Frequently Asked Questions about the Click Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Click Tracking

Link Whisper tracks clicks with a JavaScript file that it adds to the pages on your site. The file is quite small, so it shouldn’t slow down page load speeds very much, especially if you have a good caching solution enabled.

When does the Click Tracking script activate?

The Click Tracking script is active when the page is fully loaded. This means any dynamically generated content on your site should be created by the time the Click Tracking activates. This also prevents clicks on partially loaded pages from being tracked.

Will the Click Tracking make my pages less interactive?

No, the Click Tracking waits in a “standby” state until a visitor clicks on a link. When a link is clicked, the Click Tracking will quickly assemble some data about the click and will send it to Link Whisper’s saving functionality. This process is completely asynchronous, so it won’t slow down the transition to the next page.

Will the Click Tracking use a lot of database space?

By default, the Click Tracking permanently saves all clicks that are made on the site. Because of this, it’s possible that a large amount of data will be stored in the database. We’ve configured the database that’s for tracking the clicks to be as efficient as possible. For most sites, it should take 6-9 million clicks to use 1 gigabyte of database space.

Yes, you can. We have built an automated click data deleter that will remove clicks that are older than a date you specify. To enable the click deletion, please follow the steps in this guide.

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