Exporting data for support

Exporting data for support

In most support cases, you’ll be asked by Link Whisper support to download some data from your site that will help us tell what kind of problem Link Whisper is having on your site. The information is diagnostic and doesn’t contain any sensitive information about your site or its users.

For the most part, it contains:

  • Content as Link Whisper sees it for a specific post.
  • Link Whisper setting information.
  • Basic WordPress system setting information.
  • Basic server setting information such as how long are scripts allowed to run.

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To download this data, you will need to go to the post edit screen and click on the “Export data for support” link in the Link Whisper Suggested Links panel.

The post content data included in the export will be for this post, so support may ask you to download files from multiple posts. This is so we can compare content in different places on the site to see if we can identify the problem.

Alternate download option.

If you’re not able to access the Link Whisper Suggested Links panel, the data for support can also be downloaded from the post’s listing on the Link Report.

Just like the downloads from the Link Whisper Suggested Links, the content data included in the export is post-specific. Link Whisper support may ask you to download files from multiple posts so we can check the content in multiple places on the site.

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