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Why aren’t Auto Links being created?

There are a number of possible causes for why the Auto-Linking functionality is not creating links in your posts. Some of the common reasons are:

  • The sentence that the Auto Link keyword is in already has a link in it.
  • The Auto Link keyword is inside a heading tag. (h1, h2, h3…)
  • The Auto Link keyword is within the “Skip Sentences” setting’s limit.
  • The post’s content is built with a page builder that Link Whisper doesn’t support.
  • The Auto Link keyword is inside a content module that Link Whisper doesn’t support.
  • The post’s post type isn’t one of the ones chosen in the Link Whisper Settings.
  • The post already contains a link pointing to the Auto Link’s destination URL.

These issues aren’t direct errors in the processing, and won’t produce an obvious error. But by comparing the keyword text in the post to this list, you can work out what the problem is.

If there is an error during initial processing, Link Whisper should show you an error popup. The popup will contain some information about the error.

Another sign that there’s been an error during processing is the page appears to load for multiple minutes without making any progress. The loading bars just spin and don’t stop.

These last two errors can result from plugin conflicts, database tables not existing, or bugs in Link Whisper’s code. If you experience these types of errors, please contact support , and we’ll be happy to look into the issue.




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