17 Super Successful Amazon Affiliate Website Examples

It’s never been easier to set up a site and become an Amazon affiliate.

However, installing a WordPress blog and posting affiliate links doesn’t guarantee success.

What you need is a list of Amazon affiliate website examples you can learn from.

And in this post, we’ve done the work for you.

When you analyze top-performing affiliate sites, it significantly increases your chances of replicating their success.

As Amazon is the largest online retailer, with 356 billion U.S. dollars in net sales in 2022 , an Amazon affiliate site is a fantastic business model.

With that, here are 19 impressive Amazon affiliate site examples you can take inspiration from.

17 Amazon Affiliate Website Examples You Should Know About

1. Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening is a blog that has completely dominated the gardening niche in as little as seven years.

Amazon Affiliate website examples

The site dates back to 2013 and gained traction when it went from $400 per month to $4-5k a month a few years later.

Amazon Affiliate website examples
Homepage of Epic Gardening in 2015

You can get the full story in this podcast interview with the founder of Epic Gardening, Kevin Espiritu.

The primary topics help visitors grow their own food from home and started as a small Amazon affiliate site.

Now the site makes 8-figures per year and has branched into selling digital and physical products.

In addition to the blog, Kevin has grown a huge following on social media, gained over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and hosts a gardening podcast.

  • Website URL: www.epicgardening.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 1,400+
  • Website started: 2013
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 1.3M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 72

2. Swim University

Swim University is another excellent Amazon affiliate website example created by successful creator and marketer, Matt Giovanisci.

Amazon Affiliate website examples

Topics covered on the site include pool care, maintenance, troubleshooting, and reviews of equipment.

Moreover, the site design and branding are very clean and simple to navigate. It also uses these attractive product details boxes using the WordPress plugin Lasso.

The site has been around since 2006 but didn’t take off until 2013. Back then, the site was heavily focused on affiliate marketing with Amazon.

Now, this site has grown from a small Amazon affiliate site to a thriving eCommerce brand, selling pool and hot tub chemicals, a professionally illustrated pool care handbook, and online courses.

  • Website URL: www.swimuniversity.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 230+
  • Website started: 2006
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 523K
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 68

3. Retro Dodo

Retro Dodo is a unique, yet impressive Amazon affiliate site in the gaming niche that provides buyers guides for retro gamers.

This site was started in 2019 by Brandon Saltalamacchia and has grown into one of the biggest retro gaming sites online.

There’s a good mix of informational and affiliate-based content. They review retro games, consoles, and peripherals and also implement a decent internal link strategy .

Furthermore, many of the articles are supplemented with a YouTube video. They use YouTube and other social media platforms to diversify their income streams.

Many of the products they review are promoted through the Amazon affiliate program but also share affiliate links from other retailers.

Overall, Retro Dodo has achieved significant success in a short timeframe. The site now attracts 2.2 million monthly visits and $50,000 per month in revenue.

  • Website URL: retrododo.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 1,700+
  • Website started: 2019
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 2.2M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 51

4. The Wirecutter

The Wirecutter started as a small Amazon affiliate site reviewing products in the tech and gadgets niche.

Amazon affiliate site example

Founded by Brian Lam in 2011, he quickly grew the site and generated $150 million in revenue in the space of 5 years.

The Wirecutter wayback machine
The Wirecutter humble begninings

It was then acquired by The New York Times in 2016 for $30M.

What made The Wirecutter stand out from other affiliate sites was its focus on detailed and honest reviews through in-person testing.

In addition, Lam launched a sister site called The Sweet Home which focused on home goods. Both sites were included in the sale in 2016.

The site now generates 10+ million organic clicks per month and made an estimated $111.4 million in 2021.

  • Website URL: www.nytimes.com/wirecutter
  • Number of articles: Estimated 3,000+
  • Website started: 2011
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 10M+
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 94

5. Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor is a prime example of an Amazon affiliate website and has successfully carved out a niche in providing unbiased dog food reviews.

The site was created by retired dentist, Dr. Mike Sagman in 2008 to help dog owners make informed decisions about their dog’s nutrition.

Sagman started the blog after the tragic loss of his dog due to misinformation about commercial dog food.

As the name suggests, the primary topic is dog food, and has reviewed over 5,300 dog food products since 2008.

They promote products on Amazon and other dog food retailers, earning revenue through affiliate links.

In January 2023, Dog Food Advisor was acquired by Wag! Group Co. for $9 million in cash.

  • Website URL: www.dogfoodadvisor.com
  • Number of articles: 1,200+
  • Website started: 2008
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 1.3M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 76

6. PC Part Picker

Next up for a good Amazon affiliate website example is PC Part Picker, which helps visitors pick computer parts to build custom PCs.

Furthermore, users can share their PC builds with others, creating a community that adds user-generated content, thus increasing engagement.

The site was founded by Philip Carmichael in 2010 and works differently from other Amazon affiliate sites.

That’s because the site’s main use is to offer PC compatibility and pricing for the parts people choose through the PC builder tool.

In addition, the site curates PC guides based on a specific combination of parts. They then list all the parts with affiliate links to Amazon and other retailers.

  • Website URL: pcpartpicker.com
  • Number of articles: Over 3,000
  • Website started: 2010
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 8.3M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 75

7. BestReviews

BestReviews has taken Amazon affiliate sites to another level. That’s because they review every kind of product under the sun.

What makes BestReviews different is that every product gets a hands-on evaluation and tested by real people.

Instead of gaining popularity through niching down, they’ve grown the site by reviewing thousands of products.

What’s more impressive is the site started from a single cordless drill page in the Harvard Innovation Lab. The site has since reviewed close to 100,000 products.

Reviews are in-depth, contain unique images, and remain unbiased. They also publish informational content that drives traffic from long-tail searches.

  • Website URL: bestreviews.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 3,000+
  • Website started: 2014
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 6.4M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 74

8. Coffee Affection

Coffee Affection is an Amazon affiliate site that helps visitors make world-class coffee from home.

Even though the site was only launched in 2020, it already has more than 2,000 published articles.

This now equates to more than 700 thousand visitors per month with 80% coming from organic search.

The site covers a variety of topics, including coffee brewing methods, coffee recipes, and reviews on coffee machines.

They also publish a lot of statistics about coffee, which are great at attracting natural backlinks.

  • Website URL: coffeeaffection.com
  • Number of articles: 2,100+
  • Website started: 2020
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 700K+
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 66

9. Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol has been around since 2007 and has dominated various categories covering buyers guides and product reviews.

With 6.2 million visitors per month and 64% coming from organic search, it’s clear this site has nailed it as an Affiliate website example.

Its primary focus is geared towards men’s products, tech, automotive, watches, fashion, and more.

Founded in 2007 by Eric Yang, the site aims to help people make informed decisions about the best products to buy.

Gear Patrol also has an active following on many social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • Website URL: www.gearpatrol.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 3,000+
  • Website started: 2007
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 6.2M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 81

10. OutdoorGearLab

This Amazon affiliate website example was launched in 2010 by rock-climbing fanatic Chris McNamara.

The outdoor enthusiast started the site in the outdoor gear niche to share objective and independently tested product reviews.

OutdoorGearLab covers a wide range of topics, including hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, and snow sports.

The site has gained significant authority and trust from readers and Google, as each product is bought and tested independently.

In addition to nailing Amazon affiliate marketing, the brand has an active following on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Website URL: www.outdoorgearlab.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 7,000+
  • Website started: 2010
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 5.2M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 73

11. ThisIsWhyImBroke

This quirky Amazon affiliate website example simply lists weird and wacky products available to buy on Amazon.

Each product includes an image, a small description, the price, and an affiliate link.

Furthermore, users can create an account and save products to a wish list for later reference.

ThisIsWhyImBroke was launched in 2013 by Adam Freedman as a hobby site but hired two employees within a few months.

Astonishingly, the site gets around 1.7 million visits per month with 37% from organic search.

Freedman disclosed in a Reddit thread the site makes over 6 figures annually.

  • Website URL: www.thisiswhyimbroke.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 10,000+ (based on Google results)
  • Website started: 2013
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 1.7M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 71

12. Four Minute Reads

Four Minute Books is a site that provides short but concise book summaries and review apps such as Blinkest and Audible.

The site’s primary focus is on personal development, business, and psychology.

It has a well-structured layout and navigation which make it easy to diguest key takeaways from the most popular books on Amazon.

It’s hard to say how much the site might be making as books are so inexpensive and earn a small commission.

However, it generates around 1.3 million views per month with 78% of its traffic coming from organic search.

The website was started in 2014 by a German entrepreneur, Niklas Goeke, to distill popular books and help people save time.

  • Website URL: fourminutebooks.com
  • Number of articles: 1,200+
  • Website started: 2014
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 1.3M (78% organic)
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 65

13. Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert is a UK-based site that offers consumer finance advice.

Even though the site aims to help people save money on things like credit cards, loans, and insurance, they do provide money-saving tips when shopping on Amazon.

Founded in 2003 by financial journalist, Martin Lewis, the site provides free information and relies on affiliate income as its main source of income.

The site isn’t primarily focused on reviewing Amazon products, yet they do an excellent job of researching intelligent ways to get the most out of the online store.

It makes for a great Amazon affiliate website example purely for its unique ways to promote the platform as an affiliate.

Money Saving Expert gets a staggering 23.6 million visits per month with 55% coming from organic search.

  • Website URL: www.moneysavingexpert.com
  • Number of articles: Estimated 15,000+ (based on Google results)
  • Website started: 2003
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 23.6M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 83

14. The Prepared

The Prepared is another great example of an Amazon affiliate site in the survival and preppers niche.

It was founded by former innovation advisors to the Obama White House, John Ramey, and John Adama in 2017.

The survival and preparedness experts were frustrated by the lack of helpful and trustworthy online resources, and so The Prepared was born.

They do a fantastic job of reviewing evergreen topics such as “best paracord” and “best emergency water storage containers”.

They also thoroughly test products to provide unbiased recommendations. Moreover, they share in-depth guides such as “rainy day funds” and “how to build your survival pantry”.

  • Website URL: theprepared.com
  • Number of articles: 800+
  • Website started: 2017
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 179K+
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 61

15. Pet Keen

Pet Keen is a very interesting Amazon affiliate website example due to its exponential growth in such a short space of time.

Launched in 2020, Pet Keen now generates 2.9 million visits per month with 71% coming from organic rankings.

This site covers a variety of pet-related content, from cats and dogs to horses and ferrets.

Pet Keen belongs to a group of sites in the pet industry including Hepper and Excited Cats.

Part of their success comes down to their editorial process where articles are written and reviewed by qualified vets.

This move has earned them a lot of trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and thus reflects in their rankings.

  • Website URL: www.petkeen.com
  • Number of articles: Over 7000+
  • Website started: 2020
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 2.9M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 73

16. Territory supply

Territory Supply is an Amazon affiliate website in the travel niche, helping readers enjoy unforgettable travel experiences.

Its sub-niche and content are centered around camping, hiking, and backpacking.

The site covers many topics with the opportunity to earn affiliate income from Amazon.

For example, “best camping power supply”, “safe tent heaters”, and “best solo stove alternatives”, all of which promote products over $100.

This is what makes this site an excellent example because the niche is full of expensive products that people who live this lifestyle are willing to shell out the cash for.

Territory Supply was founded by backpacking enthusiast, Dustin Christensen in 2015. The site gets around 280 thousand visits per month.

  • Website URL: www.territorysupply.com
  • Number of articles: 1,100+
  • Website started: 2015
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 280K+
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 53

17. Tom’s Hardware

Launched in 1996 by Thomas Pabst and now owned by Future plc, Tom’s Hardware is one of the largest online publications in PC hardware.

The site doesn’t stop at PC hardware though. Other categories include reviews and guides on mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, 3d printers, and more.

Articles are written by experts with years of experience. This helps the site maintain high authority and trustworthiness with users and Google.

This Amazon affiliate site now receives around 17 million visitors per month and earns $13 million in annual revenue.

  • Website URL: www.tomshardware.com
  • Number of articles: 20,000+ (based on indexed pages)
  • Website started: April 1996
  • Estimated monthly traffic: 17M
  • Ahrefs domain rating: 84

7 Ways to Replicate These Amazon Affiliate Website Examples

There are several things a typical Amazon affiliate website can do to maximize its earning potential.

Many of these Amazon affiliate website examples are already doing them. Whereas others could leverage some of these for more improvements.

Here’s what sets them apart and what you can do to replicate the success of the most successful Amazon affiliate sites.

  1. Leverage SEO tools: Use tools like Link Whisper to improve your site’s on-page SEO and boost organic rankings.
  2. Build a brand: Building a brand could be the single most effective thing you can do to succeed with affiliate sites. They boost credibility and trust, increase returning visitors, and make you stand out from the competition.
  3. Don’t just stick with Amazon: There are way more affiliate programs out there that offer higher commission rates. Joining these increase your commissions substantially.
  4. Recommend affiliate links above the fold: Don’t be afraid to show your affiliate links. If people are ready to buy, do them a favor and give them what they want.
  5. Have a mix of affiliate and informational content: You can significantly boost the visibility and traffic to your site with informational content. Adding a mix of 70% informational to 30% commercial has shown to give the best results.
  6. Apply for Amazon’s international affiliate programs: Don’t leave international visitors hanging. Providing international affiliate links can make a big difference to your bottom line.
  7. Diversify your income: Lastly, adding other monetization strategies to your Amazon affiliate site can drastically increase your overall revenue. Consider an ad network like Mediavine and selling your own products.


Now it’s over to you. Did these Amazon affiliate website examples open your eyes to what’s possible?

If you want to make the most out of your Amazon affiliate site, analyzing how other successful sites are doing it helps you think outside the box.

Now, to get even more out of your Amazon affiliate site, consider making use of these free SEO tools.

Good luck!

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