How to Adjust Anchor Text

How to Adjust Anchor Text

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Adjusting the suggested anchor text.

Link Whisper allows you to change the anchor text for all suggestions that it provides you. You can change which words are selected in the existing sentence, and you’re able to make edits to the sentence right in the suggestions panel.

To demonstrate how the anchor text selecting works, I’ll be using the suggestion shown in the image below.


Selecting different words from the existing text.

Selecting different words to use in the anchor is just as easy as clicking on them. If you click on a word that isn’t part of the currently suggested anchor, Link Whisper will select the word.

If the word you click is a few words past the current end of the anchor text, Link Whisper will automatically select the words between the end of the anchor text as well as the word you clicked on.

Removing words from the suggested anchor.

You can remove words from the suggested anchor text by clicking on them.

Quick selecting a single word.

If you want to select a single word in the sentence text quickly, double-click it. Link Whisper will deselect all the other words in the sentence text and will select the one you double-clicked on.

You can still select other words after double-clicking a single word. Double-clicking can help you quickly change the entire anchor text selection if you want to.

Editing the sentence text.

If the sentence text needs an edit to match the suggested link more closely, Link Whisper provides the option to edit the sentence text right in the Suggested Links panel.

Clicking on the “Edit Sentence” button will open up a small editor that will allow you to edit the sentence.


You can edit all of the words in the sentence text, including the suggested anchor’s words.


Clicking the “Save” button will save the changes to the sentence and close the editor.

The words in the sentence are still selectable, so you can still change the suggested anchor text by clicking on a word.

One thing to note, the edit to the sentence hasn’t been saved to the post yet, so if you scroll up the post, you’ll see that the post text hasn’t been changed yet. This is because the text edit is part of the link suggestions, so Link Whisper will wait until you approve the suggestion before editing the content and including the link.

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