12 Best Solar Affiliate Programs to Power Up Your Commissions

With raging climate change and the drive toward energy independence intensifying, global interest in renewable solar power solutions continues to reach new heights each year. This presents an unmatched scenario allowing savvy affiliate marketers to capitalize on this exponential growth market.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be reviewing the 13 best solar affiliate programs available based on key factors like generous commission rates, lengthy cookie durations, strength of brand reputation, and more.

Whether your audience is motivated by energy autonomy aspirations, loves outdoor adventures off-grid, embraces the van life movement, or seeks to lighten their eco-footprint, you’ll discover stellar solar affiliate program partnerships ready to tap into this demand.


  • Commission Rate: 5-8%
  • Cookie Duration: 15 days on ShareASale

Founded in California in 2012, Jackery manufactures a wide span of portable solar power stations, expandable solar panels, and clean power generators designed specifically for life on the go completely off-grid. 

Their rugged, well-designed products ranging from small phone chargers up to robust solar generators that can comfortably power an entire campsite or van build have made them a favorite among digital nomads, overlanders, preppers, and outdoors enthusiasts of all varieties.

And it’s no wonder why their products have taken off – they deliver serious innovation allowing endless access to renewable power even in extremely remote terrain. 

Between Jackery’s Solar Generator 2000 Pro at over $3,000 and able to carry 2,160 watt hours for small appliance charging to their compact Solar Saga 100W Panel clipped to your backpack continuously feeding juice to devices all day, they offer unmatched solutions.

What’s more, Jackery has already delivered over 1.5 million portable power units creating happy customers worldwide. This establishes tremendous credibility and buyer trust in the brand. They also foster over 400,000 loyal social media followers showing a strong organic reach.

For affiliate marketers, you can tap into this vast existing audience by joining Jackery’s affiliate program through ShareASale, Affiliatly, or Sovrn. They provide a baseline 5% commission rate on all sales driven by your referred clicks. 

With product prices spanning $300 up to $3,600 for the solar generators, you could earn anywhere from $15 to $150+ per customer that purchases.

Goal Zero

  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration:  14 days

Founded in 2007, Goal Zero offers an entire ecosystem of portable yet powerful solar panels, generators, lighting products and accessories – all intended to deliver essential off-grid power for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers and forward-thinking families alike.

Their products range from compact solutions like the $100 Yeti 150 Power Station able to recharge laptops, phones and tablets on-the-go all the way up to the robust $2,500 Yeti 6000X Generator equipped with 7800 watt hours of capacity which is enough to run refrigerators and mid-range appliances.

It’s no wonder Goal Zero touts such an immense 75% customer rebill rate – their products enable incredible off-grid living capabilities once reserved only for wealthy preppers. Now amateur adventurers have access to legitimate renewable energy autonomy.

As an affiliate partner, you can tap into Goal Zero’s demonstrated buyer demand by joining their Pepperjam program to earn 5% baseline commissions across all referred customer purchases.

With the average order value ringing in around $350, that translates to $17.50 per transaction. While not the highest commission percentage compared to other solar options, Goal Zero makes up for that with exceptional reliability and prestige.


  • Commission Rate: 4-15% depending on network
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Founded in 2010, Renogy produces a wide assortment of solar power solutions spanning small consumer gadget chargers all the way to complete homestead off-grid conversion kits for residential and commercial projects.

They intelligently recognize that while household solar transition demands hefty $15,000+ investments, offering more bite-sized $50 portable chargers introduces newcomers to solar capabilities and the Renogy name alike.

Somewhere in the middle lies prosumer gear like Renogy’s $1,700 400W Solar Cabin Kit packing enough capacity and storage for an average family to light rooms, power appliances and electronics out in their rural cabin removed from utility connections.

It’s this ability to cater to all solar interest levels that makes Renogy a versatile affiliate partner. Their extensive mix of product types and price points ensures multiple options exist for your audience.

Even more promising for affiliates are Renogy’s efforts fostering a thriving community platform surrounding alternative energy. This gives their thousands of existing brand loyalists a place to engage while capturing new customer interest.

You gain access to this pre-sold audience when joining as an affiliate. Renogy confirms commission rates spanning 4-15% depending on if you join via ShareASale, Yazing, or other supported programs.

But regardless what channel brings in your sales, the universal 30 day cookie duration gives referred prospects ample time to return and complete purchases.


  • Commission Rate: $100 or 1,000 miles
  • Cookie Duration: Not provided

No list of the industry leaders in renewable solar energy would be complete without at least acknowledging pioneers Tesla Motors. I think this is an incredibly interesting program.

While best known for their trendsetting electronic vehicles, Tesla does manufacture an entire range of consumer and commercial solar products as well – from solar roof tiles to the cutting edge Powerwall battery able to store solar energy captured during the day for nighttime consumption.

And their prices match the premium innovation Tesla is revered for. A single Powerwall unit costs homeowners $11,500 for the device and required supporting hardware. Meanwhile their commercial options like the Megapack start at a whopping $1 million per unit.

But here’s where Tesla’s affiliate potential gets interesting – they stray from the traditional affiliate partnership model of paying sales percentages or flat rates based on product costs.

Instead, their incentive system focuses exclusively on driving vehicle purchases from referred leads. There are no direct payouts tied to solar products despite the immense customer volumes and profits Tesla generates from them.

If someone you referred to Tesla ends up buying one of their award-winning electric cars thanks to your lead, you’ll receive 1,000 miles of free vehicle supercharging from Tesla.

Alternatively if your referral becomes a full solar customer but no car, you get $100 flat. Not too bad.

So while the payouts aren’t directly connected to the solar products themselves, the immense influence carrying Tesla links still wields makes them an affiliate opportunity.


  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Founded in 2016, Solgaard took the wildly popular trend of “onebag” minimalist travel to the next level by creating their flagship Solar Backpack – a sustainably crafted bag equipped with a flexible built-in solar panel.

Ethical designer Adrian Solgaard didn’t stop with just backpacks either. Under the Solgaard brand he also manufactures a variety of anti-theft bags (which I love), smart notebooks using recycled paper, eco-friendly phone cases made from actual recycled ocean plastics and more.

This gives Solgaard immense cross-selling possibilities once affiliate referred customers enter their store. The sustainable quality behind all their thoughtfully engineered products resonates loudly with both Gen Z and Millennials alike.

As an affiliate you gain access to this rapidly growing target demographic by joining Solgaard’s custom affiliate program direct from their website. They offer a generous 10% baseline commission on all referred sales with a 90-day cookie period.

With their flagship backpacks starting at $160 and scaling up in capacity adding solar panels, power banks and cables, order values can quickly rise to $500+ from a single eco-minded customer.


  • Commission Rate: 5%-6%
  • Cookie Duration: 15-45 days

Founded in 2017, Bluetti Established itself early on as a serious player in the renewable energy space thanks to their keen focus on engineering top-notch portable power stations and solar panels meticulously designed for off-grid life.

They were one of the first brands bringing lithium batteries mainstream for clean energy storage instead of relying solely on polluting lead-acid predecessors. This improved overall solar efficiency.

More importantly, Bluetti infused their systems with a visually appealing aesthetic missing from earlier industrial looking setups plagued by a mess of cables and components. Sleek briefcase styled batteries blending high density lithium cells with colorful touch screens helped the brand stand apart.

Their product range stretches from entry-level $500 generators like the EB150 perfect for camping up to advanced modular setups such as the EP500Pro able to feed an entire homestead with its 5100 watt hour capacity.

For affiliate marketers, you can tap into Bluetti’s expansive product assortment by joining their affiliate program via ShareASale or alternate platforms. They offer base 5% commissions on all sales attributed to your links, with the potential to score 6% for high volume lead contributors.

And with an average order volume frequently exceeding $5,000 thanks to various addons contributing to custom bundles, even their baseline 5% commission pencils out to $250 per sale. Not bad!


  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Founded in 2016, Inergy Solar exploded onto the portable renewable power scene by smashing their initial Kickstarter fundraising goal nearly 600% thanks to immense early demand for their debut Kodiak Solar Generator promising reliable off-grid electricity.

They’ve stayed laser focused since on creating solar generators, panels and accessories delivering dependable and affordable off-grid electricity specifically for households and properties cut off from unreliable centralized power grids.

Their products lean towards scalable and modular systems, enabling customers to start modestly with a single panel and battery yet seamlessly expand capacity over time by adding more panels and storage packs that automatically link into an integrated network.

As an affiliate, you can access this viral customer acquisition cycle by joining Inergy’s custom affiliate program directly via their website. They offer an above average base 10% commission incentive on all initial and repeat customer sales driven through your exclusive promo links.

With combo power generation and storage kits starting at $1,740 plus supporting hardware extras, that easily produces $174+ payouts per transaction attributed to you.

Lion Energy

  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: Not Listed

Lion Energy established itself initially as a manufacturer of premium lithium iron phosphate deep cycle batteries engineered explicitly to outperform lead-acid varieties plaguing solar storage applications.

Their batteries could withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from frigid Alaskan winters to scourging African heat waves without power capacity plummeting over time. Huge for off-grid longevity and reliability.

Today Lion Energy leverages over a decade of battery mastery supplying some of the most trusted solar generators and full scale renewable power backup systems serving households and commercial operations globally.

By joining their affiliate program, you can earn 5% commissions on customer sales driven by your exclusive promo links.

That easily produces $350+ payouts from just one Lion Generator order. Now calculate your earnings when selling complete residential or commercial solar arrays averaging $25,000+ from Lion Energy. 

For the experienced affiliate with the right audience, this could be a real cash cow. 

Solar Direct

  • Commission Rate: 1%-40% depending on tier
  • Cookie Duration: Not Listed

Solar Direct distinguishes itself from others on this list as primarily servicing complete large scale residential and commercial solar power installations versus simply retailing portable generators and components.

That said, they still offer over 600 solar products on their website that DIY newcomers and prosumers alike purchase and install – be it panels, pumps, inverters or batteries.

This breadth of inventory coupled with nearly 4 decades of solar project implementation experience gives Solar Direct distinct value helping the mainstream addressable consumer market transition to renewable energy. 

You earn 1% on sales from customers your sub-affiliates refer. You earn 5% on customers you directly refer buying from Solar Direct. For each direct tier 2 affiliate you recruit, you get 40% rev share income. (Got all that?)

Actually, there’s even more to it than that. There’s different tier structures that almost resemble an MLM so I’m not even going to begin. You can find out more about Solar Direct’s commission structure here.

So both consumer sales and team building offers income here – perfect for influencers nurturing communities around sustainable living and energy independence.


  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: 30-60 days

Ecoflow established an early reputation for elegantly designed, desirably slim and super portable power stations, panels and solar generators accommodating life on the move. This is a company you’ve likely heard of plenty of times.

Their products capture impressive power capacity rivaling bulkier alternatives while retaining smartphone-like convenience. This breakthrough form factor enabled mainstream outdoor enthusiasts, families and commuters alike to finally embrace solar reliability.

Ecoflow’s product and price range spans from affordable entry-level $250 portable stations perfect for charging phones to robust $3,000 modular rigs feeding entire off-grid homes. This range helps their affiliate program appeal to wide demographics.

You join Ecoflow’s custom affiliate program directly from their website to get started. You’ll get issued unique promo links granting a 5% commission rates that will vary based on your country.

They also confirm adequate 30 to 60 day cookie periods across most regions allowing sufficient time to capture customers performing extended solar research before committing to purchases.

Shop Solar Kits

  • Commission Rate: up to 6%
  • Cookie Duration: Not Listed

This Canada based company focuses specifically on creating blended plug & play solar generator kits mixing panels, batteries, inverters and cabling all into a convenient all-in-one package.

This avoids the common customer frustration trying to blindly source compatible components from dozens of merchants mixing and matching parts only to discover nothing works cohesively after spending thousands.

By joining their program you get exclusive access for earning up to 6% customer commissions driving plug-and-play solar sales across their site. An average system rings in around $2,000.


  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days on ShareASale

Maxoak dedicates itself to distributing affordable, everyday portable power stations to weekend warriors, outdoor explorers and convert van builders.

As an affiliate you get seamless access to Maxoak’s entire distributed catalog including Bluetti rebrands via their core affiliate program accessible either through direct discovery or supported third party affiliate platforms like ShareASale.

Documents show Maxoak affiliate partners earn generous recurring customer commissions reinforced by adequate cookie durations guaranteeing due attribution across wider buyer shopping cycles.

Choosing the Best Solar Affiliate Program

With a huge list of the best solar affiliate programs, how do you choose one? Do you have to choose one? Not really, but here are some factors I considered when choosing each of these. 

Commission Rates

When assessing affiliate commissions, aim for programs offering 5-10% baseline commission rates before considering extras like bonuses or asset development perks layered atop core earnings.

Most of the programs in this list should fall into that category.

Higher commission percentages reinforce perceived affiliate value by the partnering merchant which translates directly into how much marketing attention and technology resources they’ll continue investing helping you mutually grow sales.

Cookie Duration

The affiliate tracking cookies programs leverage to properly assign your due credit across wider buyer shopping cycles marks another prime indicator separating mediocre merchants from serious players committed enabling partner prosperity.

Shoot for minimum 30+ day cookie durations and lean heavier toward partners guaranteeing 60-90 day windows before sales fall out of your performance analytics.

The longer the cookie duration is, the higher likelihood you have of people coming back for repeat purchases. 

Site Conversion

All affiliate commissions ultimately trace back to just one catalyst – customers feeling compelled exploring merchant websites after clicking affiliate links then securely buying something.

If the target merchant’s website under delivers showcasing solutions, provides clumsy user experience or declines mainstream payment options, your referrals bounce without converting regardless how persuasive your original pitch.

Research the conversion rates of each program to determine priority when applying.

Average Order Value

The average total order size ($$$) provides information about how much you can expect to earn each time someone clicks through. 

Some examples of high order value affiliate niches are:

Higher per-sale averages prove more profitable in the long run which is why highlighted solar equipment companies dominate revenue visibility even offering lower commission percentages than software merchants.

Final Thoughts

Rising worldwide energy uncertainty paired with real climate impact ensures reliance on renewable solar solutions will only accelerate adoption over this new decade.

This is where you come in. If you have any interest in this affiliate niche at all, it’s worth a go. It’s profitable and I don’t see it as overly competitive compared to some other niches. 

With thoughtful analysis guiding your program selection, you’ll be on your way to earning money from the best solar affiliate programs.

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