13 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs: Cash in on Good Credit

A good credit score is essential for getting approved for loans, credit cards, mortgages, and even jobs or rental applications. However, according to LendingTree, 42% of borrowers in America were denied due to subpar credit scores.

This presents a major opportunity for affiliate marketers. The credit repair industry is worth over $4 billion globally, as millions look for help improving their credit and managing debt. 

By promoting the best credit repair affiliate programs, you can earn generous commissions while helping consumers fix their finances. They have a problem – you have a solution, it’s a digital marketing gold mine. 

In this article, we’ll highlight the top 13 credit repair affiliate programs based on factors like commissions, conversions, cookie duration and more.

1. myFICO


  • $5 for Basic product sales
  • $10 for Advanced product sales
  • $100 for Premier annual product sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

As the creators of the FICO score, myFICO offers deep expertise in credit repair combined with strong brand name recognition in the financial services industry. The company provides credit scores, reports, and identity theft monitoring tools to help consumers check their financial health and spot issues early.

With simple pricing tiers and products focused specifically around the trusted FICO model, myFICO makes an appealing program to promote. With the right funnel and web hosting, you can create a system that pumps out successful leads.

The solid 4% conversion rate and generous $100 cookies on their Premier annual product also drive strong backend profits for affiliates. For the best commissions, focus on promoting their top-tier subscription plan. 

2. Lexington Law

Commissions: $65 per sale

Cookie Duration: 365 days

Lexington Law has helped over 500,000 clients successfully repair their credit since first opening in 2004. 

Operating for nearly 20 years, Lexington Law is one of the largest and most well-established companies focused specifically on credit report error identification and disputes. The company has removed over 10 million inaccurate negative items from client credit reports to date.

Offering affordable monthly plans backed by credit attorney experts, Lexington Law assists customers with filing disputes, goodwill interventions, debt validation letters and more. Their supporting financial education resources also help consumers prevent future issues.

In fact, this is something that we love most about this program. A lot of affiliate niches sell great products but they don’t truly make a difference in someones life. By simply offering this solution, you can change lives and help people advance financially. 

With an industry-leading 365 day cookie duration and competitive $65 flat commission rate, Lexington Law’s program structure provides recurring earning potential year-round from a single client.

3. CuraDebt

Commissions: Up to $600 per confirmed enrollment

Cookie Duration: 60 days

CuraDebt focuses specifically on debt relief and consolidation services, helping consumers negotiate existing unsecured debts down to more affordable payoff amounts. CuraDebt will consolidate multiple debts into a single lower payment, reducing monthly financial burdens.

To date, over 200,000 customers have worked with CuraDebt to successfully consolidate and pay down difficult debt burdens through discounts and better rates negotiated directly with collectors. All cases are handled confidentially with professional support.

With commissions reaching up to $600 per debt or tax enrollment, promoting CuraDebt can be extremely lucrative for affiliates driving high buyer intent traffic. 

Keep in mind, they have a highly variable commission rate structure that changes based on the intent of the lead and the means of contact so this offers you various options. 

You can have sections on your site for tax relief, debt relief, credit cards, and so on. 

Just focus on people struggling with $5,000+ in unsecured debt to ensure CuraDebt can effectively assist them. The additional 60 day cookie provides conversion headroom as well.

4. National Debt Relief

Commissions: $27.50 per lead

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Conversion Rate: 18.14%

National Debt Relief has built a strong reputation over the past decade for helping everyday Americans negotiate, consolidate, and reduce unsecured personal debts. Operating since 2009, the company takes consumer protection seriously, pursuing accreditation from third parties like the American Fair Credit Council.

The company’s debt arbitration experts help clients with up to $100,000 in debt (typically $10,000+ minimum) by directly contacting their card companies, bill providers, and collectors to reduce total repayment amounts. 

All non-mortgage unsecured debts can qualify, including credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and more. Customized debt relief plans are structured around affordable monthly payments.

With one of the credit industry’s highest website conversion rates at over 18%, National Debt Relief drives massive value on interested traffic. Part of the reason why they have a higher conversion rate than their competitors is the low barrier of entry. 

Leads only need to fill out six fields to be considered a commissioned lead which means more money in your pocket. 

The strong user experience keeps buyers moving smoothly through enrollment funnels. Combined with the $27.50+ lead commission payout, it handedly beats most competitor compensation plans.

5. IdentityIQ

Commissions: $40 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

IdentityIQ focuses exclusively on identity protection rather than direct credit repair assistance. However, given that identity theft can severely damage credit scores, the company’s preventative monitoring tools make an excellent value-added service cross-sell.

This is a service I have experienced firsthand when applying for a mortgage. I had a collection item on my credit report that I didn’t recognize and they worked with me to get it removed so I could get a mortgage. It’s never an easy process but IdentityIQ definitely helped. 

Available in straightforward monthly subscription plans, IdentityIQ helps members minimize personal data risks in order to detect and resolve problems early, before they spawn credit issues. 

Specific monitoring features range from public record tracking to sex offender registry scans and even compromised website alerts. For maximum security, customers can also lock their credit files at TransUnion, Equifax and Experian via IdentityIQ.

With strong infrastructure backing its services after 15+ years in business, promoting IdentityIQ builds consumer trust in a competitive niche. Expected average order values are $40 per conversion with a 30 day cookie period, in line with many complementary credit repair programs.

6. Experian Credit Repair

Commissions: $6 to $30 per sale

Cookie Duration: 10 days

As one of the three primary consumer credit bureaus along with TransUnion and Equifax, Experian offers credit monitoring, analysis, and educational resources directly from the source. Available products include full Experian credit reports and FICO scores at various service tiers.

Compared to third party agencies, Experian provides uniquely authoritative credit data, risk indicators, and broader report transparency that clients can rely on to fully understand their financial standing. 

Subscription plans range from basic $24.99 identity and score tracking all the way up to $39.99 premier packages covering daily full credit reports with scores plus identity protection tools.

Despite the very short 10 day cookie window, Experian’s brand equity and diverse product ecosystem offer multiple cross-sell opportunities to layer client value. Conversion optimization is critical however given the limited affiliate sales tracking period.

7. Credit Firm Credit Repair

Commissions: $20 per sale

Cookie Duration: 180 days

Unlike debt consolidation services, Credit Firm focuses strictly on professional credit report repair assistance, challenging inaccurate or erroneous items that unfairly drag down credit scores. Licensed attorneys and credit experts identify loose ends for dispute filings across customer credit records.

Compared to DIY credit repair methods, Credit Firm handles heavy lifting like satisfaction letter drafting, creditor negotiations, and fraud investigations so clients avoid stress.

With over 10 years of experience, the company also monitors client progress long-term to prevent new issues from arising after repair completes. Pricing starts at $69.99 monthly packed with dedicated advisor support.

The generous 180 day cookie period gives Credit Firm one of the longest tracking windows to capture commissionable leads in the credit space, providing ample time for buyers to convert post-click. 

Average order values around $50 help drive solid backend payouts and the simplicity of this program make it a great affiliate program for beginners

8. SuperMoney

Commissions: $75 per lead

SuperMoney takes a novel marketplace approach in the credit repair sector, giving customers a centralized platform to easily explore, compare, and directly apply for loan, credit, and debt relief programs from vetted providers and networks.

After choosing general categories aligned with their financial situation, visitors can filter product specifics like loan amounts, repayment terms, credit requirements and more to match their scenario. Available program details highlight average customer reviews, satisfaction ratings, fees, and additional fine print for transparency.

As an affiliate, SuperMoney provides backend access to specialty finance products and professional networks spanning various credit niches that most traditional programs don’t feature. Their qualified buyer traffic converts exceptionally well, delivering $75+ lead pay outs directly to publishers driving the volume.

9. TransUnion

Commissions: $45+ per sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days

Similar to Experian, TransUnion operates as one of the three primary sources for consumer credit reports and scores in the United States and Canada. The company tracks financial histories for hundreds of millions of active individuals and businesses.

Offerings enable customers to check their real-time credit records monitored by TransUnion for a complete picture of their standing across loan, debt, payment, and public record dimensions. 

Access options range from one-time reports all the way up to full-service monitoring with daily credit tracking tools. Identity protection and insurance products are also available.

With viewed credibility as a credit bureau itself, TransUnion provides actual source data that third party agencies simply can’t replicate. 

Combine this with strong conversions and a 45 day cookie window for affiliates, and it’s easy to see why TransUnion warrants consideration for consumer finance promotions.

10. The Credit People

Commissions: $100 to $200 per referral

Operating since 2007, The Credit People focus specifically on identifying and disputing inaccurate or misleading entries dragging down client credit reports and scores. Their correction consultants directly file tailored challenges, leveraging legal credentials to resolve issues faster than ordinary consumers generally can independently.

Available packages range from $19 basic DIY credit report access up to $419 full-service dispute resolution covering unlimited items. 

Unlike some competitors, The Credit People provides total transparency around pricing and processes upfront. 

We think this is important for the best credit repair affiliate programs because it allows customers better self-awareness when signing up for necessary credit repair packages. Expect about two months for noticeable score improvements.

While The Credit People don’t highlight cookie duration or conversion metrics publicly, over 20,000 TrustPilot reviews averaging 4.8 stars showcase promising customer satisfaction. Flat $100+ referral payouts also reasonably compete within the wider credit industry.

11. Credit Saint

Commissions: $80 per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Established in 2007, Credit Saint provides transparent credit repair solutions explicitly designed to help customers build financial confidence through accurate credit reporting and responsible money management. Customers receive complete evaluations before enrolling to align expectations.

Available service tiers range from $79.99 basic plans addressing just 5 negative credit issues up to $119.99 premier bundles tackling unlimited disputes and maximizing score gains.

Friendly U.S.-based consultants guide clients throughout the resolution journey for personal reassurance. Progress tracking allows managing cases conveniently online 24/7 as well.

With nearly 100% 5-star feedback across various consumer sites, Credit Saint’s quality and reliability satisfy even amongst popular rivals. Their 60 day cookie window provides solid lead monetization potential for affiliates combined with a healthy $80 flat commission rate per converter.

12. DisputeBee

Commissions: 35% revenue share

DisputeBee diverges from manual credit repair assistance by providing automated software that empowers consumers to fix credit issues independently. 

Users simply import existing credit reports to start scanning for unfair, misleading, or downright false entries dragging down scores. Doing this offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of a software affiliate program in credit repair, rather than a service. 

After artificially intelligent algorithms instantly identify potential dispute targets, customers can log in to track real-time progress as DisputeBee automatically generates and sends carefully-crafted validation letters on their behalf behind the scenes. 

For more assurance, one-on-one credit advisor consultations are also included in plans.

With DisputeBee’s lifetime value business model, their 35% revenue share incentive means earnings continue ticking as long as a referred user remains actively subscribed. 

While automation handles most of the work, affiliate leads should still be qualified with demonstrable interest in self-guided credit management. This helps ensure higher customer retention over time.

13. The Credit Pros

Commissions: $120 per sale

Cookie Duration: 365 days

The Credit Pros provide an artificial intelligence-powered alternative for customers seeking smoother automated assistance improving their credit. After clients securely upload credit reports, the proprietaryCorrection Algorithm rapidly identifies actionable dispute opportunities that users can seamlessly log and track online 24/7.

Available packages include basic Essentials plans covering challenges for up to 15 credit issues all the way up to the Premium tier addressing unlimited disputes. Expect noticeable score bumps within just 60 days. For extra assurance, customers can optionally add personal finance tools like identity monitoring as well.

Boasting over 10,000 positive TrustPilot ratings, The Credit Pros clearly satisfy demanding modern consumers. With their AI matching the efficiency of credit attorneys at lower cost, it’s no wonder the company converts so well. 

Combine this with generous $120 commissions per sale and exceptionally long 365 day cookies for affiliates, and profit potential climbs higher.

Choosing the Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

With many credit repair affiliate programs available, it’s important to dig into the numbers guiding overall profitability:

Commission Rate

The base commission rate indicates the earnings per referred sale or lead. Rates range anywhere from $5 into the hundreds.

Lexington Law, Credit Saint and The Credit Pros offer $65+, for example, while National Debt Relief pays $27.50+ per lead.

Be sure that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of a percentage-based commission too. If a company offers high ticket items and a commission-based structure, you may actually be able to make more than if you accept a flat rate fee. 

Don’t forget to look for commission caps based on volume as well. Companies won’t come right out and announce this but if you have a site with a lot of traffic, they could cap your commissions at a certain number. 

Cookie Duration

The cookie duration indicates how long after a click you will receive credit for eventual sales. This windows ranges from just 10 days up to a full year.

Longer cookies give more change for commissions over time. Lexington Law and The Credit Pros shine here with 365 day cookies.

Average Order Value

A higher average order value means larger individual payouts per transaction. myFICO sees averages around $28, for instance, while Credit Firm is nearly double at $50.

Higher lifetime values for ongoing services also boost earnings. Some affiliate programs like those in investing even offer recurring commissions for up to a year if a client keeps spending money on the platform. 

Website Conversions

The website conversion rate is critical for affiliate profits. Even companies with great commission structures struggle if they can’t convert visitors.

Think about it this way. You can send the best leads to a credit repair website but if the website isn’t built to convert or the client isn’t following up with the leads, it’s wasted traffic. 

National Debt Relief stands out with 18%+ conversions, 5X higher than most competitors. Site quality is key here.

Final Thoughts

Promoting the best credit repair affiliate programs allows driving profits while helping consumers correct credit reports, reduce debt and gain financial freedom. Extending credit repair content in synergistic financial niches can also be lucrative. 

For example, promoting secured credit cards, personal loans and debt consolidation programs open up additional streams of lifetime referral earnings per client.

Just make sure to choose programs with the best combination of offered commission rates, cookie windows, conversions and related products to maximize affiliate earnings. Helping improve lives in the process is an added win!

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