The 35 Best Free SEO Tools

Want a huge list of free SEO tools? This post is for you.

Whether you’re on a budget or want to save some money, these SEO tools are all you really need.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Link Whisper

A WordPress plugin and Shopify app that suggests relevant internal linking opportunities and speeds up the process.

best free seo tools

Link Whisper is a free plugin with a premium option for advanced internal linking.

Creating a powerful internal link strategy has proven to significantly improve SEO rankings and traffic.

The free version offers an organized view of your links, makes suggestions, and saves you time.

Read our full Link Whisper review to get more details.

2. Google Search Console

Monitor organic search performance in Google, track keyword rankings, and identify site issues.

free seo tools

Search Console is an essential SEO tool to see how well your site ranks in Google.

You can see which pages have been indexed, the keywords you’re ranking for, the number of clicks, and the click-through rate.

You can also request indexing, submit a sitemap, and check page experience signals, among other valuable insights.

3. Exploding Topics

Predicts emerging and popular topics in your niche, allowing you to enhance your content strategy accordingly.

best free seo tools

Exploding Topics shows a trend graph of topics that are exploding in popularity.

It provides past and current search volume and the search terms’ growth trend.

You can also sort topics by date range, categories, and search queries.

It’s an excellent free tool for getting ahead of growing trends in your industry.

4. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

A comprehensive site auditing tool that rivals many paid SEO tools.

free webmaster tools

Similar to Search Console, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools equips you with deeper insights to play around with.

Check website health, domain rating (DR), backlinks, organic rankings, and more.

If you want to get clear on your site’s performance and discover ways to improve, this tool is a must.

5. Kickass Headline Generator

Transform your CTR SEO with this innovative headline generator.

free headline generator

Updating your SEO title is a simple way to entice more clicks in the SERPs.

If you’re lower down the page, but your click-through rate gets a boost, this can bump you up the rankings.

Kickass Headline Generator is a clever and simple way to create compelling headlines.

6. CoSchedule Headline Studio

Another free headline tool that scores your headlines to help you make a powerful impression.

free headline tool

CoSchedule Headline Studio uses AI to score your titles based on a variety of factors.

These include the balance of words, such as common or emotional words, readability, skimmability, clarity, and more.

Additionally, it’s scored out of 100 to help you craft the perfect headline and grab the readers’ attention.

7. Cloudflare

A free content delivery network (CDN) with impressive features, improving website performance and SEO.

free cdn

Did you know that a website’s speed is an SEO ranking factor?

Sure, it may not have a huge impact, but if your visitors aren’t happy, then Google won’t be either.

Cloudflare offers a super fast DNS server, page caching, and global CDN, all for free.

8. Bing Webmaster

Bing’s version of Google Search Console tracks how well your site is performing in Bing search results.

bing webmaster tools

Bing Webmaster Tools helps the Microsft engine crawl and index your website’s content.

You also gain access to reports and data on the activity your site gets in Bing.

It’s an essential SEO tool to diversify your organic presence online, completely for free.

9. RankMath

A WordPress plugin that analyzes on-page SEO and provides detailed recommendations.

rankmath seo plugin

RankMath is a newer SEO plugin that offers pro features other plugins charge for.

Not only does it offer content optimizations, but it also monitors 404 errors, manages different types of redirects, and adds sitemaps.

If you want even more advanced features, there’s always an upgrade, although isn’t necessary for many people.

10. Keyword Chef

A keyword research tool to help you find low-competition and high-volume keywords.

free keyword research tool

Technically this is a paid tool, but you get 1000 credits for free when you sign up.

Keyword Chef lets you search for keywords categorized by “questions”, “best”, “compare”, how to, and more.

It then shows you a list of keywords you can filter by word, before spending credits and viewing search volumes.

11. Answer Socrates

Find hundreds of questions that people are searching for in Google on virtually any topic.

This free SEO tool provides keywords from a combination of Google Suggest, People Also Asked, and Google Trends.

Answer Socrates categorizes the keywords into questions, prepositions, comparisons, and alphabetically.

You can also download the results in a CSV format, all for free.

12. GTMetrix

Analyzes page speed and provides detailed reports to help you improve load times, thus aiding SEO.

speed optimization tool

With GTMetrix, your site is graded on performance and structure, and you get Core Web Vital scores.

Moreover, you get a visual timeline of displaying key metrics such as Time To First Byte (TTFB) and fully loaded time.

It’s a valuable tool that then provides a list of suggestions to supercharge site speed.

13. ChatGPT

The AI tool of all AI tools. ChatGPT is a chatbot that can tackle almost any SEO task you give to it.

free ai tools

This free AI tool can assist you with unlimited content ideas, perform keyword research, and write entire articles.

With the use of prompt engineering and some imagination, content creation is more accessible than ever before, for everyone.


A Chrome extension that adds hundreds of SEO-related prompt templates for ChatGPT.

Just one of the hundreds of new AI tools appearing on the market, thanks to ChatGPT.

This free SEO tool takes the pain from crafting your own prompts and becomes your very own SEO assistant.

From imitating human writers to outranking other articles, AIPRM is the Swiss Army Knife for SEO content production.

15. Google Keyword Planner

The keyword research tool by Google, designed for Google ads, yet offers valuable SEO insights.

The mother of almost all keyword tools. Google Keyword Planner helps you find relevant keywords that people are searching for on Google.

By searching for seed keywords, you can uncover high-volume and long-tail keywords perfect for any content strategy.

In addition, you’re given the search volume range to help you decide which keywords you should go after.

16. Glimpse

A Chrome extension that turns Google Trends into a keyword research tool.

Glimpse suggests related keywords to terms searched on Google Trends and provides search volume data.

Moreover, you can discover new trending opportunities in your niche that might be easier to rank for.

The free version gives you 10 credits per month, which is enough if you’re just getting started.

17. Smush Image Optimization

An image optimization plugin for WordPress that can make a positive impact on SEO.

image optimization plugin

Smush compresses images as you upload them and will bulk optimize up to 50 images in your library. You can optimize the rest of your library individually in the free version.

Additionally, it can lazy load images, resize them to the correct dimensions, and strip image metadata.

18. Perplexity

A powerful AI chatbot that responds based on real-time search results and factually accurate data.

Perplexity can help aid keyword research and content generation that needs more accuracy.

It also adds citations to its responses so you can see the sources and include references to your content.

19. Animalz Revive

This tool helps you revive old content that isn’t performing as well as it once was.

content optimization tool

Animalz Revive uses Google Analytics data to scan your site’s underperforming pages.

It’s a super quick way to see which pages need the most attention for an SEO boost.

20. Wayback Machine

A historical archive of the internet that lets you see how a website has changed over the years.

Using Wayback Machine for SEO has a ton of benefits. One of the most common is to validate the quality of an expired domain.

You can also use it to spot trends in how a website’s content has evolved and uncover content ideas.

21. Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

An SEO tool that gives you 100 keyword ideas for a given term and the KD score of the top 10.

free seo tools

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator helps you find tons of content ideas for your site.

It also shares the search volume for all 100 results and the KD score for 10 results completely free.

22. SEMRush Audit Tool

Monitor the health of your website and identify technical issues with this free auditing tool.

The SEMRush audit tool lets you audit one website for free. It allows you to detect crawlability and offers tips for content optimization.

You also get access to tons of reports to easily keep track of the performance of your site.

23. Detailed Toolbar

The Detailed Toolbar is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, providing tons of SEO data for any website.

on-page seo tools

This free SEO tool gives you quick access to SEO metadata, word count, and the number of headings and images on a page.

The headings tab reveals a list of all the headings on any page or blog post.

And there’s a new feature that lets you scrape the People Also Ask questions in Google.

24. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website crawler and auditing tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux to help improve on-page SEO.

By scanning any website on the internet, you’re able to uncover technical issues that need immediate attention.

The free version lets you scan up to 500 URLs, find broken links and duplicate pages, and generate XML sitemaps.

25. Moz Toolbar

The mother of all SEO Chrome extensions gives you invaluable metrics in search results.

MozBar displays Page and Domain Authority in the SERPs for Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You can also get these metrics, along with the number of backlinks at the top of any web page you’re browsing.

26. Moz Local

A local search management tool that helps you create and optimize local business listings on dozens of sites.

Moz Local provides an SEO score for local businesses based on data accuracy and helps you improve listings.

Moreover, you can quickly see which citations need to be added, which will improve local search rankings.

27. Keyword Sheeter

Generates hundreds of Google autocomplete suggestions for extensive keyword research.

Instead of using Google autocomplete manually, Keyword Sheeter does it for you, fast.

You can also filter this list it gives you by negative and positive words. Handy if you want to refine your keyword list.

28. Keyworddit

Get long-tail and seed keyword ideas from Reddit.

Keyworddit is a free keyword research tool that finds keywords on any Subreddit you search for.

It’s a great tool to help you uncover topics people are talking about and keywords other tools may not be aware of.

29. AlsoAsked

Get a big list of the People Also Asked questions found in Google SERPs.

AlsoAsked is a free SEO tool shows results two layers deep and presents them in a mindmap.

You can zoom in and out and click on the plus symbol to expand your search.

30. SerpRobot

A bot that checks keyword rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube.

SerpRobot provides and clean user interface for keeping track of search ranking positions.

This SEO tool lets you track up to 10 keywords for free or add more bots for only $4.99 per month.

31. META SEO Inspector

Another handy Chrome extension that allows you to view and analyze metadata of any web page.

Meta SEO Inspector can be used to check for major on-page SEO problems and offers advice to fix issues.

You’ll see red warning signs and blue info badges to help you identify what needs your attention.

32. Text Optimizer

Gives you a list of semantically relevant keywords to help optimize your content.

Text Optimizer uses AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to scan a URL and suggest words to add to the content.

Similar to other paid tools, this free SEO tool does it for free and even gives you a score.

33. Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

This tool helps you add schema markup to your website, adding more context for search engines.

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator makes it easy to create schema markup or structured data for your site.

You select an option from the dropdown and fill in the details. The JSON-LD code can then be added to the HTML of your site.

34. Google Analytics

Get all the traffic and user behavior data you’ll ever need.

Google Analytics is the essential analytics tool for every website owner. Keep track of traffic, sales, traffic sources, and conversions.

You can also link it to Search Console to access organic data inside Analytics.

35. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

A PR platform that connects journalists and bloggers, commonly used as a link-building strategy.

HARO is a free service where you pitch your expert opinion to daily queries from journalists.

When done correctly, it can be one of the best ways to get consistent backlinks to your sites naturally.


Does Google have a free SEO tool?

Yes. Google has many free SEO tools such as Keyword Planner, Search Console, and Google Trends.

How can I do SEO for free?

SEO can be done for free by performing keyword research and writing the content yourself.

Try to structure your content with logical headings and include relevant keywords.

You can also add internal links using Link Whisper to help increase your site’s topical relevance and credibility.


That concludes this extensive list of free SEO tools. Many of these tools are good enough for all your SEO-related tasks.

For example, Link Whisper helps automate the internal linking process, and Ahrefs Keyword Generator for keyword research.

You can then use ChatGPT with AIPRM to assist in the writing process.

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