Where do I find my PHP error logs?

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Where do I find my PHP error logs?

How you access your PHP error logs depends on your hosting provider. Some hosts will offer a user dashboard that contains a link or button for downloading the error logs. Other hosts will use a link in cPanel. So there isn’t a set rule on where to find the error logs.

However, virtually all hosts have documentation that tells you where to find the PHP error logs. Finding these documents is usually pretty straightforward. The first step is going to your hosting provider’s site and their documentation section. Usually this is called the “Knowledge Base” or “Documentation”, and normally has a link in the header and the footer.

When you’ve entered the documentation section, search for “PHP error log”. That should pull up the guide for accessing the log files.

If you can’t find the documentation section on your host’s site, look for a search box. If you see one, try searching for “PHP error log” in it. Usually this will take you to the guide, but some hosts separate their help section from the main sales area, so this may not work.

If you still can’t find any guides, you can ask your host where to find them. They will know exactly where they are and can point you to them.

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