How do I use the Click Tracking?

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How do I use the Click Tracking?

Link Whisper’s Click Tracking is a new feature for measuring engagement with the links on your pages. All link clicks from visitors are recorded so you can see what links are popular and which aren’t.

The Clicks Report main report page is structured similarly to the other report pages. The main report page lists all of the posts that Link Whisper can create links for. The report page displays:

  • The post’s title
  • Publish date
  • Post type
  • The basic link click stats for the post

Each column is sortable, so you can order the data in the way that’s most useful to you. You can also filter the post types you want to see results for using the filter controls.


The Link Clicks dropdown contains basic data about the clicks on links for each post to give you an overview of the post. The data shown in the dropdown is:

  • The total number of clicks links in the post has received.
  • The number of clicks links have received in the past 30 days.
  • The link that visitors most clicked over the past 30 days and the number of times it was clicked.

The dropdown also contains links to view the Click Details page for the post and for the most clicked link.


The Click Details Page.

The Click Details page shows a more detailed breakdown of all of the clicks that are recorded for the current post.

At the top of the page is the “Clicks per day” chart. It shows you the total number of clicks all of the links on the current post have received for each day. It also lists the total number of clicks for its displayed range.

You can change the date range for the chart and Click Data Table with the date filtering controls. By default, the filtering controls display click data over the past 30 days.


The Click Data Table lists the click records in more detail. It lists:

  • The URLs of each clicked link.
  • The number of times each link was clicked.
  • The anchor text for the clicked link.

And it provides a button for deleting each link’s click data. Deleting click data can be useful after editing posts or after deleting links.


If you want to be shown the details of individual clicks, you can set the Click Data Table to list all clicks via the screen options.


With the Click Data Table set to show each click, the table will also show when each click was made and the visitor’s IP address.

Clicking on the delete buttons will now only delete single clicks.


How do I delete old click data?

Link Whisper can auto-delete the old click data as well. If you go to the Link Whisper Settings, inside the “Advanced Settings” tab is an option to auto-delete click data older than a certain age.


You can also clear all stored click data from the Clicks Report page by clicking the “Erase Click Data” button.


How do I disable the click tracking?

You can disable the click tracking from the Link Whisper settings under the “Advanced Settings” tab. If you would like more detail, please refer to this guide.

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