drums, guitars, keyboards, recording equipment and more. There are also secondhand items available.

The Andertons affiliate program, which is run through Tradedoubler, pays up to a 4% commission. Affiliate marketers can use their website to promote Andertons products, or they can do so on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or other social platforms.

It’s common for affiliate marketers to get free gear or free samples so they can test out the products before promoting them. Additionally, Andertons will sometimes promote affiliate marketer content on their own social media platforms.


AudioTheme landing page.

AudioTheme sells WordPress website themes and plugins for bands, musicians, record labels and other music industry professionals.

The AudioTheme affiliate program pays up to a 35% commission. To start, the base commission is 20%, and it can go up to 35% based on performance.

Marketers will get affiliate assets, resources and a referral link. You can use the link in banners or text on your website or on social media. Additionally, AudioTheme product pages have optimized images and text for different social media platforms, so you can easily share the content to social media without having to make any major changes.

Once a customer makes a purchase using your link, you’ll get an email confirmation from AudioTheme. Affiliates are paid each month regardless of how much they’ve earned — there’s no minimum amount needed to qualify for a payout. Payments are processed via PayPal.

Affiliates also have access to real-time statistics on their dashboard, which tracks conversion rate, referrals, visits and more.


CDandLP is a website for buying new and used CDs and vinyl records, and its specialty is collectible and rare music.

The CDandLP affiliate program pays a 50% commission (which is based on the price before VAT is added). You can access a real-time earnings report to see how your links are performing, and you can make a request each month for a payout. Alternatively, you can use your earnings balance to purchase items from the website.


Fiddlershop is a family-owned e-commerce site that sells instruments at affordable prices. They’ll help buyers make the right decision, and every instrument is tested to ensure it sounds great. Fiddlershop also sells accessories and performs instrument restorations.

The Fiddlershop affiliate program offers a base commission of 5% on eligible purchases, and the cookie duration is seven days. Marketers may also earn bonuses based on performance. Affiliates will get professional banners as well as text links to use on their blog, social media and website.


Landing page for one of the music affiliate programs.

Foximusic sells royalty-free music that buyers can use in their videos or other creative projects. Songs are broadcast-ready, which means no additional work has to be done before using them — though they can be edited by the user if that’s their preference. New music is produced daily, too, so the library stays fresh.

The Foximusic affiliate program pays a 25% commission and has a 30-day cookie. Every time you make a sale, you’ll get an email. You can use live tracking to see how your links are performing, and there are reporting tools so you can dive into your data.

Guitar Center

Guitar Center is a music retailer that has brick-and-mortar stores as well as an e-commerce shop. Buyers can purchase instruments, accessories and other types of music equipment, and Guitar Center also offers music lessons and repair services.

Marketers can join the Guitar Center affiliate program and link to the Guitar Center homepage or build an online music store on their website — meaning there’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to marketing Guitar Center products. The commission rate isn’t made public, but the website says it’s “competitive” and that affiliates will earn a percentage of every sale. The cookie duration is 14 days. Payouts occur after earnings exceed $25.

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro is tab-maker and -reader software for creating, playing and sharing sheet music. Users are able to do anything from learn to play guitar to enhance their music with other instruments and create sheet music for songbooks.

The Guitar Pro affiliate program is run through Affilae, offering a 10% commission and a 60-day tracking cookie. The payment threshold is 100 euros (Affilae is based in France). A handful of advertising materials are provided to marketers.

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy landing page.

Hoffman Academy offers online piano lessons for the whole family, and you can also purchase sheet music through the online store. For those who want to learn how to play, there’s a Basic membership, which is free, as well as a Premium membership for $15 per month.

The Hoffman Academy affiliate program pays a 20% recurring commission on Premium membership sales that take place within one year of signing up for an account. Every time the subscription renews, you’ll earn a commission for the user’s first year.

Marketers get a unique link and discount code to share with their audiences, and custom URLs and codes can be assigned on request. The payout minimum is $20, and payouts happen 45 days after a purchase is made.


HookSounds sells royalty-free intros, music and sound effects through a membership, which ranges from an average of $7.50 to about $25 per month. There’s also a lifetime-access option that costs $997. Subscribers can pay monthly or annually.

The HookSounds affiliate program pays a 30% commission on each sale, with payouts processed through Payoneer or PayPal. There’s a personalized dashboard where marketers can track their earnings, and affiliates also get access to the entire music library.


LALAL.AI, which is powered by AI, lets users extract vocals, accompaniments and instruments from audio or video files. While users can test the service for free, they’ll be asked to upgrade if they want to process more files or get faster results. Pricing starts at $18 and goes up to $300 for a membership.

The LALAL.AI affiliate program pays a 30% commission on every purchase made through your affiliate link. You’ll also get a seasonal coupon code that you can share with followers to earn even more. So long as you’ve earned $150 or more, the program pays monthly via PayPal.

Maestro Classics

Landing page for one of the music affiliate programs.

Maestro Classics is an online retailer that sells kids’ CDs and MP3s with narrated stories set to classical music. Their products help parents teach their children about classical music in a way they’ll love.

The Maestro Classics affiliate program pays a 10% commission on website sales of CDs and MP3s. At the beginning of each month, a payout is processed via PayPal.


Musicnotes is an online retailer of sheet music for brass, guitar, piano, strings, voice and more. Sheet music is also searchable by music style. After making a purchase, the sheet music from Musicnotes can be instantly downloaded and printed, and the service also has free interactive apps for working with sheet music.

The Musicnotes affiliate program pays a 5% commission on all orders, and marketers also get access to every single product on the website. You can use banners, text links and search boxes to promote Musicnotes products.


Musicroom is a UK-based e-commerce store that sells all sorts of music-related products, from small accessories and sheet music to new music books, instruments and education materials.

The Musicroom affiliate program pays up to a 4% commission on validated sales, and marketers also have access to exclusive offers and promotions to encourage their audience to buy. The tracking cookie lasts for 30 days, and affiliates can receive support from the marketing department when needed.

Note that the commission is calculated before delivery charges and VAT are added. Payouts are processed within eight weeks, and the affiliate program is run through Tradedoubler.


PremiumBeat is an online resource of music and sound effects divided into collections, genres and moods, and you can also browse or search for tracks. Membership costs $64.95 per month, which allows subscribers to get five tracks.

The PremiumBeat affiliate program pays a 30% revenue share on the net sale amount of purchases. Payouts are processed monthly via bank transfer or PayPal. The cookie duration is 30 days, and in-house affiliate marketing managers can work with you to get more conversions.

To integrate the PremiumBeat catalog with your website, you can use banners (which are available in different sizes and different languages), along with text links and a search box.

You can also use the Shutterstock API if you want to create a more native PremiumBeat experience on your website with a high-quality search tool.

Sam Ash

The online retailer Sam Ash has several music departments, including drums, guitars, microphones, recording gear and more. There’s also a Used Gear shop with secondhand items.

The Sam Ash affiliate program gives marketers custom links to use on their websites and social media profiles. The program is run through Rakuten, and specifics about its commission, tracking cookie and payouts aren’t available on the Sam Ash website.

Sheet Music Direct

Sheet Music Direct landing page.

Sheet Music Direct is a sheet music e-commerce site with competitive prices and a broad selection of music, including new releases. After making a purchase, buyers can download and print their sheet music from any device.

The Sheet Music Direct affiliate program pays a 10% commission on the listed price of the product. Payouts are processed quarterly by check or as a credit to your account, and the minimum payout amount is $30.


SheetMusicPlus is an online sheet music retailer with new releases, products for directors and teachers, and music across a range of instruments and styles. The site has more than 2 million titles to choose from, and the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The SheetMusicPlus affiliate program pays a commission between 8% and 12% on every purchase made. The starting commission rate is 8%, and that can increase to 12% based on performance. You can set up data feeds and personalized links on your website to drive purchases, and you’ll get directions for getting started.


TunePocket offers an annual subscription for downloading unlimited royalty-free music and sound effects. For users who don’t need unlimited access to the library, there’s an option to buy five downloads at a time.

The TunePocket affiliate program has a 30-day tracking cookie and pays between $5 and $25 based on the type of plan the buyer chooses. The Pay-As-You-Go plan pays a $5 commission, the Personal subscription pays a $10 commission and the Business subscription pays a $25 commission. There’s an Affiliate Area where marketers can keep track of performance and earnings.


Landing page for one of the music affiliate programs.

Uppbeat has a library of copyright-free music for creators, as well as sound effects. There’s also an AI-powered playlist generator that will customize tracks for you based on the information you input. Paid Uppbeat plans cost either $5.59 or $14.99 per both, depending on which one is chosen.

The Uppbeat affiliate program pays $36 per annual subscription to the Premium program by new users. For monthly subscriptions to Premium, affiliates get $4 per month for the 12-month subscription period with a total commission cap of $36. Payments are made quarterly as long as the balance is $50 or more.


zZounds is an e-commerce shop that sells bass guitars, guitars, keyboards, amps, recording gear and more. The company offers a lowest-price guarantee, and if shoppers can find a lower price somewhere else, zZounds will beat it.

The zZounds affiliate program pays a 6% commission on the purchase total, and bonuses are available as well. For example, you can get a 20% bonus if you generate over $1,000 in monthly net sales, and the bonus percentage goes up to 80% for high performers.

To qualify for the affiliate program, you have to have an active and functional website with several pages or an active YouTube channel, and you have to post original content to your platform, like blog posts or reviews.

Wrapping Up

There are so many different types of music affiliate programs to choose from, whether you’re a music enthusiast yourself or you’re an online marketer who knows a lucrative field when they see one. So long as the digital music industry and online shopping continue to thrive, there will be marketing opportunities for music lovers and content creators.

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