How to Use the Link Changer

How to Use the Link Changer

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Notes on functionality:

The URL Changer can change both relative and absolute URLs across your site.

One important thing to note is when you change a relative URL, Link Whisper will look to see if there are any absolute versions of the same URL and will update them to the absolute equivalent of the relative URL. So for example, if you were changing links with the relative URL of “/login/” into ones with the relative URL of “/sign-in/”, Link Whisper would also update any links that have the absolute URL of “” into links with URLs of “”.


The URL Changer can now change absolute links into relative links by activating “Relative Links Mode”. When “Relative Links Mode” is active, you will be able to define an absolute URL in the “Old URL” field and a relative URL in the “New URL” field. Link Whisper will then change the old absolute URL into a relative one.

Please be aware, activating “Relative Links Mode” will also cause Link Whisper to created all suggested links as relative ones.

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