The 13 Best Hunting Affiliate Programs

What makes the outdoor recreation niche special is the fact that it touches all geographical areas, from bustling cities to rural towns. In that, the hunting affiliate programs present an excellent earning opportunity. 

Check this out: there are over 15 million hunting license holders in the US and the total number of people who went hunting in 2021 , was close to 26 million.

Data suggests that those affiliates who are doing it right are earning steady monthly returns from hunting affiliate programs. Do not overlook the key phrase “doing it right” though. That takes some research and brainstorming. 

To start with, you need to pick the right affiliate marketing program that works best for you.

After methodical research, we have chosen 13 programs that can boost your earnings. Besides reviewing them, we will also break down the process of selecting the right hunting affiliate programs in a few steps.

Let’s get going.

1.  Cabela’s 

Commission Rate: Up to 5%

Cookie Duration: Up to 14 days

Cabela’s has been in business since 1961 and is one of the most reputed sellers of hunting and fishing gear. Each store offers a wide range of selections and an experienced team to guide customers through the products. The brand also partners with some of the leading conservation organizations to promote wildlife conservation.

The wide range of products on their site will help you appeal to a wider range of audience. While the commission rates are not eye-popping, the conversion rates are higher than average. 

Keep in mind that the cookie duration is short too. On the plus side, a dedicated management team will provide marketing assistance to the affiliates.

But you know what else?  

Since Bass Pro Shops acquired Cabela’s in 2017, many customers have mentioned that their product quality has come down. Specifically, multiple buyers have pointed out quality issues with the clothing they sell. While this is not true for all products, if your audience is well-informed, they might show less interest in the brand.

2. Field Supply

Commission Rate: 5% on each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

With Field Supply, you get to offer your audience excellent deals on a wide range of hunting gear. The brand has been around for 20 years and offers a customer-friendly service. We found that most hunters are satisfied with their products and would not hesitate to recommend the brand to others.

The range of products is excellent and the delivery is smooth. Even though the commission rates are average, the higher average order value will help you earn a steady income. The program also offers access to an affiliate account interface that allows you to run reports.

We appreciate the brand’s transparency with the details of its affiliate program. Note that, your affiliate account will be reviewed 90 days after the signup date. Based on the performance the commission rates can be increased or reduced. 

Overall, this a good affiliate program for promoting to hunters looking for the ideal combo of high quality and affordable price.

3. Sierra

Commission Rate: Between 4-7% 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

Sierra offers everything an outdoor lover might need at prices that are around 20%-60% below that of most other online retailers. 

By adding thousands of new products to their stock every week, they offer plenty of new options almost daily. That way, the brand offers a unique “treasure hunt shopping experience” for buyers.

While some customers might find the massive inventory overwhelming, you can find some great deals if you know what you are looking for. Sierra does not provide direct access to their affiliate program and you will have to link through other platforms. On the plus side, the strong social media presence of the brand makes it easier to market the products. 

A closer look will tell you that the commission rates are nothing exceptional and the range of hunting gear available on the site is limited. But if you prefer multi-channel product promotions for budget-conscious buyers, it is a great choice.

4. Brownells

Commission Rate: Between  2.5% – 7%

Cookie Duration: Up to 14 days

It is unlikely that any pro shooter has not heard of Brownells. With a brand history of over eight decades, Brownells has a solid reputation for selling high-quality guns, ammunition, optics, and other accessories. 

With over 90,000 products listed on its site, it is one of the most trusted brands for gun lovers. Not only do the products offer excellent quality but they are also backed by a solid guarantee. Most hunters remain impressed by the top-notch customer service of the brand.

Depending on the product type, you can earn an average commission of around 5% per sale. Brownells provides you with marketing tools and also performance monitoring tools that track real-time traffic, sales volume, and commission stats. 

The solid reputation of the brand makes it a great program to promote on a website or through social media. We would have liked a longer cookie duration though.

In short, Brownell is a one-stop shop for everything shooting-related. If you have a blog with pro-hunters as the main audience, it is a great affiliate program to join.

5. Sportsman’s Guide

Commission Rate: Between 2% to 5%

Cookie Duration: 7 days

Sportsman’s Guide not only sells high-end hunting gear from top brands but also a wide range of U.S. military surplus gear. Moreover, in 2023, the brand was ranked in the top spot in its category by Newsweek, in terms of customer service.

Sportsman’s Guide has partnered with Commission Junction and AvantLink as their affiliate platforms. While the commission rates are modest, the average price of the products is on the higher side. So, you can expect high order values. Keep in mind that shipping is limited to the US and Canada only. That limits the range of audience you can market the products.

In reality, having the products from the best brands under one website makes it easier for customers to choose. Considering the excellent brand reputation and high brand awareness, we have no second thoughts about recommending this affiliate program for newbies, as well as veteran affiliates. 

6. Beretta

Commission Rate: Between 4% to 8%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Ask any veteran to pick the iconic handguns of all time, the Beretta 92FS will be among the top choices. While their handguns and rifles are not best suited for hunting, you cannot go wrong with the shotguns that Beretta manufactures. And there is a wide range of choices from affordable models to flagship products like the A400 Xtreme Plus.

Unless your audience is focused on buying budget-range products, this is a brand that is worth promoting. Interestingly, this Italian brand is one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in the world. Its origin can be traced back to the 16th century.

Considering the premium range of the products, the average order value is around $115. Also, the 4.9% conversion rate is higher than the average in this niche. Do the math and you will find that the commission rates will allow you to earn a satisfying cut of the sales figures.

Beyond that, affiliates get exclusive offers and support from a dedicated management team. In terms of earning potential, this is one of the best hunting affiliate programs you can pick.

7. Wing Supply

Commission Rate: 5% base rate

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Founded in 1982, Wing Supply has been delivering quality hunting gear to customers at exceptional prices. In fact, the business was the descendant of Uncle Lee’s Sporting Goods in Greenville, which was launched in 1975. 

Wing Supply aims to offer exceptional value to waterfowl and wing shooters and considering the positive reviews, they are delivering it.

The wide range of products on their website is a big plus. Apart from standard hunting gear, Wing Supply also stocks decoys and game calls that are useful for duck and turkey hunters. In short, the site will meet all your hunting needs.

The commission rates are on par with the other programs and the cookie window is good enough. However, since the product prices are on the lower side, you will not generate a considerable income unless you drive higher conversions. Keep in mind, that Wing Supply also reviews each affiliate account at the 90-day mark and adjusts the commission rate.

8. Bass Pro Shops

Commission Rate: Up to 5%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Founded in 1972 by a young angler, Bass Pro Shops has emerged as a prime retailer of outdoor gear at the national level. With its stores attracting 200 million visitors annually, the brand has developed a solid reputation.

The Bass Pro Shop stores are an attraction on their own with plenty of outdoor-themed features for kids and adults. Another plus is the dedicated customer service offered by the company. That said, in recent times, the customer service of the brand has earned mixed reviews. 

You will get support from an affiliate management team and high-quality marketing material as wel. Note that, Bass Pro Shops also includes the Cabela’s brand, So you can promote both or either one on your platform.

On the downside, the commission rates on the sale of firearms and ammo are on the lower side. In addition, the cookie duration is short too. So, if your audience is more focused on these items, consider the average sales value to find out if this program is the best choice for you.

9. Gorilla Ammunition

Commission Rate: 2.5% in each sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Gorilla Ammunition focuses on producing quality ammunition through state-of-the-art technology. The brand also has a ballistics laboratory for testing which results in excellent cartridge accuracy and integrity. The ammunition has also earned tons of positive reviews from users.

You can access the affiliate program through the AvantLink platform. The commission rate will not impress you though. You will need to promote high-value items to maximize your earnings. The brand mentions that the average ammunition order value is $150, which is on the higher side.

In theory, the firearms, parts, and suppressors sold on the site can add to an overall order value. But not all their products are hunting-related. So, a lot will depend on the exact requirements of your customer base.

Additionally, the brand has a dedicated affiliate marketing coordinator and a graphic designer for generating high-quality ad materials. All in all, if you are looking for a program with serious earning potential, this may not be the best choice. We think the Gorilla Ammunition affiliate program is best used as a secondary option.

10. Black Ovis

Commission Rate: Between 6-12%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Black Ovis is an online retailer of high-end hunting gear, especially bow hunting gear. A cool feature of the website is that it allows you to customize your arrows. Customers have mentioned that these arrows deliver awesome performance.

Apart from delivering high-quality products, the brand also has a reward point system that customers appreciate. In terms of commission rates, they are one of the best affiliate programs you can pick. However, you need to market the products to an audience that is primarily interested in bow hunting.

On the plus side, the average order value is around $180. Moreover, the brand offers free domestic shipping and worldwide product shipping. You also get full support from dedicated affiliate managers. The cherry on the top is, the customer service is almost perfect.

You can join the affiliate program through Avantlinks or the Skimlinks platform. But, the Skimlinks platform provides a lower interest rate of 4%.

11. Palmetto State Armory

Commission Rate: 5% of each sale

Cookie Duration: Unknown

While the Palmetto State Factory focuses on AR-15 and AK-47 rifles, they also sell traditional rifles and shotguns. Other products include ammo. optics, and accessories. The company has complete control over every step of the manufacturing process of a firearm- the reason behind the excellent product quality. The growth rate of the company in the past few years has been impressive too.

Customers looking for a great deal will love the website as they will find great discounts on the entire range of products. What makes the brand stand out is the 100% lifetime warranty it offers on every firearm. Combined with the great prices, this provides complete peace of mind for the buyer. 

Even though the commission rate of 5% is average, the average order value is on the higher side. Besides, the brand has gathered a solid reputation in terms of product quality and customer service. In all, the combination of quality and affordability makes Palmetto State Factory a great brand to promote to an audience passionate about hunting.

12. Optics Planet 

Commission Rate: Up to 20%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

Optics Planet is a great option for hunters looking to buy everything related to hunting from one retailer. Apart from gun parts and ammo, you can buy a whole range of hunting gear and apparel from the site. The site has been around for more than two decades and expanded its selection over the years.

Among all the affiliate programs listed here, the commission rates offered by Optics Planet are the best. Beyond that, there are opportunities for bonus earnings. 

Since the product prices are on the higher side, you can expect the average transaction amount to be more. However, customers looking for the best deals may not find the site to be the top option.

Now, I have never faced issues with any of the purchases from Optics Planet. But there are plenty of negative reviews about its delivery process, especially regarding shipping delays. Keep in mind that this bad reputation may come in the way of your marketing strategies. It would be best if you check the service quality in your area before joining the program.

13. Volt Heat

Commission Rate: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Anyone who has hunted in cold weather would understand the difficulties of staying warm while remaining still for hours. Volt Heat aims to make things more comfortable for hunters with their heated hunting apparel. The products include jackets, vests, gloves, footwear, and socks that come with a patented heating technology.

The products are tested at the Institute for Environmental Research by following ASTM standards. So, you can be sure about the safety and performance. 

The customer feedback indicates that the quality and comfort levels of the products are top-notch. In addition, the customer service is dependable too. Moreover, the solid brand reputation is a big plus.

Then again, the commission rate is good and the cookie duration is decent too. However, the advanced technology keeps the product prices on the higher end. So, it may not be the best option if your customers are looking for cheap deals. But from all other aspects, this is one of the best hunting affiliate programs to promote.

How We Chose The Best Hunting Affiliate Programs

No doubt that affiliate marketing is a legit way of earning some extra money. And there are plenty of good options in the hunting niche to pick from. At the same time, with so many brands competing for the top spots in Google searches, you will need the choose the battles you can win.

To pick the best options, we focused on reputable brands that offer a high traffic potential, along with good commission rates. Starting with 21 programs, we scaled down to 13 options after eliminating the weakest ones.

The fact is, this is a competitive realm, and earning trust through insightful and unbiased content will take time. Beyond that, here are a few other aspects that you need to check out.

Commission Rate

When you evaluate how profitable a program is, the commission rates are the first thing that comes to mind. If the rates are low, you will have to convert a ton of your audience to ensure a reasonable income. Moreover, low commission rates can be demotivating, especially if your website is generating high traffic.

While the commissions of hunting affiliate programs are not the best you will find, they are not too bad either. That said, a program with low commission rates can have other merits that can work to your advantage. So, look at the complete picture before you decide.

Cookie Duration

Even though the physical size of a cookie text file is very small, it does have an immense impact on your earnings from an affiliate program. 

A short cookie duration is between 7-14 days, whereas a duration of 30 days is considered medium. If the cookie duration is 30 days, and the purchase is made on the 29th day after the initial click, you will still earn a commission. But, if the cookie duration is 7 days, and the purchase is made on the 12th day, no commission will be paid.

A longer cookie lifetime gives your audience a longer time to decide and make a purchase. Short cookie life can generate quick results, but you may end up making fewer sales.

Average Order Value

The average order value is the average amount a customer spends after purchasing a product on a website. The math is simple. When the commission rate is constant, you will earn more from selling a product worth $200 than one worth $50.

This is an important metric that needs tracking when it comes to judging the health of an affiliate program. Once you learn about the average order value, you can devise ways to raise it and generate higher revenue. That said, there are other factors like customer traffic and conversion rate that you need to consider to get the best results.

Niche Alignment

Get this: your offerings to the audience through an affiliate program should offer real value. Choose products that enhance their hunting experience and solve the problems they face. The more you align with the needs of the audience, the higher the chances of steady revenue growth from an affiliate program. 

Spend time researching the audience and make sure to earn their trust through genuine recommendations. Also, take a look at your competition to find out the products they are promoting. 

Keep in mind that your audience’s needs will keep evolving. You need to keep track of the changes and offer products that meet their latest demands. That means reassessing your affiliate choices at regular intervals, something that every successful affiliate marketing website does.

Final Thoughts

Here are our top 13 hunting affiliate programs that can match your preferences. Not every one of these programs will tick all the right boxes for you and that is fine. 

Multiple moving parts in an affiliate program make the process of selecting the right option complex. It is always important to do some careful research before picking one.

A national survey has indicated that in 2022 the total expenditure on hunting and fishing activities was $144.6 billion. That means in terms of products, the hunting affiliate programs will overlap with the ones from survival and fishing niches. And these two are counted among the best niches for affiliate marketing.

The good news is, that these are evergreen niches that can expand your website’s reach. You can promote the products to a larger audience beyond hunters.

While money will not start rolling in overnight, once you create the right affiliate marketing strategy, you can earn a steady passive income.

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