How to Interlink Between 2 Sites That You Own Using Link Whisper

I’m excited to announce a major new feature for Link Whisper that we have been working on behind the scenes for a few months.

You can now interlink between 2 or more sites that you own!

In other words, if you own 2 sites that are related enough that you would like to start getting internal link suggestions between the two sites, that is now a built-in feature of Link Whisper.

Watch the demonstration video below to see how it works:

Turn on Interlinking Between External Sites

First, you will need to go to the advanced settings and toggle on the “Interlink External Links” setting.

You will need to turn this setting on for BOTH sites that you own (in the individual settings for both steps).

So, you will need to have Link Whisper installed on both sites in order to use this feature.

Here’s how to activate this feature on your sites:

  1. Turn on the interlink external links setting.
  2. Generate site interlinking access code and paste it in the field (generated automatically with Link Whisper).
  3. Save Settings
  4. Then input the Home URLs of Linked Site (repeat on all sites linked)
  5. Click “Register Site” (repeat on all sites linked)
  6. Attempt Site Linking (this verifies the connection is valid)
  7. Import Post Data.  Once you click this final button, you are all set and ready to go!

You’ll need to repeat these steps on both sites you are linking together.  This process ensures that there is a secure connection.

How to Add Internal Links Between 2 or More Sites

The process of adding internal links between external sites is exactly the same as adding regular internal links with Link Whisper.

You simply go to the post editor and scroll down to “Link Whisper Suggested Links”.  Below the normal internal links, you can scroll down to see links suggested to your linked external sites!

Now you can easily add relevant links to sites that you own!

And yes, you can add multiple sites!  If you have more sites to add, you have the ability in the same settings to add a new site and the process will work exactly the same.

So, if you have a few closely related sites that you’d link to interlink, this feature becomes even more and more powerful.

In order to use this feature, just make sure you are using v1.6.0 or later of Link Whisper. If you are not seeing the automatic update available in your WordPress admin, you can always update your plugin to the latest version here.

If you don’t have Link Whisper yet, get the best internal linking tool here.

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