18 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

Insurance is a massive industry that provides protection and financial security to individuals and businesses around the world. While I wouldn’t say this an “exciting” or “interesting” affiliate niche, it’s one that people are always going to need. 

As a result, it presents a lucrative opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote various insurance products and services. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at 18 of the best insurance affiliate programs across various categories such as health, life, travel, home, renters, auto, and more. 

Why Choose the Insurance Affiliate Niche?

The insurance affiliate niche has several advantages that make it a great choice:

  • Huge market size and demand – Insurance is something that nearly every individual and business needs in some form. This translates to a massive target audience and strong demand for insurance products.
  • High commissions – Most insurance affiliate programs pay generous commissions in the range of $20 to $50 per sale. Some even offer recurring commissions.
  • Established brands – You get to partner with large, reputable insurance brands that are trusted by customers. This builds credibility.
  • Variety of verticals – There are programs for all types of insurance like health, life, home, travel, pet etc. Gives you options to choose a niche.
  • Evergreen niche – The need for insurance never goes away, so the niche has long-term viability. Customers renew policies periodically too.
  • High average order values – Insurance policies tend to be big ticket items with higher dollar values, leading to more earnings per transaction.
  • Accessible to all levels – Both novice and experienced affiliates can promote insurance offers as they don’t require any specialized knowledge.

Compared to other affiliate niches like outdoor for example, you can see that the need for insurance products never goes away. It’s not a luxury or vanity purchase. It’s something that people buy because they know they need it. 

Potential downsides include tight regulations on advertising insurance products in certain regions, waiting periods to get approved by insurance firms, and seasonal ebbs and flows in some insurance verticals. However, the upsides clearly outweigh the minor negatives for most affiliates.

1. Lemonade

Lemonade provides a refreshing approach to home and renters insurance powered by AI and behavioral economics. Their disruptive model and focus on claims processing speed have earned many positive reviews.

The Lemonade affiliate program provides a flat $15 commission for each lead referred. Their transparent, fixed CPL model simplifies earnings projections. They also offer a library of banners, articles and other marketing assets to help promote their products.

Given Lemonade’s innovative approach and stellar brand reputation, it’s a great option for any affiliate looking to promote home and renters insurance products in the US market.

2. USAA Affiliate Program

USAA provides insurance and financial services exclusively for military members and their families. Their products include banking, investing, retirement and insurance.

The USAA affiliate program offers $4 to $20 per generated lead across different insurance products like auto, home, renters, valuable property etc. They have customized creatives and dedicated affiliate managers to help you succeed.

USAA’s highly targeted audience and competitive products make them a winning choice. The program is best suited for websites related to military life and affiliates promoting in the US.

3. Liberty Mutual

As a leading auto and home insurer, Liberty Mutual sells policies directly to consumers across the US. Their affiliate program provides customized deep links and marketing assets like banners, text links etc.

They offer $3 for renters insurance quotes and $10 for auto and home insurance quotes generated through affiliate links. Additional bonuses are also offered for hitting sales milestones.

Liberty Mutual’s broad range of insurance products, national presence and dedicated support staff make them a great addition for US-focused affiliates.

4. World Nomads

World Nomads provides specialized travel insurance tailored to adventurous travelers and explorers of all ages. They cover over 150 adventure activities.

Their affiliate program managed by CJ offers starting commissions of $0.83+ per quote driven, with rates tiered based on volume and quality of referrals. World Nomads runs special promotions for affiliates and offers marketing materials to help drive conversions.

This program is a good fit for travel blogs, adventure sites and other publishers targeting worldwide travel insurance customers. The 60-day cookie duration provides a great window to capture booking conversions.

5. Allianz Care

Allianz Care is a leading international health insurer catering to expats, students and globally mobile individuals. Their plans provide coverage in over 200 countries.

Affiliates earn between $12-25 based on whether they get a quote, book a call, or secure a sale.  Allianz Care payouts have low minimum requirements, and they offer multi-lingual banners and text links to help convert international traffic.

Their broad global presence and high-value health insurance products make this ideal for travel, expat and educational websites. The 45-day cookie provides lots of time to capture subscriptions.

6. Ethos

Ethos uses predictive analytics to offer term life insurance directly to consumers. Their online application process issues plans without medical exams.

Their program pays $20 to $55 per lead based on type and quality. Custom pricing models, affiliate tools and dedicated support help maximize earnings. Ethos also provides marketing assets like banners, landing pages etc.

This program is a great addition for US-focused affiliates in the life insurance and financial niches. The flexible payout models and helpful tools make promoting Ethos easy.

7. RoamRight

RoamRight provides specialized travel insurance products for domestic and international travel. They offer comprehensive plans tailored to all major trip types.

Their ShareASale program offers attractive 15% commissions on sales along with a generous 365-day cookie duration. They also provide marketing tools and account management support. However, RoamRight has a strict vetting process for new affiliates.

The high commissions, long cookies and targeted travel audience make this a great addition for established US travel affiliates. Just be prepared for an extensive application process.

8. Gabi

Gabi is an online insurance marketplace specializing in auto, home and life insurance. They help consumers compare plans across major insurance carriers.

Their CJ program offers commissions starting at $5 per lead, going up to $40 for purchases. Gabi provides turnkey landing pages, custom tracking links and a library of banner/text ads to promote their platform.

Affiliates focused on the US insurance space should consider Gabi to diversify their offerings. Their independent marketplace and range of verticals open up multiple options to earn.

9. Bestow

Bestow offers a streamlined term life insurance buying experience. Applicants can get quotes and apply online with Bestow in minutes.

Their Impact program provides $25 for each completed application. Affiliates get custom landing pages, messaging and optimization tips from their support team.

Bestow’s innovative life insurance product and frictionless application process make them easy to promote. This program is a great addition for US finance and insurance affiliates.

10. Hiscox

Hiscox specializes in small business insurance—they offer specialized policies tailored for consultants, freelancers, agencies and tech firms.

Their CJ program pays $25 for each completed quote driven by an affiliate link. Top converting affiliates can qualify for higher commission rates. Their wide range of marketing collateral and dedicated support help maximize conversions.

Hiscox is a smart choice for affiliates targeting US-based small business owners and solopreneurers. The specialized insurance products provide lots of options for targeted outreach and promotions.

11. Cover-More Australia

Cover-More is Australia’s largest travel insurance provider. They offer comprehensive plans tailored for domestic and international trips.

Managed through ShareASale, their program provides a 10% commission on all sales. Affiliates get access to marketing tools like quote comparison widgets, banners and more to help drive conversions.

This program is best suited for Australian-focused travel affiliates. The combination of strong commission rates and tailored marketing assets make promoting Cover-More easy and profitable.

12. Insurify

Insurify lets consumers compare quotes across top insurance carriers. They compile personalized rates from over 100 insurance companies.

Their Impact program pays $15 per lead with a 30 day cookie window. Dedicated affiliate managers provide custom recommendations and assets to boost earnings. Insurify also offers turnkey creative galleries, API access and real-time performance dashboard.

This is an excellent addition for US-based affiliates in the auto, home or life insurance space. Insurify’s extensive selection and marketing tools take the complexity out of promotions.

13. Fabric

Fabric provides easy online access to term life insurance and secure digital legacy tools to organize wills, finances etc. Their policies require no medical exams.

Fabric’s FlexOffers program pays up to $100 per subscription depending on policy type. Affiliates get turnkey landing pages and marketing collateral to simplify promotions.

This program is a great fit for US affiliates in the personal finance and life insurance space. Fabric’s innovative products and helpful affiliate assets make generating leads easy.

14. Haven Life

Haven Life, backed by MassMutual, offers easy online access to term life insurance. Applicants can get coverage quickly without any medical exams.

Their FlexOffers program provides a flat $24 commission per lead driven within a 7-day cookie window. Haven Life offers a full suite of marketing collateral, co-branded landing pages and call center integration to capture leads.

This program is ideal for US-based affiliates in the finance and insurance space. Quick approvals and helpful affiliate resources make promoting Haven Life a breeze.

15. Esurance

Esurance provides auto, homeowners, renters and motorcycle insurance policies online and over phone. Customers can purchase policies and manage claims directly through Esurance.

Their affiliate program offered via CJ pays $10 to $13 per quote driven. Commissions vary based on policy type. A library of banners, text links and other creatives help affiliates promote Esurance insurance plans.

This program is a great addition for US auto insurance affiliates. Competitive payouts and broad selection of policies provide plenty of earning potential.

16. Hippo

Hippo offers home insurance products with real-time risk monitoring. Their smart home tech helps prevent damage and claims. Hippo policies are modern, comprehensive and optimize for today’s homes.

Hippo’s ShareASale program pays a $5 flat commission for each lead generated within 90 days of a click. A variety of banners and text links help drive traffic. However, recent program activity is very low.

This program can still be worthwhile for home and tech-focused affiliates promoting within the US. Just ensure the program is still active before dedicating heavy promotions.

17. Pawp

Pawp provides an alternative to pet insurance. Their wellness plans offer 24/7 telehealth access to veterinarians, emergency cost coverage and other benefits for your pets.

Pawp’s Awin program offers tiered commissions ranging from $5 to $30 per sale based on plan type. This innovative pet wellness product provides a fresh angle to promote.

This is a niche play suitable for US-based pet and veterinarian affiliates. Pawp’s unique product and generous commissions make it appealing for targeted promotions.

18. NEXT Insurance

NEXT Insurance offers customized policies to protect small businesses. Their platform makes finding affordable coverage easy for small business owners.

Their Impact program provides a flat $25 commission for each policy sale. NEXT supplies useful marketing materials like custom links, banners and messaging to help convert traffic.

This program is ideal for US affiliates targeting small business owners and solopreneurs. The highly targeted audience and helpful affiliate resources maximize earning potential.

Final Thoughts

This compilation of the best insurance affiliate programs spans multiple popular verticals within the profitable insurance sector.

There are attractive options for affiliates focused on auto, health, life, travel, home and small business insurance—not to mention some niche plays like pet insurance.

Again, I think this is a great niche simply because of the need. Being profitable in digital marketing is all about appealing to peoples emotions and desires. People want to feel safe in their life and insurance whether it’s home, renters, or life – helsp them feel safe. 

Most of these programs are relatively generous with their offers so it makes it an even more desirable option and you can promote these programs alongside other niches like travel, outdoor, business, finance, and more. 

Just be sure to closely evaluate each program based on your audience, traffic geography and content focus areas. Choosing programs that align well with your website and readership will lead to the best results and highest conversions and earnings.

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