Managing Links

Managing Links

How to Add Outbound Internal Links

How to Adjust Anchor Text

  Adjusting the suggested anchor text. Link Whisper allows you to change the anchor text for all suggestions that it...

How to Add New Inbound Internal Links

How to Search by Keyword and Add Inbound Internal Links

How to Remove Internal Links with Link Whisper

How to Edit Sentences within Link Whisper and Add Custom Links

How do I count links in my site’s header and footer?

Link Whisper comes with an optional setting to scan for ALL links on each page. By default, it only scans...

How do I make all links that Link Whisper inserts relative?

You can set Link Whisper to insert relative links by going to the settings and activating the “Insert Links as...

How do I set links to external sites to open in new tabs, but links to pages on my site not to?

You can set Link Whisper to make links to external sites open in a new tab from the Settings. This...

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