Level Up Your Game with the Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

Here’s a fact to start with.

The current volume of the health and wellness supplements market is estimated at $164 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow steadily in the coming years.

If you think about it, establishing a profitable side hustle by joining the right supplement affiliate program makes a lot of sense. As an affiliate marketer, directing your existing audience toward high-quality supplements can help in generating a lucrative revenue stream.

But before that, you need to choose the right products from the whopping number of brands on the market. In this article, we offer some of the top options to help you choose.

The Perks of a Supplement Affiliate Program

If you are familiar with the niche and have sufficient personal experience with supplements, it is possible to build up a steady income stream. Since this niche allows you to develop people-first content and build trust, it is one of the best niches for affiliate marketing.

For example, ‘Seed’ is a supplement that offers an attractive base commission of 25%. Plus, you can qualify for higher commission rates with better performance. 

What about the question is affiliate marketing worth it?

Well, the answer is not simple and deserves a separate discussion. But here are the main advantages of supplement affiliate programs to help you find some clarity.

  • No matter your background, you can always venture into the world of supplement affiliate programs.
  • These programs have generous commission rates and you can earn a significant income from them. Since this is an evergreen niche, there is always scope for development.
  • With a wide variety of supplements available, you can cater to a large group of clients with varied needs. By working with reputed supplement companies, you can ensure that the products are safe and effective.
  • You can use a wide variety of platforms to promote the niche including social media, blogs, and emails. This provides the flexibility to choose the method that you are most comfortable with.


Rootine’s Smart Multivitamins provide holistic health support for consumers. It uses advanced microbead technology that ensures the slow release of nutrients, enabling maximum absorption. 

Once you answer a short series of questions, you wil receive a customized pack of nutrients every month. There are 700 trillion possible customization options which ensures the matching of the ingredients to your exact needs.

The commission rates offered in Rootine’s affiliate program are pretty impressive and once you hit sales targets, you can also get monthly bonuses. In addition, you also get access to a ton of marketing materials and offers to promote the products.

One thing is, the company is somewhat slow in responding in case of any issues. Other than that, the solid brand reputation makes the Rootine affiliate program is one of the best options you can pick.


Since your body contains more bacterial cells than human cells, probiotics can offer a wide range of health benefits. Seed has some of the best probiotics on the market with clinically and scientifically proven strains.

Seed products are extensively tested and pass through 50+ quality control steps to ensure that your body’s natural microbiome remains balanced. The broad-spectrum formulation has a positive impact on digestive, cardiovascular, and dermatological health. 

A big plus of Seed is its modern website with easy-to-understand content and a robust social media presence. The brand also has an excellent core team of academics, including 

Dr. Gregor Reid, who led the UN/WHO Expert Panel on Probiotics.

As it is a science-backed brand with excellent product transparency, marketing for Seed is a lot easier. Seed offers competitive commission rates and you can increase the rates by attending to courses their online university. If the concept of probiotics for health matches your intent, Seed is a great brand to promote.

Bulk Supplements

There are two aspects that make Bulk Supplements stand out from their competitors – the impressive variety of the products and cost-efficient prices. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a one-stop supplement shop to meet all their health goals.

Apart from the rewarding base commission of 15% that the brand offers, there are sales-based incentives and a joining bonus. The company also has a wholesale affiliate program that offers a 2% commission on wholesale orders. You also get affiliate marketing materials and exclusive offers.

That said, if you prefer to associate with a more premium and quality-focused brand, there are better options. But if you want to cater to budget-conscious customers, then the Bulk Supplements affiliate program is a good choice.

A1 Supplements

With more than 5000 products, A1 Supplements is one of the most popular online supplement stores for wellness enthusiasts. Thanks to over two decades of sales experience, the brand has a strong market presence along with a competitive pricing strategy. 

A1 Supplements has 25 years of experience in sports nutrition and lifestyle supplements. In addition, the brand uses the highest quality ingredients and has an FDA-registered manufacturing facility. Beyond the product quality, the top-grade customer service is another plus of the brand.

Even though the commission rates are not mind-blowing, the high average order amount from the site can help you earn a lucrative amount. This affiliate program is best for marketers who have a strong understanding of the products and their customers. That way, you can guide the buyers, provide advice, and even share some personal experiences. 

Life Extension

Life Extension has been around for 40 years and their scientifically validated formulations include vitamins and supplements of all types. If you are looking for a trusted supplement brand with a dedicated audience, this can be the right affiliate program. 

Life Extension has always been a pioneer in terms of product development and maintains high standards for its product range. The detail-heavy website pages break down the science behind each product and are helpful for first-time buyers skeptical of supplements.

The 6% commission rate is not the best you will find, but the brand has a solid team of customer service representatives who are helpful and knowledgeable.


The eVitamins website has a wide range of supplements and health products and is a one-stop shop for wellness enthusiasts. The brand focuses on low prices and offers excellent discounts along with high-end customer service.

With more than 16,500 products and worldwide shipping, eVitamins has something for every customer. While the brand has developed a positive reputation, a closer look will tell you that the customer opinion is varied with good and bad experiences. However, the wide product range heps you to cater to a large customer base.

The commission rates for the eVitamins in-house affiliate program are between 12% to 20%. However, for new buyers joining through the CJ Affiliate network., the commission rates are 8%. Besides, eVitamins often pays commissions beyond the respectable 60-day cookie window.


Ritual is a female-focused brand of nutrients that offers scientific evidence-based products. The brand is committed to delivering clinical-trial-based products to its customers and invests heavily in high-quality research.

That makes Ritual great for buyers who appreciate transparent and detailed information about the food supplements they consume. That said, the high quality also makes the products pricier than other women’s multivitamins.

Beyond the promise of high quality, Ritual offers the best commission rates among all supplement affiliate programs. Plus, you get the support of a dedicated affiliate manager to drive sales. All in all, If you have a customer base interested in the best quality nutrients, Ritual is an excellent option.


MegaFood is a supplement brand that has been around for 50 years. It is also a certified B corporation which indicates meeting the highest standards for social and environmental impacts.

Their products are vegan and come with USDA Organic Certification.

Additionally, the brand also promotes regenerative agriculture that boosts soil health. That makes it a good choice if you prefer working with a brand that works to create a better future for the planet.

Even though the commission rate of 8% that the brand offers is nothing spectacular, the good reputation and reasonable pricing will allow you to drive higher sales volumes. Plus, you can get support from their dedicated affiliate support team and focus on the eco-friendly aspect of the brand.

The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe is not just an online store, but also has 780 stores across the country. They have a huge assortment of supplements, natural remedies, skincare products, and more that you can choose from. 

The fact that the brand has been around since 1977 has allowed it to develop a dedicated base of customers. The strong social media presence of The Vitamin Shoppe is a big plus that can help you run a successful chain of referrals.

Even though the base commission rate is low, you can earn upto 9% commission rates. Besides, it is one of the most reputable supplement companies that you can choose to promote. You can join their affiliate program directly or through the CJ network. 


Much like The Vitamin Shoppe, PureFormulas has a wide range of supplements, health foods, beauty products, and even pet products. It is a family-owned brand that focuses on product quality and offers excellent customer service.

The PureFormulas online store has products from more than 400 brands, giving buyers a wide range of choices. In 2020, it was selected as the top health product/food supplement retailer on a list of 1,000 Best American Online Shops by Newsweek. 

Even though it is a new brand, PureFormulas has emerged as a heavy hitter on the supplements market. However, their affiliate program offers commission rates of up to 3.2% which is nothing beyond ordinary.


Care/Of personalizes a vitamin supplement plan for you that is supplied in convenient daily packs. The plan is developed based on a set of health questionnaires and caters to people with all types of health goals. 

Apart from standard vitamins, the product range also includes herbal supplements, probiotics, and more. That makes their affiliate program a good choice for nutrition bloggers and wellness coaches. 

Unlike many other brands, Care/Of is completely transparent about the ingredients and conducts third-party tests to ensure purity. I like the way they grade each product based on the amount of research available. That said, the price of the products varies and a comprehensive daily nutrition package can be expensive.

While the base commission rate is on the lower side, it can rise to 10% – 25%. The company has a strong social media presence and you can use the dynamic banner ads to develop an effective marketing strategy for the products.

Persona Nutrition

Persona Nutrition offers a personalized supplement subscription service based on your response to an online questionnaire. The online assessment is highly detailed and takes into account medical history, dietary restrictions, and allergens. Besides, the brand also provides guidance through its certified wellness coaches.

While the brand mentions that it follows high standards of product purity and manufacturing, the products are not third-party certified. On the plus side, the product quality has received positive reviews from buyers and reviewers

Persona Nutrition has a Vitamin Packs’ affiliate program, where the influencers receive $25 for each subscriber. If you are comfortable with the idea of promoting personalized nutrition models, then the Persona Nutrition affiliate program is worth a closer look.


Onnit focuses on complete physical and mental development through the concept of total human optimization (THO). Their performance supplements look beyond traditional nutrition and focus on the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit.

Since its products are backed by 3rd party clinical research, the brand has solid credibility. In fact, the brand has some hottest-selling products like Alpha Brain and Total Human. However, these products are pricey and not the best choice for buyers on a budget.

When compared to some of the other popular brands, Onnit lacks brand visibility. But that seems to be improving with each year. Besides, their 15% flat commission plan is great when compared with other brands that offer around 3%-7%. Plus, you can also earn referral bonus amounts. 

Amazon Associates

Considering the wide range of products that Amazon sells, it is no wonder that the retail giant has associated itself with supplements. With Amazon’s solid reputation and ease of use, it is a popular choice as an affiliate program for beginners.

On the downside, the commission rate on health and personal care items is one of the lowest you will find. The super short cookie duration time is another con that you will have to deal with. 

Still, Amazon’s broad range of product variations and reliable delivery service can help you achieve high conversion rates. And with the high brand trust, you can also expect frequent upsells from the platform.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online grocer that has created a storm in social media platforms with its affordable range of food and supplements. With above one million members, the brand offers organic, non-GMO products and heavily discounted prices.

Obviously, the extra discounts and a price-match guarantee that Thrive Market offers is a big plus. This helps customers to pick expensive organic products at more affordable prices. Beyond that, the wide product range helps in appealing to customers looking for healthy snacks beyond vitamins and nutrients.

You can earn a commission of $5 for the purchase of each one-month membership and $40 for each annual membership through your affiliate link. In addition, the brand offers bonus opportunities as well.

How to Choose a Supplement Affiliate Program?

With so many brands and product varieties available, choosing the best supplement affiliate program can be a tough task. 

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind before choosing.

Commission Rate

It goes without saying that a program with a higher commission rate is a more lucrative option. Strictly speaking, it is best not to get carried away by high commissions. Promote products that you have used and liked and it will be easier to convince others with your promotional posts.

Cookie Duration

Choosing the perfect cookie duration can be tricky. Ideally, the duration should give customers sufficient time to decide without being too long. It is best to start with a duration between 30 to 90 days. Once you gain more insights about customer behavior you can experiment with different durations.


It is best to choose the right products that will attract the right audience and increase conversion rates. Choosing a brand that provides support and marketing materials to help with ad design will help in boosting sales. Overall, picking a brand that helps in establishing a connection with your audience is the key.

Qualification Requirements

In most cases, there are no minimum requirements to become an affiliate marketer. There may be a few programs that come with restrictions and specific requirements. The good news is, you will always find some other programs where you will easily fit in.

Final Thoughts

By now I hope you’ve realized that there are plenty of fantastic supplement affiliate programs that can continue to fuel your passion while filling your wallet. 

If you are looking for marketing inspiration, here are a few of the most successful affiliate marketing websites that can give you fresh ideas.

Quite simply, finding the right affiliate program involves doing the right amount of research to narrow it down. Start by learning about the diets that are in demand and choose a brand that helps in delivering the best nutrition solutions to your audience.

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