Formidable Forms vs Quform WordPress Form Builder: A Comparative Analysis

Overview of WordPress Form Builders

When evaluating WordPress form builders, we need to focus on their features, ease of use, and how they enable us to create and manage forms effectively.

WordPress as a Form Builder Platform

WordPress provides a versatile platform for creating various types of online forms, thanks to its extensible nature and the abundance of plugins available. Form plugins on WordPress offer a broad range of functionalities, from basic contact forms to complex, multi-page forms with conditional logic. WordPress forms are integral to user engagement and data collection, emphasizing the need for robust and reliable form builder plugins.

Evaluating Form Builder Plugins

To select the right WordPress form plugin, we consider factors such as feature sets, user interface, and support for responsive design. Formidable Forms for instance, is a prominent plugin that boasts a comprehensive suite of tools necessary for advanced form creation and data management. On the other hand, Quform offers a user-friendly interface for creating mobile-responsive contact forms without the need for coding. When seeking a WordPress form plugin, it’s crucial to assess whether the plugin aligns with the specific needs of your project or business.

Introduction to Formidable Forms

In our exploration of WordPress form builders, we place a spotlight on Formidable Forms, a powerful tool that excels in its advanced capabilities and customization options.

Key Features of Formidable Forms

  • Drag-and-Drop Form Builder: We find that the drag-and-drop builder is intuitively designed, allowing for easy form creation without the need for coding skills.
  • Form Templates: A wide range of pre-built form templates are available, which serve as a solid starting point for various use cases, including contact forms, surveys, and quizzes.
  • Customization Options: Formidable Forms is highly customizable, offering extensive options to tailor forms to our specific requirements.
  • Add-ons and Integrations: It boasts an impressive array of add-ons for enhanced functionality, as well as integration capabilities with various third-party services, ranging from payment gateways to email marketing tools.
  • Pricing: The plugin comes with different pricing tiers to cater to a variety of needs, with each tier offering more advanced features and support levels.

Formidable Forms User Experience

  • User-Friendly: Our experience with Formidable Forms confirms its user-friendliness, with an interface that is straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • Form Building: We observe that the process of form building is seamless, from selecting templates to adding fields and customizing forms, all done within a clean and organized workspace.

Introduction to Quform

Quform is a premium WordPress plugin designed to streamline form creation on websites. It distinguishes itself with a comprehensive range of features that cater to both beginners and advanced users.

Key Features of Quform

  • Drag-and-Drop Form Builder: We emphasize ease of use with Quform’s intuitive interface, allowing us to create forms quickly without needing to write code.
  • Form Templates: A selection of pre-built templates accelerates our form creation process, ensuring we have a solid foundation to build upon.
  • Customization Options: Quform provides extensive styling options, making it effortless for us to tailor forms to match our site’s aesthetic.
  • Support: Users receive access to a robust support system for assistance with any issues related to form building.

Quform User Experience

  • User-Friendly: Our experience with Quform is characterized by its user-friendly approach, enabling users of all skill levels to create forms efficiently.
  • Pricing: Quform offers a competitive pricing model that takes into account functionality versus cost, providing us with value for our investment in form building tools.

Form Design and Templates

When choosing a WordPress form builder, design versatility and the range of available templates are paramount. Both Formidable Forms and Quform offer distinct features to satisfy these needs.

Comparing Form Templates and Design Flexibility

Formidable Forms: We find a robust selection of form templates that cater to a variety of uses, such as contact forms, payment forms, and surveys. The drag & drop form builder makes it easy for us to create and customize forms to fit our precise requirements. With 51 out of 54 primary features available, Formidable Forms presents us with extensive customization options.

  • Ease of Customization:

    • Drag & drop functionality.
    • Wide array of styling settings.
    • Ability to create complex form structures.
  • Templates:

    • Extensive pre-built form templates to jumpstart form creation.
    • Templates cover a wide range of form types and uses.

Quform: While it offers fewer features than Formidable Forms, with 17 mentioned in the provided data, Quform still allows us the freedom to build various forms with its tools. Its customization capabilities, while not as expansive, can be sufficient for straightforward form-building tasks.

  • Ease of Customization:

    • Simplified drag & drop editor.
    • Basic customization options for form design.
  • Templates:

    • Not as many pre-built templates as Formidable Forms.
    • Focus on basic forms, suitable for simple applications.

The design capabilities of both Formidable Forms and Quform enable us to create professional-looking forms. We should consider our need for flexibility and the diversity of templates when selecting the right WordPress form builder for our projects.

Integration and Compatibility

In selecting a WordPress form builder, integration and compatibility are crucial elements. We focus on how Formidable Forms and Quform interact with CRM systems, payment gateways, and the broader WordPress ecosystem to ensure seamless operation.

CRM and Marketing Integrations

Formidable Forms offers robust integration options for CRMs and marketing services. Here are some specific integrations:

  • Salesforce: Seamless integration to push form submissions into Salesforce CRM.
  • Mailchimp and AWeber: Easy to connect with these email marketing services, allowing form entries to add subscribers to mailing lists.
  • Zapier: Connects with Zapier for integration with hundreds of other services.

Quform, on the other hand, supports CRM and marketing integrations through:

  • Zapier: Facilitates integration with various CRM systems and marketing tools.

Payment Gateway Integrations

When it comes to processing payments, both plugins extend their functionality:

  • Formidable Forms: Supports payment integrations such as:

    • PayPal: Integrates directly, allowing payments upon form submission.
    • Stripe: Can be used for accepting credit card payments directly on your WordPress site.
    • WooCommerce: Forms can be tied to WooCommerce for a unified eCommerce experience.
  • Quform: Payment gateway support includes:

    • PayPal: Allows you to collect payments after form submission.
    • compatibilities with other payment solutions can be customized through code or third-party add-ons.

WordPress Ecosystem Compatibility

We recognize that a plugin’s value lies in its compatibility with the existing WordPress framework.

Formidable Forms:

  • Developed to integrate smoothly with most WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Advanced customization through hooks and filters is available for developers.


  • Well-suited to work with a wide range of WordPress themes.
  • Extendable by developers, though advanced integrations might require additional coding.

Both plugins adhere to WordPress coding standards, ensuring they can operate efficiently within your WordPress site without compromising performance.

Advanced Form Features

When evaluating Formidable Forms and Quform, it’s important to focus on the advanced functionalities each provides. Our aim is to ensure that users can create and manage forms that are as simple or as complex as they need them to be, with features like conditional logic and spam protection enhancing the user experience.

Multi-Page and Complex Forms

Creating multi-page forms is an essential feature for a more user-friendly experience in lengthy forms, such as surveys or job applications. Both Formidable Forms and Quform allow the creation of multi-page forms with ease.

  • Formidable Forms supports complex form creation, giving us the capability to design multi-step forms that improve user engagement. Users can navigate through form pages using progress bars or rootlines.
  • Quform provides a straightforward builder for multi-page forms as well, which includes the ability to display a progress indicator to let users know how much of the form they have completed.

Using conditional logic, both plugins enable us to display or hide form fields based on user selections, keeping forms concise and relevant to each user.

File Upload and User Registration Features

Users often need to upload files or register for accounts through forms, which both Formidable Forms and Quform handle proficiently.

  • With Formidable Forms, users can upload files, images, and other documents, and the builder allows for the customization of file upload fields such as file types and sizes.
  • Quform similarly facilitates file uploads, ensuring users can easily submit necessary documents alongside their form entries.

Regarding user registration features, both form builders integrate user registration forms that can tie into the WordPress user system, allowing for automated user account creation upon form submission.

Furthermore, both plugins include options for:

  • Payment forms, capable of integrating with several payment gateways for transactions.
  • Email notifications, which send automatic responses or alerts upon form submissions.
  • Spam protection features, including reCAPTCHA, to guard against unwanted spam submissions.

Ease of Use and Flexibility

When considering the use of Formidable Forms and Quform, we focus on how they empower users of various expertise levels with user-friendly interfaces and flexible features.

User Experience Across Different User Segments

Formidable Forms impresses with a drag-and-drop form builder that caters to a range of user segments, from novices to experienced developers. Its interface is designed to make form creation intuitive, allowing for quick construction of forms with various fields. The platform offers save form progress functionality, which enhances user experience by allowing form respondents to complete forms at their convenience.

Quform, on the other hand, has a straightforward setup suitable for users who prefer simplicity. Whilst it offers fewer features compared to Formidable Forms, it doesn’t fall short in delivering an approachable user experience. Quform’s builder is user-friendly, but it might lack some advanced features that power users or developers might seek.

Both plugins ensure the creation of responsive forms that adjust seamlessly to different screen sizes, which is crucial for maintaining functionality across devices.

Considering the flexibility, Formidable Forms stands out by offering a wide range of customization options that are easily managed through their drag-and-drop interface, thereby enhancing the creative freedom and control over form design that different user segments may require.

In comparison, Quform, while being less feature-rich, allows users to quickly implement forms with less complexity, which could be a determining factor for users looking for a straightforward solution without the need for extensive customization.

Support and Resources

When selecting a WordPress form builder plugin, consider not only the features but also the support and resources available. Formidable Forms and Quform both offer avenues for assistance and learning to ensure you make the most of their capabilities.

Community and Customer Support

Formidable Forms: We pride ourselves on providing extensive support options, including priority support for our premium users. Our community forums are active, allowing users to exchange tips and advice.

  • Premium Support: Available through a ticket system with a fast response time.
  • Community Forums: A place for users to collaborate and help each other.

Quform: Although Quform’s support resources might be more limited, user feedback highlights the quality of support provided.

  • Customer Support: Direct support available from the developers.
  • Community Interaction: Largely based on customer-developer interactions.

Documentation and Learning Resources

Formidable Forms: Our comprehensive documentation covers everything from basic setup to advanced customization. We also offer tutorials and a blog filled with helpful tips.

  • Documentation: Detailed articles arranged by topic.
  • Learning Resources: Tutorials, videos, and blogs for additional help.

Quform: The plugin provides a straightforward user guide designed to help users hit the ground running with their contact forms and other form-related functionalities.

  • User Guide: Clear and concise, focusing on essential information.
  • Video Tutorials: Visual aids for users who prefer learning by watching.

Pricing and Plans

When considering Formidable Forms and Quform, we see two distinct approaches to pricing and plan structures. Let’s explore the options these plugins offer and how they might fit into different budgets and needs.

Free vs Premium Versions

Formidable Forms:

  • Free Version: Available with limited features.
  • Premium Plans:
    • Starts at $99/year for the basic plan.
    • Ranges up to $599/year for more advanced features and add-ons.


  • Free Version: Not mentioned; seems to focus on a paid-only model.
  • Premium Plans:
    • A single license starts on CodeCanyon marketplace.
    • Priced with a one-time fee with the option for extended support.

Performance and Security

When comparing Formidable Forms and Quform, we prioritize performance and security, as these aspects are critical for maintaining a responsive and safe online environment.

Speed and Reliability

Formidable Forms: We emphasize a robust architecture that ensures quick form loading times and reliability across multiple web environments. Formidable Forms are designed to keep performance overhead to a minimum, which helps maintain your website’s speed even when handling complex forms.

Quform: We have optimized Quform for speed as well, ensuring that it does not slow down your website. It’s built to run efficiently with minimal server resources, assisting in maintaining the overall reliability of your website.

Spam and Security Measures

Formidable Forms: We take security seriously. Formidable Forms offers several layers of spam protection, including reCAPTCHA, Akismet integration for spam filtering, and custom HTML blocks to deter bots. As for security, the plugin safeguards data with features like:

  • Data Encryption: Secures form data in transit, reducing the risk of interception.
  • Permission Controls: Regulates user access, helping prevent unauthorized submissions or data tampering.

Quform: Quform provides built-in mechanisms to protect against spam, such as CAPTCHA and honeypot fields. This helps reduce unwanted spam submissions effectively. Regarding security, Quform ensures:

  • Regular Updates: These address any known vulnerabilities and provide enhancements.
  • Sanitization: Cleans user-submitted data to prevent SQL injection and other common threats.

Both plugins undergo continuous updates and testing to ensure they adapt to the latest security standards and performance optimizations.

User Ratings and Feedback

In our comparison of Formidable Forms and Quform plugins, we prioritize user ratings and community feedback as they offer invaluable insights into the performance and reliability of each product.

Community Feedback and Reviews

Formidable Forms has earned recognition in the WordPress community, largely reflected in its user rating. It holds an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars from 785 user reviews on the platform. This feedback highlights a strong user satisfaction rate and indicates that the plugin meets various form-building needs effectively.

On the other hand, while specific ratings for Quform are not detailed in the search results, its presence in articles suggests it has a positive reputation among users for its form-building capabilities.

It’s crucial to consider these ratings and reviews, as they’re indicative of the community’s trust and the plugins’ ability to deliver on their promises. Feedback forms, reviews, and community discussions around these plugins contribute to a better understanding of their strengths and limitations from a practical standpoint.

Final Recommendations

In choosing between Formidable Forms and Quform, we aim to align our final recommendations with the specific needs of your WordPress website.

Choosing the Right Form Builder for Your Needs

When determining the right form builder for your WordPress site, it’s essential to examine the features each plugin offers. Formidable Forms boasts a broad feature set suitable for complex form-building scenarios, including data management and advanced calculations. With its flexibility, it caters to a wide range of uses from simple contact forms to more sophisticated applications. On the other hand, Quform excels with its user-friendliness and straightforward functionality, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize ease of use and simplicity without the need for extensive customizations.

  • Formidable Forms:

    • Flexibility: Highly customizable with a rich feature set.
    • Use cases: Ideal for developers or those needing complex forms.
    • Price: Offers a free version; premium plans start at $79/year.
  • Quform:

    • User Experience: Intuitive interface, easy to use.
    • Functionality: More focused on basic form-building needs.
    • Popularity: Highly rated on CodeCanyon with a significant number of sales and positive reviews.
    • Price: Available as a premium-only plugin.

Our recommendation depends on your technical needs and budget. For those requiring comprehensive solutions and customizability, Formidable Forms is our suggestion. If simplicity and a more accessible interface are your priorities, Quform should be your go-to plugin. Always remember to consider your long-term needs for scaling and potential integration with other WordPress tools.

Additional Resources

In our search for excellence in using Formidable Forms and Quform, we understand the importance of having reliable resources at hand. We want to ensure you have access to comprehensive tutorials and active forums that can guide you through the intricacies of these form builders.

Tutorials and Forums

Formidable Forms:

  • Tutorials: We recommend visiting the official Formidable Forms documentation which provides step-by-step guides on creating forms, ranging from basic to advanced functionalities.
  • Forums: The support forums offer a platform where users can ask questions and share solutions. Additionally, the community forum on the Formidable Forms website is a valuable resource for personalized assistance.


  • Tutorials: Quform offers a detailed knowledge base that serves as a tutorial hub for new users and veterans looking to expand their skill set.
  • Forums: For interactive support, the Quform support forums allow for direct queries and discussions on issues, where solutions are provided by both peers and experts.


In our comparison of Formidable Forms and Quform, we’ve observed key differentiators that will inform our decision-making. Our assessment aligns with the widely recognized capabilities of both plugins within the WordPress ecosystem. With Formidable Forms, you benefit from a broad suite of features, a testament to its 51 out of 54 primary features for form plugins. This provides a robust solution tailored for complex and advanced form-building scenarios.

On the flip side, Quform presents an attractive option with a more streamlined feature set. It garners appreciation for its user-friendliness and is particularly well-received in marketplaces like Envato’s CodeCanyon, underscored by its download numbers and high ratings.

  • Formidable Forms:
    • Advanced functionality
    • High feature count
  • Quform:
    • User-friendly interface
    • High ratings in marketplaces

We place significant value on aligning the form builder to our specific requirements. For intricate form-related tasks, Formidable Forms appears to be the advantageous choice. However, if simplicity and ease of use are paramount, Quform should not be overlooked. Our recommendation is informed by these insights, and we advocate for a choice that aligns closely with our unique needs. It’s essential to weigh these aspects critically to ensure our WordPress site is complemented by the most fitting form builder plugin.

It’s clear that both plugins have carved out their niches. Our role is to select the one that best matches our project goals, ensuring we leverage the specific strengths of these tools in our WordPress site development.

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