How does click tracking work?

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How does click tracking work?

Link Whisper’s Click Tracking works by monitoring all links on the front end of your site and recording each time a user clicks on a link. When a user clicks on a link, a record of the click is saved to the database.

The saved data contains:

  • The text and URL of the clicked link.
  • The time of the click.
  • The IP address of the visitor that clicked the link.
  • The page that the link was in.
  • And the visitor’s user id if they were logged in.

Saving the individual clicks doesn’t slow down the page actions for the user since the click is recorded asynchronously.

Can the Click Tracking slow down page loads?

Enabling the Click Tracking may result in a slightly slower page load speed. The Click Tracking requires Link Whisper’s frontend JavaScript file to be active on the page in order to work.

The frontend file contains all of the code required to track links, so no additional libraries like jQuery will be used.

Who is tracked?

Currently, all visitors except logged in Administrators and Editors will have their clicks tracked. If you want to test if the Click Tracking is working, please log out of the site and then try clicking a link.

Can I disable the Click Tracking?

Yes, you can. To disable the Click Tracking, please follow the steps in this guide. By default, the Click Tracking is active on the site when installing Link Whisper.


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