15 Best Parenting Affiliate Programs

Raising kids is rewarding, but we know it can be expensive. From diapers to college savings, costs just pile up – but here’s a secret – you can offset some expenses through affiliate marketing. Basically if you’re an influencer or blogger with a parenting audience, you can make commissions by recommending helpful products.

We wanted to share the absolute best parenting affiliate programs we’ve found. We looked at stuff like how much they pay, cookie duration, and how trustworthy they are and put together this list of the best parenting affiliate programs. 

In each review, we’ll tell you key details to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your website. Let’s dive in!

1. The Baby Manual

First up is The Baby Manual. These guys sell video courses led by actual doctors and nurses that teach new parents how to handle common newborn issues. You know, stuff like breastfeeding, getting them to sleep, starting solids – all of the tough things!

They pay affiliates anywhere from 20% to a sweet 40% commission depending on your monthly sales volume and cookies last for 30 days. Their videos cost around $62 so you earn a nice $12+ when someone buys.

We recommend The Baby Manual because the topics clearly hit home for overwhelmed new parents who will pay for expert advice. The presenters being medical pros adds credibility too and the commission scaling up to 40% keeps it lucrative as you drive more traffic. Overall, two thumbs up!

Commission Rate: Sliding scale, up to 40%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Care.com

Next up we’ve got Care.com. This site connects families with caregivers like nannies, tutors for the kids, senior caregivers, and more. It’s a pretty useful matchmaking service!

You can earn $1 when someone signs up for a free account from your link. If they upgrade to paid membership, you make $15. Cookies last for 30 days so you’ll make commissions if they upgrade during that period.

Even though the earnings per referral are lower here, Care.com itself reaches a huge audience. As the largest site of its kind out there, with over 17 million members currently, it’s a steady source of potential sign-ups. Getting people in the door with those free account offers helps drive conversions too.

Commission Rate: $1-$15 per action

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. The Spoiled Mama

Moving on, we’ve also got The Spoiled Mama. They offer monthly subscription boxes for pregnant mamas filled with pampering treats and handy pregnancy products. As affiliates, you can earn 10% on each subscription, so around $3+ per box, but they don’t list cookie duration publicly.

Subscription boxes are smart because expectant moms get excited preparing their “nests” before having their baby. The Spoiled Mama perfectly targets this market with affordable boxes that feel like a treat while letting moms sample useful goodies. 

You can easily work referral links into blog posts about pregnancy self-care tips and baby registries and watch recurring sales roll in.

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: Unlisted

4. Amazon Associates

Next up we have Amazon Associates. As a huge force of ecommerce and one of the most successful affiliate marketing websites, Amazon sells just about any parenting product you can imagine from strollers to formula to clothing and beyond. While their commission rates are lower at 1-5%, the enormous selection makes up for it. 

Basically, if you link to products mentioned in your content, and readers purchase anything in the next 24 hours, you earn credit for that sale. It requires less promotion effort thanks to their dominant brand presence.

Amazon also offers additional earning opportunities through their bounty program. For example, you can promote services like Amazon Family, Prime, Audible, and Amazon Handmade. If a reader signs up for one of those from your link, you receive a fixed bounty payment (typically $3-$5).

Commission Rate: 1-5%

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

5. BeddingInn

Moving on we have BeddingInn. They sell kids and baby bedding and nursery decor like sheets, sleep sacks, hampers, wall art, night lights and more. Cute bedding is a nesting purchase expecting parents love to make and relevant affiliate links pair perfectly if you write posts about preparing nurseries, baby registries, kids rooms, etc.

BeddingInn also manufactures its bedding sets using quality hypoallergenic materials. With kids’ sensitive skin in mind, they use dyes free and no harsh chemicals. Being able to recommend their products confidently is a major plus.

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: Unlisted

6. momAgenda

Next up, we have momAgenda. This company designs schedules, journals, and planners specifically for busy moms to stay organized.

Linking to their products allows you to tap into the demand for quality planning tools “designed by moms for moms”. Additionally, with an average order value over $65, 10% commissions add up fast. You can promote them when writing about topics like time management hacks for parents, maintaining work/family balance, and more.

momAgenda also has wide international delivery including countries like Australia, India, and Canada. So you can potentially drive sales globally with their program.

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

7. Parenting Simply

Up next we’ve got Parenting Simply. These folks offer online courses teaching positive discipline approaches for kiddos of all ages. You know, how to handle defiance, nurture confidence – not exactly intuitive stuff for most of us!

They pay a very nice 40% commission per course purchase so around $20 in your pocket for a $50 sale, making affiliate marketing worth it for sure. Cookies last a full year, which means you have ages to convince followers to take the plunge and sign up.

We’re fans because the topics clearly resonate for parents desperately seeking better ways to connect with their kids. It’s easy to highlight the courses in posts where you give your best tips on graceful discipline, managing emotions, all that fun stuff. The year-long cookies give you plenty of time to gently nurture sign-ups.

Commission Rate: 40% per purchase

Cookie Duration: 1 year

8. Tinyhood

Another one of our favorite parenting affiliate programs is Tinyhood. They offer on-demand video classes about all the big parenting questions – breastfeeding, getting your baby to sleep, potty training when they’re older. You know, the stuff they don’t teach you in the hospital!

The videos are led by childcare experts and actual parents who’ve been in your shoes before so it’s super easy to learn as you go. A good friend used their newborn sleep training class and said it was a game changer getting her daughter on a schedule so she could finally get some rest too.

So whether you’re currently losing sleep over parenting struggles or want to prepare the audience in your community, Tinyhood has that real-world guidance.

You earn up to 15% per sign-up to their video class platform through your links. With memberships costing around $12 a month, you’d pocket close to $2 each. Not too shabby at all.

Commission Rate: Up to 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. Etsy

Next up we have Etsy. This handmade online marketplace lets you earn 4% commissions when your audience buys unique items through your links.

They have truly one-of-a-kind products for parents – custom nursery prints, personalized clothes for kids of all ages, creative educational toys – you name it. The perfect place to help your readers directly buy what you’re already recommending in your content.

So for instance, if you wrote a popular blog post all about preparing the perfect boho-chic nursery style, you’d want to link them directly to related Etsy artists and listings like macrame wall hangings, beaded light fixtures, rattan bassinets and more. Cha-ching once they purchase that stuff through your links!

Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Zazzle

Moving along, we have Zazzle too. They offer customizable clothing, art prints, mugs, stationery, LEGO minifigures and everything for the whole family.

You earn 15% of anything a reader buys after clicking your links, whether they customize a product or buy something already designed. A good example is selling onesies and bibs ready for DIY print-making, which would inspire parents feeling crafty. You can share affiliate links to those when you highlight related crafts or gift ideas on your site.

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Easy Closets

EasyClosets handles kid closets and storage to maximize organization with the custom setups they design. 

You earn 4% per order with a $10 bonus the first time someone uses your special link and buys from them, so make sure to highlight their services in posts about bedroom organization, back-to-school prep, managing playroom chaos, and so on. 

We checked out their site, and they have this cool interactive quiz that designs a custom closet tailored to exactly how your family uses the space and what you need to store. It is kind of neat!

With cookie tracking lasting 30 days, you have some time to gently nurture followers signing up for storage makeovers after clicking your links. It might be worthwhile offering some decluttering tips of your own to inspire them to take action.

Commission Rate: 4% per order plus $10 new customer bonus

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. The Sleep Lady

Next, we’ve got something awesome for anyone out there losing sleep trying to get your kiddos to wind down at bedtime. The Sleep Lady helps teach your little ones better sleep habits from newborns to six-year-olds by eliminating nighttime waking and sunsetting positive sleep rituals.

There aren’t any public details on commission rates so you’d want to submit the affiliate application to get the full scoop, but we do know that there is a 30 day cookie duration. 

We do know their programs start around $50, so possible commissions could be in the $10-25 range for a mid-ticket item like that. We think this parenting affiliate program will definitely sell because there are so many parents struggling with getting their kids to go to sleep at night. Highlight the products in any posts offering your top sleep training tips for readers feeling as desperate as you may!

Commission Rate: Undisclosed

Cookie Duration: 30 days

13. Positive Parenting Solutions

On to Positive Parent Solutions next. They offer online parenting courses helping correct behavioral issues without losing your cool yelling and nagging. You’ve probably been there before, right?

You pocket 25% per $100+ course purchase so $25 potentially right to your bank for each tired mom or dad ready to try a more graceful approach. You can share affiliate links when you vent about your own discipline challenges or offer gentle parenting hacks.

Commission Rate: 25% courses

Cookie Duration: 60 days

14. Love With Food

Over at Love With Food, you can earn $3-$15 per snack box depending on subscription plan when someone signs up for monthly deliveries through our links. 

This is a great program for you to highlight when you share snack-time tips and lunchbox inspiration on your sites. I don’t know about you, but most parents we know are always trying to toss healthier, low-sugar options in for their kiddos rather than junk food. 

Love With Food specializes in yummy treats made from organic ingredients that both kids and parents love and with potential to score $15 bonuses each month – those add up fast if you manage to hook some active subscribers. Maybe you could even do a fun giveaway contest where you gift a 6-month Love With Food subscription to a lucky reader!

Commission Rate: $3-$15 per box

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Puzzle Master

Finally, Puzzle Master sells jigsaw puzzles for the whole family, from little kids to teens to adults. There are so many ways you can highlight them – share affiliate links when featuring family activity ideas, stocking stuffers roundups, even DIY framed puzzle art for room decor inspo. 

The great news is Puzzle Master gives you a long 90 day cookie window to earn from any puzzle-related purchases someone makes after clicking your links so there’s plenty of time for readers to revisit your content and decide to buy.

You pocket 10% commission on all those sales. It might not sound like much, but those small amounts compound fast. We’re all about passive income with minimal effort – who has time to constantly promote stuff as busy parents?  So this is an awesome set-it-and-forget it type program.

Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

How We Chose The Best Parenting Affiliate Programs

With so many products and programs out there targeting parents, how did we determine this list of the absolute best parenting affiliate opportunities? We’ll break down the key criteria we used to evaluate programs on whether they deserve a spot, that way you can apply the same standards as you search for relevant offers too.

Commission Rate

The commission percentage or dollar amount earned per sale is obviously critical. Most parenting programs pay between 10-40% commissions, with an average of 15-25% being common. We spotlighted options on the higher end, like Parenting Simply’s generous 40% rate. but even an offer with just 10% can perform well at scale. 

Amazon for instance only pays 1-5% typically, but the volume they drive makes up for lower individual earnings. When looking at commission rate, you also need to consider the actual price point. 

A 40% commission seems fabulous until you realize it’s only on a $15 product. Whereas 15% of a $300 item would score you way more per order. We considered both percentage AND actual dollar earnings potential in our recommendations.

Cookie Duration

The cookie period determines how long you get paid after driving an initial click or sign-up even if the buyer doesn’t complete their purchase until later.

30 days is average, with 90-365 days being excellent. Tinyhood has 30 days, so you’d need followers to buy course access fairly quickly after visiting from your link to get conversion credit. Compare that to Puzzle Master’s 90 day window – more flexibility for readers to come back and still trigger earnings for you down the road.

Longer cookies give buyers time to “marinate” on a purchase after your referral, and let you capitalize on delayed buyer impulse without constantly having to re-promote the same product. Definitely check cookie duration when selecting affiliate programs!

Average Order Value

Average order value (AOV) reflects the revenue brands earn per transaction across the board. The higher someone’s AOV, the more YOU can expect to earn from each conversion too.

So while commission percentage does matter, sometimes lower commissions – say 10-15% on higher-priced products with AOVs over $100 – can bring better returns than even 40% off cheaper $20-30 products with lower order values.

We looked for that ideal balance – great commissions AND healthy AOVs signaling profitable potential. OurFamilyWizard for instance delivers a solid 25% from a nice $176+ AOV based on public stats. That’s $40+ into your account per referral sale rather than a couple dollars from very low ticket items.

Niche Alignment

The products a program offers should directly align with the buyer interests and needs of YOUR audience. Otherwise you’ll lack credibility trying to wedge in disjointed recommendations purely for financial gain rather than reader value.

For instance momAgenda’s organizer products cater perfectly to busy parenting audiences looking to juggle hectic family schedules. Versus trying to force music production software affiliate links to moms (just a random example!) when it’s completely irrelevant to their content needs.

We hand-selected parenting affiliate programs that contextually pair with the topics and buyer journeys typical visitors have at sites targeting parents. This helps ensure any promotions would feel natural vs obtrusive. Because aligned offers bring BETTER conversions too!

Final Thoughts

While the commissions attracted me initially, we realized affiliate success relies heavily on recommending products that genuinely deliver value to readers based on their interests and pain points. If you come from a place of service rather than predatory product pushing, your referrals carry more weight and convert more buyers.

We believe the programs highlighted here provide helpful solutions for navigating parenting challenges like limited sleep, picky eating, temper tantrums and more – things many universally struggle with! 

We hope you found the right fit for your site among these best parenting affiliate programs. Just be sure to vet offers thoroughly rather than just chasing the highest payout, for win-win relationships with your audience.

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