10 Best Loan Affiliate Programs For Big Payouts

One of the most popular topics to talk about — and worry over — is money. For financial advisors who help clients handle money troubles and content creators who talk about money management and financial stability, this is an enormous niche. Our selection of the best loan affiliate programs can create an income stream for you while you help others get on their feet or reach their dreams.


Landing page for one of the companies with loan affiliate programs.

Fairstone is a Canada-based financial service that provides personal loans that range from $500 to $50,000, and they also work with people to offer retail financing. The Fairstone referral program pays $100 for people you refer to take out a new, unsecured personal loan. The maximum amount you can earn is $500 per year.

After calling your branch to get your referral code, you can share the code with your friends, family members and others who might be interested. Once the person you referred has had their loan for over 30 days, you’ll get your check in the mail.

Laurel Road

Laurel Road is an online banking and lending company that offers personal loans, mortgages, student loan refinancing and other financial services. The Refer A Friend program lets you earn up to $400 for each person you refer to Laurel Road once they finance a personal loan or refinance a student loan.

Participants have to have Laurel Road online banking login credentials, which you’ll receive once you apply for a Laurel Road product. You can divide your referral bonus with the person who signs up, which is a way to incentivize more signups. The maximum amount you can earn is $4,000 per year.


LendingClub is an online resource and peer-to-peer lending company that offers banking, borrowing and investing services, including auto refinancing, business banking and institutional investing, among others. Unlike a traditional bank that you borrow from, a person can make a pitch on LendingClub and have a pool of people come together to lend them the money.

The LendingClub affiliate program is run through Lasso, and affiliates earn $100 per referral when a LendingClub product is purchased. The cookie duration isn’t made public. As an affiliate for LendingClub, you’ll get a referral link that you can add to your blog post copy. LendingClub referral links can also be used in email and social media marketing.


LightStream landing page.

LightStream is an online service that processes loans for a variety of reasons, including debt consolidation, home improvement projects and buying a new car. The LightStream affiliate program lets you offer financing to your customers and earn a commission for every funded loan that’s referred by you. The main LightStream audience is made up of consumers with good or higher credit.

Note that affiliates don’t act as brokers or indirect loan dealers. Instead, the referral program is link-based, meaning you can create messaging and offerings that promote LightStream products. Your website must be complete and established at least six months ago.

Mariner Finance

Mariner Finance, which is headquartered in Baltimore but operates across the country, has online services as well as physical locations. It offers various loan options, including auto loans, personal loans and mortgage brokering.

The Mariner Finance affiliate program offers commissions and monthly payouts when you generate leads. Since more information about the program isn’t publicly available, you can email the marketing department through the affiliate program’s landing page to learn more.

OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial is an online financial provider that also has 1,400 branches nationwide. Users can apply for credit cards or loans through the website.

The OneMain affiliate program works by having marketers integrate an API and/or use affiliate links in their content. Commission and tracking cookie details aren’t public. Daily tracking reports are emailed so that affiliates can stay on top of their performance. If you opt for API integration, a developer will walk you through the setup process.


Landing page for the company that has one of the loan affiliate programs.

Oportun is a personal loan financial company that offers loans between $300 and $10,000. Users can also sign up for a credit card or start a savings account with Oportun.

The Oportun refer-a-friend program awards a gift card to referrals who get a personal loan from Oportun for the first time. The gift card will be from either Tango or Visa for the amount of $25, and that amount may be higher during limited-time promotions.

Panacea Financial

Panacea Financial is a banking service for doctors, including dentists and vets. The company is doctor-founded, too, which is how it’s so well able to cater to the needs of its audience.

The Panacea Financial referral program pays up to $250 for referrals through your unique code. You can earn a $100 commission for personal loans over $10,000 and $250 for student loan refinancing over $100,000.

Round Sky

Round Sky is a bit different from the other entries on this list because it’s a lead-generation company to start with. It operates a personal loan affiliate program that sends leads to lenders and pays revenue to affiliate marketers.

The Round Sky personal loan affiliate program pays up to $250 per lead, and payouts occur either weekly or monthly by bank transfer, check, PayPal or wire transfer. You can also get real-time reports and daily projections to track your performance. Additionally, you’ll have access to an affiliate manager who can answer any questions you may have.


SoFi landing page.

SoFi is a finance company that helps members take control of their money, whether that’s by getting out of debt, affording a home or saving for retirement. Members can take advantage of career services, financial planning and VIP experiences. SoFi products include checking and savings accounts, student loan refinancing, home loans and more.

The SoFi referral program lets marketers refer people to a product of their choice, like private student loans or credit cards. The type of product you refer people to determines your commission.

For example, for every friend you refer to student loan refinancing, you can get up to $1,000, and for credit card referrals, you can earn $100 each. Some commissions also let you earn and give, like checking and savings accounts, which earn you $75 plus $25 to give. These incentives make it easier to promote those products.

Wrapping Up

The demand for loans won’t go away any time soon, which makes it a promising road for affiliate marketers. Knowing your clients or audience is the best way to handpick the affiliate programs that will have the most impact — for them and for you.

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