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How To Choose The Right Keywords For SEO

Keywords are the foundation of a good SEO strategy. Choose the right ones, and you can see your rankings and traffic increase. Choose the wrong ones and your pages may never see any organic traffic.  Here’s our step-by-step guide to…

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What Are Backlinks And Why Are They Important For SEO?

Once upon a time, backlinks used to be practically all that mattered in SEO. The more you had, the better you would rank. Since then, Google has significantly updated its algorithm, but backlinks have remained just as important.  Here’s all…

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What Is Alt Text And Why Is It Important? 

If you are new to SEO, you might be unsure as to what exactly the term alt text refers to. You may have seen it in SEO reports, you may have come across it online, but you might now know…

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What Are Featured Snippets?

Google has several types of snippets. The standard snippet usually features a title, a meta description and a URL. A rich snippet includes the information from the standard snippet, but also features ratings, images, or other additional information. The featured…

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Dofollow vs. Nofollow Links: Everything You Need To Know

Links are the backbone of the internet, you’ll often hear it said. Without them, the world wide web would not exist.  As you probably already know, one of the ways to classify them is into dofollow or nofollow links.  What…

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What Is Keyword Difficulty And Why Is It Important

Keyword difficulty if a term you will often hear from digital marketers and find in SEO reports. And while it is partly self-explanatory and very widely used, you may still have some questions about what it precisely is, and how…

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What Is The Difference Between Unique Visitors and Visits? 

If you are new to SEO and digital marketing, you may be unsure about the difference between the terms unique visitors and visits. Both of them are metrics used by Google Analytics to track activity on a website, and while…

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What Is Organic Traffic And How To Increase It

Organic traffic is a very commonly used term in the digital marketing space. It’s used to measure the success of various kinds of campaigns. However, while you may have heard it thrown around plenty of times before, you may not…

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The 16 Best On-Page SEO Tools 

When you first start assembling your on-page SEO arsenal, you will soon realize there are dozens, sometimes even hundreds of tools that appear to do the exact same thing.  How do you choose just one in this vast sea of…

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A Complete Guide to HTTP Status Codes 

Status codes are an integral part of the World Wide Web. They are the way your browser communicates with the server the website you are trying to access is hosted on.  There are five status code classes that account for…

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