8 Best Payday Loans Affiliate Programs

Payday loans provide a valuable service for people who need quick access to cash. As an affiliate, promoting payday loans can be lucrative while also helping connect customers to lenders that can approve them for the funds they need.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 8 best payday loans affiliate programs and what makes them great options for affiliates in the personal finance, business, or personal loan niche.

1. LeadsMarket

URL: https://www.leadsmarket.com  

Commission Structure: Up to $185 per lead

Payment Methods: Check, ACH, PayPal

LeadsMarket is one of the most well-known payday loan affiliate programs. They provide high converting payday loan offers and high commissions up to $185 per lead. LeadsMarket has tons of marketing tools and reporting to help you optimize your campaigns. 

They accept affiliates from most countries worldwide. The higher payouts and their reputation for on-time payments makes LeadsMarket a top choice.

2. LeadNetwork

URL: https://www.leadnetwork.com/ 

Commission Structure: Up to $140 per lead

Payment Methods: Check, ACH, Wire, Net 15

LeadNetwork provides a network of hundreds of different loan offers from top direct lenders and networks. You can promote offers for payday loans, installment loans, and more. LeadNetwork claims one of the highest approval rates in the industry for payday loan leads, maximizing your earning potential. 

They provide real-time stats and excellent affiliate manager support. The high commissions and reliable payments makes this a great program.

3. LeadsGate

URL: https://leadsgate.com/ 

Commission Structure: Up to $110 per lead

Payment Methods: Check, ACH, Payoneer

LeadsGate focuses specifically on payday loan offers. They work with lenders across the United States. LeadGate claims fast payouts, usually within 7 days of generating a lead. Their affiliate platform provides real-time stats and the ability to optimize landing pages. 

LeadsGate also provides creatives, promo tools, and dedicated affiliate manager support. Overall, it’s a solid payday loan affiliate program.

4. Zappian

URL: https://zappian.com/ 

Commission Structure: Up to $150 per approved loan

Payment Methods: Check, ACH

Zappian provides high converting payday loan offers directly from top lenders and networks. Their best selling point is the high lifetime commissions earned when your leads get approved and take out loans. 

You can earn $100 on the original loan and then another $50 if they take out additional loans. Zappian also provides real-time reporting, creatives, and banners to help promote their payday loan offers.

5. Round Sky

URL: https://www.roundsky.com/ 

Commission Structure: Up to $250 per funded loan

Payment Methods: Check, ACH, PayPal

Round Sky brings another payday loan affiliate program with per funded loan commissions. You’ll earn up to $250 every time one of your leads gets approved for a payday loan. 

The company has been in business for over 15 years and their lender network approves many people that other networks reject. If you’re looking for high approval rates for your traffic, Round Sky is a great option.

6. Profitner

URL: https://www.profitner.com/ 

Commission Structure: Up to $135 per lead

Payment Methods: Check, PayPal

Profitner provides a large lender network with different types of loan offers beyond just payday loans. You can promote payday loan offers as well as installment loan, line of credit, and cash advance offers. 

Profitner claims a high percentage of customers get approved through their lenders. They offer real-time reporting and statistics to help you optimize your campaigns. Profitner has several tools to help affiliates generate more leads and commissions.

7. DrCredit.com

URL: https://www.drcredit.com/ 

Commission Structure: $100 per approved customer

Payment Methods: Check, ACH

DrCredit focuses exclusively on payday loan offers. They promote high approval rates from their lender network. DrCredit provides detailed reporting that updates in real-time to help you track your campaigns. 

They have an intuitive affiliate platform with many tools to help you promote their payday loan offers. DrCredit also provides excellent support to help affiliates optimize their campaigns and earn more money.

8. Vivaloan

URL: https://www.vivaloan.com/partners 

Commission Structure: Up to $135 per funded loan

Payment Methods: Check, ACH

VivaLoan has been in business for over 10 years providing personal loan offers to customers across the United States. They allow affiliates to promote payday loan offers in addition to their installment loan and line of credit offers. 

You can earn $135 for every new customer that gets approved and takes out a loan. VivaLoan provides timely payments reliable service and tracking so you get credit for all your leads.

What is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan provides a short-term advance using your paycheck as collateral. Borrowers write a postdated check that the lender deposits on the borrower’s next paydate. Payday loans allow you to borrow $100 to $1000+ which is paid back after receiving your next paycheck, usually within 2 to 4 weeks.

When cash emergencies pop up, payday loans can provide funds when you have bad credit or no other options. The fees and interest rates are higher compared to other loan types. Payday loans help borrowers who need money before their next paydate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Payday Loans 

What are the requirements to qualify for a payday loan?

The requirements are fairly basic – you need to be 18 years old, have an active checking account, and regular income. Most lenders require you to have a job or other source of income. You will have to provide proof of income and a photo ID. Your credit score is generally not a factor.

When does a payday loan need to be repaid?

A payday loan is due to be repaid on your next pay date, usually within 7-14 days. This is why it is called a payday loan. If you get paid bi-weekly, you would have up to 14 days to repay the loan. You provide a post-dated check or ACH authorization for the lender to collect the repayment from your bank account on your pay date.

What are the interest rates and fees for payday loans?

Payday loans have much higher interest rates compared to installment or personal loans. Expect rates anywhere from 200% to 500% APR. There are also origination fees that range from 10% to 20% of the loan amount. Always review the full terms before accepting a loan.

Can I get a payday loan if I have bad credit?

One benefit of payday loans is they do not run a conventional credit check. However, they will check your income, existing debt obligations, and history with that lender. If you have defaulted on payday loans in the past, you may be declined but you still have a good chance of getting approved even with bad credit.

Are there alternatives if I can’t qualify for a payday loan?

Some options include a pawn shop loan, asking your employer for an advance on your paycheck, borrowing from family or friends, or using a credit card cash advance. You can also shop around with different payday lenders to increase your chances of getting approved. Avoid illegal offshore lenders that may be scams.

Final Thoughts

Payday loan affiliate programs provide the opportunity to earn great commissions while helping connect customers to much needed short-term funds. The companies in this list offer solid programs with good reputations and on-time payments.

Focus on choosing programs with high commissions per lead and funded loan. Make sure they provide the affiliate tools and support needed to optimize your campaigns. Promoting payday loans as an affiliate partner can deliver recurring lifetime value from repeat borrowers.

With this list of top payday loan affiliate programs, you have several excellent options to monetize your website traffic, social media following, email list, and other platforms. 

Find the programs that best match your audience and promote payday loan offers to earn commissions while assisting people in getting quick access to cash.

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