13 Best Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

As an affiliate marketer, getting paid quickly is always preferable to waiting around for your commission checks. That’s why affiliate programs that offer daily payouts can be so appealing. 

However, these programs aren’t falling out of the sky on a regular basis. There’s not a lot of variety and you’ll want to careful about what types of offers you promote because some of them can get pretty sketchy. 

In this article, I’ll share my experiences with some of the best affiliate programs that pay daily. As someone who’s been in the affiliate marketing game for almost a decade, I’ve had the chance to promote all kinds of offers and evaluate their payment terms.

While instant daily payouts might sound too good to be true, these programs do exist if you know where to look. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can just sign up and expect to get rich quick. 

As with any affiliate offer, you’ll need to put in some work to generate results. But with the right approach, these daily payout affiliate programs can help you start earning money faster.

1. JVZoo

  • URL: https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates
  • Commission: Up to 100%
  • Promotions: JVZoo is a digital marketplace with thousands of info products, software, courses, and other digital goods aimed at internet marketers and online entrepreneurs. They have a huge selection of offers to promote.

JVZoo has established itself as one of the top affiliate marketing platforms out there. With thousands of products to choose from, you’re likely to find at least a few that are a good match for your audience. 

This network has been around forever and it’s one of the first that I remember getting involved in when I got started. Keep in mind, they call it “zoo” for a reason. 

While some offers are low quality, there are also many high ticket ones with generous commissions.

JVZoo makes it easy to browse products and start promoting. But you’ll need to generate significant sales volume and have low refunds to qualify for instant payouts. Overall a great platform to monetize an online business audience.

2. PayKickstart

  • URL: https://paykickstart.com/partner/ 
  • Commission: Up to 40% recurring
  • Promotions: PayKickstart is a shopping cart and subscription management platform perfect for selling products  and services online.

PayKickstart offers affiliates the ability to earn ongoing commissions through their generous recurring payment program. You’ll get a percentage of every payment your referral makes for the lifetime of their subscription.

This affiliate program provides a way to monetize the audience you already have by recommending a useful ecommerce tool. PayKickstart appeals to a wide range of online businesses from coaches to agencies. The recurring nature of the commissions gives you reliable long term income.

3. ClickMagick

For anyone involved in affiliate marketing or digital advertising, ClickMagick is an essential tool. Not only does it provide click tracking, but the analytics allow you to optimize landing pages and improve campaign performance.

The affiliate program pays out monthly residuals for every customer you refer. So over time, your income from ClickMagick can really add up without ongoing work. It’s a set and forget type of promotion that delivers value.

4. AdCrax

  • URL: https://www.adcrax.com/ 
  • Commission: Varies
  • Promotions: AdCrax is a CPA network with offers in mobile content, apps, dating, and many other niches.

AdCrax provides access to over 1,000 offers across a diverse range of verticals. So no matter your audience or traffic source, you should find relevant promotions. They make it quick and easy to get approved and start monetizing.

While not all offers pay daily, AdCrax has built a reputation for always paying out on time. Their support team is also willing to work with you to resolve any payment issues. Well worth looking into for fast commissions.

5. SEO Clerks

The SEO Clerks affiliate program provides opportunities in the form of promoting the services people need to rank sites and grow their businesses. Even though the baseline commission is only 5%, SEO Clerks offers a lifetime cookie duration.

So you can continue earning passive income long after the initial referral. With over 1 million registered users, there’s huge potential to profit from this massive marketplace.

6. Rebll Network

For those involved in the dating niche, Rebll Network provides access to profitable CPA and CPL deals you won’t find on mainstream affiliate platforms. There are over 600 affiliate programs available.

Rebll has built a reputation for high converting offers, always paying affiliates on time, and providing great support. The commissions may not be as high as other verticals, but can certainly add up with their daily payout frequency.

7. Leadstead

The main appeal of Leadstead is the variety – with thousands of affiliate programs spanning many different niches, you’re likely to find offers relevant to your audience.

They also make it easy to get started as a new affiliate. Leadstead has a reputation for always delivering on payments daily as promised. So if you need to monetize traffic fast, it’s worth exploring.

8. Dr. Cash

  • URL: https://dr.cash/sign-up
  • Commission: Varies
  • Promotions: Dr. Cash specializes in nutraceutical and health supplement affiliate offers.

For those of you involved in the natural health space, Dr. Cash should definitely be on your radar. They provide access to over 2,700 offers targeting all major health concerns and goals.

You can even preview top offers without creating an account first. On top of large commissions, Dr. Cash provides useful promo tools to boost conversions. From daily payouts to dedicated support, this program hits all the marks.

9. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus has been around since the early days of internet marketing, so they’ve had time to build up a sizable marketplace. While you’ll need to filter out some low quality products, gems do exist that convert well.

This program is all about leveraging your audience’s desire for guidance on how to earn online. And Warrior Plus vendors often provide promo tools to help drive sales. If you can plat the numbers game, this platform provides instant payments.

10. TerraLeads

The unique angle of TerraLeads is how targeted it is. As a CPA network focused solely on nutraceuticals, they can drill down into what converts best within that niche.

And by producing their own products, affiliate payments become very reliable. Their T-Coin rewards system provides additional incentives to promote their 750+ offers aggressively. For big commissions in the health space, explore TerraLeads.

11. Leadbit

  • URL: https://leadbit.com/
  • Commission: Varies
  • Promotions: Leadbit is an affiliate network with offers in dating, gambling, nutraceuticals, and other lucrative niches.

As an international network based in Russia, Leadbit provides access to many offers you won’t find elsewhere. Their portfolio includes some extremely high ticket promotions like $200+ CPA payouts.

Leadbit offers all the tools you need to monitor campaigns and optimize performance. While they have minimum payouts, trusted partners can qualify for daily payments. If you have the skills to profit from their top verticals, give Leadbit a look.

12. Mobidea

  • URL: https://www.mobidea.com/ 
  • Commission: Varies
  • Promotions: Mobidea is a large CPA affiliate network with offers across almost every niche, providing tons of options.

Mobidea stands out for its sheer size – with over 130,000 affiliates and 800+ programs on the platform, you’re certain to discover untapped opportunities.

Supporting over 200 geos, Mobidea can help you monetize international traffic sources. While commissions vary greatly, some verticals offer extremely profitable CPA payouts. Overall a great network for volume and diversity.

13. Practice Panther

Here’s a unique opportunity to tap into the very lucrative legal services industry. Practice Panther makes it easy to run every aspect of a law firm online – case management, document storage, calendars, and more.

As an affiliate, you earn a hefty $100 every time you convince a law firm to sign up for Practice Panther. So with some outreach, this program can quickly become quite profitable thanks to its high ticket value.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

Let’s summarize some potential pros and cons of choosing an affiliate program with daily payouts:


Instant Payouts

Get paid immediately instead of waiting weeks or months is an obvious pro. The biggest appeal is clearly the instant gratification. Rather than wondering when your next affiliate commission will arrive, you get to see your account credited every single day for conversions. This immediate feedback is motivating.

Great For Beginners

These programs are useful when first starting out or in between other income sources. Daily payouts let you access earnings faster. This can be a lifeline when you’re just getting started and have little revenue otherwise. It helps new affiliates bootstrap their businesses without taking on debt.

Test New Strategies Quickly

Payout frequency ties directly into testing velocity. The faster you can validate a traffic source, the faster you can optimize. With daily payments, you know if an ad platform works within 24 hours.


There’s Still Minimums

Programs with daily payouts often have a low minimum amount you must hit to get paid. This pressures you to focus on volume over long term value. Affiliates get caught up in the daily minimum rather than looking at the bigger picture.

Usually More Competitive

Many daily payout programs exist in extremely crowded and cutthroat niches. The race to the bottom hurts margins over time. And merchants often lack loyalty, constantly seeking the lowest cost traffic source.

Have to Be Carefully About Sketchy Offers

Instant commissions attract plenty of less than scrupulous merchants and networks. It’s essential you thoroughly vet each offer being promoted to avoid questionable practices. Otherwise, you’ll just waste time and tank your reputation.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing remains a marathon, not a sprint and as someone who has been in this industry for a number of years, believe me, it’s a marathon. 

While I always appreciate programs that pay out earnings faster, I don’t rely on them. The goal is to build diversified income streams that provide value to others. 

It’s nice to have quick wins but you want to create reliable income streams that you know you can have for years to come. The best affiliate programs that pay daily may come and go.

But used correctly, affiliate programs with daily payouts can be helpful. Take advantage of them to bridge income gaps, bootstrap new projects, or simply gain experience. Just be sure to vet offers carefully and master your craft.

At the end of the day, a dollar is a dollar. These instant payout programs simply allow you to gain access to the fruits of your labor faster.

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