The 14 Best Education Affiliate Programs: Lucrative Opportunities

With the spending on online education rising steadily in the United States, there is plenty of scope for affiliate marketers to grab a piece of the pie. 

One study indicates that over 30% of American students have signed up for at least one online program. The kind of explosive growth the online learning market is witnessing makes one thing clear. 

We are entering a new era where e-learning platforms are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners.

That said, education is a vast market, and navigating through the complexities can be challenging. If you are planning to earn a steady passive income from education affiliate programs, we are here to help you choose the right one.

So, let’s get busy and take a closer look at the best education affiliate programs.

1. Udemy

Commission Rate: 10% of valid affiliate sales with an increase based on performance

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Without a doubt, Udemy is one of the most popular online education marketplaces across the globe. With thousands of courses and plenty of niche topics, the platform offers something for beginners as well as advanced-level students. Plus, the instructors are professionals and the course quality is on the higher side.

You can take advantage of Udemy’s reputation and promote the courses through a website, blog, social media, or email newsletters. The 7-day cookie window could have been better and the commission rate is average at best. But partners can count on Udemy’s solid brand value to attract a lot of traffic

Keep in mind, that all affiliate applications are thoroughly reviewed by the Udemy team against a few specific criteria. Promoting random courses to drive sales isn’t the way Udemy prefers its affiliates to work. 

Rather, focus on a specific niche topic that you are passionate about. The more you engage your readers, the higher the chances of selling high-value courses.

2. 360training

Commission Rate:15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

When it comes to professional training courses and employment certifications, 360training is one of the best online platforms available. From food and beverages to healthcare and real estate, the platform offers courses in a wide range of sectors. More than 3 million professionals from a wide range of industries have benefitted from their courses.

The affiliate program is transparent and uses the Commission Junction (CJ) affiliate management service. The commission rate for sales through affiliate links is a competitive 15% and the average order value is $80. 

You also get guidance from a dedicated affiliate program manager about creating engaging content around the courses. Most of the courses are high-quality and help in developing practical skills and knowledge. 

However, some reviews suggest that not all of the courses are of the same quality. So, make sure to dig deeper and promote the best courses from the platform.

3. MasterClass

Commission Rate: Upto 25% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

What makes MasterClass stand out in the competitive online learning market is its video lessons from celebrity instructors.

Imagine taking science lessons from Neil deGrasse Tyson and acting lessons from Samuel L Jackson. Beyond the high production value of the videos, the course content is top-notch too.

Besides, the courses can be accessed from platforms like Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. That gives the learners a lot of flexibility. MasterClass also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes it worth recommending to your readers. 

The maximum commission rate is 25% which is impressive. Note that you can’t apply for the affiliate program through the brand’s website. The program is available on platforms like SkimLinks and Impact. That said, MasterClass makes an effort to preserve its no-nonsense brand image and will reject affiliates with disreputable websites.

4. Times Tales

Commission Rate: 15% per sale
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Times Tales uses a story-based approach to help children in grades 3-5 memorize multiplication tables. The process is a lot of fun and learners can choose from video-based and paper-based formats. Beyond that, the unique approach of using mnemonic devices is more effective in helping kids remember.

The Times Tales Referral Program offers a commission rate of 15% on each sale. Once enlisted, you will be able to track sales and payout details through a dashboard. The dashboard will also help you with promotional material like banners, logos, and graphics.

Since the program does not have much variety and works only for kids, it will not suit everyone. However, if you have a website or blog related to kids and parenting, this affiliate program can be the right choice for you.

5. Rosetta Stone

Commission Rate: 7% per sale
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Rosetta Stone is one of the earliest online language-learning platforms. It offers 25 language programs through curated content and live tutoring sessions. 

The courses are based on the method of maximum exposure with input from professional linguists, which makes it an excellent choice for learners. Additionally, learners get access to course materials, resources, and interactive activities to improve their skills.

The courses also have pronunciation practice tools, videos, interactive activities, and stories to enhance the learning experience. The platform can also be a great supplement to your audience’s main language learning material.

Admittedly, the 7% commission rate is nothing to get excited about. But Rosetta Stone has been around for three decades which gives the platform solid reliability. That makes it easy for affiliates to leverage the credibility of the brand.

6. Outschool

Commission Rate: Not Listed
Cookie Duration: Not Listed

Outschool provides online educational classes for homeschooled children between pre-k and kindergarten to high school. The teaching medium is an interactive video platform and the classes are managed by experienced teachers. 

Parents can choose from full courses to specific topics based on the requirements. Private lessons tailored to the kid’s reading level can also be arranged. There are courses related to music, games, and life skills like cooking as well. The high degree of engagement and social interaction that the Outcschool classes offer makes them a popular choice.

The Outschool referral program works for both parents and teachers. This makes it easier for affiliates to connect with a wide range of audiences. When the referred teacher earns their first $100 from teaching classes, you will receive $200 as a cash reward, which is fantastic. Likewise, when a parent enrolls their child in their first class you will get a $20 reward.

7. The Linux Foundation

Commission Rate: 20% per sale (5% for coupon-only sites) 

Cookie Duration: 60 days

The Linux Foundation offers Linux OS training courses which makes it a great option for tech enthusiasts. Beyond that, the Linux Foundation connects with a global community of tech professionals and software developers to collaborate on open-source projects.

The Linux Foundation is a trustworthy name and its certificates are well-respected in the tech community. In other words, the addition of a certificate from the foundation to a resume will add much value to it.

The sales, earnings, and commissions are tracked by the third-party online network Shareasale. The program offers a generous commission of 20%. 

Course prices can range between a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, which means your earnings will vary. However, with the average course price of around $400, the affiliate program is a lucrative option.

If you can create engaging content around the Linux Foundation it is one of the best education affiliate programs to monetize your website.

8. The Princeton Review

Commission Rate: 8% per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 days

The Princeton Review platform helps students achieve their academic goals through its test prep programs. Personalized tutoring is available for courses like SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, and more.

Most reviewers have praised the high quality of the video tutorials and the quality of the content. They also commended the knowledge and experience of the instructors. The live online classes come with different prices but the top-end courses are high-priced. That might keep them out of reach of students with a limited budget.

The Princeton Review affiliate program offers an unimpressive 8% commission rate. On the plus side, the average order value is on the higher side, which will allow you to earn decent commissions. Another plus is Princeton Review’s solid reputation which can help you to drive conversations through student-focused content.

9. Lending Tree

Commission Rate: Not listed
Cookie Duration: Not listed

Now, Lending Tree is not an education affiliate program per se. But it offers great value for college students who need the best deals on credit cards and personal loans.

Lending Tree makes the process of shopping for loans easier by helping loan seekers compare the leading lenders. It also helps pick the best credit card and insurance options.

Beyond that, Lending Tree provides credit score monitoring services. It also has money-monitoring features and debt relief programs. In general, you will need a minimum credit score of 600 to qualify for a personal loan from one of LendingTree’s partners.

What works for Lending Tree is its user-friendly website that simplifies the loan application process. To get loan offers from its partners, all a borrower needs to do is fill up an online application form. The ability to compare the offers side by side brings a lot of transparency to the financial process.

The Lending Tree affiliate program is another good choice if you have a website or blog that provides financial ideas. While the commission amounts can vary depending on the sale value, the advantage of comparison shopping that it offers makes it a good option.

10. One Day University

Commission Rate: Not Listed
Cookie Duration: Not Listed

One Day University is a fascinating platform for lifelong learners and has an excellent collection of instructive and fascinating lectures. The idea is to strike the right balance between entertainment and information. Passionate professors from reputed universities deliver the lectures.

Note that the lectures are not designed to offer in-depth knowledge about the topics. They offer sufficient material for casual learners who do not want the talks to get too heavy. The topics cover a diverse range of subjects including history, culture, art, entertainment, politics, and more.

This diversity makes it easy to integrate the One Day University affiliate program with most websites or blogs. Keep in mind that the commission rates are not the highest you will find. So it’s not the best affiliate program to choose if you depend only on social media or email marketing to drive traffic.

11. Discount School Supply

Commission Rate: 9% per sale
Cookie Duration: Not Listed

Discount School Supply started as a retail store for educational items. Later it expanded into a one-stop online shop for school supplies and educational toys for kids up to 8th grade. The main features of the site are the high quality of the products and the affordable prices.

For parents and teachers looking to find educational items, the expansive range of products in the online store is a big plus. Buyers have also praised the customer service that Discount School Supply offers.

The affiliate program of Discount School Supply is offered through the CJ Affiliates and PepperJam networks. The commission rate is modest at best, which means you will need to push for higher conversion rates.

However, the diverse product range and positive brand reputation make it easy to target readers connected to the education industry. On top of that, the cheaper prices will help in generating high traffic.

12. TEFL Academy

Commission Rate: 10% of the sale value
Cookie Duration: Not listed

As the name indicates, the TEFL Academy assists students looking for an English as a foreign language (TEFL) qualification. The online platform is well organized and allows students to learn on the go by accessing the platform from a smartphone.

The standard courses offered are the Level 5 TEFL Diploma or Level 3 TEFL Certificate. Beyond that, the TEFL Academy offers a teaching practice course and additional top-up courses. 

In addition to the well-planned assignments, there is a super-friendly student support team. Once the course is completed, the Academy also offers support to start a teaching career. With the high demand for TEFL certification across the globe, you can drive a high audience conversion rate by generating the right content. 

The affiliate program of the Academy is well organized and is operated through the Share a Sale network. You get support from a dedicated affiliate manager along with attractive banners and text links for promotion. The average commission you can earn from each sale is between $20-$60.


Commission Rate:5% per sale
Cookie Duration: Not listed is a site for buying new and used textbooks. Plus, it allows users to sell their used textbooks. The store lists around 10 million books ranging from kid’s books to college-level books. A wide range of e-textbooks are available too.

The brand provides reliable shipping services. Another great feature is a 30-day return policy that covers each purchase. The used books listed for sale are hand-inspected to ensure quality. An efficient support team works dedicatedly to help the customers.

The affiliate marketing program is great for attracting budget-conscious consumers, especially students. By using the site, they can avoid the high cost of textbooks that are used for a few months only. The program features include real-time site reporting, a dedicated affiliate manager, and customized creatives to convert readers. 

14. AmONE

Commission Rate: Not listed
Cookie Duration: Not listed

The reality is that the rising costs of college are beyond the financial capability of many students. That makes AmOne a great choice for students looking for a loan safely and simply. AmOne offers competitive loan rates and also provides loan options for borrowers with low credit scores.

AmOne uses a proprietary matching system designed by financial experts that helps consumers pick the best loan options. In general, personal loans are provided up to the amount of $50,000. The site also supports borrowers who have already taken a loan through debt consolidation.

Admittedly, AmOne may not be the best option for borrowers looking to engage directly with lenders. However, its affiliate program can be a great option to engage with students unfamiliar with financial services. AmOne provides modest commission rates, so combining it with other affiliate programs is a good idea.

Choosing the Best Education Affiliate Program: Factors to Consider

It’s important to choose the right affiliate program as reversing your choice is difficult. Once you have understood what affiliate marketing is and selected the education niche, make sure to consider these critical factors.

Commission Rate 

The average commissions for education affiliate programs are between 5% and 20%. However, higher commission rates do not make one program better than the rest.

Since you will be doing the critical task of directing customers to the company, make sure that the affiliate rates are fair. Next, consider the commission structure that a company pays. The commissions can be percentage-based or a one-time payment. 

While percentage-based commissions are common in education affiliate programs, recurring affiliate programs are more beneficial in the long run. In such a program, you will earn money every time your referrals make a purchase. This helps to generate residual income for years. That said, the income can take a long time to build up with recurring commissions.

Cookie Duration 

Ideally, the cookie duration in a program should be long enough to allow your readers to make a thoughtful decision. Since the majority of online purchases are not done impulsively, a cookie duration between 30-45 days can be a good starting point.

While short cookie durations can allow you to receive payments more frequently, they may not provide sufficient time to drive conversions. Conversely, cookie durations longer than 90 days might prevent you from running a high-performing campaign within a short period.

Site Conversion Rate

As every affiliate program is different, there’s no ideal conversion rate that affiliates can aim for. In general, simple and affordable offers can generate higher conversion rates. If you are a beginner, don’t expect sky-high conversion rates between 10% and 15%. A more realistic target is expecting an average affiliate conversion rate between 2 and 2.5%.

However, you can improve conversion rates by targeting your core audience consistently. And even low conversion rates can be overcome by earning a higher commission per sale.

Average Order Value 

In simple terms, average order value (or AOV) is the amount of money an average customer spends at one time. A higher average order value allows companies to pay higher commission rates which can boost your earnings. This makes AOV a prominent metric for choosing the right affiliate programs.

That said, high-priced products can reduce conversion rates in some cases. This makes it necessary to understand your customer base and match their needs with the affiliate program you select.

Product and Service Reputation 

It is critical for affiliates to choose a program that has a solid reputation and offers good-quality products and services. No matter how much you promote a brand, dissatisfied customers will voice their frustrations online. That makes it necessary to avoid programs that are linked to unreliable brands. While you may make short-term gains from such associations, the long-term consequences can be damaging.

A high brand value will make it easier for you to sell the product and make your affiliate marketing efforts worth it. Check the history of the company as well as the reviews and testimonials from other affiliates to judge the brand. 

Final Thoughts

With the global e-learning market growing at a fast rate, education affiliate programs offer excellent earning opportunities. The eLearning revolution has made it easier for bloggers and YouTubers to choose affiliate programs from the top eLearning platforms.

We have compiled this list of programs that will ensure the best returns for a wide range of affiliates. If you are looking for inspiration to develop your site for the readers, check out the successful affiliate marketing websites.

As an affiliate, you should aim to bridge the gap between online education providers and potential learners. Beyond the right link-building skills, this requires a thorough understanding of your customer base and partnering with the right learning platform. At the same time, make sure that you remain authentic to your readers and believe in the value that each course offers.

Now it is your turn to choose the best option from our recommendations.

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