11 Best WooCommerce SEO Plugins to Track and Improve Rankings

Want a definitive list of the best WooCommerce SEO plugins?

No problem.

Because in this post, you won’t get a list of different plugins that do the same thing.

No. This list of SEO plugins for WooCommerce will help your eCommerce site in multiple ways.

Such as:

  • Internally link pages for better crawlability
  • Customize your meta tags for higher CTR
  • Track organic search positions
  • Improve product image quality

And much more.

Let’s dive in.

1. RankMath – Best WooCommerce SEO Plugin

Customize the meta data on WooCommerce product and category pages for improved appearance in search results.

Rank Math - Best WooCommerce SEO Plugins

Rank Math is the best SEO plugin for WooCommerce as it offers the most features for free. It’s also the WP Awards winner for 2022 in the SEO plugins category.

One of the key features of Rank Math is customizing the meta title and description, which will help increase organic click-through rate (CTR).

Rank Math also gives you SEO recommendations for product pages to help your rankings in organic search, based on the focus keywords you assign.

This and many other general features come standard with Rank Math.

However, the power of Rank Math for eCommerce sites comes from the WooCommerce SEO module.

Rank Math WooCommerce SEO Module

Switching this on gives you additional settings to configure your WooCommerce site for SEO.

Some of those settings include:

  • Settings for schema that follow Google’s guidelines such as removing schema markup data from archive pages
  • Ability to remove the product and category base URL and parent slugs
  • Removing the WooCommerce generator meta tag

Another handy feature is the addition of a custom breadcrumb that’s optimized for WooCommerce SEO.

This will help your visitors and search engines navigate the hierarchy of your products and categories, making it easier to crawl and index pages.

There’s a pro version of Rank Math with even more advanced features.

This upgrade adds advanced schema markup to product pages, an enhanced schema for product variations, noindex WooCommerce hidden pages, content analysis product pages, and much more.

The Pro version of Rank Math starts at $5.75 per month for unlimited personal sites.

Rank Math alternatives: Yoast and SEOPress

Try Rank Math

2. LinkWhisper – Best WooCommerce Plugin for Internal Links

Internally link WooCommerce category pages for better on-page SEO and in less time.

Link Whisper for WooCommerce SEO

Link Whisper is the best internal link plugin for WordPress that can help improve SEO for WooCommerce sites.

It works by using AI to suggest relevant pages to link to based on the keywords in the title and on the page.

This can be used to develop an effective internal link strategy for WooCommerce much faster than doing it manually.

In addition, it will help build topical relevance for your online store, increasing the chance for higher rankings.

Other Link Whisper benefits for WooCommerce include:

  • Improved crawlability between WooCommerce pages
  • Link reports for control and clarity
  • Automatic link insertion
  • Google Search Console integration for higher accuracy
  • Monitor and fix broken links
  • Helps you avoid orphaned posts (zero incoming links)

The free version of Link Whisper provides suggestions and quick insertion. You can get the full version for just $77 per year.

Link Whisper alternative: Internal Link Juicer

Also read: Link Whipser vs Internal Link Juicer

Try Link Whisper

3. Schema Pro – Best for WooCommerce Product Schema

Adds advanced product schema markup to WooCommerce sites for improved appearance in search results.

Schema Pro for WooCommerce Product Schema

Schema Pro is a schema markup plugin that adds rich snippets to search results, attracting more clicks and buyers.

Adding this plugin to WooCommerce shows off important details about your products, which can entice people to click through to your site.

It works by automatically adding special code to product pages without needing to know coding skills.

This makes it easier for search engines to understand what your products are about, which can positively impact rankings.

Features of Schema Pro include:

  • Easy to set up and use – no coding required
  • Provides real-time schema validation feedback
  • Is compatible with other SEO plugins
  • Stand out from other eCommerce listings in search results

Schema Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that costs $79 per year and offers a 14-day money back guarantee.

A good combo for WooCommerce would be to use Schema Pro with Yoast.

However, if you’re using RankMath, upgrading to Rank Math Pro might be sufficient, although both plugins are compatible with each other.

Schema Pro alternative: Rank Math Pro

Get Schema Pro Here

4. Rank Logic – Best for Tracking Google Rankings

Track WooCommerce keyword rankings and the positions of product pages inside WordPress.

Track WooCommerce Rankings in WordPress

Rank Logic connects to your Google Search Console account and displays its data in a clear and easy-to-use interface.

It helps you monitor Google rankings of your WooCommerce store, helping you identify which products and categories need to be optimized.

One very helpful feature is the ability to group content and track their performance as a whole. This can be helpful if you have a range of products from a specific manufacturer or wholesaler.

Another impressive feature is Event Tracking, where it keeps a record of every change you make to pages or products. This will help you determine if your changes have made a positive impact on your rankings over time.

Essentially, Rank Logic is an easier and much more detailed way of tracking search rankings than it is directly in Search Console.

Pricing for Rank Logic starts from $77 per year for one site license.

Rank Logic alternatives: Sitekit by Google or Independent Analytics

Get Rank Logic Here

5. Perfmatters – Best WooCommerce SEO Plugin for Site Performance

Speed up your WooCommerce store with this lightweight performance plugin.

Website performance for better WooCommerce SEO

Perfmatters is a speed optimization plugin for WordPress that is perfect for using with WooCommerce.

As the performance of your website is a Google on-page SEO factor, site speed is essential.

And WooCommerce has a bit of a reputation for slowing down your site, which can negatively impact your rankings in Google.

With Perfmatters, there are a ton of features that make it easy to improve the performance of WordPress.

In addition to the general settings, there are dedicated options to improve WooCommerce.

These include:

  • The ability to turn off WooCommerce widgets
  • Disable the WooCommerce reviews system, so you can replace it with something more lightweight (see below)
  • Turn off WooCommerce AJAX requests and cart fragments
  • Switch off heavy WooCommerce scripts and styles

Perfmatters is also one of the cheaper premium performance plugins for WordPress, plus you get a 15% discount on yearly renewals.

Pricing starts at $24.95 for a 1-site license.

Perfmatters alternative: Remove WooCommerce Bloat

Get Perfmatters Here

6. WP Rocket – Best Caching Plugin for WooCommerce SEO

Creates a cached version of your WooCommerce site to speed up page load times.

Caching plugin for WooCommerce SEO

WP Rocket is a WordPress caching plugin that stores frequently requested website files and serves this version in the browser.

This process reduces the load on server resources and provides visitors with a better user experience.

What makes this plugin perfect for WooCommerce SEO is that a faster site can have a positive effect on organic rankings.

Not only that, but a better user experience can drastically increase sales conversions.

The features that make WP Rocket a good match for WooCommerce are their compatibility together.

  • Optimizes fragment requests used by WooCommerce, leading to faster page load times
  • Excludes dynamic pages that need to stay out of the cache, such as Cart, Account, and Checkout pages
  • Compatible with currency conversion plugins, great for international eCommerce sites

WP Rocket is also compatible with Perfmatters, which provides outstanding WooCommerce performance when used together.

Pricing for WP Rocket starts at $59 per year for a 1-site license.

WP Rocket alternative: WP Fastest Cache

Get WP Rocket Here

7. Imagify – Best for WooCommerce Image Compression

Compress and resize WooCommerce product images for faster page load speeds.

Compress WooCommerce Images for faster load times

Imagify is an image optimization plugin that works perfectly with WooCommerce. Using it will lower the size of your product images, providing faster page speeds and a better user experience.

Imagify works in the background every time you upload new products. It reduces image size without compromising quality.

Other features include:

  • Resizing image dimensions for better Core Web Vitals
  • Choosing the compression level
  • Compression is done on Imagify’s servers so it won’t use up your resources

There’s a free plan of Imagify that gives you 20MB of image compression which is around 200 images per month.

Paid plans start at $4.99 per month for 500MB and $9.99 per month for unlimited compressions.

Imagify alternative: Smush

Get Imagify Here

8. Woo Image SEO – Best WooCommerce SEO Plugin for Alt Text Optimization

Automatically optimizes WooCommerce image alt and title attributes of product images.

Automatic Alt Titles for WooCommerce

The tedious task of naming every image on your site can be completely automated with the Woo Image SEO plugin.

And no eCommerce site is fully optimized for SEO unless your product images have the right alt text.

“Alt” stands for alternative text which helps describe images for search engines.

This dedicated WooCommerce SEO plugin allows you to assign different attributes to the product image alt title.

There’s no configuration involved. You simply select the attributes you want to use for the alt text and it works in the background.

The attributes available include:

  • Product name
  • Product category
  • Product tag
  • Custom text
  • And more

Best of all, Woo Image SEO is completely free.

Rank Math has a similar feature but doesn’t offer as much control as the Woo Image SEO plugin.

Woo Image SEO alternative: Rank Math

Try Woo Image SEO

9. Asset CleanUp – WooCommerce Performance Plugin

Removes unused WooCommerce code from unnecessary pages, improving page performance.

Removes WooCommerce Bloat

Asset CleanUp is another performance-enhancing plugin that is ideal for WooCommerce sites because of the extra code added to pages unnecessarily.

A common problem with WooCommerce is code that’s needed for some pages shows up on pages it isn’t needed, slowing down your online store.

This plugin fixes that.

It works by unloading external stylesheets and scripts from pages that don’t need it.

It can also minify JavaScript and CSS to further reduce file sizes to make them load faster.

As we’ve mentioned, site speed and performance are important for better SEO, especially for bigger eCommerce sites that begin to lag.

Not only can you unload WooCommerce resources affecting load times, but you can do it with other plugins too, providing a lightweight WooCommerce setup.

Asset CleanUp also works with caching plugins such as WP Fastest Cache and WP Rocket.

The free version of Asset CleanUp offers a lot of features or you can upgrade to the premium version starts from around 46 Euros per year.

Asset CleanUp alternative: Plugin Load Filter

Try Asset CleanUp

10. Really Simple SSL – Best SSL Plugin for WooCommerce

Enhances the SSL status of your WooCommerce site, which is essential for better SEO.

WooCommerce SSL enhancement

Really Simple SSL is a plugin that clears up any errors with a site’s SSL certificate. As SSL encryption is essential for eCommerce sites, this plugin can be a useful add-on for WooCommerce.

The main benefit is fixing mixed content issues when migrating from an HTTP to an HTTPS connection. If these errors aren’t sorted, it could negatively affect search rankings.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved indexing of pages as all HTTP URLs are forced into the HTTPS version
  • Adds trust and peace of mind for WooCommerce site visitors
  • Adds additional security tweaks
  • It’s super easy to use

Really Simple SSL alternatives: WP Encryption or SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Get Really Simple SSL Here

11. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce – Best Reviews Plugin for WooCommerce

Reminds WooCommerce customers to leave a review after purchases, leading to more user-generated content (UGC), which can help rankings.

Improved WooCommerce Reviews System

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce, also known as CusRev, is a plugin that replaces the standard reviews system in WooCommerce with one that provides a better experience.

Product reviews are essential for building trust with potential customers so they feel more confident buying from you.

Not only that, but reviews add original content to the page, providing more context for search engines.

This helps Google see your website as an authority and ranks product pages higher.

One of the best features of this reviews plugin is automated email reminders that are sent after customer purchases.

It also provides customers with a better experience when writing reviews, enabling them to upload photos, videos, and more.

Furthermore, Customer Reviews for WooCommerce adds more advanced schema markup than the standard WooCommerce reviews system.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce offers a free version with many features available. The paid version costs $7.99 per month or $49.99 when paid annually.

CusRev alternative: Site Reviews

Get CusRev Here


In this post, we covered a diverse range of the best WooCommerce SEO plugins, each with alternatives to check out.

Optimizing your WooCommerce store for SEO takes more than simply adding keywords to the meta title and description.

You also have to consider things like internal links, image optimization, site speed and performance, and tracking organic rankings.

All of these factors play a role in improving SEO for WooCommerce stores and these plugins will give you significant results.

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