15 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs To Get Paid!

Fashion influencers have a plethora of affiliate programs at their fingertips, no matter what their audience is interested in. The best fashion affiliate programs run the gamut from niche brands that specialize in athletic clothing or shoewear to broad, catch-all programs like Amazon and LTK.

This list has a bit of everything, including American-made retail, online stores with brick-and-mortar sites, fast fashion, and luxury brands.


The homepage for one of the best fashion affiliate programs from Allbirds.

Allbirds is best known for its sneakers, and the brand also makes flats and clothing. The company has two affiliate programs , one for social ambassadors and the other for media publications.

According to the landing page for the Allbirds Affiliate Program for social ambassadors, you’ll get a commission on all net sales, and you may also get free products from the company. This option is for affiliates who will promote Allbirds via social media (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube).

The affiliate program for media publications is aimed at creators who will promote Allbirds products via a blog, newsletter, podcast or any other non-social media platform. Commission ranges from 1% to 5% of the sale amount depending on what’s purchased and whether or not the customer is new.

Amazon Influencer Program

The Amazon Influencer Program is more powerful for some creators and fashion influencers than the Amazon Associates program because there are more tools and opportunities at your fingertips.

With the Amazon Influencer Program, you can build a customized storefront and create content to feature all of the fashion items you recommend. And instead of promoting a single affiliate link in your content, you can direct fans and followers to your Amazon storefront, where they can shop your complete collection, all of which is affiliated.

There are a variety of affiliate rates that Amazon offers based on the product, with fashion offering a commission of 4 percent.

American Giant

American Giant is a well-known retail store with made-in-America products, which is why it’s among the best fashion affiliate programs you’ll find. There are two options to choose from: the ambassador program for influencers and the affiliate marketing program for brand partners, publishers, etc.

Joining the influencer program means you’ll promote American Giant products via social media channels. In return, you’ll earn commissions and products based on performance.

Through the affiliate marketing program, you’ll promote American Giant products in blog posts, newsletters and other types of online publications. All sales will earn you a commission.


Landing page for one of the best fashion affiliate programs from Asos.

The United Kingdom-based Asos brand is a fast-fashion retailer that sells clothing, makeup, shoes and other fashion-centric items, all of which you can promote through the company’s affiliate program.

The Asos affiliate program is run through Rakuten and a few other affiliate markets. Rakuten is available on a global scale, offering a 45-day cookie and between 0.5 and 6% commission.

Other markets that the Asos affiliate program is offered through are Sovrn (the cookie and commission rate are unlisted); FlexOffers in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand (45-day cookie, up to 4.8% commission); and Cuelinks in the U.S., UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Thailand (unlisted cookie and up to 4.51% commission).


Everlane is a U.S.-based online clothing retailer that has a handful of brick-and-mortar stores in major cities. Its affiliate program is aimed at bloggers, though it doesn’t state that social media influencers can’t also join.

As one of the best fashion affiliate programs, Everlane pays commissions on net sales and lets you advertise via affiliate links and banners. The company also says that it lets affiliates know about product launches and that they discuss “new and innovative ways to work together.”


Fossil is an American fashion retailer known for its watches that have a classic, vintage feel. The company also makes accessories, including handbags, wallets and jewelry.

Its affiliate program, which is offered through Commission Junction, awards a commission when a user clicks on a banner or link and makes a purchase. The website also says that affiliates get information about new product releases, access to different promotions, and free shipping and returns on orders.


The homepage for the Fabletics affiliate program.

Fabletics is one of the most popular activewear retailers around, putting it amongst the best fashion affiliate programs. Known for comfortable workout clothing at affordable prices, its affiliate program is appealing to anyone in the fitness fashion niche.

When you encourage a new VIP membership signup, you’ll get a flat rate of $15. In addition to text links, you can also use branded banners on your website.

Free People

Free People is an American apparel and lifestyle company that sells retail products with a bohemian edge. Its affiliate program is aimed at bloggers who have a blog or website, though it doesn’t state that you can’t advertise via social media, too.

The affiliate program is offered through Rakuten (although the website says Commission Junction), and all sales generated via an affiliate link or banner earn a commission.


LTK is one of the best fashion affiliate programs for influencers because you can link to different affiliates in your posts. LTK Creators can set up a personalized shop, retarget followers to remind them about content they showed interest in, and use tools to create custom collections and shoppable links.

Moreover, LTK has more than 300,000 shoppers each month, and the network of 5,000+ brands means there are a lot of collab opportunities.

Keep in mind that this affiliate program isn’t for beginners. You need to have a public social media profile with an engaged following, and you have to already be posting high-quality, shoppable posts on a regular basis.


The landing page for the Lululemon affiliate program.

Lululemon is one of the top luxury sportswear brands, putting it among the best fashion affiliate programs, too.

On top of getting a commission when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll also be among the first to hear about a product drop, and you’ll be given access to special promotions and brand events.

There are two programs to choose from: the affiliate program for bloggers, publications and other similar content creators. Then there’s the creator network for social media influencers.


Net-A-Porter is a luxury women’s fashion retailer that offers merch from 800+ top designers. After applying to the affiliate program, the company decides if you’ll be invited to join.

You can earn up to 6% in commission on net sales, and you’ll get ads, banners and links to promote Net-A-Porter products. The brand also has a data feed where you can find the latest trends and pieces to promote.


Nordstrom is a luxury retail store chain that offers accessories, clothing and shoes for women, men and children. It’s one of the best fashion affiliate programs to join because not only is Nordstrom a well-known name, but the department store offers items at several price points to satisfy a broad demographic.

The Nordstrom affiliate program lets participants use banners and links for product categories, events and sales, and affiliates also have access to seasonal events and exclusive products.


The landing page for the Toms affiliate program.

TOMS is a popular shoewear brand that’s best known for giving back, and the company also sells accessories and apparel. Part of its pitch to affiliates is that more sales generated for the company mean more donations to grassroots efforts.

The TOMS affiliate program is run through Rakuten, and the company says you’ll get all the promotional materials you need to promote products and earn commissions.

Urban Outfitters

In addition to being one of the best fashion affiliate programs, Urban Outfitters also sells home decor and furnishings, so you can branch out if you want to promote more than clothing and accessories.

Whenever someone makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission, and affiliates also get information first about trends, products and promotions. To promote items, you’ll be able to use branded banners, ads and marketing copy, too.


Zappos is an online footwear retailer with an incredibly large selection, notably fast shipping and an unheard-of free 365-day return policy.

The Zappos Associates Program, run through Commission Junction, provides marketers with banners ads and text links to promote more than 1,500 accessories, shoes and housewares brands.

Wrapping Up

With so many of the best fashion affiliate programs to choose from, you won’t be at a loss for what to promote. And as a fashion content creator or influencer, you may have a hard time narrowing down your options with so many available.

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