20 Best Pet Affiliate Programs

If you have a website in the pet niche, you should look into becoming a member of one of the following pet affiliate programs. It can be a great way to earn an extra income, especially if you see a lot of monthly visitors.

What Types Of Pet Affiliate Programs Are There?

Pet affiliate programs work like most others: you earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase through one of the affiliate links or banners you’ve placed on your website.

You can partner up with brands that sell cat or dog food, brands that sell pet furniture or pet cosmetics products, or brands that sell pet insurance. Basically, whatever your pet may need, there’s a brand out there that has a lucrative affiliate program. 

Here are the top 20 pet affiliate programs you can choose:


Petco sells absolutely everything a pet might need. They stock a huge variety of items for cat, dog, small pet and reptile owners, and they even cater to the owners of farm animals. Whatever product your readers may be looking for, Petco probably has it. 

The Petco affiliate program pays a 2% commission for every online sale made through an affiliate link. Payouts are locked a month after the month they were made in, and invoiced on the third of the month. Payments are made 90 days after the day they were invoiced. 

In other words, you will have to wait a very long amount of time for money to start coming in, but if you want to work with a huge brand, Petco is a great choice.


Ollie is a popular subscription dog food brand. They sell human-grade food for dogs, in a variety of flavors and packages. The meals are delivered to your home on a regular basis, and they are specifically tailored to your dog’s needs. 

The Ollie affiliate program pays a $60 commission per order. Payments are locked 15 days after the end of the month they were made in. Their cookie lasts for 30 days, so your referrals have plenty of time to make a purchase.


Chewy is an online pet store that has everything you need for animals large and small. They cater to dog, cat, reptile, small animal and farm animal owners. 

The Chewy affiliate program is probably the most popular pet affiliate program available. It’s easy to join, and since they sell everything a pet owner might need, they are very easy to link to. 

They offer a 4% commission for both new and existing customer orders, which is more than a lot of other programs provide. You also get dedicated support from their affiliate team. 


FitBark sells a pet GPS tracker. It’s a great way to keep tabs on your pet and make sure they are safe at all times. 

The FitBark affiliate program pays a 12% starting commission rate. If you sell a lot of their product, you will be eligible for higher commissions, at the discretion of the brand. 

They don’t have a minimum sales level, but you will need to to earn $50 to get paid. 


BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs (and their owners). It includes toys and treats, and all kinds of other goodies for pups. 

The BarkBox affiliate program pays an $18 commission for every signup. They also pay a $20 commission for signups to some of their higher-price programs, and a 10% commission for every BARK food sale.

BarkBox sends their affiliates a weekly newsletter, so you will stay on top of new products and the best way to promote their brand. 


Paw.com sells dog furniture, cosmetics and accessories. They are very highly reviewed, and appear in a lot of popular magazines and news outlets, so chances are your readers will have heard about them. 

The Paw.com affiliate program offers a 10% commission for every sale. Payments are locked a month after the end of the month they were made in, and invoiced 3 months after locking. 

Their cookie lasts for 30 days, so there’s plenty of time for your referrals to make a purchasing decision. 


Whistle is a pet GPS brand. Their device helps keep your dog safe, as it tracks their location at all times, and can notify you if they have left the premises. It also keeps track of their sleeping, scratching and movement, so you can ensure they are the healthiest and happiest they can be. 

The Whistle affiliate program pays up to a 10% commission per sale. Their average order value is over $100, so you can expect to see at least $10 per sale. Their cookie lasts for 30 days, which is quite generous. 

They also provide bonus payouts and can increase your commission if you send them a lot of referrals.


Hepper caters to cats and their owners. They sell beds, bowls, toys and scratchers, among other items. Their products are of a higher quality, so you can expect to see higher commissions. 

The Hepper affiliate program offers a 12% starting commission rate. Their average order value is over $60, so you can expect a decent starting sale. Their cookie lasts for 30 days. 

If you blog about cats, this can be a great program to join. 


Petcube sells a pet camera, which is a great way to ensure your pets are not getting up to too much mischief while you are away. They also provide several pet services, like the creation of a pet emergency fund. 

The Petcube affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate. They send payments once per month, and they have no limits in terms of maximal or minimal earnings. 

You can also join their program if you don’t have a blog, but are active on social media, for example.


Embark sells dog DNA kits. They can be used to determine a dog’s health, breed or age. Definitely not your standard pet product, but certainly something interesting. 

The Embark affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate on all the kits you sell. Their cookie lasts for 30 days, which is plenty of time for your referrals to decide whether or not they want to analyze their dog’s DNA. 

While you may need to come up with a creative way to recommend this product, it can definitely pay off. 


Halo sells a GPS dog collar which can help you keep tabs on your dog and ensure that they are always where they need to be. It sends feedback to the pup when they stray out of bounds as well. 

The Halo affiliate program offers a 7% commission rate, and their program is easy to join. If your readers are dog owners, promoting them can be a great way to earn some extra money.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog is a fresh dog food brand. They deliver real, human-grade food to your door, tailored to the size, breed and needs of your pet. 

The Farmer’s Dog affiliate program offers a $50 commission per order. Payments are locked a month after the month they were made in, and invoiced two months after they were locked.

Their cookie lasts for 28 days, which is quite generous.

Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones create all kinds of fun pet memorabilia, and can make a great gift for pet owners. Among other things, they make plush pet clones, PJs and pet portraits. 

The Cuddle Clones affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate, as well as a 1% loyalty discount. Their cookie lasts for 30 days.

They also boast a 13% conversion rate, and an average order value of over $150, so you can expect a decent income by becoming a part of their program.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom sells fresh dog food. They tailor each recipe to the needs of your pup, and cook all ingredients from scratch. Their meals are packed with nutrients and delivered to your home. 

The Nom Nom affiliate program offers monthly payouts and a 30-day cookie window. They don’t however tell you what the commissions themselves are, so you might have to go through the signup process to see how much you can earn with them.

A Pup Above   

A Pup Above also sells human-grade dog food. You can order their packages from their online store, and choose which products and flavors you would like to treat your pooch to. 

The A Pup Above affiliate program offers a $60 commission for every sale. Payments are locked a month after they have been made, and invoiced on the second of the month after they have been locked. 

This is one of the highest dog food commissions available, and certainly an interesting program to join.

Litter Robot

Litter Robot is exactly what it sounds like: a smart cat litter box. It cleans itself, it prevents odors, and it even weighs your cat to make sure they are healthy and fit. 

The Litter Robot affiliate program offers an 8% commission rate. Their average order value is $550, so that’s not at all bad. Their cookie lasts for 90 days, which is much more than average, and they also let you offer a $50 discount to your readers.

They also kindly remind you that 35% of American households include a cat, so you can tap into quite a large market. 

Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters are a house sitting agency, which can find you a pet sitter to take care of your house and pet while you are away. If you want to become a pet sitter, they can also hook you up with pets in need of care.

The Trusted Housesitters affiliate program offers up to a 40% commission rate for new signups. Their cookie lasts for 30 days, and their average order value is £120. Their average conversion rate is around 15%. 

They also let you offer discount codes to your readers, and provide a welcome gift when you join their program.


Scout sells several kinds of pet software. They have solutions for pet sitting, pet grooming and dog walking services, among others. 

The Scout affiliate program offers a 30% commission rate. You’ll be paid a commission monthly, for as long as your referral stays their customer. 

Their cookie lasts for 60 days, which is more than most. Payments are made monthly via PayPal. 

This is a great program to join if some of your readers or followers are business owners looking for a software solution. 

K9 Training Institute

The K9 Training Institute is an online dog training workshop. They will help you ensure your dog behaves well, learns lots of new tricks and commands, and is a joy to spend time with. 

The K9 Training Institute affiliate program offers a 35% commission rate to begin with, for all purchases of their Total Transformation Masterclass. If you refer at least 3 customers per month in 2 consecutive months, your commission rate will go up to 50%.

Their cookie appears to last for 10 years, which is incredible, and you can certainly benefit from it. 

Success Dogs

Success Dogs is an online training program that will help you teach your dog everything you want them to know, from basic commands to more complex tricks.

The Success Dogs affiliate program offers a 50% commission rate on all of their online training courses. You will get paid after 30 days, because this is how long their money-back guarantee is. 

Their cookies last a lifetime, but purchases will be attributed to the last cookie. 

Wrapping Up 

Which of these pet affiliate programs do you like the sound of? Consider not only the commission rates and cookie durations, but your blog’s readerships and follower base. Do they own cats or dogs? What kinds of products are they most likely to purchase? 

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