Announcing Target Keywords and Google Search Console Integration for Even More Effective Internal Link Building

What if Link Whisper knew EXACTLY what keywords you were trying to rank for in Google?

Up until now, Link Whisper has used a variety of methods to try and determine what the best link suggestions are for your blog posts.  Many times these suggestions are excellent.

Other times, the suggestions are not quite right.

So, over the past several months, my team and I have been working diligently to make the internal link suggestions even better.

This weekend, we just released the ability to add target keywords to your blog posts and the ability to integrate with Google Search Console.  Let me explain why this will make Link Whisper even more helpful than ever before.

Watch the Tutorial Videos on How to Use these New Features

Target Keywords

You can now input Target Keywords in Link Whisper for each blog post.  

Target Keywords are the keywords that you want your blog post to rank for in Google.  You can enter 1 keyword or multiple keywords to target.

By telling Link Whisper what keywords you hope to rank for, the internal link suggestions that mention those target keywords (or variations) will get suggested first.

In other words, the internal links that are likely to be the most powerful are more likely to be found and suggested.

The Link Whisper internal link suggestion algorithm will also suggest other links as it always has.  So, you will see all links possible and you can still make the selection.

Google Search Console Integration

What if there was a quick way to automatically pull in target keywords that you are already ranking for in Google?

After all, if you are already ranking well in Google for a particular keyword, this is likely the keyword that your blog post is targeting.

Well, now you can do just that with our brand new Google Search Console integration.

Simply go to your Link Whisper settings and click the Google Search Console integration button.

With your permission, Link Whisper will then connect to your Google Search Console data using the official Google API.

Please note that the team at Link Whisper does not view, keep, or store any of your data.  All of your data is stored on your own website/server since Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin.  The data is for your use only.

Now that you’ve connected your account, Link Whisper will pull in the top 20 keywords that you are ranking for in Google and show you the impressions, clicks, position, and click-through rate for those keywords.

You can then select which of those keywords you want to make your Target Keywords!

(Or you can always manually add additional target keywords).

By connecting to Google Search Console, you can also see the total organic traffic that your blog posts are getting from Google!

All of this data is now displayed within Link Whisper to help you make even better decisions about what keywords to target and which blog posts to build internal links to or from.

Yoast SEO and Rank Math Keywords

What if you are already using 2 of the most popular SEO plugins for target keywords?  You probably don’t want to re-input your keywords in Link Whisper as well.

Well, we thought of that and agree!

If you already have Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugins installed, Link Whisper will automatically pull in your target keywords and will set those as active target keywords!

What this means is that you won’t need to manually input any target keywords.  Rather, you will just start to get better internal link suggestions based on your Yoast or Rank Math keywords.

However, you are also in complete control.  If you decide you want to have Link Whisper ignore a Yoast or Rank Math keyword, you can always remove those from Link Whisper.

So, while these keywords will indeed become active target keywords without any of your input, you can also remove or edit these keywords.

Target Keywords Reporting

As a result of these new features, we’ve added a new menu item called “Target Keywords”.

This will allow you to quickly scan or sort all your posts or pages and view your organic traffic and keyword data.

In addition, you can quickly add new target keywords.

Adding Target Keywords as You Go

We also created the ability to add target keywords on the post editor screen.

So, if you are creating a new blog post (or editing an old one), you can add new target keywords as you write or edit the article.

You can either input “custom keywords”, or for existing posts that already rank in Google, you can select the “Google Search Console Keywords” that show up.

Then you will be able to see all the keywords you’ve added under the “All Keywords” tab.

Available Now!

Overall, we hope that you find these new features of Target Keywords and Google Search Console integration useful. These features have already been released in v1.5.0 or later.

So, if you are an existing Link Whisper customer, please update your plugin from within WordPress.  Or follow these instructions if you don’t see the automatic update in your WordPress dashboard.

More in-depth tutorial videos for these new features will be added later this week to the tutorials page.

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