How do I extend my AppSumo license beyond 1 year?

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After purchasing a 1 year license on AppSumo, you have the OPTION to extend your license beyond 1 year and pay the same AppSumo as a recurring subscription.

Here’s the steps you need to follow in order to extend your AppSumo purchase beyond 1 year and lock in the savings for future years:

  1. Login to your new account (follow these login steps if you are unsure how to do that).
  2. Go to My Account, open the “Manage License” tab and click the “View Licenses” link.
  3. From the “View Licences” page, click the “Extend Licenses” link.
  4. Then you’ll be taken to the checkout page; where you will see a new subscription for future years that matches your AppSumo price. Complete the checkout process and you are set!

Please note: In order to process the extension, our payment processor requires that we charge a $1 sign-up fee. This is a minimum requirement of their’s and if we don’t charge it, they won’t process the recurring payments.

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