How do Target Keywords work?

How do Target Keywords work?

Target Keywords are used to tell Link Whisper what keywords you want a post to rank for so it can make better linking suggestions.

It does this by checking the potential suggestion text to see if any of the current post’s Target Keywords are in the text. If a Target Keyword occurs in the suggestion text, Link Whisper makes a note of it and is much more likely to show the suggestion to the user.

When checking for Target Keywords in the suggestion text, Link Whisper looks for exact matches of the Target Keywords. So if you have a Target Keyword of “best tennis shoes”, only sentences that contain the text “best tennis shoes” will be noted as having a Target Keyword. It won’t do a partial match like “best shoes” or “tennis shoes”.

Link Whisper only uses these keywords to make better link suggestions. The keywords aren’t displayed on the site or in the post that they’re assigned to. So they won’t conflict with any SEO plugins you may have installed.


Target Keyword sources.

Link Whisper can get target keywords from multiple sources. It can get them via a connection to Google Search Console. Automatically from SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank Math All In One SEO, and SEOPress.

Keywords can also be created manually using the Custom Keywords form.

Google Search Console keywords are only available for publically viewable posts. Google can’t scan draft or password-protected posts, so it can’t assign keywords to them. Also, Google will take some time to assign keywords to posts. The minimum amount of time it takes Google to assign keywords is 3 days. However, we have seen some cases where it took around 14 days for keywords to be assigned.

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