The 14 Best Home Decor Affiliate Programs to Elevate Your Income

Transforming a house into a warm, inviting home is a cherished goal for homeowners worldwide. As a result, the global home decor market has exploded in recent years, projected to reach a staggering $1.1 billion by 2032 .

With consumer demand stronger than ever, the home decor niche presents tremendous affiliate marketing opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 14 of the most profitable home decor affiliate programs that deliver generous commissions.

We’ll overview each popular merchant’s product line and commission structure. You’ll also gain insight into advantageous features like high average order values, conversion rates, and cookie duration.

By the end, you’ll have in-depth knowledge of the top players in home decor along with tips for choosing the best programs for your audience. Let’s dive in!

1. Wayfair: The Massive Marketplace for Home Products

Boasting over 18 million home products from more than 5000 suppliers, Wayfair stands as the largest online destination for home goods. Through their family of brands including Wayfair, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold, they are recognized as an industry leader.

Their average order value exceeds $300. Combined with commission rates from 4-10% based on monthly sales volume, Wayfair’s program promises healthy payouts. Their EPC of $49 also confirms that affiliates generate consistent income.

With new products constantly added and seasonal sales driving further customer acquisition, Wayfair supplies a steady stream of affiliate opportunities all year long.

2. Ruggable: The Machine-Washable Rug Innovator

Ruggable disrupted the floor covering space by pioneering machine-washable rugs. Available in standard rug sizes or convenient doormats, their products feature stylish designs over a patented rug pad.

Ruggable’s average order value exceeds $100. Combined with a fair 6% commission rate, affiliates earn $6 for each sale they generate. Their 21-day cookie period also allows time to capture returning shoppers.

Promoting Ruggable’s novel machine-washable rugs to design-conscious consumers promises lucrative commissions. Their innovative products solve a common decorating challenge with style and convenience. If you have experience or plan to start a home decor or home improvement affiliate site, this would be a good program to utilize. 

3. Society6: The Marketplace Supporting Independent Artists

Founded on a mission to support creativity, Society6 gives independent artists and designers an entrepreneurial platform. Through their marketplace, over 300,000 global artists sell unique designs on home decor, apparel, tech accessories, and lifestyle gear.

Society6’s expansive home and living collection transforms artists’ works into statement pieces. Wall art, pillows, tapestries, mugs, clocks, and more become vehicles to infuse self-expression into any space. Their production model even allows customers to customize product types, sizes, and framing to match their vision.

Their affiliate program offers an 10% baseline commission, with opportunities to qualify for a 12% graduated commission rate based on sales volume. Combined with active promotion from influencers and creators, Society6 promises great opportunities for affiliates. 

4. Baloo Living: The Popular Brand for Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets from Baloo Living use gentle, evenly distributed weight to promote better sleep and happier living. Designed similar to a warm hug, their premium blankets boost serotonin levels to reduce stress and relax the nervous system.

Baloo’s lovingly crafted products feature sustainable materials like eco-friendly bamboo viscose, premium cotton, and microfiber layers.

These beautiful offerings resonate with wellness enthusiasts seeking better rest and homeowners wanting to refresh their self-care sanctuaries. With an average order value around $180 and generous 10% commissions, Baloo Living presents nice profit potential for affiliates looking to promote home decor products to eco-consious shoppers.

5. Parachute: The Brand Creating Essential Home Goods

Regarded as a trailblazing brand in home essentials, Parachute brings ease and elegance to everyday living. Beginning with luxury bedding crafted from premium long-staple Egyptian cotton, they have expanded into a full lifestyle lineup.

Under their homepage banner “Make Yourself At Home”, Parachute invites visitors to enjoy everyday luxuries that refresh the spirit. Their brand reminds audiences that transforming a house into an effortless, eco-friendly sanctuary is attainable and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Commissions up to 10%, healthy average order values, and strong conversion metrics demonstrate Parachute’s excellent affiliate program performance. Promoting their line of light-filled home goods made ethically promises satisfying payouts.

6. Brooklinen: Bringing Boutique Bedding to the Masses

Launched with the goal of making premium bedding available at fair prices, Brooklinen has expanded into broader lifestyle offerings beyond the bedroom. 

While best known for their award-winning sheets, customers can now shop towel sets, loungewear, candles, and decor items carrying the Brooklinen trademark quality and value.

While average order values exceed $200, Brooklinen’s limited lifetime warranty incites additional purchases down the line. Combined with a generous 10% commission rate, promoting Brooklinen promises healthy recurring affiliate income. 

This is a brand that a lot more people are familiar with; pair that with their superior reputation and you’ll have a great opportunity to earn some serious affiliate income.  

7. Burrow: The Modular Sofa Company Expanding Home Goods

Founded on the frustration of piecemeal traditional furniture buying, Burrow combines clever design with simple delivery. Their modular sofas, shelving units, coffee tables, rugs, and seating ship directly in easy-to-assemble pieces. Customers can conveniently configure items to design their own multifunctional furnishings.

While bestselling modular sofas remain Burrow’s hero product, their brand has expanded into ancillary home pieces consistent with their versatility ethos. Tables, rugs, and storage integrate seamlessly together like building blocks, adapting as life priorities shift.

This digitally-native modular approach attracts young professionals and families focused on flexibility. 

Burrow’s integrated style carries from living room to home office to bedroom using cohesive, sustainable materials. With average order values above $1000, Burrow’s variable commission rate brings big earnings potential. Their optimized site promises conversions from invested visitors.

8. Rugs USA: The Rug Retailer with Massive Choice 

Finding the perfect floor rug to pull an entire room together can be a decorative challenge. As a top online rug retailer, Rugs USA makes the quest easier through their enormous in-stock selection of over 250,000 rugs.

Sourced from artisan partners globally, Rug USA’s expansive inventory spans varied sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and materials.

Offering almost 10 times more rug choices than the closest competitor, Rugs USA provides unmatched selection. With average order values exceeding $335, affiliate payouts are lucrative. An 10% commission rate earns over $30 average per order. 30-day cookies allow a standard amount of tiime to capture multi-purchase shoppers.

9. Chairish: The Largest Marketplace for Premium Vintage Furniture

As the world’s largest design marketplace for exceptional vintage furniture and decor, Chairish connects shoppers with rare finds for an extraordinary home. Hosting over 700,000 curated listings, the scope of unique products is unparalleled.

Sourcing from top dealers, collectors, and shoppers worldwide, Chairish offers museum-quality midcentury creations alongside novelty pieces.

Chairish also spotlights elite designers and historical styles through editorial content and shoppable SEO guides. These contextual backstories educate audiences interested in collecting investment-worthy pieces. 

For sellers, Chairish’s full-service model photographs, lists, stores and ships items, delivering reliable payments.

With average order values exceeding $1000, Chairish’s 10% commission rate averages $100 per transaction. Their seamless platform encourages multi-item buying, especially among trade buyers furnishing commercial properties. Promoting Chairish allows your audience to unlock rare vintage furniture they might not find anywhere else. 

10. Lulu & Georgia: Unique Global Finds for Stylish Living

Defined by globally curated home goods and furnishings, Lulu & Georgia spotlights quality artisan craftsmanship from around the world. Their unique boutique finds encompass handcrafted tables, exotic rugs and textiles, decorative accessories, elegant lighting, and modern artwork.

By scouring design capitals seeking exceptional makers, Lulu & Georgia distinguish themselves through rare luxury discoveries.

Their unique pitch though is that they have pricing that is 20-30% lower than traditional retailers. This is due to direct partnerships so the combination of luxury and affordability is what attracts shoppers to this brand. 

With average order values hovering near $200, Lulu & Georgia’s 5% commission rate delivers $10 earnings per transaction. While lower than some programs, their desirable portfolio of globally sourced artisan wares counterbalances into a lucrative niche opportunity.

11. AromaTech: The Essential Oil Leader Reinventing Wellness

AromaTech manufactures thoughtfully designed essential oil diffusers to elevate ambiance, moods and wellbeing. Paired with proprietary 100% plant-based Eco-Fusion diffusion blends, their systems scent spaces naturally without heat, water or solvents. This gentle method maximizes aroma intensity and therapeutic benefits.

With options including electric and battery-powered diffusers, car vent clips, diffusion jewelry and skincare serums, AromaTech enables custom relaxation routines. 

Smart automation and timer settings provide unmatched convenience and safety. Designed for simple enjoyment from home to office to car and beyond, their innovations enhance dwellings into sanctuaries.

AromaTech’s multifaceted product line intersects with wellness enthusiasts, pet owners, businesses, and smart home adopters. With average order values above $200 and generous 20% commissions, affiliates earn $40+ per transaction. 

Their EPC ranking among the highest globally demonstrates the fact that the site and the products convert which is a huge green light for me. 

12. Jayson Home: Discover One-of-a-Kind Finds for Bold Living

Positioning itself as “the style authority for living life colorful”, Jayson Home curates dramatic home collections for fearless designers. Passionate product hunters source globally to capture coveted handcrafted wares not replicated elsewhere.

Spanning categories, Jayson Home celebrates confident décor statements through rich textures, intricate patterns, and vivid hues. Sculptural furnishings, abstract art glass, handpainted ceramics, embroidered textiles, and exotic antique rugs communicate audacious spirit.

While lower than some programs, Jayson Home’s 8% commission rate proves lucrative given average order values exceeding $250. Promoting their curated mix of daring global designs promises to capture shopper spend from artistic and worldly segments.

13. Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas brings a fresh, playful approach to homewares and fashion. With bright colors and bold patterns emphasized throughout their product line, they’ve built strong brand recognition worldwide. 

Home decor makes up over 60% of their sales, making their 7% commission rate worthwhile for savvy affiliates.

Pairing Oliver Bonas with some of the other more popular brands in this guide will help provide variety and options on your affiliate site. I always recommend having a handful of the best home decor affiliate programs at your disposal at all times. 

14. The Citizenry

Handcrafted luxury home decor ethically produced by global artisans defines The Citizenry brand. Specializing in organic bedding, handwoven textiles, and artisan-made furniture, The Citizenry offers sustainable home goods designed to last for years. 

With commissions between 5-10% according to research and average order values over $500, promoting this merchant promises excellent payout potential. 

Their site is also known for have a high EPC which tells me it converts well which puts less stress on your shoulders if you know the traffic you send is going to actually buy something. 

What Makes the Best Home Decor Affiliate Program?

When evaluating the best home decor affiliate programs, keep these attributes in mind:

Commission Rate – Look for rates of 8-10% or higher. Many top home decor merchants offer generous payouts. In addition to basic commission rate, look for recurring payouts and lump sum payments. While this is more common with subscription-based affiliate programs like web hosting for example, these can help you earn while you approach new opportunities. 

Cookie Duration – Cookies of at least 15 days and ideally 30 allow time for customers to return and complete more transactions.

High Converting Site – Merchants should provide useful content to engage visitors and encourage conversions. Good site performance metrics also indicate an effective platform. Look for a high EPC (earning per click) because this will tell you that more people who actually click through to the site buy something. 

Final Thoughts

As more people invest in improving their living spaces, the demand for quality home furnishings and decor continues rising. This makes the home decor niche fertile ground for affiliates.

The merchants profiled here represent some of the top home decor affiliate programs available. They provide beautiful, well-made products customers love at attractive price points. With generous commission structures and high conversions, these programs offer excellent monetization potential.

Consider adding one or more of the best home decor affiliate programs in this guide to your marketing mix. They provide an easy way to start profiting from the lucrative home goods industry.

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