Link Whisper vs All In One SEO: Finding the Best WordPress Plugin

There are a million options available for WordPress plugins and each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. 

One of the main reasons people use WordPress plugins is for internal linking. Having proper internal linking on your site improves its SEO, makes the site easier to navigate, and can lead to better rankings and, ultimately, more money for you. 

In this guide, we’re stacking Link Whisper vs All In One SEO. One tool is a dedicated internal linking tool, while the other is a “jack of all trades.” Which option is better for finding internal linking opportunities

Link Whisper vs All In One SEO: At a Glance

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin specifically designed to help you with internal linking. The tool uses artificial intelligence to suggest relevant internal links and streamline identifying and getting them onto your website. 

This is all done directly through the plugin without requiring you to leave WordPress or install anything outside of the plugin. 

The ultimate goal of Link Whisper is to ensure that you don’t have any orphaned content on your website and that all your articles are connected in some way via a proper internal linking strategy. Link Whisper saves you time and limits the manual effort needed to do this. 

All In One SEO (AIOSEO) is an all-encompassing SEO plugin for WordPress that covers a number of aspects that you would need to manage the SEO of your website. 

This includes on-page optimization, keyword density, metadata, schema, and more. AIOSEO also has a Link Assistant feature that looks similar to Link Whisper. That said, it’s not as intuitive, or advanced, and it costs more than double the price if you want to get it in addition to all the other features of AIOSEO. 

Link Whisper Features

Let’s break down some of the main features that make Link Whisper a great option for internal linking. 

link whisper automatic linking

Automatic Linking

The main thing that really stands out about Link Whisper is the ability to identify internal linking opportunities and insert links with very little effort. 

Using the Link Report section of the plugin, you can filter your pages to see which ones do not have any internal links. Once you’ve done that, you can use the tool to automatically add links to the anchor text suggested by the Link Whisper AI. 

The plugin scans your content and finds the best and most relevant anchor text to suggest from the most relevant articles. This takes hours of work out of your hands and prevents you from having to scan all your articles yourself manually. 

Having a large site with 100+ articles in various topic clusters will save you a ton of time. 

Link Suggestions While Writing

As you’re writing and editing content in WordPress, Link Whisper provides real-time link suggestions based on the content you’re writing. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll find the suggestions. 

You can add them directly from the suggestion area, and the plugin will update the article automatically. I find it most useful to write the article in full, save it, and then scroll down and add internal links this way. 

Internal Link Audit

Link Whisper’s internal link audit feature helps you identify orphaned pages, which are pages with no internal links pointing to them. Discovering these orphaned pages can quickly address any issues and improve your website’s overall SEO performance.

Another powerful use of the internal link audit is the ability to find and eliminate broken links on your website. The internal link audit will identify any broken links, and you can use Link Whisper to find a new link to replace it.

link whisper reporting dashboard 

Reporting Dashboard

Using the reporting dashboard from Link Whisper helps you see your internal linking metrics so you can track the number of inbound and outbound links on your site. I love the fact that it shows you the distribution of links based on certain topics and niches. 

All In One SEO Features

Next, let’s look at AIOSEO and some of the features that might make you want to use this plugin for your site. 

On-Page SEO Analysis

What makes this tool tick is its comprehensive ability to help you with your SEO. It provides suggestions and insights on everything you need for on-page optimization. This includes keyword density, readability, headers, title tags, meta descriptions, alt text, and more. 

Schema Builder

The schema builder allows you to add structured data to your site to help search engines better understand your content. By doing this, it helps you increase the chances of appearing in rich snippets. Best of all, the schema builder supports different types of schema including article, list, recipe, and event schema. 

Local SEO Features

If you’re in the world of local SEO , you know how important a Google Business Profile and Google Maps are to your visibility. AIOSEO helps you optimize for local search, including local schema and Google Maps integration, so you can rank higher on the GMB search and increase the number of people who find your business based on local location-based searches. 

aioseo internal linking dashboard

Link Assistant 

AIOSEO offers a Link Assistant that closely resembles Link Whisper. You can use the Links Report to see all the pages that do not have any internal links and you can add those links directly from the page. 

One thing the plugin lacks is a link suggestion feature in the WordPress backend to suggest outbound links as you write. You’ll need to write the article and publish it, then go into the Links Report to find link suggestions. 

We also have to mention that the Link Assistant is only available with their Pro Plan which we’ll get into below. 

Link Whisper Pricing Details

link whisper pricing

Link Whisper offers three annual pricing tiers:

Single Site License: $77/year – includes all features of the plugin for one site

Three Site License: $117/year – includes all features of the plugin for three sites

10 Site License $167/year – includes all features of the plugin for up to ten sites

I really love the fact that the pricing tiers are based entirely on the number of sites you have because it’s scalable. You don’t have to pay more right off the bat to get the features you want. You can get all the features and simply increase your pricing tier as your business grows. 

AIOSEO Pricing 

aioseo pricing

All In One SEO offers four pricing packages:

Basic: $49.60/year – includes all core features for one site, but lacks premium features like the schema builder, local SEO, or internal linking.

Plus: $99.60/year – includes all core features and premium features for up to three sites, does not include video sitemap or broken link audits.

Pro: $199.60/year – includes all core and premium features for up to ten sites and adds priority support. This is the plan that includes Internal Link Assistant.

Elite: $299.60/year – includes all core and premium features for up to 100 sites, making it ideal for large agencies managing many accounts. 

Final Thoughts

After comparing Link Whisper vs All In One SEO, it’s clear that these tools can work well together but each has its own advantages. If you’re looking for a plugin to help you with internal linking and to take hours of work out of your hands, Link Whisper is the only option

If you’re in need of a more general “jack of all trades” tool that can help you with a variety of SEO tasks, AIOSEO is the right one. 

In many cases, I would say it’s worth getting the basic or plus plan of AIOSEO and then getting a Link Whisper premium subscription just for the internal linking. The cost will be lower and you’ll get the powerful internal linking capabilities of Link Whisper. 

Regardless of the path you choose, internal linking is important for the success of your website so don’t neglect it! 


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