The 13 Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

High ticket affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative for those who do it right. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing which promotes low cost products, high ticket programs allow you to earn commissions of hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale. 

But with so many options out there, how do you know which high ticket affiliate programs are truly the best?

I’ve handpicked 13 of the top high ticket affiliate marketing programs across various niches. These high ticket affiliate marketing programs stood out for their high commissions, excellent cookie durations, frequent payouts, and reasonable requirements to get started. 

Whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or just getting your feet wet, promoting one or more of these stellar programs is a great way to maximize your earnings. Keep reading to learn why these 13 high ticket affiliate programs deliver results.

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing refers to earning commissions by promoting high priced products, typically over $500 or $1000 per sale. The commissions earned are proportional to the price, meaning you can make hundreds or thousands per sale rather than the few dollars earned on low priced items.

Some common high ticket offers include:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) 
  • Online courses and educational programs
  • Luxury products like jewelry, vacations, or event tickets
  • High end electronics and appliances

While low ticket affiliate marketing relies on volume, high ticket focuses on fewer but more valuable conversions. This model rewards affiliates who can influence high intent buyers to make large purchases.

The 13 Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs

Let’s take a look at the best high ticket affiliate marketing programs of this year and years to come. 

1. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is the most popular high ticket affiliate program for a good reason. It offers some of the most generous recurring commissions in the industry.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 40% on initial purchase, up to 30% lifetime recurring commissions 
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly (minimum of $50 earned)
  • Requirements: Must apply and be accepted 

With ClickFunnels, you can earn 40% commission on your referrals’ first purchase of a ClickFunnels subscription. But the big money comes from the recurring commissions. You’ll continue earning 30% of whatever subscription level they renew at each month. 

For example, if you refer a customer who purchases the $297 Etison Suite plan, you’d earn around $118 just from the initial purchase. And as long as they stay a ClickFunnels member, you’d earn $89 per month in recurring commissions!

With such lucrative payouts, it’s no wonder ClickFunnels has the highest commissions of any major high ticket program.

2. SEMRush

Another great high ticket software offer is SEMRush. Though not as generous as ClickFunnels, the upfront and recurring commissions are still excellent.

Key Details:  

  • Commissions: $200 per new subscription sale ($10 for every trial)
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days 
  • Payment Frequency: 21 days post lock period
  • Requirements: None

SEMRush offers a flat $200 commission for every new subscription you refer. Their cookie duration is a generous 120 days. And payouts are sent 21 days after the 27 day action lock period, so you get paid monthly.

Considering their paid plans start at $99/month, a $200 commission per sale is pretty sweet. With SEMRush’s sought after SEO and PPC tools, it should convert well for digital marketers and agencies.

3. Kinsta

If you run a blog or know people who do, Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting is a great high ticket service to promote. Their affiliate program offers both generous upfront commissions and ongoing residual commissions.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: $50 to $500 one-time fee plus 5-10% lifetime recurring 
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Payment Frequency: 15th-20th each month
  • Requirements: None

The dollar amount on the initial commission depends on which hosting plan gets purchased. But you can expect to earn between $50 and $500 per signup. 

The real value comes from the ongoing residuals. You’ll get 5-10% monthly commission for as long as your referral remains a paying Kinsta customer.

With premium WordPress hosting plans costing $30-$100+/month, the lifetime commissions add up quickly. Kinsta makes it easy to promote their services with no approval or minimums to get started.

4. Shopify

As the leading ecommerce platform, Shopify’s affiliate program is hugely popular. Though not the highest paying, it offers a balance of great commissions and brand name recognition.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 200% bounty of their first 2 months subscription fee
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Frequency: $10 minimum payout twice monthly
  • Requirements: Must have an established audience

With Shopify, you’ll earn a 200% bounty of whatever subscription plan your referral selects. So if they purchase the $29/month basic plan, you’d earn around $58. The $79/month Shopify plan would pay around $158.

Beyond those first 2 months, there are no recurring commissions. But with Shopify’s wide appeal and the ease of building a store, it converts well for entrepreneurs, ecommerce, side hustles, crafts, and more.

Want to learn how to make more money using Shopify? Read my guide here

5. Kajabi

Kajabi is a complete business platform for online entrepreneurs to sell digital products and services. Their affiliate program offers excellent commissions and residuals.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 30% lifetime commission if your referral stays past the trial
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15 twice monthly
  • Requirements: Must apply and be approved

You can earn 30-50% on your referral’s initial Kajabi subscription purchase, depending on which plan they select. The commission percentages increase for their higher tier plans.

Additionally, you’ll get 30% lifetime recurring commissions as long as your referral remains an active, paying member. With subscription plans costing $119-$399 per month, the long term residuals are very lucrative.

If you have an audience of online entrepreneurs, Kajabi is a perfect high ticket affiliate program to promote.

6. AWeber

For email marketing, AWeber has long been an industry leader. Their high ticket affiliate program offers nice commissions on both entry level and higher tier plans.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: $100-$645 initial purchase, 33-50% recurring commissions
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Requirements: None

You can earn between $100-$645 for each new AWeber subscription you refer, depending on which plan they select.

There’s also a generous 33% lifetime recurring commission. So if your referral renews at $89/month, you’d get around $29 per month in residual income.

No approval is needed, so it’s easy to promote AWeber’s email services to small businesses, online marketers, and entrepreneurs.

7. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is another top notch email service platform with big commissions for their high ticket affiliate program.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 30% commission for up to 24 months
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly
  • Requirements: None

You’ll earn a 30% commission on all subscribers for up to 24 months on every paying customer that comes through and signs up. 

With plans costing $29-$399 per month, you’re looking at $15-$200+ per signup.

The recurring commissions are slightly less generous since they’re only for 24 months. But with no minimums or application needed, ConvertKit’s email marketing services can be promoted to make nice commissions.

8. BigCommerce

BigCommerce powers ecommerce stores for 60,000+ merchants. Their affiliate program offers competitive commissions with the added brand name appeal.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 200% bounty on first-time customers 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30 monthly
  • Requirements: None

Pricing starts at $29.95/month for BigCommerce’s Essential plan. When you refer a customer to this plan, you’ll earn a 200% bounty. If you can manage to get someone to sign up for the Enterprise plan, you earn a flat $1,500. Not too bad. 

No recurring commissions, but with the brand recognition and extensive ecommerce features BigCommerce offers, it can convert well for starters all the way up to established online businesses.

9. Bitstarz Casino

For those with online casino gaming and gambling sites or YouTube content around the topic, Bitstarz may be the ideal high ticket program. Their commissions and sub-affiliate earnings are fantastic.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: Up to 40% revenue share lifetime
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15 twice monthly
  • Requirements: Submit ID documents

Bitstarz Casino pays affiliates up to 40% revenue share commissions on all wagers and losses from referred players. So if you refer a player who deposits $1000 and loses it all, you’d earn around $400.

They also run slot and live casino tournaments with $30,000+ prize pools where you can earn a share of prizes won by referrals.

Bitstarz takes security and responsibility seriously, so you will need to submit ID documents before being approved into the program. But if you have an appropriate audience, the earnings potential is huge.

10. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a popular managed hosting provider for SMBs and agencies. Their high ticket affiliate program boasts some of the most generous commissions available.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 150% of first payment up to $7,000
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Payment Frequency: 15 days after 60 day action lock
  • Requirements: None

You’ll earn a whopping 150% commission on your referrals’ first Liquid Web payment. Their plans start at $59/month, and commissions max out at $7,000 per referral.

The 90 day cookie duration gives you plenty of time to earn credit for conversions. And the commissions are exceptionally high for managed WordPress hosting and web hosting services.

11. HubSpot

For small to medium businesses, HubSpot is a complete inbound marketing and sales platform. Their affiliate program offers competitive upfront and recurring commissions.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 30-35% of initial purchase, up to 30% lifetime recurring
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days
  • Payment Frequency: 30 days after invoicing
  • Requirements: Must apply and be approved

You can earn 30-35% on your referrals’ first HubSpot purchase, depending on which plan they buy. The commission rate increases for their higher priced software packages.

You’ll also get up to 30% in lifetime recurring commissions as long as they stay an active HubSpot customer. Subscriptions start at $45/month for their free CRM before increasing to their $800-$3200/month enterprise plans.

With comprehensive marketing, sales, and service software, HubSpot appeals to a wide range of businesses when promoted effectively.

12. GetResponse

GetResponse is a competitive email marketing platform with some nice commissions for their affiliates. It’s an appealing option for small business owners and online marketers.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 33% recurring revenue share plus up to $100 upfront commission
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30 monthly
  • Requirements: None

GetResponse shells out bigtime for their affiliates with up to $100 per sale upfront and then 33% monthly commissions on the backend. 

This lifetime revenue share applies to all plans, from Basic starting at $15/month up to their advanced suite at $199/month.

With dynamic email marketing features packed into an easy to use platform, GetResponse can appeal to a broad range of websites and businesses to promote. No approval needed either.

13. ExpressVPN

For security conscious internet users and international travelers, ExpressVPN is a popular virtual private network service to promote. Their affiliate program offers nice recurring commissions.

Key Details:

  • Commissions: 20% of each sale
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly
  • Requirements: None

You’ll earn 20% for each customer that sticks with ExpressVPN past the initial 30 days. This qualifies you for lifetime monthly commissions as long as they remain active members.

It’s important to understand that these are single-tier commissions so you only get paid once and there isn’t any lifetime opportunities. That said, VPNs like this sell themselves in today’s digital landscape so you can generate a lot of sales if you have enough traffic. 

Factors That Went Into These Choices

In selecting the top high ticket affiliate programs above, I evaluated several key factors to ensure only the best options were included:

  • Commission Rates – The amount earned per referral is critical. Programs with the highest commissions and revenue share percentages were given preference. Lifetime recurring commissions were also weighted heavily.
  • Long-Term Potential – You may notice that a lot of these high ticket affiliate programs actually have lifetime value in the form of a “forever commission.” This is invaluable because you can continue to earn even if you’re not actively converting any new customers. 
  • Cookie Duration – The length of time you’re credited for a conversion is important. Programs with 60-180+ day cookies allow more time to convert traffic and get properly credited.
  • Payment Frequency – Getting paid quickly and regularly is ideal. Programs with monthly payouts or twice monthly payment schedules ranked higher.
  • Requirements to Join – Lower barriers to entry are preferable when starting out. Programs that didn’t require applications or minimums made the list over those that did.

Using these criteria and factors, I hand-selected the top tier high ticket affiliate programs that offer the best overall value. Focusing on just these few verticals can generate a steady stream of high dollar commissions month after month.

Final Thoughts

These high ticket affiliate programs profiled above have proven themselves as the top options for earning the highest commissions promoting digital products and subscription services.

From email marketing software to online casino gaming, you’re bound to find a great high ticket vertical that aligns with your audience, website topic, social media followers, or YouTube viewers. Despite what some say, affiliate marketing is still a great business model

Most of these programs make it simple to get up and running quickly without long applications or minimum requirements. In fact, many of them have almost no requirements at all for getting started.

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