16 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs: Monetize What You Love Most

The global gaming market is expected to be worth over $200 billion by 2023 . With gaming becoming more mainstream and popular than ever before, there are huge opportunities for affiliate marketers in this niche.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best gaming affiliate programs to help you start monetizing your passion. Whether you have a gaming blog, YouTube channel, Twitch stream or another platform, these programs can help you earn commissions from your audience.

Why Promote Gaming Affiliate Programs?

Here are some of the key reasons the gaming niche offers major affiliate marketing potential:

  • Massive, growing industry. As mentioned, gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues expanding every year. There will always be demand for games, gear and related products.
  • Passionate audience. Gamers are highly engaged and tend to be very loyal to brands they love. This makes them more likely to click your links and make purchases.
  • Diverse verticals. You can focus on game sales, gaming accessories, apparel, dating sites and much more within this niche.
  • High ticket offers. Many gaming products like laptops, PCs and gear are expensive, allowing you to earn substantial commissions.
  • Recurring potential. Some programs offer recurring commissions when referrals make repeat purchases.

Now let’s dive into some of the top gaming affiliate programs available today.

1. Alienware

Alienware builds high-performance gaming PCs and laptops powered for virtual reality and intense gaming. Their products are known for eye-catching designs and top specs ideal for enthusiasts.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 6% on sales of Alienware gaming rigs. With their PCs starting around $1,000 and going up to $5,000+, there is nice earning potential here. The short cookie duration means you’ll need to focus on conversions from your direct referrals.

Alienware is now owned by Dell, so you’ll join the Dell affiliate program to promote their gaming systems. If you have an audience of hardcore PC gamers, this brand will resonate. Alienware frequently tops wish lists for gaming PC builds.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon sells virtually every type of gaming product imaginable from video games to laptops, accessories, apparel and more. This makes their affiliate program a versatile option for monetizing a gaming audience.

The downside is that Amazon offers lower commissions for gaming products specifically. You’ll earn just 1% on physical video games and 2% on digital games. Other categories earn higher rates.

However, the massive product selection and trusted Amazon brand still make this a worthwhile gaming affiliate program. The 24 hour cookie is short, but you earn on anything purchased in that window.

Amazon also offers extensive affiliate tools like product links, banners, coupons and API access to help drive conversions. If you have a generalized gaming site or blog, the Amazon program can complement other specialized options. This is one of the best affiliate programs for beginners.

3. Logitech

Logitech is a staple brand for gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, webcams and more accessories. While not exclusively a gaming company, their “Logitech G” lineup caters directly to gamers.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 4-10% commission on Logitech gaming products purchased through your links. This lines up with average rates for consumer electronics like gaming gear.

Logitech gaming accessories range from $50 – $300, so the 4% commission can still result in good earnings with premium products. The 30 day cookie provides a decent window to track commissions.

This is an ideal complementary program for a gaming gear review site. Logitech is a well-known brand that makes quality gaming mice, keyboards, headsets and streaming equipment.

4. Razer

Razer manufactures premium gaming accessories and gear, including laptops, mice, keyboards, headsets, apparel and more. They market their products directly to hardcore gamers.

The Razer affiliate program pays 8-20% commissions, based on product category. Their accessories range from $100 to $300+ in price, so even an 8% commission is lucrative. Laptops earn 12%.

Razer is a trusted brand among loyal gamers who recognize its iconic logo. The 30 day cookie gives you plenty of time to earn commissions from your referred traffic. This program should be standard for any gaming affiliate site.

5. Nvidia

Nvidia is THE premium brand for high-performance gaming graphics cards. Their GPUs are must-have upgrades for any serious PC gaming setup. Cards range from $200 to $1,500+.

Their affiliate program pays a flat 2% commission on sales. While lower than other rates we’ve seen, these GPUs are big ticket items. 2% of a $700 graphics card is still a $14 commission.

Nvidia dominates mindshare among PC gamers for the best graphics horsepower.

The 45 day cookie gives you plenty of time to convert visitors. This is a niche-specific program perfect for PC gaming sites.

6. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach specializes in gaming headsets for all major platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. They offer over 100 different headset options to match any gamer’s needs and budget.

The Turtle Beach affiliate program pays a 4% commission on all sales. Their headsets range from $60 – $300, with an average order value of $80. So you can expect around $3 per headset purchase.

The relatively short 30 day cookie means focusing on converting your direct referrals. However, Turtle Beach is a recognizable gaming brand that should convert well for headphone recommendations.

7. Astro Gaming

Astro Gaming creates premium headsets, mixamps, microphones and other audio equipment for gaming. Their products are geared for pro esports gamers and streamers who want high quality gear.

Their affiliate program pays 5% on all sales. With headsets averaging around $300 in price, that 5% commission works out to $15 per order. Other accessories range from $100 to $250 as well.

The 180 day cookie provides a decent window to track commissions from your referrals. Astro Gaming is owned by Logitech, so combines quality with strong branding. For a gaming audio site, it’s a natural fit.

8. Twitch

Twitch has become the #1 live streaming platform for gamers. The Twitch affiliate program allows you to earn 50% commission on subscription revenue from your gaming channel.

To qualify, you need at least 50 followers and to stream for a minimum of 500 minutes over 7 days with an average of 3+ concurrent viewers. This makes it an option for gamers, not just affiliate marketers.

In addition to subscription revenue share, you also get access to Twitch bits, Advertising Bounty Program and game sales commissions.

For gamers already streaming on Twitch, the affiliate program is a no-brainer way to start monetizing your audience and earn an income from your hobby.

9. Sennheiser

Sennheiser makes exceptional audio equipment including headphones, headsets, soundbars and more. While not exclusively for gaming, their products are extremely popular with PC and console gamers.

As an affiliate, you earn 6% commissions on sales of Sennheiser gear. Their headsets cost $100 to $400, so you can earn $6 – $24 per purchase depending on the model. The 60 day cookie provides good tracking.

For a gaming audio site, Sennheiser is a top brand to promote. While a music site could work as well, the gaming niche tends to convert better with Sennheiser based on their product lines. High ticket audio products make the 6% commission worthwhile.

10. Epic Games

Epic Games operates the Epic Games Store for PC/Mac games and is the creator of the hugely popular Fortnite franchise. They develop various gaming titles as well as the Unreal Engine.

Epic Games pays a 5% commission on all game purchases made through your affiliate link. 

However, acceptance into the program is only for those with an audience. You need 1,000+ followers on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.

For gaming influencers who meet the requirements, this program lets you earn from promoting new game releases. Epic Games has major sway in the market, so affiliate commissions should convert well from your game recommendations.

11. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a retailer selling game keys for all popular platforms like Steam, Uplay and Origin. They work directly with 450+ publishers to offer discounts on new and classic game titles.

Their affiliate program pays 8% commission on first-time purchases and 4% on repeat purchases from your referrals. With AAA new releases around $60, that 8% works out to nearly a $5 commission per sale.

Green Man Gaming offers a range of banners, text links and coupons you can use to promote their game deals. For a gaming deals or gameplay site, this is a perfect fit to monetize your audience with relevant offers.

12. Fanatical

Fanatical (previously Bundle Stars) is an online game retailer offering digital keys, bundles and discounts on over 85 million games. This includes titles across Steam, Epic, Uplay and more PC platforms.

Their gaming affiliate program pays up to 5% commission on all game purchases from your referred users. Fanatical has an extensive game catalog from major developers and publishers.

You have plenty of creatives to choose from including banner ads, text links and coupons codes. 

For a blog reviewing PC games or reporting on gaming deals, Fanatical is a great monetization fit. Their large library makes earning commissions easy.

13. ModdedZone

ModdedZone sells customized video game controllers with special designs and upgrades for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and more consoles.

As an affiliate, you earn 10% commission on all controller sales you refer to ModdedZone. Their custom controllers cost $100 to $200+, with an average order value of $150. So you’ll earn $15 per sale on average.

The 90 day cookie provides tons of time to receive credit for conversions. For a gaming hardware or accessories site, ModdedZone delivers a lucrative opportunity to monetize your audience with relevant offers.

14. Kinguin

Kinguin is a digital marketplace for buying gaming keys and codes at discount prices. They sell licenses for platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox Live, PSN, and more.

Their gaming affiliate program starts by paying 5% commission on all sales generated from your link. But it gets better – you also earn 0.5% on any affiliates who sign up via your referral link. And 0.25% on any affiliates those members refer.

So the multi-tier structure allows for growing passive earnings as your referrals start promoting Kinguin themselves. With a 30 day cookie and product relevance, this program is a winner.

15. Zygor Guides

Zygor Guides creates in-game leveling guides for World of Warcraft to help players progress faster. The add-ons show optimal routes, objectives, gear tips and more.

As an affiliate, you earn 50% commission when someone purchases a Zygor leveling guide through your promo link. They offer subscriptions starting at $6/month. So that’s $3 per referral.

The recurring nature of the subscription combined with the high commission rate provides stellar monetization. For a WoW site, Twitch stream or YouTube channel, this is about as relevant as it gets. The 2 month cookie will help you maximize earnings.

16. Bose

Bose makes premium audio equipment like noise cancelling headphones, speakers and home entertainment systems. Their products are popular with gamers who want high-end sound for an immersive experience.

The Bose affiliate program pays a 2-3% commission on sales of their headphones, speakers and other audio gear. With products ranging from $100 to $1,000+, the commission really adds up. You also get a 30 day cookie window which is pretty standard.

Bose is well-respected for its noise cancelling technology and audio quality. For a gaming gear or audio site, it makes for a lucrative addition to your monetization mix. The high ticket prices mean big earning potential promoting Bose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best gaming affiliate programs for beginners?

Some of the top gaming affiliate programs for beginners are Amazon Associates, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and Turtle Beach. They don’t require a following so they’re better for beginner affiliates

What gaming products have the highest commissions?

Generally gaming laptops, PCs and graphics cards offer the highest commissions because of their premium pricing. Programs like Alienware, Razer, Nvidia and Logitech pay well promoting high ticket gaming hardware.

Are there recurring commissions in gaming affiliate programs?

Yes, a few gaming programs pay recurring commissions when your referrals make repeat purchases. Examples include Zygor Guides subscriptions, Kinguin’s multi-tier structure and Twitch channel subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Gaming represents one of the most lucrative niches in affiliate marketing today. The growth and popularity of gaming means there are endless opportunities to promote relevant offers to engaged audiences.

When choosing a gaming affiliate program, look for trusted brands that resonate with your particular audience. Make sure to align with games or products you genuinely like and believe in.

Focus on providing valuable advice, reviews and recommendations rather than just pushing offers. This will help you build relationships and earn repeat business from loyal followers.

With the right monetization strategy, you really can start earning from your gaming passion and turn your hobby into an income source.

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